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Mobirise (current version is 4.12) – is an offline website builder that has recently become available for Windows, Android and Mac. The program is used to create promo websites and landing pages.

Mobirise is absolutely free both for commercial and non-commercial use. Just download it, install and… enjoy creating as many websites as you need without any limitations!

Mobirise is mostly oriented on newbies and does not require any special knowledge and experience to be installed and used properly. The highlight of the program is a perfect optimization of Mobirise websites for mobiles devices. This is due to the powerful Bootstrap 4 framework the software is based on. Mobirise site builder seems a bit unusual, so let’s have a look under the program’s hood to find out the features that may attract the attention of users.

  • A free website builder.
  • Good for newbies.
  • Bukd websites in 30 minutes.

1. Ease of Use

So, what is Mobirise? It is a website builder designed for newbies to create small business sites, portfolios, promo and landing pages, and other content-based projects.

The platform comes with a super-easy editor. It will take you not more than 30 minutes to figure out how the system works and go live with a ready-made site considering you already selected hosting and registered a domain name.

Mobirise is a free website builder. All users can download the software at no cost. While we have tested software for Windows, some users say there are problems when installing the Mobirise 4 version on their Mac devices. They say the system fails to scan the software. Without that, the system can’t be installed. Despite those claims, the Windows version works well. No errors or downfalls have been detected during our check.

Getting Started

The only thing you need to do is to have the application installed on your PC. To get access to the downloadable folder, you need to sign in using any of the existing social or Google accounts as well as simply indicating your email and password. Versions for Google and Mac are available for download. Choose the one and get it to the local folder on your PC.

The bad news about any downloadable software is limited access in case you use multiple devices. The same thing is with Mobirise. You need to have the app installed on each of your laptops, PCs or mobile devices. The good news is that the platform makes it possible to download the project from the app’s library and have it imported with several clicks. That might work out although inline editing still looks like a better alternative.

The next stage is to use the Setup file to have the application installed. Use the icon to enter the editor and start creating your website from the ground.

Website Editing

Mobirise uses WYSIWYG technology combined with drag-and-drop functionality. It makes the building process extremely easy even for non-technicians. Users will be able to create as many pages as they want. The system offers a collection of ready-made blocks. Simply click on the Red Cross button to open the page elements library.

Mobirise WYSIWYG editor

You will see all available blocks in the right sidebar. Here we have everything necessary to create different website types. The elements include ready-made contact forms, footers, headers, menus, blocks for media files and images, tables, contacts. Social buttons, testimonials, and more. Users will find all the necessary elements required to build a fully functional and engaging website.

Mobirise looks pretty limited in terms of modification features. However, the system offers a set of baseline tools to change the website style and do some block customization. For instance, you may hide or show some of the elements, enable Parallax visual effects, change overlay colors, enable subtitles, etc.

Mobirise visual effects

In addition, users may work with general website styles and change them in accordance with requirements. For instance, you may change the primary site style as well as change fonts for each text block, title or menu. There is an option to enable animation. You may also activate rounded buttons, scroll to top button, ad other small details that may still make the difference for the project.

Going Live

The platform differs from typical browser website builders. The downloadable software was designed to create new pages and sites from scratch. It means that you are supposed to have a hosting plan and a registered domain name. To go live with your website, you may download it to the local drive or publish FTP files directly to your server.

Apart from that, you can publish your websites at the local server and resources like Google Drive, Github, Amazon S3, etc. Updates require the availability of a computer or mobile phone with website files.

This makes it possible for you to upload the latest version of the website to any cloud while being away without having your computer at hand. Likewise, you will have access to this website version from any location you are in.

There is a preview mode that makes it possible to see how the website looks like in the browser. It is available in a desktop and mobile version. Simply switch between modes by clicking the device icon.

The overall impression is good although some downsides still take place. The good news is that newbies will certainly appreciate the use of use while experienced designers and coders will do not like the limited customization feature option. Those who want to implement custom web design should look for a more comprehensive platform.

  • Available for Windows and mac.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Simple editing process.

2. Features & Flexibility

Mobirise 4 might be a smart choice for those who look for a fast and simple small business landing page or portfolio builder. It lets you create stylish and responsive projects in minutes with absolutely no coding. In addition, you will appreciate some of the following features:

Advanced SEO Settings

Mobirise SEO Settings

While most website builders come with baseline SEO options, Mobirise lets you boost your site ranks with the help of its SEO & Analytics functionality. Users will find it easy to integrate tools like Google Analytics as well as manage their websites robots.txt and sitemap.xml for faster indexation.

GDPR Compliance

Mobirise GDPR Compliance

Create a website that looks safe and reputable for users. Make it follow all the required GDPR policies. Simply create and customize the GDPR compliance block. The insert text and save changes to have the block automatically displayed on the needed page.

Code Editor

A feature for experienced coders and advanced web designers. It lets users access the source code of each element or block and do some HTML/CSS coding to apply new features. If you need to insert a piece of your own code, make the most of the Custom HTML Block that makes it possible to integrate third-party codes as well. The bad news is that the editor comes as a paid extension.

Mobirise Extensions

Mobirise Extensions

A simple way to make your site more engaging and interactive. Users may connect different custom extensions that include icons, Lazy Load for better mobile user experience, block packs, sliders, shopping carts compatible with PayPal, and lots of other useful add-ons. The only downside here is that extensions are paid. You may purchase them separately as well as buy a full Mobirise kit that already includes all the extensions in addition to the Code Editor and themes.

AMP Website Builder

One of the most outstanding Mobirise highlights is the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Website Builder. This is the open-source tool, the application of which allows boosting the performance of your mobile websites. Projects developed with AMP Website Builder have nice visual appeal and perform great across all distribution platforms and devices.

AMP Website Builder Benefits:

  • Smooth and Fast Website Loading and Performance. AMP websites load faster and feature smooth performance. This helps retain users, who visit a website and contributes to traffic generation.
  • Effective SEO Promotion. When it comes to the search engine ranking, websites created with AMP Website Builder have a priority. This is because they are 100% mobile-optimized and come with the AMP icon assigned to them by Google Search. So, when a user looks for a website by using a mobile device, these websites are displayed first.
  • Content Goes First. AMP websites are a perfect solution for content-focused projects, which have to be downloaded quickly to provide smooth browsing experience. These include landing pages, news portals, blogs, Internet magazines etc.
  • No Coding Needed. Creating AMP websites with Mobirise is super-easy as it doesn’t require any coding skills. The tool offers a set of AMP components used to add, adjust and rearrange the templates without any code editing at all. These components include AMP Header, Menu, Footer, Map, Video, Image, Article, Navigation etc.
  • Templates. The list of AMP website templates available in Mobirise is impressive and can be effectively used to launch standard websites, portfolios, eCommerce websites, landing pages and one-page sites.

When it comes to creating mobile web pages that load fast and ensure convenient web browsing experience, Mobirise AMP Website Builder is the best tool to get started. It contributes to effective customer engagement and high website traffic.

Is Mobirise safe? Well, it is considering the fact it is available as the downloadable software. It means that you are protected from sacmiming during the building process within the local development environment. The rest depends on the server solution you choose.

  • Advanced SEO and Analytics settings.
  • Wide selection f extensions.
  • HTML/CSS Code Editor.

3. Design & Templates

You won’t find any standard templates in Mobirise. The system has gone far beyond ordinary customization of pre-designed themes, offering a huge collection of ready-made customizable content blocks instead. The blocks are divided into sets known as themes, which are provided both on a free and paid basis with regard to your needs. Each block reflects specific functionality of the system and can be customized as you need. The use of the blocks reduces the need to start web design creation with a template.

Mobirise templates

As of today, Mobirise collection of content blocks encompasses over 1500 elements. The system offers more than 50 themes and 150 demo pages to help you design your website layout. These include sliders, counters, headers, footers, galleries with lightbox, articles, timelines, images and videos, CTA, Google maps, testimonials, social blocks, data forms, full-screen intros, pricing tables and more.

Mobirise themes

The blocks are designed with regard to the latest trends. They are easy-to-customize and quite flexible. What you need is to pick the required blocks, drag and drop them to the page to further adjust their positions and publish a website. Right after that, you can start editing the content. Sets of blocks make up the so-called templates, which are completely responsive by default. Mobirise templates are based on Bootstrap 4, which is currently the most powerful mobile first framework. This allows even non-tech savvy users create stunning designs from scratch.

  • Responsive web design.
  • Over a 100 of themes to choose form.
  • Mobile preview mode.

4. Customer Support

Mobirise provides customer support via email, video tutorials describing the way the system works, user Forums and Help section. The Forums seem to be quite helpful and active, which contributes to the system popularity and informational value. You can reach either Discussions or Categories Sections, depending upon your current needs and assistance you are looking for. To join the forum and initiate discussions with other users, you need to sign up for it first.

There is also a convenient Search filter option that cuts down the search time and helps you find the required content with no hassle at all. Speaking about the Help section, it is quite informative and helpful as well. You can ask questions here, browse articles and look for the answers you currently need. Paid modules come with detailed user instructions as well. All in all, Mobirise customer support is on a decent level.

  • Responsive Support Team
  • Simple ways to get in touch.
  • Video tutorials and guides.

5. Plans & Pricing

Is Mobirise free? The platform itself comes as a free website building software. Anyone can download the Windows or Mac version at no cost. However, the system delivers a bit limited functionality you might want to expand. This is where extensions, code editor, and custom themes may work.

How does Mobirise make money? Mainly with the help of its paid add-ons and template packages available on a paid basis.

They are as follows:

  • Templates – each pre-designed Mobirise them will cost you $49. Here we have a demo mode to check how the template looks like. Note that you might still need to edit it.
  • Extensions – the price depends on the add-on type. Some simple options like Popup Builders and sliders start at $49. More complicated widgets such as PayPal shopping cart or BlockPack for M4 cost $59 and $99 respectively.
  • Code Editor – a tool to enter the page’s HTML\CSS source code will cost you $69.

There is a way to save up a couple of bucks and buy the entire Mobirise kit for $149. You will get access to all extensions as well as the code editor and themes in one package. Also, keep in mind that you will have to pay for hosting and a domain name.

Mobirise Pricing

This is where Bluehost might be a flexible solution with several of its server offers to meet different website needs. The platform has proved to be reliable and safe enough in addition to round-the-clock customers support, and affordable prices. It features good performance and security features you may get for only $2.95 per month.

The price already includes free SSL and a 1-year domain. Moreover, a Mobirise expert team is ready to help with technical issues, website settings, etc. One may look for free hosting solutions to store their Mobirise websites. However, they may only serve testing purposes and are not good for long-lasting projects.

  • Free to download software.
  • Discounts and sales.
  • Mobirise full kit feat extensions and themes.

6. Pros and Cons

Mobirise is a good way to create websites with no coding and technical skills. It is a good option for small business sites, promo and landing pages, portfolios, and other types of content-based projects.

The software is free;
Appealing and responsive templates;
Niche choice of quality responsive templates;
Rich choice of blocks;
The program is an ideal choice for newbies;
Rich set of extensions.
The need to buy and set up hosting and
domain name on your own;
Website updating process requires the
availability of website files of your project;
Design of all sites looks similar because of the
inability to change the formats of template blocks.
  • A simple website builder for non-technicians.
  • Wide selection of page elements and blocks.
  • WYSIWYG functionality and intuitive editor.


Mobirise allows newbies creating small and medium websites like promo sites and portfolios. There are SEO-optimization options, an opportunity to improve the quality of visual content and a range of tools that make synchronization with other popular social services possible. The platform is a nice choice to create ordinary and mobile websites.

Mobirise websites look modern, but somewhat similar to each other. To make a website active, you will need to choose hosting and domain. The most complicated aspect for newbies here is setting up the FTP-server to publish website on the web. This is where the software compromises with cloud options in terms of usability.

Is Mobirise good? Yes, in case you are a non-technician looking for a fast and easy way to go live with your project. Advanced programmers and web designers might need a more comprehensive platform.

Mobirise is a unique and quality product. The website builder is worth the attention of newbies and can become an ideal start for them. Haven’t tested Mobirise yet? Then it is high time to download, install and explore the system for free!

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