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Best Fitness Website Builders

best website builders for fitness studio

Whether you represent a recognizable fitness studio or only make your first steps as a personal trainer, you must have a professional website. A great web resource seems to be the most effective tool to grow your business considering tough competition in the fitness marketplace. Forget about brick-to-mortar methods of selling training services. They are much different from what we are used to. Today, flawless fitness knowledge and great interpersonal skills are not enough.

Ten years ago, all you needed was to meet a customer and get on well with him or her. This time, fitness and training niche requires a more powerful tool in the face of a website. Web building platforms appear to be a good solution. They are cost-effective, easy-to-use, and provide all necessary tools a perfect fitness website should have. Whether you need to represent your portfolio in the most stunning way or drive customers to your fitness studio, website builders have everything you may need.

Looking for popular and full-featured website builders to start your fitness studio website? It initially makes sense to review, analyze and compare the platforms listed above to see what they have to offer you. Let’s proceed to the detailed analysis of these systems to let you make the right choice with regard to your web development needs.

Wix – The Best Website Builder for Personal Trainers

Product Name:WIX
Official Website:
Fitness Templates:15
Complexity:Very easy
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $13/mo

Wix – is the best website builder for personal trainers and fitness studios, which comes with a wide range of gym, fitness and coach templates as well as a powerful feature set required for deep website customization. The system also grants access to myriads of advanced WYSIWYG web building tools, design customization features and other advantages that make the system stand out from the crowd. Haver a look at some of them now:

  • Templates for Personal Trainers and Fitness Studios. Wix delivers quality and 100% customizable templates that work great for personal trainers and fitness studios. The designs are mobile-ready, which means that they display great across all desktop and mobile devices. They are also free and come with built-in instruments required to edit the project with regard to your special needs. No coding or preliminary web design expertise are required to successfully complete the task.
  • Easy Website Navigation. The website builder notably simplifies the process of website navigation, making it easy for your website visitors to find sections or content they are looking for at the website. Whether they intend to watch a video about a certain type of workout or read one of the blog posts, for example, the integrated search bar will definitely come in handy to them.
  • Wix App Market. The platform grants access to lots of applications, widgets, plugins and add-ons available in Wix App Market. They are free and paid, making it possible to pick those elements that ideally match your website specialization. By using the apps, you can create a professional gallery for your impressive fitness studio portfolio, integrate the live chat function, enable the workout calendar/schedule, add social sharing buttons and use other must-have features.
  • Wix ADI. This is one of the distinctive highlights of the website builder, which allows creating quality fitness websites, making use of the Artificial Intelligence power. What you need is just to upload your industry-related content and watch the way Wix ADI designs a quality project for you.
  • eCommerce Platform. The website builder comes with a powerful eCommerce platform that lets you connect a small-to-midsize web store to your fitness website. The feature will especially come in handy to you, if you plan to sell some sports equipment, apparel or other related items directly at the website.
  • Blogging. Adding a blog to your fitness website may increase the traffic amount and overall user engagement rate. This is where you can post new sports/fitness-related articles, update the existing blog sections, enable user comments and other features that make your blog popular and functional.
  • Client Interaction Tools. The website builder makes it possible to browse multiple client interaction tools available in the App Market and pick those that match your website specialization most. These tools simplify the process of communicating with clients, contributing to your project popularity and credibility. Some of the most widespread tools include Google Event Calendar, Latest News, Wix Chat, 123 Form Builder, Events Calendar, Scheduling Pro, Wix Forms, Callback, Book Appointments Online, Contact Management +CRM, Live Chat and more.
  • Client Reviews. The platform allows integrating user testimonials into your website to let your clients share their ideas, opinions and reviews related to your business. This is the most credible way to provide the unbiased reviews about your fitness studio, professionalism level and the services you offer. With this purpose, you can browse the integrated widget collection of the service to pick and add some of the most quality widgets/apps from Wix App Market. These include Voice Comments+, Customer Reviews, Comments, Yelp, Comments+, Social Testimonials, Testimonial Builder, MyReviews and Inffuse Testimonials to mention a few.

Cost: Wix offers a free plan for users, whose major intention is to test the system to find out its major features and advantages over the main competitors. The free plan is unlimited, which allows exploring the service for as long as you need that. As soon as you decide to proceed to website creation, you’ll have to upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions Wix offers. The thing is that paid plans provide multiple merits that are unavailable on a free subscription.

Thus, Wix offers free domain connection option, unlimited bandwidth and disk storage space, absence of ads as well as other merits included into the package of your choice. Wix currently offers two types of paid subscriptions – Standard and Business/eCommerce. The cost of Standard plans starts with $13/mo, while that of Business Plans starts with $23/mo. Whatever plan you will go for, it will be a worthy investment into your project.

uKit – Best Website Builder for Fitness Business

Product Name:uKit
Official Website:
Fitness Templates:10
Complexity:Very easy
Free plan:Free 14-day trial
Paid plan:From $4/mo

uKit – is the best website builder for fitness business projects and it’s also one of the simplest systems in the modern web design market. This is a good option for professionals and well-established fitness centers. A set of tools makes it possible to personalize each page. uKit makes browsing experience convenient for your visitors. Choose from online calculator, calendar, and other features to make a professional looking website with the following benefits:

  • Niche Templates. uKit offers an extensive collection of responsive templates fitness instructors and coaches may pick and customize to come up to their business promotion needs. The website builder offers an opportunity to design eye-catching portfolios that abound in media files like image and video galleries, for example. Add professional photographs of any size, attach workout guides, add contact and professional info or highlight your professionalism in any other way to drive new clients and grow your business.
  • Professional Widget Choice. Although uKit cannot boast its own app market, it still provides built-in customized widgets. They are easy to install and integrate. Whether you need an online calculator or calendar to keep in touch with a sporty diet, uKit has everything you may need. Additionally, you can integrate business widgets to give your fitness website online popularity and customer trust. These include Steps, Google Maps, Timeline, Social Networks etc.
  • eCommerce Solutions. uKit comes with a powerful eCommerce platform that makes it possible to run a functional web store, where you can sell sports-related goods and accessories. Another eCommerce option uKit offers is an opportunity to integrate Ecwid plugin that allows giving your website eCommerce focus. It’s up to you to pick the most suitable eCommerce solution that corresponds to your fitness website development needs.
  • SendPulse Integration. uKit features seamless integration with SendPulse – one of the most popular widgets that allows adding and setting up online push notifications for website visitors. This is a handy feature that helps keep your current and potential clients notified about those events and news you wish them to know. The process of widget integration takes a few minutes only and can be completed even by a newbie.

Cost: You won’t find a free plan in uKit, yet the system lets you test the selected plan for free during the 14-day trial. This time is enough to find out the benefits and downsides of the system as well as its major implication. As to the paid subscriptions, there are four of them here.

The cost of the most affordable Minimal Plan constitutes $4/mo, while that of the most expensive Pro Plan is $12/mo. The pricing policy of the system is quite cost-effective for all user categories. Considering the initial orientation of the service upon small businesses, the cost of using it is definitely worth the attention.

WordPress – World’s #1 CMS to Create a FREE Website

Product Name:WordPress
Official Website:
Fitness Templates:Dozens of themes
Free plan:Completely free
Paid plan:Paid themes and hosting

WordPress – is the world’s #1 Content Management System you can use to create a free website with high end performance and great visual appeal. The platform is not quite complicated yet it implies certain web design proficiency and coding awareness.

The thing is that the CMS allows for deep integration options and hosting choice. This is a must, if you wish to give your fitness website advanced functionality to increase the amount of traffic and your business popularity in general. The major benefits of the Content Management System are listed below:

  • Responsive Niche Templates. The service has a collection of templates provided out-of-the-box, but there is also an opportunity to pick new fitness-specific themes on the web and customize them with regard to your business needs. These templates are available for free and for extra cost. If you give preference to free samples, make sure they are developed by trusted web designers not to pose your website safety at risk.
  • WP Plugins for Fitness Studios & Gyms. Whether you own a full-blown gym or just plan to start your own fitness blog, WordPress has a collection of specialized plugins to offer. Among the most handy and popular fitness and gym plugins, the following ones are on the top of the list: Premium BMI Calculator, Weight Loss Tracker Freemium WordPress Plugin, Meal Planner Pro Recipes Free Plugin, Free Keto Calculator WordPress Plugin, CF Whiteboard Free Crossfit Plugin, Content Unlocked: Free Fitness Plugin, WPGYM – Premium WordPress Gym Management System, Gym Studio Free Membership Management, MB Spirit for MINDBODY, Health & Fitness Quotes Widget, Premium Timetable Responsive Scheduling Plugin, WooCommerce Groups, Subscriptions & Booking, WooCommerce Bookings WordPress Plugin and many more.
  • Client Interaction Plugins. Apart from providing fitness-related plugins, the system also offers a set of client interaction plugins that help stay connected with customers, keeping them informed about your business news and updates. The most useful and popular of them are Zopim Live Chat, Support Candy, uCare, Live Chat, AH Tickets, Help Scout Desk, Zendesk etc.

Cost: WordPress is completely free for everyone. You can download and install the system at no cost at all, using the feature set provided out-of-the-box to build a decent website for fitness studio. If you feel that your coding skills will be enough to apply more extensive web design options, you can pick more plugins and templates at extra cost.

What’s more, you’ll need to take care of domain name and hosting to make your website accessible on the web. Actually, you can choose any hosting provider you prefer, but the CMS recommends using its official hosting provider – Bluehost. The company offers several plans to choose from, which come at affordable cost. The cheapest Bluehost plan, for example, will cost you $2.95/mo only.

SITE123 – Online Platform with Great Fitness Web Designs

Product Name:SITE123
Official Website:
Fitness Templates:8
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $10.80/mo

SITE123 – is an online platform with great fitness web designs. This is also one of the simplest online systems that helps start and then effectively manage professional websites for fitness studios and personal trainers. This free cloud website builder comes with a convenient and handy WYSIWYG website editor, intuitive web design approach, multiple responsive templates and abundance of high end design customization tools that will give your project a unique personalized look. Listed below are some of the most crucial features of the website builder:

  • Responsive Industry-Specific Templates. The all-in-one website builder makes it possible to choose from multiple templates included into Health & Wellness and Recreation & Sport categories. What you need to start customizing the selected theme is to provide your fitness website name and proceed to further project editing, using multiple tools available in the system’s dashboard. All the templates are free. If you fail to pick the required design, you can choose a blank theme and start customizing it from scratch to avail 100% personalized fitness website.
  • Multilingual Support. If you need a website available in several languages of your choice, you will be pleased to find out that SITE123 ensures multilingual support. There is no need to launch separate websites in different languages to match your web design and business preferences. Instead, you are offered an opportunity to start one project with multilingual functionality to reach the target audience abroad.
  • Social Media Integration. The platform makes it possible to boost your fitness website popularity by adding and updating industry-related content in social networks. This is how your partners/clients will be able to find out more about your business, upcoming events, news, updates, special offers and other related info.
  • eCommerce Engine. SITE123 is also known for its powerful eCommerce platform that lets you start and manage online stores. This matters a lot for fitness website owners, who have an intention to initiate sales processes via their websites to provide their clients with the best offers. The engine lets you create and update product assortment available in stunning galleries, set up shipping/payment parameters, launch and offer discounts, adjust PayPal options and complete some other must-have web store-related steps.
  • Online Form Builder. When managing your fitness website, you might have the intention to integrate a certain online form depending upon your website specialization and objectives. This is where the integrated Form Builder will come in handy to you, letting you choose from multiple form layouts, design customization features and integrable elements.

Cost: When it tackles the pricing aspect, SITE123 stands out from the crowd due to its affordability. The system initially offers a free plan that lets you explore its crucial nuances in details. However, it makes sense to upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions the system provides to avail multiple advantages it offers. The cost of the cheapest SITE123 subscription starts with $10.80/mo – this will certainly fit your budget.

Squarespace – Fitness Website Development Service

Product Name:Squarespace
Official Website:
Fitness Templates:-
Free plan:No
Paid plan:From $12/mo

Squarespace – is a fitness website development service, which can be used by beginners and web design pros to start feature-rich sport projects. The service abounds in design customization tools and features, which contribute to efficient website creation. The use of the software does not require programming expertise yet it is desirable to possess coding skills to launch fitness websites with personalized design. Have a look at the major highlights of the website builder now:

  • Professional Templates. The website builder does not have a separate collection of fitness or sports templates, but this is not a must here. Users may pick any theme that adheres to their requirements and customize it with regard to their needs and project specialization. Likewise, it is possible to choose a blank theme here to further create a truly unique design from scratch.
  • Blogging and eCommerce. With Squarespace, you can connect a blog or a web store to your fitness project to enhance its performance. This becomes possible due to the built-in blogging and eCommerce engines the system offers by default. By adding a blog, you increase your chances for more efficient interaction with users, while web store connection lets you offer some of your fitness-related services/products for sale.
  • Style Editor. Due to the quality built-in Style Editor, users may personally pick and connect the required page types to their web projects. These include Events Pages, Product Pages, Galleries, Cover Pages, Blog Pages and more. Settings customization is completed here as well.
  • Logo Maker. You can personally design your website logo, using a range of integrated elements and tools available in stock. This increases your brand popularity, making it stand out from the crowd.
  • Unfold App. The platform makes it possible to popularize stories and posts available on your website in social networks to drive user attention. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for free. To get access to advanced storytelling options, however, you will have to upgrade for premium subscriptions.

Cost: Squarespace does not offer a completely free plan, but it has a free trial, which extends for 14 days. This is enough to test the software and to decide whether it complies with your needs or not. If you make up your mind to keep working with the system, you will have to upgrade to one of the premium plans. The system currently offers four of them. The cheapest subscription will cost you $12/mo.

Ucraft – A Free Way to Build a Fitness Website

Product Name:Ucraft
Fitness Templates:7
Free Plan:Yes
Premium Plan:from $10/mo

Ucraft – is a free way to build a fitness website, which comes up to the needs and skills of all user categories – both beginners and web design experts. The software offers a variety of features to get started with a quality project. The website builder ensures an intuitive web design approach, which is understandable to everyone. Coding proficiency is not a must here, which appeals to the majority of users. The list of Ucraft highlights includes:

  • Fitness/Sports Templates. The website builder offers several sports-focused designs to choose from. They are available in the corresponding category. The templates are all responsive, free and customizable. You won’t find too many of them here, but you can pick any design and edit it as you need to create a personalized fitness project.
  • eCommerce and Blogging. Ucraft lets you connect, manage and update blog and online stores based on the objectives you pursue. By adding a blog, you increase your chances for more productive interaction with users, while digital store creation unveils extensive eCommerce opportunities, if you intend to sell your products/services online.
  • Logo Maker. If you don’t have a business logo yet, it is high time to design the one with Ucraft. The system offers multiple tools and baseline elements to build a logo that will make your project stand out.
  • Extensions and Apps. To enhance your fitness website performance, you can pick and integrate numerous applications and widgets. They vary with regard to the niches they belong to and the goals you set. Some of the most widespread extensions you may come across here include Disqus, Google Analytics, Zendesk Chat, Jivosite, Live Agent etc.
  • Landing Page Creator. To encourage more users to visit your fitness website, you can start a landing page with Ucraft. It will deliver the most essential info about your business to further redirect users to the project itself.

Cost: Ucraft is a moderately-priced website builder. There is a completely free plan here as well as a free 14-day trial providing an opportunity to explore the details of the system. As soon as you are ready to build a feature-rich project with the software, you can upgrade to one of the premium subscriptions. There are three of them here with the cheapest one costing $10/mo.

IM Creator – Website Builder for Health Coach

Product Name:IM Creator
Official Website:
Fitness Templates:31
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $8/mo

IM Creator – is a website builder for health coach, which has distinguished itself due to its amazing convenience and ease-of-use that do not compromise with powerful integrated functionality. The system has a handy drag-and-drop editor, availability of stripes and poludoms that make it possible to create the required project layout. Other advantages of the platform are as follows:

  • Responsive Niche-Specific Designs. IM Creator grants access to over three dozens of templates that refer to the sports niche. They are all accessible in the Health & Wellness category. The designs are responsive, free and customizable by default. Their customization does not require coding proficiency, which makes the system a worthy pick for all user categories.
  • Social Media Integration. To promote your project on the web, you can integrate social media buttons to make your posts and updates available online.
  • External Integrations. Along with social media integration options, IM Creator allows connecting third-party extensions. Their choice is quite versatile, presenting widgets to come up to various niches and user requirements. Some of them include Google event schedule list, SoundCloud audio player, OpenTable reservation form, PDF viewer, Facebook comments and many more.
  • Multilingual Support. Featuring powerful multilingual support, IM Creator allows creating fitness projects in different languages of your choice. This is a handy option, if you intend to target an international market.

Cost: IM Creator is not only a simple but also a reasonable-priced website builder. It is completely free for non-commercial project creation. For other user categories, the platform offers premium subscriptions. The most affordable plan is currently available at $8/mo only.

Weebly – Online Personal Training Website Builder

Product Name:Weebly
Official Website:
Fitness Templates:
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $6/mo

Weebly – is an online personal training website builder, the use of which does not require deep coding proficiency. Non-techies and web design pros can equally use the system for their website development needs. Both user categories will find a set of tools and features to comply with their skills and requirements. HTML embedding option is available here as well. The most impressive Weebly features are enlisted below:

  • Powerful eCommerce Engine. The website builder has gained a strong eCommerce focus after its merge with Square platform. This has made it possible for its subscribers to launch feature-laden digital stores that differ in size, integration functionality and complexity. So, if you have an idea to sell some products/services via your fitness website, Weebly is a great platform to use.
  • Blogging. Weebly was initially created with a blogging focus in mind. Thus, it offers quite an extensive set of tools and features required for blog development and customization. Connecting a blog to your project will be easy, fast and efficient here.
  • Responsive Themes. The website builder does not have a separate category of fitness/sports templates. However, there is access to other themes here – pick any of them to create a unique website design from scratch. You can also order personal fitness website development from third-party experts to save your effort and time.
  • Video/Image Integrations. To make your fitness website more attention-grabbing and interesting for the target audience, embedding niche videos will be a great idea. With Weebly, you can cope with the task pretty well due to the integrated video hosting the system offers. You can integrate YouTube videos here and upload video files directly to Weebly hosting to further add them to the website. Image editing/embedding options are quite extensive here as well. The website builder comes with an advanced HTML5-based Image Editor that grants access to multiple image-related tools and features.

Cost: Weebly has a completely free plan you can use for the unlimited period of time. There are also 4 premium subscriptions you can upgrade to in order to launch a feature-laden web project. The plans are reasonably-priced. The most affordable of them will cost you $6/mo only.

VEVS – Fitness Business Website Builder

Product Name:VEVS
Official Website:
Fitness Templates:5
Free plan:Free trial
Paid plan:from $15/mo

VEVS – is a fitness business website builder, offering a high end all-in-one approach to the website development, customization and hosting. The platform comes with niche-specific tools, which allow for effective business/customer management. A smart integrated CMS, availability of responsive customizable designs, custom modifications and add-ons along with professional support make the software a top solution for fitness coaches and trainers willing to create web projects with an eCommerce focus. As to the baseline software features, they include:

  • Business Focus. One of the highlights of the software is its powerful business/eCommerce focus. You can set up and manage quality sports projects here that include extensive booking, appointment, scheduling, payment and online interaction opportunities.
  • Responsive Templates. The system offers a category of standard templates that can be chosen for any type of business. Likewise, there is a collection of eCommerce/business themes here that refer to various niches. Fitness design collection is available here as well. There are 5 templates to choose from, differing in their design, functionality and complexity.
  • Intuitive CMS. The platform comes with extensive content management options. These refer to web page management, on-site and image editing tools, project SEO and promotion parameters.
  • Add-Ons and Extra Services. The software allows enhancing your project usability and retaining customers via external services integration. These include multiple web applications (review and rating widgets, blogs, forums, CTA tools etc.), logo and brand design elements, SMSM features, payment and project analysis options etc.
  • Multilingual Support. Users can enable multiple language versions of their fitness/sports websites based on the audience and locations they target. Content translation is quite easy here, ensuring simple and quick project development.

Cost: VEVS offers flexible prices that differ with regard to the project type you work on. The cost of starting standard websites constitutes $99 per year. This is a fixed price with no hidden fees at all. As to eCommerce projects, the pricing policy rangs from $9 to $89 per month. Just pick the category your project belongs to in order to find out the cost.

Mobirise – Offline Software for Health and Fitness

Product Name:Mobirise
Fitness Templates:-
Free Plan:Free system
Premium Plan:from $2.95/mo

Mobirise – is an offline software for health and fitness projects, which comes with a handy drag-and-drop editor and abundance of design customization features. The platform requires download and installation, which takes around a few minutes only. It is compatible with Mac and Windows, letting users set up and manage feature-laden fitness projects. What’s important, Mobirise initially targets non-techies, offering an intuitive web design approach. The list of its pros currently encompasses:

  • TBlock-Based Structure. Mobirise creator comes with over 4500 impressive content blocks that differ in specialization and cost. They are available in 5 free, over 100 premium HTML themes and more than 300 homepage templates. The most popular blocks include Google maps, social blocks, testimonials, footers, galleries with lightbox, articles, counters, countdowns, full-screen intros, sliders, images & videos, features, CTA buttons, data tables & pricing tables, free icons, timelines and more. Blocks are customizable and flexible. Just pick those you need and drag them to your website to proceed to further customization.
  • AMP Website Builder. The platform includes the Accelerated Mobile Pages open-source tool that contributes to better performance of mobile projects created with Mobirise. These websites load fast and look appealing on all mobile/desktop devices.
  • External Integrations. The software allows choosing from multiple project integrations that ensures worthy website performance. These include YouTube and Vimeo support, social comments, Analytics, PayPal, Google Fonts, Maps, social feed for Facebook, Disqus, Twitter and Instagram, SoundCloud, PopUp Builder, Chat Button, Progressive Web Applications, Icons, WOW Slider and more. Not all integrations are free – you can also choose from multiple paid widgets here.

Cost: Mobirise is initially a free offline website builder. Its download and installation won’t cost you anything at all. You can use the platform for free for the unlimited period of time unless you decide to enhance your website design/performance or to go live with a ready-made website. A Mobirise theme costs $49, while the prices of widgets differ. By the way, there is an opportunity to opt for a Mobirise Kit here, which costs $149 and includes 128 themes/extensions and 5100+ content blocks. To publish a ready-made project, you will additionally have to invest into hosting/domain name. With Bluehost – one of the most functional and affordable hosting provider – the cost of the cheapest plan will constitute $2.95/mo only. That’s quite a generous offer, indeed!

The Ultimate Guide to Build a Perfect Website for a Fitness Studio

Building a website from scratch is less challenging than it may seem. Moreover, today’s website builders do half of the work for you. Here are the essential steps of launching your own web resource:

Step #1 – Choose a Domain Name

It does not matter if you already run a fitness studio or not, selecting the domain name is a pretty straightforward process. Users can benefit from online services like Godaddy, 1&1 IONOS or similar. Here you can choose the .com zone and type in the name of your company. If you do not have one, simply type in your full name. DavidGreen[.]com – a great domain name for a personal instructor’s website, isn’t it?

Note: Avoid numbers, hyphens, obscure extensions, etc.

Step #2 – Choose a Web Hosting

Finally, we have an awesome domain name for our website. We are full of anticipation and ideas for the content. But first, we need a place to store that content. This place is called “web hosting”. You can surf the net in search of the most appropriate offer or simply opt for a website builder featuring hosting with any size limit to download as many files, images and videos as you need. Web hosting is already included in a plan. You save time, money and get everything you need for a start in one place.

Step #3 – Work with the Content

Most personal instructors and fitness studios write the same things in a typical way. This is wrong, as you need to stand out from them. A simple training or workout blog is hardly enough. You need to channel the content featuring professional photos, coaching videos, and helpful training ideas. Once you grab the attention of your target audience, make the content consistent and keep on writing.

Step #4 – Use The Best SEO Practice

When we are talking about SEO, we mean driving free traffic from Google and other search engines. The idea is to attract the attention of highly rated visitors. So, keep focused on using keywords when writing titles and description. Use special services like Google Trends to search for the most requested key phrases in your niche and sort them by locations. Not only tags should include the key phrase, but also alts, image descriptions, etc. Keep your URLs as simple,relevant and compelling as possible.

Traditional email marketing is still a good way to establish good relations with your potential customers. Capture their emails and foster interaction. Also, use keywords to benefit from higher search engine rankings. Social sharing always matters! According to surveys, users spend more time on major social platforms like Facebook and Instagram than on the web. Make sure your website provides social sharing buttons. Oh, website builders already have them.

Essential Fitness Website Features

The quality of your website is of great value. Not only it makes the first impression but also influences further interaction with potential customers. On the other hand, a web resource is another opportunity to stand out from competitors. All you need is to add some unique features and sections that others do not have. But first, start with some baseline essentials:

  • Introduce the Experts – every customer expects your staff to be presented by professional experts. Introduce your staff in a separate “Qualification” section describing their working experience, achievements, photo and other profile information;
  • Create a Showroom – highlight your fitness facilities and service using bright images, coaching videos, professional photos of staff working with customers. This will gain credibility and let you highlight the winning points of your studio;
  • Contact Information – indicate the precise location of the gym, phone number, email and other information to keep in touch with you;
  • Testimonials – this section is vital as it depicts the level of your services and rives more customers. Avoid dealing with fake reviews. Ask real customers to share their experience;
  • Call to Action – you know what it is unless you have lived in a cave for the last 10 years. Inspire your visitors to use services. Offer discounts, bonuses, promo codes and other features to put an ease on a customer’s wallet.

Essential Personal Trainer Website Features

You are more wrong to think that a website for a personal trainer is less demanding. It is all about reputation and catchy presentation of your skills. Make sure your website has the following:

  • Catchy Photos – use professional images to create a bright gallery. Add photos of your muscles, workouts, happy customers, etc.;
  • Coaching Videos – create a content that stands out from typical blogs and articles. Shoot your own professional videos describing all vital issues when it comes to personal training. Make visitors engaged;
  • Trainers Bio – introduce yourself to potential customers in a separate section. Speak of your age, qualification, achievements, and everything that your visitors may find useful;
  • Customer Reviews – make sure your clients share their experience on your website. It will make your website look more professional and trustworthy.

Bottom Line

Competitive fitness marketplace hardly reserves any chances for those, who still do not have a website. However, it does not seem to be a serious problem considering the availability of website builders. They let you easily create a decent web resource with no extra costs, special skills or deep involvement.

Cost-efficiency, ease of use, effectiveness, integrated services and plugins, no need to hire developers each time you need upgrades – the list of advantages is not full. Benefit from simple tools to create a professional website from scratch.

There are multiple website builders to explore, when it comes to the choice of the web building tool. The major requirements you should stick to are ease-of-use, extensive feature set, convenience, intuitive web building nature and affordability. Wix, uKit and WordPress correspond to all these requirements and additionally offer much more benefits. Take your time to test them in details, if you really aim at picking the service that will be the best match for your fitness studio project.


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