About Us

Howard Steele

Howard Steele – owner, researcher

My name is Howard, I’m the founder and editor-in-chief of this website. I started SWB 8 years ago to share my experience. I hope it will be useful for you. Thank you for visiting.

Hello, everyone and thanks for reaching out to us! Wish to find out more about our team, goals and perspectives? Then take your time to read the info available below to discover interesting facts about us.

Our mission

Having a website is no longer a whim, but a necessity for users willing to build reliable web presence, grow their companies and reach new heights. However, starting a professional website may be a tricky task for inexperienced users. This is not to mention the fact that website development may prove to be quite time-consuming and expensive.

Thus, we see our mission in helping you overcome all the challenges the web development process involves. What’s more, we will show you how positive, enthralling and interesting your web design experience may become, when using the best website builders.

These platforms are real godsends both for those who know a bit of code, and those who have no idea about how websites are created. Whether you need a business website, a portfolio, a blog, a landing page or a web store, take your time to find the best web design solution here!

Who We Are

We are a team of professionals, who are experienced in various niches, pursuing the same goal – to help each of you find the optimal web design solution with regard to your special requirements, objectives, needs and budget.

SuperbWebsiteBuilders targets newbies, who are just starting their web design career as well as professionals involved into development of client projects. Our team is dedicated to your success and this is what makes this platform unique.

Have a look at some interesting facts to find out a bit more about every team member, his/her expertise level and some interesting life facts he/she is ready to share.


PM, chief-editor

Paul responsibly checks and reviews all the posts written for the website. This is a surefire way to know that each review or comparison you read here comes with trusted info only, which absolutely adheres to your needs and requirements.



Nataly has always had a calling for copywriting and she is also aware of web design nuances. She try her best effort not only to write informative posts for SuperbWebsiteBuilders, but also to make them understandable and simple for everyone.


Tester and developer

George is aware of all the latest web design trends and he eagerly uses this knowledge to test and dive deeply into every website builder or hosting. He investigates each service and tool that is under review to provide you with proven facts only.

How Do We Provide Research?

When conducting our research of the best website builders, we use a special approach that helps us get the most out of each review and comparison. We aim at providing you with the best piece of advice and we are responsible for each recommendation you encounter at SuperbWebsiteBuilders.

We never review the services we have not tested in advance and this is what makes you feel assured that each post is written with your requirements, needs and skills in mind. Our experts thoroughly test each platform to define its special features, pros and cons and tricky nuances you are bound to know.

We follow all the updates to add them to reviews to keep you aware of each detail that can affect your web design process in the long run.

We never hide anything from you and we are ready to disclose all the demerits and bonuses a product has. It goes without saying that there are no ideal systems and our task is to define these issues and to notify you about them. To find out more about our work and to explore the reviews, go ahead to browse the website.

How Can We Help You?

There are hundreds of website builders and hosting providers out there. Likewise, there are lots of special nuances and details you should consider when making your choice. Our task is to simplify the choice of the right website builder for you and to help you pick the best offer.

Regardless of the fact that DIY website builders are super user-friendly, we understand that sometimes it can be hard to get things done, especially when it comes to the initial setup. This is where SuperbWebsiteBuilders can help you out.

We also encourage you for cooperation and for the feedback. You can comment on any article, sharing your personal experience or leaving your questions. We always read them and reply in the shortest time possible. You can also contact our support team in the Contact Us section to avail on-time assistance you will certainly appreciate!