Mobirise Website Builder Review

Mobirise (current version 5.4.5 Beta) is a website builder which stands out thanks to being an offline platform available for free downloading. Unlike other site builders that are hosted per the SaaS model, Mobirise shows a totally different approach. It is catered to those webmasters who have little to zero site-building skills and experience. However, this doesn’t come as a sheer advantage. When other services of the niche such as Squarespace or Wix offer domain and hosting, Mobirise offers neither. Users have to outsource hosting and domain. To find out what other features the site builder offers and what misses it has, get the detailed review now.

  • A free website builder.
  • Good for newbies.
  • Bukd websites in 30 minutes.

Pros and Cons

Mobirise has its certain strengths and weaknesses, any of which may serve as a determining factor for you to choose this downloadable site builder or go for a browser one. Let’s check them out:

Easy to use;
Free downloading;
Budget-friendly add-ons;
Decent support;
Exquisite design and interface;
Elegant free templates.
No blogging available;
No free e-commerce (available only via extension);
Options are limited;
Difficult to set up;
No hosting and domain;
Poor support contact means;
The search engine optimization tool is poor.

Mobirise Features

What we have to mention about Mobirise features is the lack of a blogging tool. If you aim to increase your site traffic through organic search, which is a must for all online businesses; this downside will matter a lot. However, before you hurry to form an opinion about Mobirise features, let us introduce them all:

  • Dashboard: Even though it may sound surprising to you, Mobirise has no dashboard. You are just taken to the page you were last editing on once you open the app.
  • PCI Compliance: Mobirise is an offline website builder that offers no hosting services. Due to this and the fact that PCI compliance is handled on the hosting side, users have to spot particularly those website hosting providers which offer PCI compliance. Otherwise, the security of the newly created website can’t be guaranteed.
  • Google Maps: Another feature that’s included in the kit of standard tools is Google Maps. The feature can be integrated through the “maps” button from the dashboard.
  • Social Media: The site builder offers buttons and icons for all standard social media platforms. This is really helpful in promoting a site through social media sites. To activate it, go to the section “Social” and access the share and follow blocks.
  • Marketing Tools: Actually, there are no marketing tools that Mobirise would offer its clients except for the sign-up form that enables collecting the email addresses of your site visitors. This way you can create a mailing list.
  • Drag-and-drop Tool: Perhaps the best feature that Mobirise can boast of is the drag-and-drop feature. The latter, along with the point-and-click option ensures easy customization of your site even if you have no experience in the field. If you, for instance, click on the text area, the platform allows you to start editing at once.
  • Contact Forms: The free Contact Form of Mobirise is rather poor. You can add nothing except the visitor’s name, email, phone, and a message field. If you are going to get along with no extensions, forget about customizing the fields, changing the typography, or adding special buttons.
  • SEO: Mobirise features the basic SEO settings. It integrates with Google Analytics. To generate robots.txt files and a sitemap, you need to obtain an extension.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Mobirise bases its services on the philosophy of mobile responsiveness. All websites created with Mobirise are displayed well on all types of devices regardless of the screen size.

Mobirise Extensions

Even though Mobirise claims to be a free website builder, without obtaining add-ons, it will be impossible to establish a decent website that will thrive your business. Among the most useful extensions are the PayPal Shopping Cart for incorporating the e-commerce feature, SEO adds-on for sitemaps and robots.txt files, etc. Apparently, the app market is the primary source of income for Mobirise. Let’s get deeper into the matter by reviewing the most useful and widely purchased extensions:

Mobirise Extensions

  • PayPal Shopping Cart: Priced at $39, this extension allows users to sell various products online. Premium support and updates are included for a whole year.
  • eCommerce: There is no separate eCommerce feature at Mobirise as such. Instead, you can purchase the above-described PayPal Shopping Cart add-on to start selling physical or digital products. However, you won’t have an all-inclusive e-commerce pack anyway since the extension only accepts PayPal transactions. This add-on includes a detailed tutorial on how to add and manage products on sale. So, Mobirise is a good choice only as long as you just need a small shop on your site while not concentrating on e-commerce.
  • Code Editor: Another decent upgrade by Mobirise is the premium Code Editor add-on. With this extension, you can click on any block and edit it while underlying CSS and HTML. The extension comes with a preview option to see what your changes will look like when you publish the site. This tool is perhaps the only one that’s catered more to professional users than beginners.

Mobirise Website Design and Templates

The first thing that comes to mind when speaking about Mobirise website editor, is simplicity. Even if you are among the least tech-savvy users, you will add the blocks with a breeze. Here no coding knowledge is required (the CSS/HTML code editor via an extension not counted).

Mobirise Editor

Even though the tools here aren’t labeled as properly as we’d like them to be, it will take only a couple of minutes to realize what they all stand for. For instance, the “Pages” are for managing the website pages, “Sites” works for managing all projects in the app. Besides, it is right here where you are to adjust the site’s export route, upload a favicon, and activate the necessary effects. From the “Account” you are directed to your account settings. The “menu” category showcases all the basic features, along with those extensions you have added. Here you are given the chance to choose from two available menu formats The vanilla tab has 9 headers with images, slogans, sliders (image carousels and galleries), and titles joined in different ways.

From the “Features” you get access to special blocks created for compiling “about us” or “services” pages.

“Media” enables users to add any type of standalone images or videos. The “Info” brings about blocks for outlining various data parts. “Social” features follow and share blocks for several known social media platforms.

If a mobile editor is what interests you, Mobirise offers one only for Android phones. No iOS smartphones are supported.


Mobirise Templates

Mobirise comes with over 4,500 site blocks, 100+ HTML themes, and more than 300 home page templates that come completely ready for just personalizing and launching. Actually, it’s great for setting up almost any business from healthcare providers to photo exhibition websites (see live Mobirise examples). You see, most templates even come already tailor-made. For example, if you are going to set up a restaurant, Mobirise features appropriate thematic templates that come with Google Map location, menu downloads, and buttons to link the site to your social media accounts. Depending on the purpose of your site, the template may have such tools as:

  • full-screen intros;
  • countdowns;
  • full-screen intros;
  • lightbox galleries;
  • sliders;
  • tabs & accordions;
  • call-to-action;
  • footers;
  • social blocks;
  • footers;
  • testimonials, etc.

Nevertheless, be aware that only 5 themes are free of charge while to get any other you have to conduct a purchase.

Image editing options at Mobirise are somewhat limited. Uploading or choosing one from the image gallery, you get only zooming, flipping, and cropping tools. By the way, the “Side Library” holds all the images that you have once uploaded on the site. This saves users much time since you don’t have to reupload an image if you decide to use it once again.

Website Editor

Hands down, the Mobirise website builder is easy to use even though the drag-and-drop features and controls aren’t labeled appropriately, and it takes time before you figure out what every tool can do. First, you need to download the platform and register an account for the editor since it’s not browser-based. The interface is user-friendly and simple. The default editor look is WYSIWYG. It allows building a site as quickly as in half an hour.

Mobirise Editor

The default blocks are offered with a dummy content. Therefore, you need to insert pictures and text blocks to attract your visitors. All this won’t take you long as long as you aren’t going to code or add dozens of products or code. And once you get ready to publish the website you face a problem – Mobirise offers no hosting services. The site can be published only to an FTP or a local drive. You see, with Mobirise you won’t get an all-inclusive package.

Customer Support

The help center of Mobirise is organized well. It is richly packed with tutorials and FAQs. Overall, there are six categories of tutorials and FAQs. By clicking the “help” button in the editor, you will be instantly provided with links to the forum, help center, and the tech support team. Mobirise has a great community of developers, so you will most probably find an answer to your question. If not, you are welcome to create a thread and get assistance from other Mobirise users.

Mobirise Support

The support contact methods aren’t impressive, however. You won’t find any telephone support or live chat option. The only way to get in touch with the support team directly is to write an email to Mobirise’s tech support team using the email

Mobirise Pricing Plans

Unlike most other website builders, Mobirise doesn’t have traditional pricing plans. To make use of the decent features, as well as the professional-looking templates, you have to pay. Depending on the extension, the prices differ. For instance, premium themes at Mobirise cost $49 (there are overall 92 premium themes available) while the Code Editor is priced at $69. This is a one-off fee, i.e. the feature is to be purchased only once.

Mobirise Pricing

And yet, if you decide to use Mobirise, you’d better purchase the Website Builder Kit at once. At the cost of $149, it incorporates all the premium themes, website building blocks, templates, and such important widgets as PayPal Shopping Cart and Code Editor.

Other paid extensions are as follows:

  • BlockPack for AMP (priced $99);
  • Chat Button (priced $99);
  • Popup Builder (priced $99);
  • Form Builder (priced $99);
  • BlockPack for M4 (priced $99);
  • WOW Slider (priced $99);
  • Lazy Load – CSS optimization tool (priced $99);
  • PayPal Shopping Cart (priced $99);
  • Code Editor (priced $99);
  • Icons (priced $99).

Mobirise Competitors and Alternatives

Mobirise is a user-friendly site builder offered free of charge. However, to get its full power you have to purchase extensions that are priced reasonably. Let’s find out what other similar platforms you can use for constructing a website.


wix desktop editor

Compared to Mobirise, Wix is a more powerful platform. It’s more appropriate for beginners while also being powerful enough for experts thanks to better tools. Wix grants its users access to receptive customizable designs.


WordPress dashboard

If Mobirise is more preferable for small businesses and individuals (though blogging is not available), WordPress demands some expertise to use. It is more appropriate for bigger businesses and offers better functions.

Final Words

Mobirise is a great service. It has a number of advantages with the free offer, mobile responsiveness, and easy usage in particular. Most surely you can build something worthwhile in a matter of hours. Besides, the extensions are sensibly priced.

Nevertheless, the software has some major downsides that can disappoint users. The lack of blogging and the poor eCommerce options (even offered via a paid add-on) strike the eye first. Another issue is the poor SEO tool. Taking into consideration how hard other website building companies work to provide the necessary features to crack the Google algorithm formula, this is a palpable downside.

Furthermore, remember that by choosing Mobirise, you have to outsource your website hosting. This platform doesn’t offer any. Neither does it provide a domain either for free or paid.

So, if you need a simple platform at the least expensive costs, Mobirise can be a good choice. But if you value site customization, blogging, and e-commerce features highly, you’d better stick to another more powerful company since the downsides of Mobirise definitely prevail over the advantages.

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