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Cheapest Website Builders

Cheap Website Builders

Website creation is quite a complicated and time-taking process, which involves a number of must-have steps. If you are aware of coding nuances and have certain web design background, then you will hardly face problems completing the task. But what if you are a newbie and this is your first web design experience? In this case, you won’t go without using website builders, which are on the rise these days.

Website builders encompass several important features and help accomplish a number of web design tasks at a time. They make it possible to launch a full-featured project without any skills or expertise required to do that.

You can come across all-in-one systems that allow creating all types of projects as well as specialized platforms, the feature set of which goes down to the creation of a certain website type (online stores, portfolios etc.).

Most contemporary website builders are quite affordable and many of them follow the so-called freemium approach. The latter implies the use of a free trial version (or a free plan) of the selected platform to further upgrade to one of the premium subscriptions.

To help you find a truly cheap website builder and hosting tailored to your personal needs, we decided to do an informative research and make up our own rating of the cheapest website builders available out there. Read on to find the system that meets your criteria most of all.

TOP Cheapest Website Builders Reviewed:

WixWix – is an easy-to-use, convenient and cheap all-in-one website builder that lets you launch different types of projects. The system covers a broad spectrum of web design expectations and provides several plans to come up to versatile web building needs. Wix

uKituKit – is a website builder, which is rightfully considered one of the most affordable website builders. The service grants access to multiple features, templates and design customization tools, being a perfect solution for small business websites and other projects. ukit

WordPressWordPress – is a renowned CMS, which is free for all user categories, making it possible to start projects for personal and business use. The system is known for extensive plugin and template integration options, but it also requires domain and hosting choice to publish a website. WordPress

BluehostBluehost – is a trusted web hosting platform, which has gained worldwide popularity. It is also the number one system officially recommended by WordPress. The service encompasses the advanced toolset and myriads of features that allow for safe and reliable project hosting.

ShopifyShopify – is the eCommerce software, which has distinguished itself due to the amazing abundance of features, tools and solution needed to launch a full-featured online store. The platform delivers exceptional web store building experience and allows for the development of all kinds of ecommerce projects – both simple and highly complicated.

UcraftUcraft – is a popular contemporary drag-and-drop website builder, which is worth user attention due to the powerful feature set and rich assortment of design customization tools. It’s possible to use the system to start and manage business and promo websites, portfolios, landing pages, blogs and other types of projects.

BookmarkBookmark – is a trendy AI-powered website builder, which is both simple and affordable. The platform can be used to launch eCommerce websites, blogs, business projects, portfolios etc. in the intuitive and hassle-free way.

To find the cheapest website builder that will work best for your individual web design needs, it makes sense to review each of the above mentioned systems in details. This will give you the clue on what service won’t hit you on the pocket, offering impressive feature set instead. Let’s get started now.

Wix – The Cheapest Website Builder

Wix website builder

Wix – is the cheapest website builder, which lets you launch various types of projects that differ in complexity, size, functionality, design and budget. The system is one of the most affordable contemporary web building solutions and it offers an extensive set of features to come up to any web building needs.

Wix Features:
Costfree to $39/mo
Wix ADIYes;
eCommerce and blogging engineYes;
Free App MarketYes.

The website builder has availed global popularity and recognition due to its powerful and innovative Wix ADI tool. It allows creating websites in the most intuitive, automated and hassle-free way based on the content you will provide upon its request.

Another highlight of the service is its App Market that comes with free and paid widgets you can pick and integrate into your website to improve its performance. However, if you have time and desire, you can make use of the advanced Wix Corvid App Builder to create your own applications.

To enhance your website functionality, you can also try extensive Wix blogging and eCommerce features. For better website promotion purposes, Wix unveils an opportunity to use its advanced Ascend all-in-one business solution.

Wix has recently updated its pricing policy to meet the needs of different user categories. As of today, it has separate plans for standard and eCommerce/business projects. There is also a free plans that never expires and lets you create websites to improve and test your skills for the unlimited time interval.

Standard Wix plans encompass Connect Domain ($4.5/mo), Combo ($13/mo), Unlimited ($17/mo), Pro ($22/mo) and VIP ($39/mo). As to the business and eCommerce pricing options, these include 4 subscriptions, namely Business Basic ($23/mo), Business Unlimited ($27/mo), Business VIP ($49/mo) and Enterprise ($500/mo). All plans come with increased storage space, online payment acceptance option, variety of payment methods, absence of Wix ads, custom domain name connection and other crucial features. The website builder is also known for its regular bonuses, discounts and special offers that eventually let you save big.

uKit – Cheapest Website Builder for Small Business

uKit website builder

uKit – is one of the cheapest small business website builders. Working with the system’s editor is absolutely simple: the builder is dominated by a preview of your website so that you can immediately see all your edits in action. The service also offers a set of integrable widgets that can boost your website performance.

uKit Features:
Cost$4 to $12/mo
uCalc online calculatorYes;
SendPulse and AmoCRM integrationYes;
Free SSLYes.

The site builder lets you create a variety of projects, including personal sites, portfolios, blogs, business websites, landing pages and even webstores (uKit’s commerce is realized via the integration with Ecwid or connecting of the eCommerce plugin).

The website builder now offers a set of useful widgets that can bring any website to the brand new level. Some of these widgets include uCalc Online Calculator, PRO Tables widget, “Timeline” and “Steps”, Google Maps, Social Network widget and more. uKit has also recently introduced SendPulse and AmoCRM features.

There is also an opportunity to connect a free SSL Certificate to your domain name to boost its security and confidentiality of information provided. With uKit, you can assign temporary website management access rights to other team members you cooperate with. The overall duration of the temporary website access constitutes up to 999 days.

uKit offers a very simple pricing formula: the full feature set available on a minimal Plan costs $5/mo, and it is discounted to $4/mo if you choose annual billing. The same is about other uKit subscriptions, namely Basic, eCommerce and Pro. Their discounted prices are as follows: $8, $9.60 and $12. The price includes hosting. This is the cheapest small business website builder you can come across in the modern web building industry.

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WordPress – Cheapest Website Platform (CMS)

WordPress website builder

WordPress – is one of the cheapest Content Management Systems. Its application sphere initially came down to blog design. As the service kept developing, it gained popularity with users as all-in-one solution for the creation of different types of projects, including portfolios, business websites, landing pages, online stores etc.

WordPress Features:
eCommerce pluginsYes;
Visual editorYes.

WordPress functionality and popularity is explained by its abundant integration options. To get the most out of your web building process, you won’t go without integrating plugins and templates, which are specifically designed to come up to various niches. This task, however, may be a challenge for inexperienced users, who have never been involved into website development before.

The CMS is free, but you should be ready to invest into plugins, themes, domain and hosting. The final cost mostly depends upon the plans of the hosting provider. Thus, a standard cost of a popular .com domain name constitutes around $10-15 per year. Further domain prolongation will be somewhat cheaper – around $5-15 based on the terms and pricing policy of the registrar you will choose. Mind that domains available in other zones (like .club or .net, for example) may cost you a bit more – around $20 per year.

As to the cost of hosting, it will depend upon the price of a plan you will eventually go for. One of the most reasonable hosting solutions (and the one recommended by WordPress) is Bluehost. The cheapest plan it currently offers constitutes $2.95/mo and you’ll additionally get a free domain for the 1st year of use as a bonus. That’s a pretty good start. Actually, there are multiple hosting solutions available on the web at different cost, and it’s only up to you to make the final choice.

If you wish to get the most out of your WordPress website, you won’t go without plugin integration. There are lots of free WP plugins available in the global network, which will be more than enough for the start. Not all of them, however, are altogether safe for your project. To avoid problems with scams and malware, it makes sense to opt for paid plugins, the cost of which ranges from $15 and up to $200 per each plugin. Some of the are purchased once for amifetine, while others charge monthly/annual fees for their use.

Summing it all up, we can conclude that the eventual cost of creating a website with WordPress may fluctuate between $20 and $100 or even more sometimes, even though, the CMS itself is free to download and install.

Bluehost – Affordable Website Hosting


Bluehost – is a trusted and popular website hosting provider that has gained awesome reputation due to the features provided. The service is the number one hosting, which is officially recommended by WordPress. The host currently powers over 5 millions websites across the globe and this is the fact that already speaks for itself.

Bluehost Features:
Cost$2.95 to $13.95/mo;
Extensive marketplace of appsYes;
Marketing and localized SEO strategiesYes;
24/7 customer supportYes.

Bluehost provides an extensive selection of features that come at affordable cost. These include powerful and reliable 24/7 customer support, high end apps for eCommerce projects, add-ons for business projects etc.

Among the undeniable highlights of the platform, it makes sense to mention its intuitive control panel that is easy to master and navigate, fast page load speed, strong uptime rates, security and flexibility. Bluehost grants access to the enormous marketplace, where you can come across and pick multiple applications, scripts, add ons and widgets for advanced website customization. The system additionally offers content marketing and localized SEO strategies for better website promotion.

Speaking about pricing plans, Bluehost offers three types of subscriptions. These include Basic Plan ($2.95/mo), Plus Plan ($5.45/mo) and Choice Plus Plan ($5.45 and up to $13.95/mo). To sum that all up, Bluehost really deserves to be known as one of the most reliable and credible modern website hosting providers.

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Shopify – Cheapest Online Store Builder

Shopify Home Page

Shopify – is the most popular, professional and full-featured eCommerce software, which is used to start and manage small-to-large online stores. Its range of features along with trusted customer support and multiple guidelines make it possible to launch quality web stores even without any web design background or expertise.

Shopify Features:
Cost$9/mo up to $299/mo;
eCommerce featuresYes;
Abundance of marketing optionsYes;
Multilingual supportYes.

As an eCommerce software, Shopify initially stands out from the crowd due to its abundant and powerful web store building tools. These include high end blogging engine, Live View mode, extensive synchronization options, CSV file product uploads and reviews, multilingual and multichannel support, abandoned checkout recovery, SSL Certification, Fraud Protect Feature for Shopify payments, Shopcode introduction, high end Augmented Reality feature ertc.

Apart from the narrow eCommerce features, Shopify also offers advanced marketing options and tools. These encompass Point-of-Sale (POS) software, access to customer profiles, Shopify Ping mobile app, rich and regularly updated app store, Buy One Get One discounts, dynamic checkout and Shopify Tap & Chip Reader, advanced retail features, access to Google Pay service, advanced UPS Shopify Shipping feature and many more.

Shopify provides transparent pricing policy, offering four major solutions to come up to the needs and requirements of different user categories. These include Lite ($9/mo), Basic Shopify ($29/mo), Shopify ($79/mo) and Advanced Shopify ($299/mo). Lite Plan will be a perfect choice for users, who already have websites and wish to connect eCommerce functionality to them. If you plan to launch a full-featured web store, though, Basic Shopify Plan will work great for this purpose, unless you intend to start a hypermarket. The system allows testing its complete feature set during the 14-day free trial. Shopify itself is devoid of transaction costs, but it still charges fees for credit card transactions made with the system.

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Ucraft – Inexpensive and Easy Website Builder

Ucraft website builder

Ucraft – is a cloud website builder, which makes it possible to launch a multilingual website at reasonable prices. Mastering the platform is easy and quick for beginners and web design professionals as it comes with intuitive dashboard and convenient web creation process.

Ucraft Features:
Costfree to $39/mo;
Landing page builderYes;
Free Logo MakerYes.

With Ucraft, you can launch outstanding portfolios, business websites and landing pages. Among the features that make the system suitable for these purposes, it makes sense to mention responsive template collection, Logo Maker, Landing Page Builder, Designer Tools, Articles App, eCommerce feature, multilingual support, extensive integration features etc.

The cheapest Ucraft subscription – Free Website – does not imply any money investment at all. However, the plan has many restrictions that do not allow getting the most out of the system’s functionality. The cost of the Pro Website Plan constitutes $10/mo, which unveils more opportunities for the development of full-featured websites. Pro Shop and BigCommerce Plans, which are mainly geared towards eCommerce website development, cost $21 and $39 per month correspondingly. Mind that paid plans come with a 14-day free trial that lets you explore and test the major feature set of the website builder with ease.

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Bookmark – Low-Cost AI Website Builder


Bookmark – is an affordable website builder, which stands out from the crowd due to its powerful Artificial Design Intelligence tool. The innovative service provides an opportunity to create contemporary projects of different types and complexity levels. The system can be effectively used to design and manage responsive business websites, high end portfolios, web stores and quality projects for personal and professional use.

Bookmark Features:
Costfree to $24.99/mo;
AIDA AssistantYes;
Module-based approachYes;
eCommerce engineYes.

The undeniable highlight of the website builder is its AIDA assistant – the AI-based tool, which guides you through the web design process and helps automatically create a project with regard to your needs. You just have to provide your website-related content and the system will use it, while building your project.

Another advantage of the system is its integrated eCommerce engine, which lets you start and update online stores with maximum ease-of-use, convenience and money investment. What you should also know about Bookmark is that the system is module-based, which lets you design your project layout both for eCommerce and standard websites out of multiple content blocks that act as widgets. This simplifies the entire process of website development for all user categories – both first-timers and web design pros.

Bookmark has a free plan, which comes with standard restrictions regarding the number of web pages you can create, domain connection, eCommerce functionality and ad banners. If you expect to avail more functionality for your project, you can choose to upgrade either to the Professional ($11.99/mo) or Business ($24.99/mo) Plan.

Cheap Website Builders Comparative Chart

Free PlanYesYesFree CMSNoNoYesYes




Cheapest Plan Features2GB Bandwidth;
3GB storage space;
Ad removal;
Free domain.
Unlimited number of pages;
24/7 support;
Over 200 professional designs.
Plugin integration;
Template choice and installation;
eCommerce functionality.
App Marketplace;
24/7 support;
1-click WordPress installation.
POS software;
Shopify “Buy” Button;
Multilingual support.
Code embedding;
Multilingual support;
50 products.
AIDA Assistant;
Unlimited page number;
Online store.
Try WordPressTry BluehostTry ShopifyTry UcraftTry Bookmark

How to Choose a Cheap Website Builder?

If you have an intention to start a full-featured website, but realize that you’re pressed for money, you may consider using one of the most affordable website builders listed above. Mind, however, that each website builder comes with its individual pros and cons, which might affect your final choice.

Thus, when browsing the web building tools, you should initially check out what niche specification this or that system has and whether it comes up to your actual web design needs. If you plan to start a web store, then it makes sense to pick either a specialized system or the one that comes with a powerful and secure eCommerce engine/plan. The same is about other types of projects.

The next aspect that is worth the attention is the availability of a free plan/trial. Website builders that offer free plans usually imply certain restrictions that do not allow getting the most out of project functionality. However, free plans and trials make it possible to test the system before upgrading to the paid subscription. This matters a lot, when it comes to budget economy.

What you should also find out is whether the platform includes a free domain name into its paid plans (especially the cheapest one). If it doesn’t, then get ready to additionally invest into domain name purchase. This might become one of the decisive factors, when making the final choice.

Finally, check out the entire feature set included into the plans website builders offer and compare them to make a really worthy choice. It goes without saying that the best website builder does not have to be too cheap. What matters most is that its pricing policy should comply with you web design needs and expectations. This is the surefire way to get a full-featured professional website.

How to Create a Cheap Website

When it comes to website development, correct choice of the web building tool matters most. However, that’s not the only aspect to consider, if you wish to get a feature-laden website at affordable cost. Here is a quick overview of steps you should complete to get a worthy website:

  1. Choose the Platform – This is the first and the most important step yo won’t go without, if you wish to gain success. As mentioned above, the final choice should be based upon the niche focus of the system, goals it is used for, functionality, customer support and design customization options and, of course, pricing policy. The latter should not only fit into your budget, bit it should absolutely cover your web design expectations and requirements.
  2. Decide on the Domain Name and Hosting – If you select a website builder, this step will be somewhat simplified for you as most systems offer plans that come with integrated hosting and domain. However, if you decide to work with WordPress, then get ready to take care of hosting and domain selection on your own as the CMS doesn’t offer any integrated solutions.
  3. Pick a Template – Design selection should go down to the needs of your project. Fortunately, most website builders offer extensive collections of themes, many of which fall into thematic categories. Additionally, there is frequently an opportunity to pick a blank template and customize it from scratch. Thus, you’ll have more chances to get a truly unique and personalized design. When working with CMS, you may face an opportunity to look for an external website theme – there are myriads of free and paid designs to choose from on the web.
  4. Customize the Theme – Whether you decide to work with a website builder or a CMS, you’ll have a set of design customization tools to choose from. Thus, you’ll have an opportunity to edit website elements, insert media files, integrate social media accounts, upload content, images and other required elements.
  5. Insert Widgets/Plugins – To diversify your website design, you will certainly face the need to integrate extra widgets (when working with website builders) or plugins (while working with WordPress or any other CMS).
  6. Adjust SEO Parameters – As soon as you are done with your website design customization, you’ll need to take care of website Search Engine Optimization. To boost your project positions in the search engines, you’ll have to adjust the major SEO parameters available on corresponding pages. Fortunately, most contemporary web building systems are SEO-friendly, which reduces the need to set up deep SEO parameters.
  7. Publish the Website – This is the final stage of the entire website development process. It makes sense, though, to preview the project before the publication to make sure it looks and functions correctly. Is everything ok? Then go ahead to publish your ready-made website!

Bottom Line

The first and the most important thing you should realize, when thinking about website design is that you don’t need a truckload of money to complete the project. Code-free website builders like Wix, uKit, Shopify, Ucraft and Bookmark make the process of website creation easy, fast and professional. They come with multiple advantages, such as responsive/mobile-ready website templates, secure hosting, domain name, extensive set of features and design customization tools, site building software itself and professional support. The use of WordPress, in its turn, will take more time, effort, skills and money as compared to website builders, but you will also get a high end result.

Wix deserves the top position in the rating of cheap website builders, even though, its cost is somewhat higher as compared to that of other platforms. The functionality of the service as well as its actual value, however, are definitely worth the money invested. The website builder grants access to lots of benefits, which come at extra cost, while using other systems (or should even be purchased from third-party services). This makes Wix the undeniable leader in the list of contemporary cheap website builders.

Whatever system you will eventually decide to go for, get ready to invest certain budget into website development and its further promotion. Otherwise, it will be close to impossible to get a full-featured website that will cover all your needs. Fortunately, modern web design niche has many trusted and functional services to offer, which allows for the freedom of choice and ensures great result.


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