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Best Website Builders for Fitness Studio

Whether you represent a recognizable fitness studio or only make your first steps as a personal trainer, you must have a professional website. A decent web resource seems to be the most effective tool to grow your business considering a tough competition in the fitness marketplace. Forget about brick-to-mortar methods of selling training services. They are much different from what we are used to. Today, flawless fitness knowledge and great interpersonal skills are not enough.

Ten years ago, all you needed is to meet a customer and get on well with him or her. This time, fitness and training niche requires a more powerful tool in the face of a website. Web building platforms appear to be a good solution. They are cost-effective, easy-to-use, and provide all necessary tools a perfect fitness website should have. Whether you need to represent your portfolio in the most stunning way or drive customers to your fitness studio, website builders have everything you may need.

After reviewing dozens of website builders available on the web, we have sorted out two most comprehensive platforms. They are Wix and uKit. Let’s have a closer look at what they can offer.

Best Website Builders for Fitness

Every aspect matters when it comes to fitness marketplace. From attractive presentation to consistent blog posting – you need to keep an eye on every detail to stand out from the man competitors. At the same time, a website is supposed to be easily customizable. Make sure you have an opportunity to make all necessary upgrades and changes on time to meet the expectations of your customers.

Website Builders for Trainers and Fitness Studios – Overview Chart:

Best for:Fitness studio, gymPersonal trainer, coach portfolio
EasinessEasy to learnGood for newbies
Fitness Templates:Very good portfolio themesResponsive portfolios
Technical Support:callback, email supportSkype and e-mail support
Additional Fitness Options:Membership optionLivechat and callback widgets
SEO Options:Detailed SEO settingsPromotion tool
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

Wix – The Best Website Builder for Gym

Wix home page

Wix boasts a huge section of fitness and coach templates that have a lot to contribute to the impact. A collection of themes highlights colorful design perfect for instructor’s portfolio, premium-quality images, and a full set of WYSIWYG website building tools. The advantages are as follows:

  • Templates for Coaches and Fitness Studios – Wix delivers bright templates for both fitness salons and independent instructors. They are free and have already in-built editing instruments. No coding or designing skills are required;
  • Gym Website Built With Wix
    Gym Website Built With Wix

  • Easy Navigation – Wix makes it easy for your visitors to find a necessary section. Whether they want to watch a video about a specific workout or enter the blog, an in-built search bar will come in handy;
  • Wix App Market – download plenty of widgets and plugins free right from Wix App Market. Make a professional gallery for your amazing portfolio, implement live chat function or enable a workout calendar, social sharing buttons and more;
  • Mobile-Optimized Templates – build a mobile-friendly website with Wix effortlessly. Each template will run equally great on any mobile device despite the type, carrier or OS.

An extended list of building and editing web tools is available for only $8.5 per month! The price looks more than a bargain when it comes to creating a fully customized and functional website for a construction company.

Wix lets you easily create a mobile optimized website from scratch whether you run a gym or act as an independent fitness instructor. Simply choose a plan that suits your budget and get an extended list of building and editing web tools.

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uKit – The Easiest Service to Create a Trainer’s Website

uKit home page

uKit is a simple and effective website builder that lets you build a customizable and responsive web resource. It is a good option for professionals and well-established fitness centers. A set of tools makes it possible to personalize each page. uKit makes the browsing experience convenient for your visitors. Choose from online calculator, calendar, and other features to make a professional looking website with the following benefits:

  • Perfect for Fitness Instructors – uKit is a great pick for coaches and instructors. The website builder was designed to create eye-catching portfolios featuring media files like videos. Add professional photographs of any size, attach workout guides or highlight your professionalism in any other way;
  • Yoga Website Built With Website builder
    Yoga Trainer Website Built With uKit

  • Customers Are Aware – uKit offers well-organized templates featuring contact and professional information section. Just fill in necessary data to keep your customers aware. All sections are easily edited;
  • Mobile Ready Website – uKit uses the latest technologies and follows latest trends. For this reason, it offers fully responsive templates available for mobile users as well;
  • More Widgets to Choose – although uKit cannot boast its own app market, it still provides built-in customized widgets. They are easy to install and integrate. Whether you need an online calculator or calendar to keep in touch with a sporty diet, uKit has everything you may need.

Summing up, uKit is a fast and easy way to launch a professional website for fitness studio or coach. No technical skills are required. Building a decent web resource with uKit is a piece of cake.

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Advantages of Using Website Builders

Website builders come with a full pack of free features and tools to create a decent fitness web resource from scratch. Unlike hiring a development team, they are more cost-effective as well as let you handle editing and website improvements with just a click away. Here are the core benefits of using web-building platforms:

  • Ease of Use – website builders appear to be a straightforward and intuitive tool. They were designed for people without technical, coding or web design skills. A simple drag-n-drop function will let you easily add content. Users can edit blocks and sections effortlessly;

  • Catchy Design – choose from a selection of free templates featuring catchy design. You will definitely find a fine-matching sporty theme for a future website in the “Fitness” section. Sort them out by activities or types of sport;

  • Great Functionality – benefit from pre-formatted layouts for any page of your future website. Here you will have all necessary elements in the pack. Styles, colors, image placeholders, professional fonts and more. All templates are mobile responsive;

  • SEO & Analytics – most templates have in-built integrated SEO solutions and analytics tools. Third-party integration along with in-built optimization tools make it easy to track and evaluate the traffic.

  • Cost-Efficiency – all you need is to choose the most suitable plan and get all features in one package. Hosting, domain and customer support are already included in the plan. Moreover, using a website builder is cheaper than hiring a professional developer.

My Ultimate Guide to Build a Perfect Website for a Fitness Studio

Building a website from scratch is less challenging than it may seem. Moreover, today’s website builders do half of the work for you. Here are the essential steps of launching your own web resource:

Step #1 – Choose a Domain Name

It does not matter if you already run a fitness studio or not, selecting the domain name is a pretty straightforward process. Users can benefit from online services like Godaddy, 1&1 or similar. Here you can choose the .com zone and type in the name of your company. If you do not have one, simply type in your full name. DavidGreen[.]com – a great domain name for a personal instructor’s website, isn’t it?

Note: Avoid numbers, hyphens, obscure extensions, etc.

Step #2 – Choose a Web Hosting

Finally, we have an awesome domain name for our website. We are full of anticipation and ideas for the content. But first, we need a place to store that content. This place is called “web hosting”. You can surf the net in search of the most appropriate offer or simply opt for a website builder featuring hosting with any size limit to download as many files, images and videos as you need. Web hosting is already included in a plan. You save time, money and get everything you need for a start in one place.

Step #3 – Work with the Content

Most personal instructors and fitness studios write the same things in a typical way. This is wrong, as you need to stand out from them. A simple training or workout blog is hardly enough. You need to channel the content featuring professional photos, coaching videos, and helpful training ideas. Once you grab the attention of your target audience, make the content consistent and keep on writing.

Step #4 – Use The Best SEO Practice

When we are talking about SEO, we mean driving free traffic from Google and other search engines. The idea is to attract the attention of highly rated visitors. So, keep focused on using keywords when writing titles and description. Use special services like Google Trends to search for the most requested key phrases in your niche and sort them by locations. Not only tags should include the key phrase, but also alts, image descriptions, etc. Keep your URLs as simple,relevant and compelling as possible.

Step #5 – Website Promotion

Traditional email marketing is still a good way to establish good relations with your potential customers. Capture their emails and foster interaction. Also, use keywords to benefit from higher search engine rankings. Social sharing always matters! According to surveys, users spend more time on major social platforms like Facebook and Instagram than on the web. Make sure your website provides social sharing buttons. Oh, website builders already have them.

Essential Fitness Website Features

The quality of your website is of great value. Not only it makes the first impression but also influences further interaction with potential customers. On the other hand, a web resource is another opportunity to stand out from competitors. All you need is to add some unique features and sections that others do not have. But first, start with some baseline essentials:

  • Introduce the Experts – every customer expects your staff to be presented by professional experts. Introduce your staff in a separate “Qualification” section describing their working experience, achievements, photo and other profile information;
  • Create a Showroom – highlight your fitness facilities and service using bright images, coaching videos, professional photos of staff working with customers. This will gain credibility and let you highlight the winning points of your studio;
  • Contact Information – indicate the precise location of the gym, phone number, email and other information to keep in touch with you;
  • Testimonials – this section is vital as it depicts the level of your services and rives more customers. Avoid dealing with fake reviews. Ask real customers to share their experience;
  • Call to Action – you know what it is unless you have lived in a cave for the last 10 years. Inspire your visitors to use services. Offer discounts, bonuses, promo codes and other features to put an ease on a customer’s wallet.

Essential Personal Trainer Website Features

You are more wrong to think that a website for a personal trainer is less demanding. It is all about reputation and catchy presentation of your skills. Make sure your website has the following:

  • Catchy Photos – use professional images to create a bright gallery. Add photos of your muscles, workouts, happy customers, etc.;
  • Coaching Videos – create a content that stands out from typical blogs and articles. Shoot your own professional videos describing all vital issues when it comes to personal training. Make visitors engaged;
  • Trainers Bio – introduce yourself to potential customers in a separate section. Speak of your age, qualification, achievements, and everything that your visitors may find useful;
  • Customer Reviews – make sure your clients share their experience on your website. It will make your website look more professional and trustworthy.

Bottom Line

Competitive fitness marketplace hardly reserves any chances for those who still do not have a website. However, it does not seem to be a serious problem considering the availability of website builders. They let you easily create a decent web resource with no extra costs, special skills or deep involvement.

Cost-efficiency, ease of use, effectiveness, integrated services and plugins, no need to hire developers each time you need upgrades – the list of advantages is not full. Benefit from simple tools to create a professional website from scratch.

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