TemplateToaster.com Review

There are multiple tools that help create website templates. Generally, these are text and graphic editors. TemplateToaster (current version is a unique software – a kind of a service for users willing to make profit, creating websites with unique design or sell templates separately.

Shopify.com Review

Today we take a closer look at Shopify, probably the most feature-rich eCommerce platform out there. So let’s talk shop. While anyone with the proper website builder can put up a website, create a product gallery, add the ‘Buy now’ button and start selling products online, getting all the pieces of a full-featured online store may be harder than you think.

SITE123.com Review

SITE123 is an easy-to use website builder that makes it possible to create promo sites, landing pages, blogs and small online shops. All websites created on the basis of this platform are responsive and can be browsed on any mobile devices. One of the major SITE123 features is an opportunity to create multilingual websites. Just choose a plan, buy it, let’s say, for a year and start creating sites, each of which can eventually bring profit and attract clients from the country you need (the number of website localizations depends on the pla you choose).

Wix.com Review

During the past few years we’ve seen tremendous growth in Wix; these were years of expansion and growth for the company. It has introduced a series of powerful business management apps, improved eCommerce, developed the Mobile Solution and hit over 120 million signups in over 190 countries.

Ucraft.com Review

Ucraft is a website builder meant to create business websites and landing pages both for newbies and advanced users. Their official website is a perfect demonstration of how the system’s features and tools can be put to use, because it is also developed with Ucraft. The platform allows creating responsive websites with popular flat design and full-screen blocks.

Mobirise.com Review

Mobirise (current version is 4.5.2) is an offline website builder that has recently become available for Windows, Android and Mac. The program is used to create promo websites and landing pages. It is absolutely free both for commercial and non-commercial use. Just download it, install and… enjoy creating as many websites as you need without any limitations!

uKit.com Review

There was a time when Do-It-Yourself website creation software was a joke, but that’s not the case anymore. Geared towards a regular customer, modern code-free platforms offer all of the power of content management systems wrapped in a user-friendly interface. Sure, high-end web development is still necessary, as someone has to build the code-free tools for a start. But the average business doesn’t see the need to have its website created as a technical gem.

Webydo.com Review

Webydo is a work of love of a web design community that advocates the role of a designer in the website creation process. Shmulik Grizim and Tzvika Steinmetz co-founded Webydo because they actually needed it themselves. The co-founders were running a digital advertising firm and were spending about 70% of website creation budgets on hiring developers. At that time there were no code-free programs to allow designers create sites without having to manually convert their web design projects into valid code. So, they decided to create one.

Weebly.com Review

The Weebly team has been hard at work for the better part of last year developing the fourth of Weebly. The major update to the service are the whole new set of the design, eCommerce and marketing tools, Weebly for Education new features and more responsive templates. Whilst developing each of these new features, they even managed to improve Weebly’s mobile apps, bringing full drag-and-drop website building to all your devices. With Weebly 4, that was launched in Fall 2016, the company’s prices have changed, with plans starting at $8 per month. So let’s take a closer look at Weebly website builder.

Bandzoogle.com Review

The number of specialized website builders used to create musicians’ websites is close to zero. It’s always pleasant to see a decent niche solution. Bandzoogle is a service, which ideally meets the needs of the musicians’ audience. It comes with music-related info, niche functionality and suitable stylistic presentation.