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How to Create a Website Free of Cost?

Question: How to create a website free of cost?

Answer: Using a website builder

Looking to create a website, but don’t know where to start? Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place. On this website you’ll find everything you need to easily build a website from scratch, free or at an affordable price.

Here at SWB, we believe that online website builders are probably the best option for those who have no programming training, but want to get full control over the process of website creation. Site builders are easy-to-use, fast and affordable. These web services let you focus on what really matters – your product/business, doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Using a website builder is as simple as creating a social media account – just sign up, upload your content and start sharing.

Question: So, are these services free?

Answer: They are.

Most site builders use a ‘freemium’ (free+premium) business model, which means you can sign up and use a basic feature set free. Is it enough to build a decent website? Well, it depends on a site builder and what you mean by ‘a decent website’. In most cases, free users can’t use custom domains, add more than 5 or so pages, enable eCommerce and remove adverts that the builder places an all free websites.

To get rid of the ads, connect a custom domain and unlock more features, users have to upgrade their accounts.

In other words, technically, you can design and publish your website without spending a cent, but in reality, this website will either display a noticeable advert or will be placed on a subdomain.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create your own website for free:

In my opinion, free plans should be taken as free trials, not real options. To create a professional looking website, you’ll HAVE to pay, sooner or later. The price can be as low as $3/mo, but you’ll still have to invest into your web presence. Paid packages remove adverts, let you connect your own domain and unlock more customization options.

  1. Choose a website builder, which offers a free plan and suits you the best.
  2. Register and pick a website template you like.
  3. Create a structure of your website – think out, which pages you need and which you don’t need.
  4. Fill in your pages with content. It’s stongly recommended to use unique text and images.
  5. Make your website live – publish it.

Let’s take a look at the 6 best website builders that balance the ease of use with flexibility and affordability:

#1 Wix

Wix Website Builder

Wix is a great option for anyone looking for a freebie. This website builder has an impressive collection of modern templates in over 70 industry categories, what makes the site builder especially popular with creative professionals.

The free version of Wix lets you build a good-looking website on a Wix-branded subdomain. With a free package you can use almost all functional of Wix website builder.

To get rid of the ad and connect a custom domain, you should select one of five paid plans; the cheapest one ‘Connect Domain’ starts at $4.50/mo.

To see what real Wix-based sites look, take a journey through my collection of Wix blogs.

#2 uKit

uKit Website Builder

uKit site builder is the perfect pick if you’re looking to build a website for a business. The platform was specially designed to meet the needs of micro- to medium-sized businesses. Speaking about uKit in a couple of words, we can describe it as the best and the cheapest alternative to Wix.

Full-featured uKit website will cost you around $4/mo, or even less ($3/mo), if you enter our special code SWB-25 during checkout.

 Get started today, it’s easy!

#3 uCoz

uCoz Website builder

What it takes to build a website with uCoz site builder? Basically, it takes four steps:

  • sign up, choose a responsive template and start building your website without entering your payment details;
  • activate any module (except for the E-shop) free of charge, including such modules as Users, Ad Board, Web poll, Forum, and Mini Chat, among others;
  • upload your content;
  • connect your own domain and publish your website at no extra cost.

Your free plan will never expire, if you regularly update your website.

The only drawback is that your free uCoz website will display a pretty noticeable ad. You can remove it through upgrading your website. The cheapest ad-free plan is $5.99/mo.


XPRS Website Builder

Fully responsive website builder – XPRS proposes a new way of drag&drop website creation. A new Polydom technology allows you to compose content blocks much faster.

This site builder has a tasty free-of-cost package, however the only one limitation for this free plan is its availability for artists and other creative people, students and non-profit organizations.

Thus if you want to build a commerce website you should choose paid plan for $6/mo, but in cases mentioned above, using XPRS will cost $0 for you.

#5 Weebly

Weebly Website Builder

Weebly is one of the easiest site builders out there. Just like with Wix and uCoz, you can create your site with Weebly without entering your payment information and keep your account on a free plan as long as you wish.

The strongest side of Weebly, in my opinion, is its customer-oriented philosophy. Many of the updates they make are inspired by feedback they get from customers. You may want to check out real Weebly-powered websites.

In case you decide to upgrade your free Weebly plan, that will cost you $8+/mo.

#6 Site123

Site123 Website Builder

Site123 is a good example of how commerce website builder can be free-of-use. Site123 is easy-to-use for most users – the builder’s interface and all main website customizing options are on the right places. From the UI/UX point of view it looks user-friendly.

With Site123’s free package you receive a website on a system subdomain. Its URL will look like

You can create any type of website, blog or landing page using a free plan, even a webstore (but you will be limited with 10 orders/mo). There are also limitations of website size with a free plan – it can’t be more than 500 Mb, and bandwidth – no more than 1Gb of traffic per month. But those restrictions can be reduced with a paid plans. The higher plan you choose – the size and bandwidth volumes are growing up to unlimited level.

 Get started today, it’s free!

To wrap it up, all these site builders give you their website creation software for free. You will only pay for hosting in the long run (if you choose to remove the ads and go with a paid plan), so technically, you can still create a functioning website without paying a cent.

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  • LisaPalmer

    Great article 🙂 I created mine for free, too, via website builder as it was advised in your article. Wix is not bad, too, but it puts too much limitations.

  • AgentCooper

    Great article 🙂 I created mine for free, too, via website builder as it was advised in your article. Wix is not bad, too, but it puts too much limitations.

  • vivy

    Hey, thanks for the informative article. I want to start my website and the information about hosting gets me a bit confused, kinda not an IT pro…
    As far as I know now, I would like to start with a free plan and a very friendly user interface is a must… Any suggestions?

    • Hi, Vivy
      You shouldn’t worry about hosting – if you use website builder, your website will be hosted automatically.

      As to the choice of website builder, I can advice you to try at least several platforms and then make a final choice with regard to your impressions. Take a look at Wix, uKit and Weebly, they’re simple enough and allow creating a website for free. But at the same time you should understand that full features of website builders become available only with paid plans.

      With regards.
      Howard Steele.

      • vivy

        Thank you for your answer, after doing some research I think that WordPress is the best option for my website, yet, as many comments as I’ve read, it is better to use it with a hosting plan. Since I’m just testing my options and need a user friendly cPanel, I believe free hosting is the best option and of course if it’s good, I’ll upgrade. Anyway, found some free host providers, such as 000webhost, freehostia, googiehost, hostinger, byethost, etc. Any tips for making my choice? Or should I just try them all?
        Thanks in advance.

        • Hi, Vivy,
          In case you’ve decided to go with WordPress+hosting combination, I can’t advise you. The only thing I can tell to prevent and warn you that this is a wrong decision, and with time you’ll understand it. Especially when if you’re talking about free hosting. Website builders are much effective and make website creation process much easier. All their features are more than affordable. For instance, uKit costs $48/year. It’s almost free, taking into account its functionality and possibilities. So I recommend you not to make such incautious decision and use specialized tools.

          With regards,
          Howard Steele.

          • Daniel

            Hi Howard,

            I need to setup a website that should support some simple algorithms, for example users should select 5 criteria out of a 20 choice-matrix and the outcome should be that the users are provided with 3 results, based on the 5 criteria they selected. Is that something all website builders support, or do I need to hire someone who knows how to code for that? I also already have a domain registered I would like to use once the website goes live.

            Thanks a lot,

  • Daniel

    Hi Howard,

    I need to setup a website that should support some simple algorithms, for example users should select 5 criteria out of a 20 choice-matrix and the outcome should be that the users are provided with 3 results, based on the 5 criteria they selected. Is that something all website builders support, or do I need to hire someone who knows how to code for that? I also already have a domain registered I would like to use once the website goes live.

    Thanks a lot,

    • Hi, Daniel,
      Unfortunately, website builders don’t have pre-built functions to solve your task in automatic mode. But you can contact support of any website builder to ask if they can help you to make your task live.
      For instance, uKit team offers a website creating due to your technical requirements. Also you can ping Wix or Weebly support. They’ll surely help you.

      With regards,

  • Vikalp Mishra

    Hey Howard,
    I want to start a blog for posting my hypothesis and other things, and am a student, which means I can’t get my own website by buying a domain . Which one do you think would be better for blogging? Or perhaps if you teach me how to program one, that would be fine.

    • Hi,
      If you want to start your blog for free and don’t want to spend a lot of time learning about website building, you may try all reviewed here website builders and choose the most convenient.
      But if you want to develop your blog in future, I recommend you to buy an own domain name. At least, your website will look more trustworthy, The only website builders which allow to connect your domain within free plan are uCoz and XPRS (it has a special free plan for students).
      All the best,

      • Vikalp Mishra

        Thanks for the suggestion, will definitely consider it

  • Kevin

    Hey Howard, thanks for the great article. I have a question! I’m looking to crate a slick website for myself as a dancer/choreographer in the arts. And only need a couple of web pages: About, News, contact. I want to do this via a free website builder but would love your advice! From your knowledge,, which website builder has the least obvious ads/website logo that are automatically integrated within free websites? As I feel that ads and/or website branding on my website will come across slightly un-professional. So whichever one has the least obvious branding/ads is probably the one i’d g for!! I’d also like to use my own domain name, but I understand that for most free websites i’d probably have to upgrade to a premium package to do so?


    • Hi, Kevin,
      The least ad-banners within free plans have Weebly and Site123, but they don’t allow you to use own domain – it’s available only with a paid subscription there.
      In my opinion, if you’re seriously plan to develop your website for years, the best and the easiest option will be uKit. Yes, it offers only paid plans, but it costs like a cup of coffee – $3/mo and includes all features (ad-free, connect domain, analytics options and lots of other). I think that price is more than affordable, and you should understand that if you want to present yourself over Internet in the best way, you have to do with the most impressive tool.
      But if you still decide to use a free service, you may also take a look to XPRS or uCoz website builders as they offer a free plan and the ability to connect own domain name for free.
      All in all, you can easily test all website builders I’ve mentioned in this post and then select the most convenient to you.

      All the best, Howard.

  • J S

    When you make a website, how do you get people to come to it?

    • Have exciting and attractive content. Don’t pay for experts or placement services, waste of money.

  • selina

    i want to create a website free of cost. getting my own domain. and get possibly some money out of it. what would you recommend?

  • peter

    Frankly, the one’s I’ve tried are not simple/plain enough. They want you to designate titles to numerous blocks of text and have blocks for pertinent photos. I want a very simple site, with no more than one header photo, where I share my opinion on specific topics in a single column. Visitors can scroll the column and locate a topic of interest and read my thoughts about it – then post their own comments if they wish. I might use a list topics as links to click on if it’s not complicated.

  • Danny Smith

    Create your own Business Website in Minutes! Its Easy and Free! Start now:

  • ASD

    Good day,
    is it possible to add posts to my website? i write lecture notes for my students and i want some of them to be published on my website. i am about to pay for ukit plan