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During the past few years we’ve seen tremendous growth in Wix; these were years of expansion and growth for the company. It has introduced a series of powerful business management apps, improved eCommerce, developed the Mobile Solution and hit over 97 million signups in over 190 countries.

Ease of Use:10/10
Tech Support:10/10
Overall Score:10/10

Now the newest Wix Feature, which was announced – Wix ADI: Artificial Design Intelligence – an instrument for creating stunning websites automatically, is available on all Wix website templates. The process of website building has never been so simple – you’ll just have to select the type of your business, point your social profiles and the artificial intelligence will do the rest.

For many of us, Wix has become a synonym for website builder. The question is, is it as good as it’s painted? We’ve put Wix under the microscope: in this review you’ll find out how does Wix easy to use, know about all its main features, opportunities, pros and cons of its using.

1. Ease of Use

Wix is probably one of the most user-friendly website builders. It employs a drag-and-drop editor that supports in-line editing providing a total WYSIWYG experience. In other words, it lets you see your site as you build it, without having to preview your work in a new window.

How Does Wix Work?

Wix is an online website builder, which works under SaaS (System As A Service) model. It means that the user can create and manage his or her websites on any desktop or mobile device by logging into Wix account. While with many popular website builders you can drop the elements to certain areas/blocks only, working with Wix you’re free to place those literally anywhere on the page.

This approach is also known as ‘absolute positioning’, and unfortunately, it makes it impossible to transfer your content to another Wix theme, since it is literally scattered all over the page and has no fixed structure. Such method gives users full creative freedom, but may cause many inconveniences in the future.

The control panel of Wix is logically divided into two areas: the Dashboard where you can manage your site’s major settings, including contacts, newsletters, SEO etc., and the Editor itself where you can actually build your website in WYSIWYG mode.

The new full-width strips let you easily structure your website into clean, horizontal sections, and to make your life easier, Wix gives you 9 preset options: Welcome presets, Service presets, Clients presets, Team presets, and Contact presets, among others.

The new Wix Editor lets you easily apply parallax scrolling to your site – just turn on the Parallax scrolling toggle and preview your site to see this effect in action.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

Wix has a lot to offer. Even their absolutely free plan has a quite advanced list of included features: hundreds of beautiful templates, blogging, a great selection of widgets and apps etc. If you need a simple static site or a blog, the free version of Wix will certainly handle it.

Wix ADI vs Wix Editor

What is Artificial Design Intelligence? – It’s a brand new Wix tool that helps user to create a website even without a mouse click. In other words, it’s like a step-by-step guide machine which tries to understand what kind of a website (including design and key elements) you need. Let’s deeply discover the differences between these two options.

ADI or Editor

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence

After selecting ‘Start with ADI’ option, at first you have to answer for several questions about yourself, your business or any other activities. Then Artificial Interface starts searching any information about you or your business according to given data.

Wix ADI Suggestions

If there are your profile is presented, choose it (or just skip this step to receive a default website) and go next to the color scheme adjusting:

Wix ADI Color Scheme

This is the final step before your new website is being created. You just need to sit and watch how ADI’s building you main page. And here’s the result:

Wix ADI Interface

You receive a complete one page with sample images and content, which can be replaced to original ones. The structure of Wix ADI Editor differs from standard options and it became more intuitive.

Wix Standard Editor

After choosing ‘Start with Editor’ option, it all goes as usual – pick up a template:

Pick a template - Wix Editor

And then system shows you the standard Editor screen where you may start editing your website.

Wix Editor Interface

The Wix Artificial Intelligence is in a great help for those who have a strong social accounts with a number of public information that can be collected by Wix. But for those who just begin to present themselves over Internet, the Standard Editor looks as a better option. If you’re looking to extend your website further with things like forums, guestbooks, membership pages or online booking, it’s all possible with Wix thanks to the Wix App Market.

There are free and paid apps developed either by Wix or third-party providers. The App Market makes Wix suitable for building different types of websites, from simple portfolios to feature-heavy sites. Some of the most popular apps include: Get Subscribers (a sign-up form), 123 Form builder, Instagram Feed, Events Calendar and Comments, among others.

  • Blogging. Wix makes it easy to add a simple blog to your site. Wix’s blogging engine lets you schedule your blog posts, add a Featured posts section, add a tag cloud, toggle Facebook comments, and even create a custom feed. See what published Wix-based blogs look like.

    Wix Blog Editor

  • Commerce. It’s noteworthy that Wix has its own eCommerce platform offering a decent set of customizable options (multiple payment options, coupons, tax management etc.).

    Please note that Wix commerce is designed for smaller shops. International stores with a lot of products have more complex needs than Wix can offer. Luckily, there are many other more feature-rich commerce platforms to accommodate them. You may want to check out our collection of Wix-powered webstores.

    Wix Store Editor

  • Wix ShoutOut and Smart Actions. These features let you create, send and share beautifully formatted newsletters directly from your Wix control panel. Wix ShoutOut helps you create custom newsletters that match your site’s style from a ready template by giving complete access to the media you already have saved to your Wix website.

    The Smart Actions feature helps you choose triggers and assign automatic responses to them. It operates on a simple ‘if this then that’ principle. For instance, you can set Smart Actions to invite new customers to redeem a coupon in your online store when a new user signs up to your newsletter.

  • Mobile options.Wix was among the first site builders to offer a built-in mobile optimization option. The innovative Wix Mobile View lets users easily optimize their sites for mobiles and tablets using the same drag-and-drop tools.

    Simply switch to the Mobile View in the control panel and fine-tune your site’s design until it looks as planned. You can resize, relocate, show and hide different items without influencing your desktop site.

    Wix Mobile Editor

  • Another useful option is Wix Chat for Mobile – this app allows website owner to answer visitors’ questions from his or her mobile device. Its very convenient, especially when the webmaster is out of the desktop. In a such way the time to respond users’ requests is going minimal.

  • About two years Wix devs added Wix Hotels to the App Market. That app offers a complete booking mechanism developed with the needs of hotel owners in mind. It frees them from relying on third-party vendors.

    Wix AppMarket

  • In 2016 Wix also presented Wix Restaurants – an application that allows to create restaurant menus and manage orders.

    Wix Restaurants

    All in all, Wix offers a decent selection of both in-house apps and third-party apps that you can easily integrate into your website. The versatility of the platform makes it suitable for building various websites, from portfolios and five-page business sites to small stores and blogs.

  • Forum. Recently Wix announced a brand new feature concerning to this website builder – a possibility to add forum to your website. This option is available via installing a special app from Wix App Market.

    Wix Forum

    Obviously, forum is a useful tool for any website. But if you install it, you’ll have to manage it in order to prevent any unpleasant content. To sum it up: forum is a doubtful feature for Wix-based websites.

  • Wix for designers. Though Wix is initially intended for non-techies, it has some offerings for web professionals, too. These include Wix Arena and WixEd.

    Wix Arena is a designers’ community where Wix users can connect with professional designers who know all the ins and outs of the Wix ecosystem. By joining the Arena as a freelance designer you get the ability to find new clients, get exclusive treats from Wix including monthly rewards and premium support, get first access to new Wix features, and more.

    Wix Arena

    WixEd is an education program for Wix users who would like to start their own web design business. The program is entirely free and is open to anyone – the only tuition required is your talent and commitment.


  • Wix Code. In July 2017 Wix introduced a new infrastructure for web application development – Wix Code. This solution allows to create more dynamic pages, mount databases with user information use API’s, both Wix’s and others. I want to mention that this feature will be in use for designers developers and web studios. For the most part of users Wix editor or Wix ADI is more than enough to create a good looking website.

    Wix Code

  • Hosting: At the beginning of its development, Wix hosted its servers in the data centers of the USA, Europe and Australia. Since 2014, however, the company transferred all its platforms to the Amazon cloud hosting. Thus, it doesn’t matter what country a user creates a website now – it will still be accessible all around the world with the same speed.

    Each newly created website is automatically stored on the Wix cloud hosting. This website automatically gets a free plan, 500 MB disk space and 1GB Bandwidth. This is more than enough to test all the features of a website builder. Let’s check how fast Wix hosting is, that is how quickly the websites created by ordinary users load. We cannot but agree on the fact that the load speed is not only convenient for a user, but it’s also one of the most crucial factors for the search engines.

    I have created a new website with a free plan for this purpose. To maintain the experimental integrity, this website consisted of one blank page only to avoid the impact of content and graphics upon the speed results.

    Note: Even though, there is no content at the website, the size of the loaded page constituted 1.3 MB because of the availability of inner system extensions.

    Wix Hosting Speed Test
    Test Server LocationTest #1
    Load Speed
    Test #2
    Load Speed
    Test #3
    Load Speed
    Load Speed
    Dallas, TX, USA2.27 s2.37 s2.24 s2.29 s
    San Jose, CA, USA2.88 s2.97 s2.91 s2.92 s
    Melbourne, Australia2.92 s2.92 s2.98 s2.94 s
    Stockholm, Sweden1.69 s1.78 s1.62 s1.70 s
    Total Average2.44 s2.51 s2.44 s2.46 s

    The test results demonstrated that the average load time of a website based on the Wix hosting in the USA, Europe and Australia constituted around 2.46 seconds (that is faster than 55% of the rest of the sites).

    This is a pretty nice result for a web page created in a website builder. That’s why, for all those users, who still believe that Wix hosting may be slow, I’m ready to state that it isn’t. Test the system and make sure yourself.

3. Designs

Number of Themes:Hundreds
Professional Templates: YES
Free Themes: YES
Adaptive Design: YES
Sort by Industry: YES
CSS Code Editing: NO

In our opinion, Wix offers some of the best templates in the market. Their designers constantly update the library. There are hundreds of beautiful themes in over seventy industry categories: Business and Services, Music, Entertainment, Photography, Online Shop, Personal and many more.

There are also blank templates – you can start from scratch or choose an empty layout. For small projects and temporary sites Wix designers drew a collection of amazing one-page templates.

Of course, benefits are never the full story, and you should know that there is a significant drawback about all Wix templates – you can’t switch templates midway through the editing process, so think about this carefully before you decide which template is the right one for you. This is probably one of the common Wix complaints.

Wix Templates

The builder doesn’t let you switch templates because of the aforementioned ‘absolute positioning’ editing principle. Because they give you full control over the site’s look, it’s simply impossible to transfer your settings and content to a new template. Website builders that allow switching templates use the ‘box model’ that lets you easily transfer your content from one template to another.

4. Is Wix SEO-Friendly?

SEO optimization is a complex set of a on-page and off-page website management. Concerning to the off-page optimization, it actually doesn’t matter which website builder you use – it all depends on your skills. But when it comes to the on-page SEO, Wix allows realizing it in the best way amongst other website builders. It’s really complicated to stand out from the crowd in this respect. The only aspect that can be improved here is creation of comfortable conditions to work with SEO settings. Wix developers have gained excellent results in this process.

Wix has a very useful tool, which should appeal to newbies. This is SEO Wiz (it is available in the “Management” section). You’ll be able to set up SEO parameters here, using step-by-step instructions not to overlook important nuances. You may additionally install applications from the AppMarket to track statistics and various contiguous tools to enrich standard functionality of the system, such as marketing and social network integration apps, email distribuition settings, pop-up windows, callback order and online consultant buttons. We recommend using these tools when needed.

Wix - SEO Wiz

For advanced users Wix keeps of most of the on-page SEO work on their own. These are the main SEO settings of Wix website builder you can edit manually:

  • Page’s metatags (title, description etc);
  • Alt Text (must have for website’s images);
  • Heading tags (H2-H7 allow to make a readable and SEO-friendly content);
  • Anchor links (yoг can add your link covered by the text you need);
  • Redirecting Tools (301 redirects between domains, platforms and within Wix);
  • Add Google Analytics System;
  • Site verification (for another analytic systems).

To ensure normal web page search engine ranking, you initially have to take care of filling a website with unique thematic content. You can’t avoid this in any website builder. Make up the lists of keywords for each page and include them into article bodies evenly to avoid spamming. Then fill out meta tags for each page manually. You can do that in a corresponding menu category of the SEO section. It’s difficult to mix something up here: each menu point comes with tips and you can additionally preview the way your website will look in the search engine results. This is practical and convenient.


So, is Wix good for SEO? – Definitely yes: due to the SEO Wiz, Wix allows editing SEO settings in a much greater way, then other website builders. The difference is that this process is very convenient here. You will be able to lay the foundation for your project success enjoying the appealing interface of the system. Don’t forget to add your website to Google search console after it is published. This will speed up its indexation.

5. Customer Support

Wix offers a very user-friendly interface, lots of direction cues and prompts. Each editable element in your design includes a question mark – just click it to get additional information and practical advice. Learn as you build. In case you face any serious problems that you can’t fix independently, you can always go to their Support Center or Forum. Many questions have already been asked and answered there.

The knowledge base contains numerous how-to videos and step-by-step tutorials written in simple language. You can also contact a Wix expert directly via email.

6. Pricing Policy

Pricing OptionCostFeatures
Connect Domain:$4.50/mo✓ 500 Mb Disk Space;
✓ 1 Gb Bandwidth;
✓ Connect own domain.
Combo:$8.50/mo✓ 3 Gb Disk Space;
✓ 2 Gb Bandwidth;
✓ Remove Wix ad-banner.
Unlimited:$12.50/mo✓ 10 Gb Disk Space;
✓ Unlimited Bandwidth;
✓ Custom favicon.
eCommerce:$16.50/mo✓ 20 Gb Disk Space;
✓ 20 Gb Bandwidth;
✓ Online store.
VIP:$24.50/mo✓ 20 Gb Disk Space;
✓ Unlimited Bandwidth;
✓ Online store;
✓ Email Campaigns.

There’s a never-expiring free plan and five premium plans that can be billed either monthly or annually. The cheapest paid package is Connect Domain ($4.50/mo), while the most expensive is VIP ($24.50/mo).

Pay attention to the fact that the Connect Domain plan doesn’t remove the Wix advert from your website. To get rid of it, you have to go with the Combo or higher plans.

If you use a paid third-party app from the App Market, its fee is charged on top of the standard Wix fee.

All Wix Premium plans include free hosting and domain connection, storage (from 500 Mb with ‘Connect Domain’ plan to 20 Gb with ‘VIP’ plan), built-in Google Analytics and Premium Customer Support.

If you’re unsatisfied with Wix service, you may get a refund within 14 days from your payment. But it should be noted that in this case your website will be downgraded to the free plan. All the content you have published will stay.

Wix Promo Codes and Discounts That Work

Actually, there is a chance to save more when using Wix, basically by means of using promo-codes. Here arises the problem, however, while you will hardly find those promo-codes that actually work on the web. When paying for the plan you have chosen, you will see the promo-code field allowing you to gain the discount.

If you are lucky to find a working promo-code, it will be a real surprise for everyone, because these discounts are are frequently offered by fake services just to attract the attention of users. As a result, you may end up wasting your time, effort and money looking for such promo-codes and get nothing. If you don’t believe the fact, just perform a Google search and make sure yourself! Fortunately, there is a better alternative that will help you save big when using the Wix benefits.

Wix Discounts: How to Save Big

Choosing Wix for your web design endeavors is certainly a great idea, but if you really wish to save big, it makes sense to switch to the paid plan. Though Wix’s free version is quite generous, it’s not enough for creating a professional-looking website. One of the most important factors in building a strong brand and having your business found by potential customers is to have a custom domain name.

Does the cost still seem expensive? If so, then take your time to wait for the official plan discounts, while managing the content of the site. The fact is that Wix regularly offers discounts, which may sometimes reach up to 50%. As a rule Wix offers a 50% discount that really work for Unlimited and eCommerce Plans. With these discounts you can create a website or e-store for $6.25/mo and $8.25/mo respectively.

Wix Discount

This is the most effective and, what really matters, reliable and safe way to make use of Wix services. Check out our updates to get your Wix Discount!

7. Disadvantages

Although Wix offers tons of great features and hundreds of stunning templates, there are some things that may bother you. Many people ask a question: why is Wix so slow? The main reasons are on the top: 1) a connection speed – when it is slow, obviously that Wix websites like any other websites will be loaded slowly; 2) many users while creating a website, overload it with high-resolution, and as a result – high-sized images. But this fact is applicable to another website builder you try to use. Just lower the size of your pictures and you’ll see the the result: Wix’ site speed will increase immediately. There also some disadvantages of Wix I want take a point:

  • The use of widgets to enhance the system functionality gradually overloads the dashboard, making it more structurally complicated;
  • Visual editor allows for extra freedom of actions, in the result of which newbies may face dreadful results;
  • «Connect Domain» plan looks unnecessary;
  • Apart from quality applications, the AppMarket contains samples of doubtful quality and value.

But all this demerits are nothing comparing to all those features and opportunities I have reviewed above.

8. Comparison with Competitors

The inability to edit code and switch templates and other downsides may drive you towards a more flexible website builder. If you’ve tried Wix and didn’t managed with it, or want something different, you can take a look to the Wix alternatives – the main competitors among all website builders.

If mentioned above is not enough, here are some more alternatives to Wix:

Are these any better than Wix? Well, it all depends on how in-depth you want to customize your site, whether you need the ability to write human-readable URLs and switch templates, among other aspects.

9. Wix FAQ

Here we collected the most common frequently asking questions about Wix that may be helpful for you:

Question: Who is it for?
Question: Is it free?
Question: Can I change Wix templates?
Question: Are Wix websites mobile-friendly?
Question: Can I edit my Wix site on a code level?

Have you any other questions about Wix? Drop us a message via comments or feedback form and we’ll try to find an answer regarding to your issue.

Is Wix Good?

Definitely – yes. Wix is a robust website builder with an impeccable reputation. The proof is that more than 100 Million of users have created their websites with Wix. Its most positive sides are a great template selection, ease of use and versatility. You can create a website of any type you need – from a small one-page site to a huge online store with thousands of daily visitors.

So, weigh the pros and cons for using this platform, compare Wix with website builders, or simply test the platform yourself to get a better idea about this web service. You may also want to take a look at our miscellaneous collection of Wix example websites. We hope you’ll be enjoyed of using Wix.

 It’s free

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  • irida1988

    Wost site builder EVER!PERIOD!!!Just see their forums or search on google and see for yourself what is going on with their broken editor!!!

    • Hi Irida, I don’t really understand what you mean. Wix is a popular site builder that has proven effective for many website types. I’ve just checked my Wix account, everything was fine, including the editor :).

  • Hi, Howard! I sent you an email yesterday, signed Didi. I would be grateful if you could answer me. Maybe my e-mail is in spam?! Thanks for support!

  • Hey Howard, Nice review. I just did a full review on Wix also and did a 30 min video walkthrough. I forgot to research the non-pretty URLS although I did notice that. I’m surprised they don’t give a way to make that a bit more user friendly and search engine friendly. I’ll have to look around a bit more.

    • Hi Ryan,
      Thanks for stopping by. I hope they’ll fix this issue in the future. There’s always room for improvement 🙂

    • StillLooking

      I was told that the ungainly URLs are a result of them having to use AJAX programming… search Google…

      • That’s right, when you see the hashbang “#!” in the URL, it’s using AJAX to serve dynamic content. Wix follows Google’s guidelines to serve up another page for web crawlers. Still not ideal in my opinion if you’re concerned about SEO.

  • Edwin Gautreau

    I know you said you can’t change templates, but is it not possible even after choosing one of their paid plans?

    • Hi Edwin,
      Unfortunately, you can’t change templates, regardless of the chosen plan.

      • StillLooking

        This is because of how wix have structured their software. Everything uses ‘absolute positioning’. I would like Anchor Text to work on ‘relative positioning’, then, when changes are made to the website content, the Anchors would still be in the correct place relative to the text it is supposed to point to. You wouldn’t appreciate this requirement until you encounter the need yourself. What is really annoying is that they suggest that you add your request to their wishlist. But to change to relative positioning would be a major issue for wix… but they don’t tell you this…

        • That’s true. They have to rebuild the system from the ground up to implement this.

    • techeden

      I used Wix website creator, and I couldn’t change my theme.

  • Ryan, Were you compensated in any way for this blog post? Just curious.

    • Who’s Ryan? 🙂 My name is Howard.
      The opinions expressed in this review are my own, and I wasn’t compensated.

      • Sorry about that Howard. I got you mixed up with a previous commenter that you were interacting with.

  • Hi Howard, is wix a good website builder for a simple portfolio site with a shopping cart? I’m about to start a handmade jewelry site…

    • Hi Mary,
      If you need a simple portfolio with a built-in shopping cart, Wix will certainly handle it. Check out our collection of Wix-powered websites, there are some jewelry shops, too:

    • StillLooking

      wix is very easy to use, there is no question about that! However, there are several issues that you don’t discover until you want to do something slightly different. For your purpose, I would suggest that you use PayPal Buy Buttons. These are free, whereas you have to pay for an online shop before you have a chance to try it out. You could use the ecwid shopping app which does allow you to build a shop with up to 10 products without paying anything, and I think it’s better than the current wix shop. They are, apparently, now beta-testing a new e-commerce solution. This will not sort out my issues: when users download files, either sold or free, the file is given a software-generated name of random-looking characters, not the name given to it by you. Also you cannot display this file on your website for users to inspect before they download…

      • Hi! Thanks for sharing your experience! So do you still have a Wix website? What about an interview for our website, as a Wix customer?

    • Dominick Mezzapesa


      First Google Hates WIX they use HTML5 which is flash and flash means you have no content

    • Hate you

      Mary, just shut up!

  • techeden

    This is the most recent review, guys! Thanks! Really helpful.

  • Dominick Mezzapesa


    First Google Hates WIX they use HTML5 which is flash and flash means you have no content

    I have 469 pages on my site and not one page appears on google search, Hell I even searched for and not one of my 469 pages came up on the first 25 pages of search results… LOL some guy who owns has a banner on his page and he came up #3

    I applied for adsense and they rejected me because I had no content and 11 words on the site… WTF? I have 469 pages of content and probably 500,000 words… Hell I wrote 5 published novels so writing words is not a problem… Punctuation YES but that’s why they invented editors.

    I asked wix and they wrote a “cut and past” response… “Your SEO looks good and we guarantee you that google see it. Try adding more content to the site… Google loves more content” OMG WTF IS THAT?


    • Hi Dominick,
      Thanks for your comment. Your website looks great, but I see that its content is not unique. You can’t get higher rankings simply by copying and pasting articles from the web. Content is important if it’s unique. Wix does have some SEO issues, but you should realize that there’s much to be done on your part.

  • Melkersmasher

    you guys are right, wix is easy to use but sometimes you wish that there were more stuff to do dot you think. Which site do you prefer? please answer me. 🙂

  • Hate you

    Guys, go to hell, what’s you up about? who cares about wix?

  • Melkersmasher

    That’s not nice Mr. hate you!

  • Tori

    WIX is a very cool site. but there is a serious downside about them.
    they follow and even exceed the herd when it comes to politics. for example Iranian viewers, a number of more than 30 million users, are banned to see your site. As a business owner I don’t want to lose a chance to get more attention across the world.

    and you know what is very funny here? Iranians can review and log on into but if you host your domain on wix, your site can not be seen from iranian IP. that’s ridiculous.

    • Sorry to hear that.
      Those interested in more details on this problem see this thread:

      • mori

        Thank you very much Howard,

        this is a shock to me. is giving a false information on that thread, since I received the following reply from them yesterday.
        i quote:

        “Replies (1)

        Reply from Danas


        Thank you for contacting Wix support.

        Please note that all Wix sites are banned from being used or viewed in Iran.
        If you are experiencing issues with viewing your site elsewhere, please let us know.

        Feel free to contact us again if you need any further assistance.

        Warm Regards, Dana”

  • Hyaden McLean

    Looks like a good and easy in use software as it is based on a drag & drop interface. Thank you for the article.

  • kdammers11 .

    Maybe my problem is that I am not tech savvy enough, but I can’t understand how to use Wix (On the other hand, I have designed a couple of simple web sites using html). I can’t find a tutorial and don’t understand the curt words and phrases. It doesn’t mimic things like PowerPoint or MSW, and I can’t figure out how to drag-and-drop — even though I’ve seen the list of commands. I’m trying to configure the top ribbon so I have about 5 drop-down boxes, but I have not the faintest idea how to do that. IThe help doesn’t answer my questions with anything relevant.And Wix is slow on my computer.

  • Chris

    Try to add a second language and building a wix site becomes a nightmare

  • David Philips

    I just moved my site to wix. Worst decision ever. Looks great but their “mobile friendly” version is sooo slow to load, scrolling is useless until about 40 seconds after opening, half the content loads wrongly or doesn’t load at all and the customer support is absolutely useless. All they do is palm the problem off on you or someone else and keep refusing to address it. I paid for a year and will have to stick it out now but will NOT be renewing. Don’t go with WIX!

  • Galerie P. CLOSTERMANN

    N’utilisez jamais de site internet chez Wix, probablement le pire provider qui existe. Wix passe son temps à faire de la publicité mensongère partout, vous faisant croire à de somptueux sites qui en réalité ne fonctionnent jamais et sont très, très lents, à tel point que même vous avez envie de partir de votre propre page. Sauf évidemment si vous ne mettez que deux ou trois apps dessus, auquel cas il ne ressemble à rien.

    Leur équipe ne résout aucun problème, ne donne aucune solution. La seule réponse est en permanence la même : videz vos caches, redémarrez votre navigateur !

    Avez vous déjà dit à vos clients : “Si vous souhaitez accéder à notre site, videz donc vos caches Monsieur, enfin, comment faut-il vous le dire ?”

    On rêve d’entendre ce genre de nullité comme réponse de la part d’un support de provider de nos jours, et jamais aucune autre solution.

    Les sites Wix sont définitivement à proscrire, n’utilisez Jamais ce provider.C’est une publicité totalement mensongère, et malhonnête.

    De plus, après une page installée presque gratuitement, chez Wix, tout est payant !!! La nullité, c’est comme le minimalisme artistique, cela coute très cher.

    Wix : Fuyez ce provider, c’est le seul conseil à donner.


    Be careful, don’t use Wix website. Wix is maybe the WORST provider ever seen. Wix team always make false advertising everywhere.

    Wix website are totally unfunctionals. No answer from support, or stupid answers with no solutions to problems.

    Very SLOW websites, or if you made a page with very few (2 or 3) elements : They seem being able to give you a very nice and beautiful website but you can’t use it when you use apps. It is totally false advertising. Images send to socials are very very little and absolutely not interesting, many bugs and more and more and more….

    The only answer from Wix team, if we can call them a team, is to clean history and cache. Did you ever says to your clients : “hey buddy, if you want to access our website, clear your cache !!!” RIDICULOUS !!!

    Don’t forget that : with Wix, you have a low price initial webpage, but after ALL is paying.

    Never use Wix websites, they are dishonest and unscrupulous about their product and services.


  • fazila hameed

    My teenage daughter made me a website through WIX for my home daycare. It was free. I don’t mind to pay a reasonable amount. how do I attract customers through the website. i only need 4 or 5 clients a year

    • Hi, Fazila,
      Even if you need a small amount of clients your website must be presentable – it’s a face of your business in the Internet. But the free Wix plan gives you an unreadable Url. for the best option you could try uKit – it’s a good solution for small business today and the price is more than democratic – $4/mo with year subscription plan.

  • Maya

    Looks easy to build a website. May I know are there have some templates for eBook? And is possible to add some elements to the template? (undersatood the templates can’t be changed). thanks

    • Hi, Maya,

      You’re right, it’s rather easy to build a website with Wix. For your issue you may take a look on real websites powered by Wix in my Wix Blogs Examples review , it may be helpful for chhosing your template. You may also check Wix website templates ‘Blogs’ and ‘Creative Arts’ Categories at their official page . Some of them could be used for e-book site.
      ‘is possible to add some elements to the template?’ – it depends what elements you want to add. You can add all available Wix website design elements or tools that you find in the Wix App Market.
      And you’re clearly understood that once you’ve chosen a template, you can’t simply switch it to another one.

  • sophie33

    How does it generate traffic? Also, I am able to see websites of other Wix users? Is there like a home page to do so?

    • Hi, Sophie,
      Thanks for your comment.
      You can see sites of Wix users in 3 ways:
      1) Look at my handpicked Wix website examples
      2) Go to the website examples on the official Wix website.
      3) Visit Wix Arena website. There you can find lots of Wix-powered websites from worldwide users.

      • sophie33

        hello howard,
        I actually looked into wix arena, it seems like it is a website of designers of websites. What i am asking is that if i could actually see websites of wix users from a homepage (not sure if that makes any sense). It’s just like I am on facebook, and i can view profiles of my friends, in this case their websites.
        In addition, I am wondering if people can leave comments to blogs on wix. I know that there is a comment box for feedback, what about actual comments to posts?


        • Hi, Sophie,
          as Wix isn’t a social network like Facebook or any other, this means that not every Wix user wants to share its website. So you can discover those resources in the way I’ve mentioned above.
          As to the your second question – you can post comments there through the ‘leave a reply’ form at the bottom of the post.

          With Regards,

  • Nina F.

    What I learned the hard way: Wix falsely advertises AdSense as a monetization option but it turns out that their sites are illegible to AdSense text crawlers. So Wix has robbed me and many others (the issue is all over the help forums) who have paid them money to build our sites on their platform under the pretense that we’d be able to monetize via AdSense, only to learn that we can’t. They deny the issue outright and chalk it up to the AdSense application process, but it’s BS. The AdSense forums make that clear.

  • I did not like Wix customer service, I thought they were pretty over priced but to be fair they have a better web builder with many more features than weebly. I guess it basically comes down to Price vs Product.

  • Thank you Howard for your review, it is very comprehensive, although the point about “messy URL’s” needs to be updated as Wix have removed Hashbangs (ugly URL’s) as of late last year.

    If you have any specific questions feel free to ask

    Toby McDowell
    Wix Pro Designer

    • Hi, Toby,
      Thanks for your comment, fixed.

      • Thanks for Toby’s comment. Because of this part of the review –

        “Are these [other sites] any better than Wix? Well, it all depends on how in-depth you want to customize your site, whether you need the ability to write
        human-readable URLs and switch templates, among other aspects.”

        – I was coming to the comments to ask whether URLs at Wix can be customized to the searchable words I want to use. This had given me the impression I couldn’t, and that would have been a deal breaker for me.

  • Chris Dreyfuss

    Pretty pricy for the website and then they wanna charge you 4 / month per email address you wish to use. Which is typically Free other places for a few emails atleast. I would use wix only if you are already wealthy. If not, figure something else out. 🙁

  • Thank you, this review is eye-opening and gives me fresh hope.

    I had a Wix website years ago and it did the job but it looked like child’s play. I moved my site to WordPress so I could look more “grown-up.” I’ve been avoiding Wix in all my search engine plundering (many weary hours spent looking for affordable website builders that have what I want) because I still had my old impression of it. This review has changed my mind and I’m going to closely consider Wix.

    I love the part about customizing for mobile devices but it doesn’t affect your desktop design! I’m also thrilled that Wix actually has some templates for authors. There are millions of us authors on this planet but for some reason the world of website templates largely ignores us. Wix templates themselves, overall, are so much more attractive than what I had to choose from back in the day.

    • heddois

      Hi Milli, I was surprised too when I saw how Wix is using HTML5 to create really professional results. Check this web review which compares real sites and screenshots made by both Wix and WordPress. It’s hard to tell the difference these days – at least in terms of the user experience, if not in terms of back-end scalability and versatility where WordPress still wins.

  • Tracy

    I’m using Wix for my short term holiday accommodation business. I also use the Wix Hotels and Stripe credit card system. Some guests have trouble with the pages taking so long to load ? any suggestions most welcome, thanks

  • Jamie Shimizu

    I am an Industrial Designer, and have been using Wix for a few years now. I have built a few websites for clients of mine, and absolutely love how easy and versatile the editor is- You can really build some beautiful, responsive, modern looking websites on Wix.

    The problem is there customer support. I recently ran into a issue in which I needed to you use their customer support to resolve an issue with a site I designed for a client. I am fairly tech savvy and have always been able to resolve issues through their online resources, but this was an issue that needed tech support

    It was just awful.
    Customer support is basically non-existent. They have many Online tutorials and FAQ’s but their Tech support had me so angry that I will no longer use Wix. For support, you need to submit a ticket through their website (Which they say you must do in order to have support contact you by phone). It took almost 2 days just to get a canned response with links to tutorials. When I sent a reply that they obviously did not read my support ticket, which requested a callback and It was clearly not an issue a tutorial could resolve, they sent me back the same canned response with the same tutorial links another 2 days later.
    I almost lost my client, until I resolved it through GoDaddy, who was hosting my clients domain. (go Daddy’s phone support is excellent by the way)
    If you search Wix on the BBB, you will see the number of complaints about their customer service.
    It is really a shame because I really do like their product.
    The good thing is, I am now learning Adobe Muse which is great!

  • Natanael Oschilewski Fuentes

    The only way I can sell 1 single item on my web, if its made using wix, is getting the ecommerce package? I wouldn’t be able to do it with unlimited package?

    • Hi, Natanael,
      You’re right, in order to sell products from your Wix site, no matter one item or one thousand, you should subscribe to the eCommerce plan.
      Regards, Howard.

  • Natanael Oschilewski Fuentes

    I’m asking here because they are literally refusing to answer this single question to me on their facebook support :S They just give me half-baked questions and try to redirect me to spanish support wich does not accept messages, or spanish forum, wich gives me error 404.

  • Nils Jørn Jørgensen

    Wix is very slow! At least 6-8 sec. to load. And often more. Why not use one of Wix’s own templatea and see how slow it is? I think that this is the most important issue, when choosing a website builder!