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top website builders with artificial intelligence

We frequently come across the notion of the artificial intelligence and witness the way our smartphones become even “smarter”. We also have got used to the word combination “connectionist network”. The atmosphere of the modern technological world keeps teaching us that appliances and devices will become smarter in future and we will be able to rely on the decisions they make in different niches.

If we currently review website builders from the point of view of ease of use for newbies and quality of the ready made result, then simplicity and convenience won’t eventually matter a lot. This is because any user will be able to activate the button and get the required result.

As of today, there are various niche systems, which come with AI mode used as a virtual website creation assistant. There are even systems, which are promoted exclusively as AI website builders.

Generally, there is no big difference in the way both system types work, but when it comes to the details, though, the approaches differ. When launching websites, each service is based on the options of its editor (widgets, blocks, styles). That is why, the difference in the results exists. Let’s review Wix ADI, Bookmark, Leia, Jimdo Dolphin and Firedrop and some other AI website builders as the samples of active services and characterize each of them in details.

Wix ADI – The Best AI Website Builder

Product Name:WIX
Official Website:
Number of Websites:4,565,423
Complexity:Very easy
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $13/mo

Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) – is the best AI-based website builder. It’s a trusted authority tool Wix website builder offers to ensure maximum convenience, ease-of-use and high speed of website development. By using the advanced feature, you can create a full-featured website with a few clicks only and with no coding involved. Wix ADI is simple and intuitive for everyone – all you need is to follow the guidelines the system generates and watch the way it creates a website for you.

Wix ADI is characterized by the set of integrated features that contribute to ease and quick website development process. Here are some of the most remarkable features of the website builder:

  • Detailed Guidelines – The website builder comes with the informative step-by-step tutorial, which uses the information you submit to create the project you expect to avail in the long run;
  • Automated Website Creation Process – If you decide to work with Wix ADI, the system will offer a set of questions, answers to which will further be used as the basis for the development of your project template. The questions will concern the type of website you need, a set of required features (website type, functionality), business name, its physical location, contact data (social networks, email, phone, fax, logo);
  • Simple Website Development – It generally takes around half an hour to launch a website with Wix ADI. Simple guidelines generated by the system will help you complete the task with ease. As soon as you answer the required questions, the system will automatically find info about your company on the web and you’ll have to confirm it. What you get in the long run is a ready-made one page website that comes with images and content you can further replace with those you wish to see there;
  • Quick Project Customization – Right after you approve the template, you will be able to manually replace the available content with your own business-related info. You can quickly edit a block or proceed to the full-featured Wix editor version.

Wix ADI is rightfully considered one of the best contemporary AI-based website builders. The cost of using the tool generally depends upon the cost of subscription you choose for your project. Currently, Wix offers two payment options, namely Standard and Business/eCommerce plans. Each of the subscription packages comes with its own plans that include free domain names as a bonus. The cost of standard plans starts with $13/mo and reaches $39/mo, while that of business plans starts from $23/mo.

Bookmark – Absolutely Automated Website Builder

Product Name:Bookmark
Number of Websites:979
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $11.99/mo

Bookmark – is one of the most amazing and easy-to-use AI-powered website builders, which creates modern, innovative and one-of-a-kind impression due to its unique web design approach and advanced feature set. The system is mainly geared towards the development of business websites, web stores, portfolios and landing pages with responsive design.

When working with the website builder, get ready to meet AIDA – the female image, which is the embodiment of Bookmark AI. AIDA acronym stands for artificial intelligence design assistant. The service is a nice website builder with a visual editor and, thus, it comes with a technical base needed to create quality websites. AIDA features the combination of a popular drag-and-drop technology and the advanced AI-based web design approach geared towards the development of high end feature-rich projects by first-timers and web design experts. The website builder rightfully deserves to be included into the list of top AI website builders. Have a look at the list of its features and highlights that make it stand out from the crowd:

  • Quick and Easy Web Design Process – The process of working with AIDA is quite simple and quick: just ask the system “AIDA SHOW ME HOW” to start working with it. Get read to answer a couple of questions, select the niche you specialize in (there are currently around 750 business options available here), the layout and style preferences. Provide your business name to let AIDA use the data to generate your website in around 30 seconds;
  • Automated Website Development – The tool automatically fills your website with blocks that are known as “focuses” here and it will also select the most suitable color palette and design customization elements, which match your project most of all. Right after that, a user is redirected to the editor, where AI adds beautiful animations in the real time mode along with functional blocks to the website pages;
  • Effective Hints and Guidelines – The system provides you with hints on how to effectively add and customize web pages and sections, replace the available media files and images with those of your own, add, delete or adjust the positions of modules on website pages, set up SEO parameters and complete other must-have steps that affect the final result;
  • Unique Template Variability – Unlike standard website builders, Bookmark doesn’t offer a ready-made template collection. This is AIDA, which offers unique template variability. When using the tool, you will come across versatile responsive integrated themes;
  • HTML Сode Embedding – Bookmark also allows for HTML code embedding. This is a notable advantage for everyone, who is familiar with programming basics. The feature lets you create and publish customizable projects with unique design.

You can use Bookmark at no cost at all, but the system will come with certain restrictions in this case. To boost project performance, you can upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions the website builder offers to its users. Their cost correspondingly constitutes $11.99/mo and $24.99/mo.

Leia – Artificial Intelligence Website Builder

Product Name:Leia
Number of Websites:-
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $4.17/mo

Leia – is another powerful sample of the AI-based website builder. The system helps launch and manage clean custom made projects absolutely from scratch within a minute or two. It makes it possible to create and publish beautiful responsive websites for all kinds of businesses.

All you have to do is to describe the way you project should look, specify the features it should have and choose the details that matter for its design and performance. Then you may lean back in your seat and watch the way Leia automatically designs the website for you based on the info you submit when answering the questions. What’s interesting, Leia can independently design, code and then make your project live. Here are the features that make Leia stand out from the crowd:

  • Unique Website Design – One of the undeniable Leia advantages is the fact that it does not only ensure intuitive web design process, but it also lets you create personalized website design. As a result, projects launched with the system are not similar at all and you won’t find websites that look alike here;
  • Voice Commands – Leia starts working on website development process after a user voice command. What you need is to press and hold the icon displayed in the middle of the homepage to specify the type of website you intend to start. Right after that, the system will pick the best template and style for it. If you can’t use the voice command option for some reason, the system allows entering business details in the manual mode;
  • Intuitive Web Design Process – Prior to building a website for you, the system generates a couple of questions you’ll need to answer to provide as much information about your business as possible. The more detailed the answers are – the more professional your project will eventually look. In case you don’t wish to answer the questions, you can skip them and proceed directly to your website design process without any fees.

Leia has a free neverending plan you can use to test the system, but its functionality definitely lags behind Wix and Bookmark. To avail access to the system highlights or extra features, you’ll be offered to upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions – either Pro or Business Plans. Their cost constitutes $4.17 and $6.67 per month.

Dolphin – Intelligent Website Builder by Jimdo

Product Name:Jimdo Dolphin
Official Website:
Number of Websites:929,799
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $9/mo

Jimdo Dolphin – is an intelligent website builder powered by Jimdo. This is a perfect tool for users, who are looking for easy web creation alternatives to start and manage business projects, one-page websites etc. The essence of using the service goes down to answering the automatically-generated questions the system will further use to build a website.

Dolphin web design process is realized in the form of the AI chat, where the system asks a user to provide answers to the questions it automatically generates. Thus, you have to provide your business name, niche, social network accounts, logo preferences etc. What’s important, the system won’t inquire about your design preferences – it is responsible for the choice of the color scheme and other related nuances. To find out more about Dolphin features, take your time to review its major features:

  • Intuitive Web Design Process – Dolphin performs the online search of your company by its name and then offers to confirm the choice of your business among the available variants. AI then analyzes the information and individually selects the style of your future template. If you have a social network account, it will be a perfect contribution to the informational value of your project. Dolphin will find it to further use the available info, when building a website;
  • Individual Template Choice – You’ll be offered to indicate the niche you focus on to let the system pick the most suitable templates that match your industry specialization. You will also be able to upload your business logo to a newly-generated website to make it recognizable on the web;
  • Mobile Optimization – Websites launched with Dolphin are mobile-optimized and can be viewed on different mobile and desktop devices. Additionally, you can use the mobile Jimdo Boost app to find out your website statistics, including traffic info as well as detailed tips on further website promotion. These data is retrieved from integrated Google Analytics.

Jimdo comes with moderate pricing policy. It has a free plan and four paid subscriptions, the cost of which ranges between $9/mo and $39/mo.

b12 – Human-Assisted AI Website Builder

Product Name:B12
Official Website:
Number of Websites:3,052
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $24/mo

B12 – is a human-assisted website builder powered by the Artificial Design Intelligence that helps you launch any project within a minute. The system currently powers over 1.5 millions websites across the globe, all of which are unique, personalized, responsive and niche-specific.

To start a website with B12, you just need to register with the system, answer a few questions related to your business niche to let AI crawl the web and a custom draft of your project. You will review the draft and share the feedback with the designer, who will further work on your project customization. As a result, you will get the ready-made website tailored to your needs in a week or so. It’s high time now to enlist the advantages of the website builder:

  • Human-Assisted AI – The platform utilizes combined web design approach, which means that your project will be initially created by the integrated AI-assistant, while the experts will manually complete the project until it’s 100% ready;
  • Professional Support – The customer support team of the service evaluates and reviews your website after it is ready to regularly provide personalized monthly recommendations. This info is important, when it comes to further growth and promotion of your business;
  • SEO Optimization – AI-assisted SEO experts are dedicated to ensuring that your website reaches the customers and withstands niche competition. B12 SEO pros review your project performance every month to provide recommendations on effective improvement of SEO positions. This is a handy offer for newbies;
  • Integrated Toolset – B12 grants access to the robust and growing suite of tools that help you create reliable web presence to reach more customers. These include professional design customization tools, eCommerce options, image/video storytelling tools, content import/export options, SEO, copywriting, mobile optimization, custom CSS/HTML tools as well as blogging, social marketing and extensive booking/scheduling options.

B12 has a free plan that allows creating a project for free. Additionally, there are four paid options (DIY, Basic, Premium and Professional), the cost of which ranges between $24 and $415 per month, when billed annually.

Zyro – AI-driven Technology for Small Businesses

Product Name:Zyro
Official Website:
Number of Websites:1,015
Free plan:No
Paid plan:From $14.99/mo

Zyro – is a modern website builder, which allows creating professional-looking and full-featured projects in almost no time. No skills or prior web design knowledge are needed to set up a website with the platform. Even a newbie can launch a website with the system, following the guidelines it automatically generates. The system is really user-friendly, intuitive and feature-laden.

Zyro website builder lets you get your business online in several easy steps. What you need is to pick the template, adjust it to your liking, generate AI content or add your own business info. As soon as everything is ready, you should just publish the project and work on its further promotion. Zyro boasts multiple advantages that contribute to its promotion:

  • AI Content Generator – The website builder uses the power of the Artificial Intelligence to write website content for you. Its integrated AI writer instantly creates website text for you based on the information you submit upon its request. It also automatically generates images, videos and other media files;
  • AI Heatmap Tool – The integrated AI Heatmap tool predicts the way your visitors see the website and browse. It also defines the content that is in the focus of visitors’ attention. This lets you arrange your website elements in the most accurate way to maximize the conversion rates;
  • Responsive Templates – The website builder lets you choose from multiple pre-designed responsive templates, providing drag-and-drop editing options and lots of design customization features;
  • SEO Optimization – The website builder is SEO-friendly, which means that all the websites created with it are SEO-optimized by default. However, the system also allows adjusting SEO settings as you need to boost your website accessibility and search engine ranking;
  • Logo Maker – Zyro offers an opportunity to use a free Logo Maker that lets you design your own professional business logo without any designer assistance. You will be able to customize each logo element to make it reflect your brand identity.

Zyro offers four plans. The cheapest one currently costs $14.99/mo only. Paid subscriptions encompass multiple features that let you start a full-featured project with ease. they also include free hosting, domain name, custom favicon etc. The most expensive subscription costs $29.99/mo.

See also: Zyro Review.

Firedrop – A.I. Design Generation Tool

Product Name:Firedrop
Official Website:
Number of Websites:-
Free plan:-
Paid plan:-

Firedrop – is the service, which initially positioned itself as AI website builder, using Sacha – the local AI version – as a virtual assistant whose task was to help a user design a website via live chat communication. However, the assistant is no longer used for website development. Instead, the platform uses the cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to automatically generate a project to come up to your needs.

Firedrop ensures automated web design and editing process. Your task is to define the niche you are interested in and your virtual assistant will provide a link to the most suitable variant. You can add the sections manually, filling them with content in a simple and convenient editor. The system actually acts as an information center and provides help in the selection of style, header image, name and other suchlike elements. – Free AI Website Builder

Official Website:
Number of Websites:-
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $9/mo – is a free AI website builder, which utilizes the first-mobile approach and lets you create high quality projects in the automated mode. As opposed to its multiple competitors, the platform allows starting web projects, which are initially streamlined for mobile devices yet are also viewable in desktop versions. The system works best for local business projects, restaurant and musician websites, personal and health & beauty sites. These are the major categories of projects the website builder focuses on.

One of the highlights of the website builder is that it uses your Facebook business page to derive information to be added to your website. Having analyzed the available contingent, the system then uses it to suggest the most suitable design that complies with your niche specialization and branding information. This is very convenient, quick and easy for everyone. Other advantages are as follows:

  • eCommerce. The system lets you easily start and customize a web store, pulling the relevant data about it from the available web sources. It offers to choose a template that matches your company specialization and suggests picking the color scheme, adding and modifying data, adjusting the required settings.
  • Restaurant Tools. Restaurant website development is one of the aspects the platform initially focuses on. Thus, it delivers a bunch of tools that contribute to effective development of these projects. You’ll get access to menu options, Reservations and Delivery features, restaurant reviews and many more.
  • Blogging. The website builder grants access to its high end blogging tool provided by default. As a result, you can connect a blog to your website, which will be accessible in mobile and desktop modes. Mind, however, that blogging functionality still lacks editing options and it is impossible to embed Youtube videos in your posts automatically. At the same time, you can do that in the manual mode.
  • Contact Forms Embedding. allows integrating a standard contact form into your website. You will have an opportunity to set up the number of fields, name them, add a “thank you” message. Other editing options are unavailable here.
  • Integrations. The system abounds in social media integrations. You can connect your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and Flickr accounts to reach the desired project functionality. Third-party extensions can be integrated as well. These include popular reservation and delivery services, Vine/YouTube videos, SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes music files. can be used for free during the required period of time. When you decide to go live with it, however, you will be offered to upgrade to one of two premium subscriptions – either Starter or Business. Their cost constitutes $9 and $14 per month when billed annually.

10 Web AI Builder – Artificial Intelligence Web Design

Product Name:10 Web AI Builder
Official Website:
Number of Websites:-
Free plan:Free demo version
Paid plan:From $99/year

10 Web AI Builder – is an Artificial Intelligence web design platform, which helps start and recreate any websites on WordPress in almost no time and with no special effort investment required. The system uses the advanced AI assistance, being considered the new generation web development platform. The website builder includes a high end Website Editor, which is based on Elementor, which allows building and customizing quality projects, using the power of the Artificial Intelligence.

Apart from WordPress websites, the system lets you move the available content from other website builders, such as Squarespace or Wix, for example. This is done with a few clicks only. What you need is to get a copy of your project, customize it by using a convenient drag-and-drop editor and start a brand new project with the system. Everyone can cope with this task, irrespective of the available skills and web design expertise. The list of 10 Web AI Builder merits includes:

  • Automated Template Creation. The system automatically designs a template for your project with regard to its focus and specialization. You can start a project in less than 10 minutes without the need to distract to complex manual manipulations.
  • Design Experiments. When working on your template customization, you can experiment with design editing tools as well as layout and content of your website pages. This takes several minutes only, letting you create unique project look.
  • Premium Widget Access. The website builder grants access to multiple widgets specially designed for Elementor. This adds functionality to your websites, reaching high end and truly personalized result.

You can test the integrated functionality of 10 Web AI Builder, using the free trial version of the plan you are interested in. All in all, the website builder offers three premium subscriptions – Plus, Freelancer and Agency. All of them come with automated WordPress hosting provided by default. Other features and tools vary with regard to the plan chosen. The cost of subscriptions starts from $99/year.

Appy Pie’s AI Website Builder – AI Powered Website Builder

Product Name:Appy Pie AI Website Builder
Official Website:
Number of Websites:448
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $18/mo

Appy Pie’s AI Website Builder – is a quality modern AI powered website builder, which lets you start and customize web projects without any coding or web design expertise required. The DIY builder is based on the Appy Pie platform, using the integrated drag-and-drop functionality to start truy impressive projects in minutes. The system works best for web stores, community projects as well as restaurant, cafe and medical websites. However, it is also possible to launch other projects with the system.

No serious effort and time are required to launch web projects with the website builder 0 just a few easy steps will be enough to complete the task. What you need is to provide your website name, add unique features you would like to see in your project (no coding required!) and go live with a ready-made website. That’s really easy, fast and hassle-free for everyone. Among other advantages of the website builder, the following ounces should be the first to mention:

  • No Coding Required. Due to the Artificial Intelligence tool, the website builder allows creating quality web projects with no coding at all. Even a beginner can start a website with the system, following the intuitive guidelines the platform generates in the automated mode.
  • Real-Time Updating. All the system updates can be made in the real-time mode, even after the project is published. This lets you keep your project up-to-date to come up to the needs and interests of users.
  • Domain Purchase and Connection. Due to the fact that the website builder is powered by Appy Pie platform, it is possible to buy and connect a business domain name in a few moments. This contributes to your project credibility and functionality.

The website builder makes it possible to explore and test its features, while starting a free website. This option is available for the unlimited period of time until you decide to go live with your website. This is when you will have to choose one of the premium subscriptions. The platform currently offers two plans – Start and Grow. Their cost constitutes $18 and $36 per month correspondingly.

AI Generated Website – What’s the Difference?

With the increasing amount of AI-website builders, there emerges the question: is there any difference between website generated with these systems and those created with standard website builders? The answer is no! There’s no difference between the quality functionality and design of both types of websites at all.

The major goal of using AI-powered web building tools is to simplify the process of website development for first-timers, who have never dealt with any website builders at all. Application of these systems eliminated the need of programming knowledge and, thus, notably reduces the risk to mix something up.

As a newbie, you just have to answer a set of ready-made questions related to your business to provide the info the platform will further use to automatically build a quality website for you. The process of launching the same website with a standard website builder may be more complicated and time-taking for an inexperienced user. That’s the only difference, which distinguished these types of systems.

AI vs Web Development

When it comes to the introduction of the AI in Building Design, it has lots of undeniable advantages. The advanced technique cuts down the time needed for successful website creation without compromising with the result. Due to the integrated algorithm that uses the submitted information for further website startup, users avail an opportunity to get a full-featured project in less than no time and with no coding skills at all. The same effect cannot be availed when using standard web design approach.

AI technology is experiencing its rise and the introduction of website builders has made the Artificial Intelligence tool not a whim, but an amazing reality. It’s currently impossible to launch complex websites, but it is quite possible to build small-to-medium projects with it. This especially works great for newbies, who are inexperienced in website development nuances yet have an intention to start quality visually-appealing websites with worthy performance. AI based design also matters a lot for SaaS services that make it possible to boost website individuality, when practicing the bulk web development approach.

Bottom Line

Would you like to see a service that will be able to create a successful website in the automatic mode by using the data provided?

There is a certain algorithm, which analyzes the submitted information, correlates it to the databases, compares separate details, looks for extra information, defines the most effective website layout design based on certain criteria and displays the result.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? You just need to answer a few questions, wait for a couple of minutes and get something you won’t be embarrassed to publish on the web and invite clients to visit your website. Such website builders already exist! Some of them are already in the testing mode, while others are already available online. Yes, it is too early to speak about the intangible supersanity and brilliant results. However, the idea is alluring, it was realized and the development continues in a pretty nice tempo.

  • Artificial intelligence is the modeling of intelligent behavior based on the connectionist network principles that functions as a nervous system of biological organisms.
  • There are multiple small interconnected clusters that work on the completion of a certain assignment.
  • The system gradually gets educated (which is the major feature of a real AI), accumulates information and ways of its interpretation, compares final results.

The AI trend is gaining popularity. Many users tend to apply the options of these smart tools in their systems, because the future is about the comfort and money they offer. It goes without saying that AI won’t be able to create complex websites. This is a creative work, which is the humanity remit.

At the same time, they will easily cope with business websites, portfolios, promo websites and landing page templates. These are the simplest from the technical point of view and the most popular variants. AI has the unlimited perspectives in the creation of these types of websites.

As of today, the artificial intelligence of website builders is on the initial stage of its development. Work with such systems resembles the completion of a test, in which you choose the direction the result will adhere to depending upon your answers.

What is your favorite color? – Green. And you watch the way the automatically created website highlights the most important elements with a pleasant green color. Is this magic? Surely, not. You’ll feel the magic, when a website builder will ask you a question like “Provide 3 links to the websites from the niche you prefer”. Right after you do that, the system applies its complex analysis process and generates the wow-result. This is AI and the entire web building industry is on the way to it.

What’s the conclusion then? We are likely to get full-featured AI services from the leading niche developers of website builders in around 2-3 years. These systems will look for information, analyze it, make the forecast and keep participating in the website development process even after its publication.

Databases, servers, self-teaching systems with complex connectionist networks. Smart managers, generative design, advanced automatic marketing – these features will come in due time. The start has already been made. Today, we witness the birth of the trend. Some web developers imitate it, while others really try their best effort to create a brand new useful technology.


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