Kentico Software Review: Kontent and Xperience

Kentico review

Kentico is an award-winning digital experience platform that combines digital marketing, content management, and commerce. Whatever online presence you seek, CMS will be the backbone of your online service. When choosing a CMS, some things should not be neglected. This covers not only the core functionality of the platform but also the interface, search, support, and updates.

Readymag Design Tool Review


Readymag is a robust web design tool excellent for creating a simple, short, and beautiful website on the fly with absolutely no coding required. From one side, the platform is novice-friendly for building sites with simple requirements such as portfolios, presentations, or startup landing pages. But, on the other hand, Readymag won’t suffice the needs of blogs, business platforms, or any sites that require formal navigation.

Duda Website Builder Review

Duda website builder

Duda website builder belongs to modern, multifunctional platforms addressed to a wide range of users, from pro site developers to complete newbies. Visit its official website, and you’ll see the wealth of functional capacities of the website builder at once. Having zero knowledge in this art, you can create a multi-page online shop, service center, app store, or whatever in no time.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC Website Builder Review

Adobe Dreamweaver CC Website Builder Review

Adobe Dreamweaver CC is a powerful visual development application that is fully featured and available for mobile websites and mobile content, yet appropriate for experienced users. The app lets users set up, manage, and publish sites, apps, and content in them. Being equipped with a broad spectrum of tools, Adobe Dreamweaver CC makes it possible to set up dynamic websites for small and enterprise-level companies using various languages.

Adobe Muse Review

Adobe Muse review

Adobe Muse – is a desktop software developed specially for dedicated web designers who crave for working in a code-free environment. The tool made its debut as part of the Adobe Creative package to team up with some of the brand’s iconic products including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and more. The main mission of the system development was to let users set up new website designs from scratch making them functional, interactive and engaging at a time.

Format Website Builder Review

Format Review

Format – is a specialized portfolio website builder, which is headquartered in Canada. The system works great for the development of websites for creatives, artists, designers, illustrators, models, photographers, architects, digital artists and all other users, who wish to showcase their talent manifested in professional works.

Simbla Website Builder Review

Simbla review

Simbla – is a drag-and-drop website builder, which encompasses ease-of-use and delivers exceptional web building experience, when it comes to the development of websites and web applications. Founded in 2013, the platform has distinguished itself as a handy tool for newbies and web design pros, who intend to start and manage different types of websites. However, the niche specialization of the system mainly goes down to the creation of promo websites and one-pagers.

PageXL Website Builder Review

PageXL Website Builder Review

PageXL – is a fast and easy-to-use solution for those who want to create professional one-page sites in minutes. The platform will work fine for various website types letting users build portfolios, small business sites, nonprofit online projects, personal profiles, etc. The software also comes with enough functionality to create small online stores. It may cover various niches ranging from the hospitality industry to restaurants, event calendars, wedding sites, and more. Website Builder and Hosting Review Review, a USA-based dependable hosting and website building platform invites first-time users to establish their dream website for their startup businesses with an all-inclusive package. It was founded in 1999 and has since then been working its way up to becoming one of the leading web hosting technology companies. Today it manages more than 9 million domain names for clients worldwide having employed over 3,500 personnel.

SITE123 Website Builder Review

Site123 Review

SITE123 – is an easy-to-use and innovative website builder that makes it possible to create all types of websites, including blogs, promo sites, landing pages, portfolios and online shops. All web projects created with this platform are responsive and can be browsed on any mobile device, including tablets. The website builder is currently considered one of the simplest and most intuitive DIY platforms ever.