Wix Website Builder Review

Wix – is one of the most recognizable website builders that has been in business since 2006. Over the years, it has become one of the biggest players featuring a whopping 154 million users and more than 160 million sites powered by the platform. This includes over 22 million mobile sites and about 45,000 new users, who daily join the system to benefit from the Wix free plan and a bunch of amazing features delivered out of the box.

Wix has a vast number of features that bring to this website builder huge competitive advantages. One of them is Wix ADI: Artificial Design Intelligence – the instrument for creating stunning websites automatically, which is available on all Wix website templates. The process of website building has never been so simple – you just have to select the type of your business, point your social profiles and the artificial intelligence will do the rest.

For many of us, Wix has become a synonym for the website builder. The question is, is it as good as it’s painted? We’ve put Wix under the microscope: in this review, you’ll find out how Wix is easy to use, know about all its main features, opportunities, pros and cons of its use.

  • Globally known all-in-one website builder;
  • Great for any website type;
  • A bunch of advanced features.

1. Pros and Cons

Wix is undoubtedly the top-notch all-in-one website builder for first-timers and proficient web developers. The system has an impressive list of advantages that contribute to the successful web design process and a great result. Likewise, it has a few downsides users should know before proceeding to the website creation process. Here they go:

Stylish Responsive templates – Wix offers over 500 amazing templates with pre designed layouts for different industries.
Enhanced Flexibility – the Editor delivers enough creative and customization freedom to create the page structure and design you need.
Ease of Use – perfect for newbies with absolutely no coding and programming skills. Offer advanced tools for experienced users.
A Free Plan – a zero-fee plan with no obligations and time limits. Use it as much as you need.
App Market – an endless selection of add-ons, apps, and widgets available on a free or paid basis.
Advanced Building Technologies – choose from AI-powered Wix ADI for newbies, try Wix Editor to build a page from the blank, or benefit from Velo by Wix for experienced coders.
eCommerce, SEO, Marketing – the platform comes with built-in features for merchants and marketers, who want to promote their projects and drive more traffic.
Special Deals – Wix offers discounts and ways to save a couple of bucks with special promos campaigns, sales, etc.
Inability to choose another template. Once you have selected a layout, you will not be able to switch to a completely new one.
The loading speed is not ideal, especially when it comes to website mobile versions.
No access to the template source code although you may still add a custom code to the website using several ways.

  • Wix App Market with endless apps and widgets;
  • Integrated eCommerce and blogging;
  • Ascend by Wix and Velo by Wix.

2. Ease of Use

Wix is probably one of the most user-friendly website builders. It employs a drag-and-drop editor that supports in-line editing providing a total WYSIWYG experience. In other words, it lets you see your site as you build it, without having to preview your work in a new window.

Wix Standard Editor

How Does Wix Work?

Wix is an online website builder, which works under SaaS (System As A Service) model. It means that the user can create and manage his or her websites on any desktop or mobile device by logging into Wix account. While with many popular website builders you can drop the elements to certain areas/blocks only, working with Wix you’re free to place those literally anywhere on the page.

This approach is also known as ‘absolute positioning’, and unfortunately, it makes it impossible to transfer your content to another Wix theme, since it is literally scattered all over the page and has no fixed structure. Such method gives users full creative freedom, but may cause many inconveniences in the future.

The control panel of Wix is logically divided into two areas: the Dashboard where you can manage your site’s major settings, including contacts, newsletters, SEO etc., and the Editor itself where you can actually build your website in WYSIWYG mode.

Full-width strips let you easily structure your website into clean, horizontal sections, and to make your life easier, Wix gives you 9 preset options: Welcome presets, Service presets, Clients presets, Team presets, and Contact presets, among others.

Wix Editor lets you easily apply parallax scrolling to your site – just turn on the Parallax scrolling toggle and preview your site to see this effect in action.

  • User-friendly SaaS website builder;
  • Uses “absolute positioning” approach;
  • Animation and parallax scrolling effect.

3. Features & Flexibility

Wix has a lot to offer. Even their absolutely free plan has a quite advanced list of included features: hundreds of beautiful templates, blogging, a great selection of widgets and apps etc. If you need a simple static site or a blog, the free version of Wix will certainly handle it.

The website builder also stands out from the crowd due to its advanced Wix Turbo feature. Wix Turbo – is the collection of tools and technologies geared towards the decrease of your website load time.

Such a result is achieved by means of the implementation of a set of proprietary technologies that optimize the overall rendering time of the browser without affecting its performance. You website visitors will be impressed by the speed and quality of image and videos display.

This is achieved by the implementation of smart website caching and faster JavaScript execution time, advanced CSS to give your website pixel-perfect look, global CDN coverage and availability of multiple data centers of the company around the world.

Wix ADI and Wix Editor

What is Wix Artificial Design Intelligence? – It’s a brand new Wix tool that helps user to create a website even without a mouse click. In other words, it’s like a step-by-step guide machine which tries to understand what kind of a website (including design and key elements) you need. Let’s deeply discover the differences between these two options.

ADI or Editor

How to Create a Website With Wix Artificial Design Intelligence:

  • Step 1. After selecting ‘Start with ADI’ option, at first you have to answer for several questions about yourself, your business or any other activities. Then Artificial Interface starts searching any information about you or your business according to given data.

    Wix ADI Suggestions

  • Step 2. If there is your profile being presented, choose it (or just skip this step to receive a default website) and go next to the color scheme adjusting:

    Wix ADI Color Scheme

  • Step 3. This is the final step before your new website is being created. You just need to sit and watch how ADI’s building you main page. And here’s the result:

    Wix ADI Interface

You receive a complete one page with sample images and content, which can be replaced to original ones. The structure of Wix ADI Editor differs from standard options and it became more intuitive.

How to Create a Website With Wix Standard Editor:

  • Step 1. After choosing ‘Start with Editor’ option, it all goes as usual – pick up a template:

    Pick a template - Wix Editor

  • Step 2. Then system shows you the standard Editor screen where you may start editing your website.

    Wix Editor Interface

Being the best AI website builder as of today, Wix ADI is in a great help for those who have a strong social accounts with a number of public information that can be collected by Wix. But for those who just begin to present themselves over Internet, the Standard Editor looks as a better option. If you’re looking to extend your website further with things like forums, guestbooks, membership pages or online booking, it’s all possible with Wix thanks to the Wix App Market.

Blogging With Wix

Wix makes it easy to add a simple yet multifunctional blog to your website. Wix’s blogging engine lets you to:

  • schedule your blog posts;
  • add a Featured posts section and a tag cloud;
  • toggle Facebook comments;
  • use reliable hosting the system offers;
  • create a custom feed.

Blogs launched with the system come with a rich feature set, social account options, stunning blog templates, easy management tools, comment options etc.

Wix Blog Editor

If you are right about to build a blog with Wix, you can either use the Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) tool or select the “Blog” website type to further customize it with regard to your needs. One of the major advantages of the blogging platform is its convenience and ease of use for everyone. Newbies can select and customize pre-designed blog templates, while experienced web designers can additionally make use of code editing options to create unique blog design.

What’s more, Wix offers advanced SEO features to boost the search engine positions of your blog posts. You can share the posts in social networks, organize mailouts, edit meta tags, adjust human-friendly URLs, integrate Google maps, use Google analytics etc. to promote your blog effectively.

If you have made up your mind to launch a visually-appealing, functional and quality blog without investing too much effort, time and money, Wix is the answer. Abundance of features and a broad range of tools and options make the website builder the most appropriate choice for your blogging project, irrespective of its complexity, style and topic.

Wix Mobile Editor

Wix was among the first site builders to offer a built-in mobile optimization option. The innovative Wix Mobile View lets users easily optimize their sites for mobiles and tablets using the same drag-and-drop tools.

Simply switch to the Mobile View in the control panel and fine-tune your site’s design until it looks as planned. You can resize, relocate, show and hide different items without influencing your desktop site.

Wix Mobile Editor

Another useful option is Wix Chat for Mobile – this app allows website owner to answer visitors’ questions from his or her mobile device. Its very convenient, especially when the webmaster is out of the desktop. In a such way the time to respond users’ requests is going minimal.

Wix App Market

There are free and paid apps developed either by Wix or third-party providers. The App Market makes Wix suitable for building different types of websites, from simple portfolios to feature-heavy sites. Some of the most popular apps include: Get Subscribers (a sign-up form), 123 Form builder, Instagram Feed, Events Calendar and Comments, among others.

  • Wix Hotels. This app offers a complete booking mechanism developed with the needs of hotel owners in mind. It frees them from relying on third-party vendors.
  • Wix Restaurants – an application that allows to create restaurant menus and manage orders. All in all, Wix offers a decent selection of both in-house apps and third-party apps that you can easily integrate into your website. The versatility of the platform makes it suitable for building various websites, from portfolios and five-page business sites to small stores and blogs.
  • Wix Forum. Recently Wix announced a brand new feature concerning to this website builder – a possibility to add forum to your website. This option is available via installing a special app from Wix App Market. Obviously, forum is a useful tool for any website. But if you install it, you’ll have to manage it in order to prevent any unpleasant content. To sum it up: forum is a doubtful feature for Wix-based websites.
  • Wix Bookings. The widget allows booking hotel rooms and making online reservations in restaurants and cafes in almost no time. Just reach the website and find the corresponding online form to fill out to be further contacted by website managers.
  • Wix Photography. The website builder lets you create and manage a professional photography website by means of integrating Wix Photo Albums and Wix Pro Gallery widgets from the App Market.
  • Wix Video. You can effectively display video files and presentation on your website via the integration of Wix Video widget. It lets you create and manage your own video channels, add videos and even synchronize your account with popular social media channels.
  • Wix Events. The widget is a good choice for everyone, who has an idea to create an event on the web, be it a presentation, a concert, a conference or even a wedding. Take your time to send invitations to your clients, sell tickets, create and update guests lists etc.
  • Wix Music. Go ahead to launch your own music website with the widget. It lets you integrate an audio player into your project, add and manage audio files in different popular formats, review statistics, sell the tracks etc.

Wix Bookings

The widget available in Wix App Market will come in handy to restaurant and hotel owners, who wish to boost customers’ engagement and satisfaction rate. It makes it possible to book classes, hotel rooms and restaurant seats in advance directly at the website. There is no need to make phone calls to make a booking on time – a user should just reach the corresponding website section to schedule the required appointment. This notable saves effort and time.

Wix Bookings

Wix Bookings allows accepting online bookings, reservations and orders 24/7 in the live time mode, accepting secure deposits and payments, sending automated email reminders to registered users, who have placed their orders at the website. It’s also possible to initiate group appointments, classes and orders with the app, manage staff calendars and synchronize them with your Google and Wix calendars, save and edit customer data. What’s important, it’s up to you to decide, whether you are going to use a free or paid Wix Bookings widget as both variants are available here.

Wix Photography

Wix App Market grants access to two photo widgets, both of which will become a perfect addition to your photography website. The first widget is called “Wix Photo Albums”. This is a kind of a must-have for each and every photographer, who hopes to grow customer base and present photo portfolio in the most beneficial light.

Wix Photo Albums makes it possible to create, edit and regularly update impressive stand-alone photo websites at no cost at all. Each project will come with your brand identity and business info. It can be easily shared on the web to enrich customer flow and attract new clients. What you have to do is to upload your photos, pick a layout and provide free share access rights to users.

Wix Gallery

Creating a high quality Photo Album takes around a minute only. There are hundreds of themes and layouts to choose from, depending upon the event you wish to present. You can additionally create the Featured Photos section and let clients download the best pics directly from the website.

Another photo widget you may choose and integrate into your website is “Wix Pro Gallery”. This is the app that allows creating the most professional web-based photo galleries, uploading hundreds of images of your choice. It’s up to you to adjust the settings for each image, control sharpness and quality of photos as well as other parameters that affect image quality and display advantages.

Integrated image protection option allows securing your photos from unauthorized third-party downloading makes them look great on desktop and mobile devices. It’s up to you to customize your photo galleries with stunning text boxes and auto-play video presentations to boost user engagement and interest. Social sharing options contributes to customer base grows and lets you spread your portfolio works on the web with maximum efficacy.

Wix Video

Wix Video provides a broad range of options and tools to help you showcase your videos and display them to the advantage at the website. The widget helps you individually create video channels, upload and manage all types of videos, including portfolio works, online courses and tutorials, films and other related media files.

Wix Video

The widget does not only allow creating your own video channels, but also makes it possible to upload them from the existing channels and resources like Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook, for example. Users can showcase their videos in mobile and desktop modes, organize and hold high quality live streams from social media channels directly at the website. If you have the YouTube feed featuring your own videos, you can also make use of it and synchronize this feed with the website to keep it updated. The widget also provides an opportunity to keep track of your website video-related statistics to be able to track its popularity and user demand.

The basics Wix Video package is free, but you can upgrade to the Premium plan to make use of the advanced features and showcase your videos in a truly professional way.

Wix Restaurants

Wix App Market grants access to widgets that work great for the development of restaurant websites. These are Wix Restaurants Menus and Wix Restaurants Orders. Integration of the Wix Restaurants Menus allows creating and customizing impressive online menus that look great both on desktop and mobile devices. It is also possible to integrate the widget into your Foursquare account or Facebook Business Page to keep your customers aware of what you can offer them.

Wix Restaurants

Online menus created with Wix Restaurants Menu app are completely customizable and you can edit and update them 24/7 even on the go. By using the widget, you will be able both to present your online menu to the target audience and promote special dishes or seasonal menus. That’s very convenient and effective for your business promotion.

Wix Restaurants Orders is another App Market widget you can choose and add to your restaurant website. The widget allows accepting orders and adjusting delivery settings directly at the website with no commission fees charged for the service. Users can pay for the orders at the website as well – the system may accept credit cards and cash, while loyal and regular customers are allowed to use express checkout.

Another convenient feature is that customers may spoil their bills when placing group orders – this is the option most users appreciate a lot. As soon as the new order is placed, a website owners immediately gets the notification about it to be able to react on time. The widget makes it possible to manage the orders even on the go from their mobile devices, which has positive impact upon customer generation and retention rates.

Wix Events

Each time there is a need to organize a hold a quality event and promote it on your website, using Wix events widget will definitely be a great idea. The app offers a broad range of tools and features you need to add and smoothly run different types of events.

Wix Events

Apart from event organization, widget integration also lets you sell tickets at the website, send online invitations, collect RSVPs, create and manage guest lists and what not. Whether you are planning a concert, a show, a presentation, a conference, a party, a wedding or any other event, the widget will be a stunning and very helpful addition to the project.

When using the widget, you can create the unlimited number of events, sorting them out by location name, date etc. You can also integrate videos, photos and other media files, promote the events via social media accounts, track your guest list on mobile and desktop devices. Multiple payment methods are allowed here for greater user convenience.

Wix Forum

Wix Forum is a great widget that can be effectively integrated into your website, if there is a need to create a web community. Launching a forum withWix becomes super easy due to the app. Your forum members will be able to initiate new conversations and join the existing ones, upload images, videos and other media files, follow posts, leave comments and perform other actions.

Wix Forum

There are multiple forum layouts to choose from. You can pick and customize any of them to give your forum appealing look. The widget is user-friendly and intuitive for each and every user. It ensures real-time mobile experience and lets you organize a perfect online community in a matter of minutes.

Wix Music

Setting up a quality music website is no longer a problem with Wix Music. The widget allows integrating a great audio player into your website at no cost at all. This makes it possible for music fans to listen, stream and download their favorite tracks and even buy them directly from your website.

Wix Music

With Wix Music app, you can present your tracks, albums and playlists to the target audience, upload audio files in multiple formats like WAV, FLAC, ALAC & MP3 and sell the tracks in the real-time mode. It’s up to you to customize the player with regard to your needs so that it could match your website style and design. For those website owners, who wish to track their project performance, the widget lets you figure out detailed statistics concerning track popularity, number of plays, sales, downloads and other important parameters.

Wix for designers

Though Wix is initially intended for non-techies, it has some offerings for web professionals, too. These include Wix Arena and WixEd.

  • Wix Arena is a designers’ community where Wix users can connect with professional designers who know all the ins and outs of the Wix ecosystem. By joining the Arena as a freelance designer you get the ability to find new clients, get exclusive treats from Wix including monthly rewards and premium support, get first access to new Wix features, and more.
  • WixEd is an education program for Wix users who would like to start their own web design business. The program is entirely free and is open to anyone – the only tuition required is your talent and commitment.

Velo by Wix (Wix Code)

Velo is an integrated development environment. It comes as a full-stack platform with a bunch of instruments to create and deploy professional websites or apps. Above all, it offers some asset management tools to keep control over the project. Here we have a sort of symbiosis that combines Wix Editor functionality with advanced coding capabilities.

Wix Code

On the one hand, the template editing process uses the same instruments in the Wix Editor. Velo brings advanced capabilities letting you complete the building process in 2 simple steps:

  1. Edit the website in a user-friendly environment with advanced drag-and-drop functionality to create page UI. You may use 100s of elements and get each of them to the page using the drag-and-drop functionality.
  2. Add custom code using standard JavaScript or integrated IDE with Velo APIs.
  3. Integrate the project with any of the selected tools using third-party APIs. It will let you easily connect services like Stripe, SendGrid, and others to instantly process payments, send notifications, messages, and so on.

The interface of the app builder is intuitive and logically-structured. It provides the solutions and guidelines to execute certain actions, a combination of which results in the creation of a working full-featured application. For example, you can create a database with any content and simply add it to any website page instead of manual content input. It is also possible to create impressive web effects to further integrate them into your project.

Wix Editor X

Wix Editor X is a new functionality that will be soon available as a part of the platform’s Business package. Today, users may access an open beta application to check how it works. The idea of developing an updated editor was to meet users’ evolving design needs. We actually have an improved version of a typical Wix Editor with a set of unique features to fit entrepreneurs and SMBs.

Wix Editor X

At first, the new product looks pretty the same. To access it, you will have to sign in using an existing account or social media. The system will ask you to specify your niche as well as the number of people who will work on the project. The last step is to select either a pre-designed template or a blank page to start building a website from scratch.

Wix Editor X start

The main benefit is that Wix Editor X provides full control over each and every element you have on the page. You may edit all available modes including desktop, tablet, and smartphone display emulators.

Wix Editor X web editor
Wix Editor X mobile editor

As for the main editor’s features, they are as follows:

  • Docking – a functionality that makes it possible to lock a specific design element at the position you need;
  • Flexible Canvas – the page layout will adapt to different screen dimensions and devices letting users instantly see each element once it appears on the screen;
  • Control over Sizing – you are free to assign each element as fixed or fluid thanks to advanced CSS support;
  • Wix Design System – the platform offers a set of predesigned custom sections and blocks with no need to customize them. They will already fit the color pallet and the overall page design;
  • Flex Layout – the tool that is able to recognize the content that is resized in accordance with the screen size.

The new feature will make it possible for users to create even more engaging and stylish websites along with optimized content delivery.

Ascend by Wix: Advanced All-In-One Business Solution

With the advanced Ascend by Wix solution, your business tools now become available all in one place. The unique free tool that has recently been introduced by the website builder, comprises 20 products you can effectively use to start, manage and grow your business, build customer base and promote your services or products on the web.

The tool does not only make all the sales processes maximally automated, but also improves your SEO strategy and helps track customer behaviour due to the implementation of exhaustive and complete data analysis. All the tools included into the set are centralized and can be controlled from the single place with one click only.

Due to Ascend, you can effectively connect with customers by using the following tools:

  • Forms – helps you get the contact info you can further apply for marketing purposes (emails, customer testimonials, leads etc.);
  • Live Chat – makes it possible to get in touch with the customers 24/7 in the online mode;
  • Inbox – helps save time and effort by keeping all the incoming customer communication info at hand (these can be emails, live chat discussions, form submissions, order or booking requests, replies, inquiries and what not);
  • Contact Manager – simplifies contact management process by effectively organizing your clients’ info into separate files (these may include personal user info, contact data, notes, file attachments, labels etc.).

To optimize the time you and your clients spend in mutual communication and interaction, Ascend grants access to the list of features that allow doing that with ease, namely:

  • Automations – the feature, which makes all the repeated actions and steps you make automated (like sending “Thank You” or “Welcome” messages, for example). The feature may help you effectively grow website traffic without investing too much time;
  • Invoices – allows automatically generate the invoices for each order made;
  • Price Quotes – lets you automatically generate the accepted price quotes not to waste your effort and time;
  • Workflows – the feature, which allows setting the priorities for projects or sales funnels to optimize your workflows and effectively collaborate with the team members;
  • Tasks & Reminders – helps you control your tasks, keep track of reminders and control other suchlike issues to meet the deadlines.

Does the Ascend feature seem a must-have for you? Then access it in your website dashboard in the “Customer Manager” or “Marketing Tools” sections and activate it with a few clicks.

Wix Hosting

At the beginning of its development, Wix hosted its servers in the data centers of the USA, Europe and Australia. Since 2014, however, the company transferred all its platforms to the Amazon cloud hosting. Thus, it doesn’t matter what country a user creates a website now – it will still be accessible all around the world with the same speed.

Each newly created website is automatically stored on the Wix cloud hosting. This website automatically gets a free plan, 500 MB disk space and 1GB Bandwidth. This is more than enough to test all the features of a website builder.

Let’s check how fast Wix hosting is, that is how quickly the websites created by ordinary users load. We cannot but agree on the fact that the load speed is not only convenient for a user, but it’s also one of the most crucial factors for the search engines.

I have created a new website with a free plan for this purpose. To maintain the experimental integrity, this website consisted of one blank page only to avoid the impact of content and graphics upon the speed results.

Note: Even though, there is no content at the website, the size of the loaded page constituted 1.3 MB because of the availability of inner system extensions.

Wix Hosting Speed Test (January 2021)
Test Server LocationTest #1
Load Speed
Test #2
Load Speed
Test #3
Load Speed
Load Speed
Dallas, TX, USA2.27 s2.37 s2.24 s2.29 s
San Jose, CA, USA2.88 s2.97 s2.91 s2.92 s
Melbourne, Australia2.92 s2.92 s2.98 s2.94 s
Stockholm, Sweden1.69 s1.78 s1.62 s1.70 s
Total Average2.44 s2.51 s2.44 s2.46 s

The test results demonstrated that the average load time of a website based on the Wix hosting in the USA, Europe and Australia constituted around 2.46 seconds (that is faster than 55% of the rest of the sites).

This is a pretty nice result for a web page created in a website builder. That’s why, for all those users, who still believe that Wix hosting may be slow, I’m ready to state that it isn’t. Test the system and make sure yourself.

  • Wix ADI and Wix Editor;
  • Extensive Wix App Market;
  • Wix Velo and Ascend by Wix tools.

4. Wix eCommerce

It’s noteworthy that Wix has its own eCommerce platform offering a decent set of customizable options (multiple payment options, coupons, tax management, etc.). Wix eCommerce is mainly designed for small and mid-sized shops. International stores with a lot of products have more complex needs than Wix can offer. There is also one more issue you should consider – to launch a web store with Wix, you’ll need a paid subscription. The system offers a special eCommerce plan, which allows creating and managing a full-featured web store, offering an unlimited number of products.

wix ecommerce dashboard

Among the features that make the eCommerce Wix engine stand out from the crowd, it makes sense to mention drag-and-drop website editing options, visually appealing and well-structured product galleries, professional web store management, multiple payment options (including PayPal and offline payments), adjustment of shipping and tax settings, bonuses and coupons, mobile optimization, safe shopping process, 24/7 customer support.

What’s more, Wix offers a pretty nice collection of eCommerce templates (there are currently over 38 of them here) that make it possible to display the products in the most favorable light. All the templates are mobile-optimized by default, which means that your customers will be able to access your online store and place their orders on the go.

Wix allows product import/export, but you’ll have to add products to the CSV file very attentively. At the same time, you will be able to design and set up a unique show window to showcase your products to the advantage.

wix add a product

With the Wix eCommerce engine, you can effectively turn the startup idea into a real business, which will bring you profit and traffic. You can create a web store that will come up to your individual criteria with a few clicks. Just choose a suitable eCommerce template, edit it, add content, and get ready to manage a professional platform.

Wix ShoutOut and Smart Actions

These features let you create, send, and share beautifully formatted newsletters directly from your Wix control panel. Wix ShoutOut helps you create custom newsletters that match your site’s style from a ready template by giving complete access to the media you already have saved to your Wix website.

The Smart Actions feature helps you choose triggers and assign automatic responses to them. It operates on a simple ‘if this then that’ (IFTT) principle. For instance, you can set Smart Actions to invite new customers to redeem a coupon in your online store when a new user signs up for your newsletter.

  • Great for small and medium stores;
  • Integrated payment gateways;
  • CSV product import feature.

5. Designs

In our opinion, Wix offers some of the best templates in the market. Their designers constantly update the library. There are hundreds of beautiful themes in over seventy industry categories: Business and Services, Music, Entertainment, Photography, Online Shop, Personal, and many more.

wix template

There are also blank templates – you can start from scratch or choose an empty layout. For small projects and temporary sites, Wix designers drew a collection of amazing one-page templates.

Of course, benefits are never the full story, and you should know that there is a significant drawback about all Wix templates – you can’t switch templates midway through the editing process, so think about this carefully before you decide which template is the right one for you. This is probably one of the common Wix complaints.

The builder doesn’t let you switch templates because of the aforementioned ‘absolute positioning’ editing principle. Because they give you full control over the site’s look, it’s simply impossible to transfer your settings and content to a new template. Website builders that allow switching templates use the ‘box model’ that lets you easily transfer your content from one template to another.

Despite some slight downsides when switching the templates, Wix makes it possible to create stylish and well-designed mockups on the fly. The dashboard comes with a set of design tools to make the page look more engaging. For example, it is easy to set the header scroll configurations. You may choose how it will respond to visitors when scrolling down the entry section. The setting will help to make the header freeze, fade-out, disappear, or scroll together with other page sections.

Wix Change header

Another benefit is the ability to assign a specific scroll effect. Wix provides 14 different options. They include some typical ones like Parallax, Zoom In, or 3D as well as some more unique effects including Pan Right or Left, Rotate, etc. Choose the one you need and implement it with a click. Do not forget to go to the preview mode to see how the effect will change the way your page looks without interfering with the content or images.

Wix Change Background

Users will be able to implement some of the integrated layouts and styles choosing between a variety of colors. Besides, a separate custom design feature allows enabling shadows, changing the position angle, set border capacity and colors, Change background color, and more.

Wix header design

  • Hundreds of quality mobile-ready templates;
  • Powerful design customization tools;
  • Animation and scroll effects.

6. Is Wix SEO Friendly?

Whether you are planning to find out how to switch from WordPress to Wix or just wish to effectively promote your website on the web, the knowledge of proper SEO optimization is a must. SEO optimization is a complex set of on-page and off-page website management. Concerning the off-page optimization, it actually doesn’t matter which website builder you use – it all depends on your skills.

But when it comes to the on-page SEO, Wix allows realizing it in the best way amongst other website builders. It’s really complicated to stand out from the crowd in this respect. The only aspect that can be improved here is the creation of comfortable conditions to work with SEO settings. Wix developers have gained excellent results in this process.


Wix has a very useful tool, which should appeal to newbies. This is SEO Wiz (it is available in the “Management” section). You’ll be able to set up SEO parameters here, using step-by-step instructions not to overlook important nuances. You may additionally install applications from the AppMarket to track statistics and various contiguous tools to enrich standard functionality of the system, such as marketing and social network integration apps, email distribution settings, pop-up windows, callback order, and online consultant buttons. We recommend using these tools when needed.

For advanced users, Wix keeps most of the on-page SEO work on their own. These are the main SEO settings of the Wix website builder you can edit manually:

  • Page’s metatags (title, description etc);
  • Alt Text (must-have for website’s images);
  • Heading tags (H2-H7 allow to make readable and SEO-friendly content);
  • Anchor links (yoг can add your link covered by the text you need);
  • Redirecting Tools (301 redirects between domains, platforms, and within Wix);
  • Add Google Analytics System;
  • Site verification (for another analytic system).

To ensure normal web page search engine ranking, you initially have to take care of filling a website with unique thematic content. You can’t avoid this in any website builder. Make up the lists of keywords for each page and include them into article bodies evenly to avoid spamming. Then fill out meta tags for each page manually. You can do that in a corresponding menu category of the SEO section. It’s difficult to mix something up here: each menu point comes with tips and you can additionally preview the way your website will look in the search engine results. This is practical and convenient.

So, is Wix good for SEO? – Definitely yes: due to the SEO Wiz, Wix allows editing SEO settings in a much greater way, then other website builders. The difference is that this process is very convenient here. You will be able to lay the foundation for your project success enjoying the appealing interface of the system. Don’t forget to add your website to the Google search console after it is published. This will speed up its indexation.

  • Great on-page SEO;
  • Wix SEO Wiz;
  • Manually configured SEO parameters.

7. Customer Support

Wix offers a very user-friendly interface, lots of direction cues, and prompts. Each editable element in your design includes a question mark – just click it to get the additional information and practical advice. Learn as you build. In case you face any serious problems that you can’t fix independently, you can always go to their Support Center or Forum. Many questions have already been asked and answered there.

The knowledge base contains numerous how-to videos and step-by-step tutorials written in simple language. You can also contact a Wix expert directly via email.

If you need to contact the support team urgently and resolve an issue ASAP, a Live Chat feature will come in handy. What’s more, there is an integrated inbox right inside your Wix dashboard. It will notify in case of special deals or discounts as well as stay in touch with the platform representatives without leaving the building environment.

Wix help

Those who failed to find the answer using any of the above-mentioned ways may use the Help Section with all major issues described there. You will learn how to connect a domain, make your website more SEO-friendly, or work with the website editor.

  • Editable elements that come with question marks;
  • Support Center, Forum and email support;
  • Knowledge Base with tutorials and guidelines.

8. Pricing Policy

Wix has separate plans for standard and business/eCommerce websites. There is a free never-expiring plan, which lets you test the feature set of the system for free and even practice your skills while creating simple projects for personal use. If you aim at the development of complex full-featured websites, though, you should consider upgrading to one of the paid subscriptions. Thus, standard Wix plans are as follows: Combo ($14/mo), Unlimited ($18/mo), Pro ($22/mo) and VIP ($39/mo).

Wix Combo

Speaking about business and eCommerce plans, they include Business Basic ($23/mo), Business Unlimited ($27/mo), Business VIP ($49/mo). All Wix plans encompass an online payment acceptance feature, increased storage space, a variety of payment methods, custom domain name connection, absence of Wix ads, and other crucial features. Whatever plan you will go for, it will be 100% commission-free, which also matters a lot for business owners.

Business/eCommerce Plans

If you use a paid third-party app from the App Market, its fee is charged on top of the standard Wix fee.

All Wix Premium plans include free hosting and domain connection, storage (from 500 Mb with ‘Connect Domain’ plan to 20 Gb with ‘VIP’ plan), built-in Google Analytics, and Premium Customer Support.

How to Get Money Back from Wix

If you’re unsatisfied with Wix service, you may get a refund within 14 days of your payment. But it should be noted that in this case your website will be downgraded to the free plan. All the content you have published will stay.

Wix Promo Codes and Discounts That Work

Actually, there is a chance to save more when using Wix, basically by means of using promo-codes. Here arises the problem, however, while you will hardly find those promo-codes that work on the web. When paying for the plan you have chosen, you will see the promo-code field allowing you to gain the discount.

If you are lucky to find a working promo-code, it will be a real surprise for everyone, because these discounts are frequently offered by fake services just to attract the attention of users. As a result, you may end up wasting your time, effort, and money looking for such promo-codes and get nothing. If you don’t believe the fact, just perform a Google search and make sure yourself! Fortunately, there is a better alternative that will help you save big when using Wix benefits.

Wix Discounts: How to Save Big

Choosing Wix for your web design endeavors is certainly a great idea, but if you really wish to save big, it makes sense to switch to the paid plan. Though Wix’s free version is quite generous, it’s not enough for creating a professional-looking website. One of the most important factors in building a strong brand and having your business found by potential customers is to have a custom domain name.

Does the cost still seem expensive? If so, then take your time to wait for the official plan discounts, while managing the content of the site. The fact is that Wix regularly offers discounts, which may sometimes reach up to 50%. As a rule, Wix offers a 50% discount that really works for Unlimited and eCommerce Plans.

  • Plans for standard and business needs;
  • Affordable pricing;
  • Regular discounts.

9. Wix Alternatives and Competitors

The inability to edit code and switch templates and other downsides may drive you towards a more flexible website builder. If you’ve tried Wix and didn’t managed with it, or want something different, you can take a look to the Wix alternatives – the main competitors among all website builders.

If mentioned above is not enough, here are some more alternatives to Wix:

Are these any better than Wix? Well, it all depends on how in-depth you want to customize your site and switch templates, among other aspects.

  • Lots of alternatives to consider;
  • Multiple advantages over popular rivals;
  • Multiple aspects to consider.

10. Wix Website Examples

After we have highlighted all of the features and capabilities delivered by Wix, let’s have a look at several website examples to see how the platform’s functionality can be implemented with a ready-to-go live project.

Animal Music – sound and music studio

Animal Music – sound and music studio

Wendy Ju – communication designer

Wendy Ju – communication designer

Ravin AI – vehicle monitoring system producer

Ravin AI – vehicle monitoring system producer

Mane – ethical hairdressing

Mane – ethical hairdressing

Poke Bowlz – restaurant

Poke Bowlz – restaurant

Sonja van Duelmen – creative art direction and design

Sonja van Duelmen – creative art direction and design

11. Wix FAQ

Here we collected the most common frequently asking questions about Wix that may be helpful for you:

Question: Who is it for?

Answer: Wix is a completely code-free site builder designed for non-tech-savvy users. Its visual interface lets users create and manage various websites with zero coding experience.

Wix is a good option for creating simple informative business websites, personal portfolios, blogs, one-page sites and also simple webstores.

Wix also has an offering for freelance designers. If you’ve got web design skills, you can join Wix Arena to get your talent advertised to thousands of potential clients, looking to hire a pro. By joining the Arena, you’ll get some exclusive treats from Wix: monthly rewards, premium support, and the ability to get first access to new Wix features, among other benefits.

Question: How does Wix work?

Answer: Wix is a cloud-base system that allows to create and manage a website from any computer or mobile device. All your website’ data is being saved at Wix cloud servers. Your website is available for editing and managing no matter which device you use to log in. All you need is to sign up with the system and remember you account login (e-mail) and password.

Question: Is it free?

Answer: Wix has a free version that never expires. It comes with hundreds of free templates, included hosting, mobile-friendly version of your site and a basic feature set. The free version of Wix offers enough tools to set up and publish a simple website, and the only visible disadvantage is the inability to connect a custom domain name and Wix ads – all free websites display a pretty noticeable banner at the top and bottom of the page that says ‘Powered by Wix’.

So, technically, you can publish a site using Wix for free, but it won’t have a professional look.

Question: Can I change Wix templates?

Answer: Wix offers an impressive selection of templates in over 70 industry categories. They feature modern web design trends and look just perfect. The only frustrating thing about Wix templates is that it’s impossible to switch them. Once you have chosen a template, you can’t go back to the library and choose another one. While this is possible with Weebly and uKit which use the ‘box’ editing principle, it’s impossible with Wix which relies on the ‘absolute positioning’ model.

The box model places users’ content to boxes or containers that make up a template, thus making it possible to transfer that content from one template to another. The absolute positioning approach gives users more freedom letting them visually make pixel-perfect changes and place any site elements anywhere on the canvas, making it impossible to gracefully transfer those elements later.

Important note: if you own a Wix website that needs a total redesign, you can create a new site, manually move your content from your old site to your new site and then transfer your premium account to it.

Question: Are Wix websites mobile-friendly?

Answer: Wix is a mobile-friendly website builder. The Wix editor has a separate area in which you can adjust the template for mobile viewing. The mobile and desktop versions are designed separately based on the same template; all your changes in the Mobile editor won’t affect your main site. However, it’s important to mention that you’ll have a single website, which means you don’t have to update both versions of the site. By updating your desktop site you update the mobile look, too.

Question: Is Wix SEO-friendly?

Answer: If you ask me, is it good for SEO – I will tell you, definitely yes. Wix has a powerful ‘SEO Wiz’ tool that will guide you through all the process of correct SEO setup. Some users blame Wix that it has SEO problems, but the real problem is in incorrect basic understanding of SEO (how to fill in metatags, pages and images descriptons). The use of Wix in terms of SEO has no differences that the use of any other website builder or CMS.

Question: Can I edit my Wix site on a code level?

Answer: Sites created using Wix don’t show their source code, so you can’t manually edit the generated source. But you can use Wix Code interface to inject an additional code or to create a web application.

Question: Why my website powered by Wix is so slow?

Answer: Wix websites work rather fast that is proved by my research above (in the ‘Wix Hosting’ section). The website loading speed direclty depends on its size. Lots of images (especially unoptimized) could heavy website and slow down its loading speed. So you should carefully select a visual content for your site and optimize it before uploading.

Question: Is Wix good for ecommerce?

Answer: Yes, Wix has a specialized eCommerce module that allows you to create a stunning web store. No matter how many goods you are planning to sell – 10 or 1000, Wix eCommerce solution deals with it in a proper way. Note that launching an online store needs a paid subscription. There’s a special ‘eCommerce’ plan, that allows you to manage your store with an unlimited number of products.

Question: What eCommerce platform does Wix use?

Answer: Wix doesn’t use any third-party eCommerce platforms. Instead, it has its own powerful eCommerce engine, which comes with diverse web store design settings, customization tools, niche templates and allows building and launching full-featured mobile-optimized eCommerce websites.

How to add comments to Wix blog?

Answer: Adding a comment box to Wix blog is super easy. You can choose between adding Facebook comments, Disqus comments or a third-party comments app to let users leave their comments under each blog post. Make sure to add the comment box under each article. That’s it.

Have you any other questions about Wix? Drop us a message via comments or feedback form and we’ll try to find an answer regarding to your issue.

12. Is Wix Good?

Definitely – yes. Wix is a robust website builder with an impeccable reputation. The proof is that more than 150 Million users have created their websites with Wix.

Its most positive sides are a great template selection, ease of use, and versatility. You can create a website of any type you need – from a small one-page site to a huge online store with thousands of daily visitors.

So, weigh the pros and cons of using this platform, compare Wix with website builders, or simply test the platform yourself to get a better idea about this web service. You may also want to take a look at our miscellaneous collection of Wix example websites. We hope you’ll be enjoyed using Wix.

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