WordPress 5.6 Review

WordPress Review

WordPress (current version – 5.6) – is a powerful Content Management System, which works great for the development of various web projects due to the abundance of extensions. The engine is used to build blogs and information portals, but it’s also possible to launch even a web store with it by means of plugin integration. The amount of WordPress extensions keeps growing steadily, but the system is also regularly updated, which eliminates the need to install some plugins.

Google Sites Website Builder Review

Google Sites

Google Sites – is a website builder, simple enough to be mastered by newbies yet it provides a no-hassle and intuitive web development and hosting platform. It’s the reincarnation of Jotspot, which was acquired by Google back in 2006. Today, Google’s site builder looks nothing like Jotspot, other than the fact that both are hosted wiki systems which allow collaborative content creation, modification, and extension.

Quarkly Website Builder Review

Quarkly Design Tool Review

Quarkly – is an online service that combines the functionality of a website builder, a graphic editor, and a typical IDE development environment. It makes it simple to build website layouts or applications from scratch offering several ways to handle the development process. Users may either benefit from an intuitive drag-and-drop interface or dive deep into the source code editing. In fact, the tool delivers instruments required by both web designers and programmers.

Weebly Website Builder Review

Weebly Website Builder Review

Weebly – is a versatile website builder, which allows creating great-looking websites without the necessity to write a single line of code. The website builder comes with a convenient drag-and-drop editor and uses a “box” model, which lets you modify your website structure and design with regard to your web building needs. Launched in 2006 in San Francisco by David Rusenko, Chris Fanini and Dan Veltri, the service has grown into one of the most powerful and well-known drag-and-drop website builders.

ShopBase Online Store Builder Review

ShopBase Online Store Builder Review

ShopBase – is a cross-border eCommerce platform with a variety of tools to complete different merchants’ tasks. It is the first solution that offers a combination of white-label, POD (print on demand), and drop shopping instruments to optimize your sales and establish a profitable online business. The system comes with advanced product management, integrated payment gateways, intuitive website building functionality, custom app market, and other options you might appreciate.

Webflow Website Builder Review

Webflow Website Builder Review

Webflow – is quite an unusual website builder. It isn’t similar to other services that come with visual editors as well as to the majority of CMS. The service uses the format of working process presentation, which is not unique, but quite rare for SaaS platforms. The system mostly resembles advanced web design programs like Adobe Dreamweaver or even Photoshop, in which web developers prefer to draw web page templates. It is not meant for bulk usage by newbies.

Penji Graphic Design Service Review

Penji Graphic Service Review

Penji – is a graphic design service that introduces a pool of web designers to create any project for you. It comes as an unlimited graphic instrument, as users are able to create as many projects as they need. The idea lies behind a simple concept where a user can actually hire a professional designer within a monthly subscription. Local experts provide 100% custom design models for business, branding, or marketing needs depending on users’ goals and preferences.

Wix Website Builder Review

Wix Reviewed

Wix – is one of the most recognizable website builders that has been in business since 2006. Over the years, it has become one of the biggest players featuring a whopping 154 million users and more than 160 million sites powered by the platform. This includes over 22 million mobile sites and about 45,000 new users, who daily join the system to benefit from the Wix free plan and a bunch of amazing features delivered out of the box.

Nestify Hosting Review

Nestify Hosting Review

Nestify – is a hosting provider that claims to deliver WordPress-managed server solutions with a focus on corporations and scaling businesses. The platform powers the digital infrastructure that belongs to companies from the Fortune 500 list including such recognizable industry giants as Walmart, Berkeley University, and many others. Established in 2014, the Texas-based company has expanded the range of services offering hosting for WooCommerce projects, agencies, and companies in search of stable VPS hosting.

Semplice Website Builder Review

Semplice Portfolio Builder Review

Semplice – is a self-hosted portfolio builder powered by WordPress. Michael Schmidt and Tobias van Schneider founded it with the idea of creating a tool built by designers for designers. As a result, we have an example of a website building system that comes not as a template but a full-scale technology with access to the source code, limitless drag-and-drop functionality, advanced customization, and design capabilities, blogging, SEO, and other features that deliver a great experience on top of the WP CMS.