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Zyro Website Builder Review

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The more we’ve been relying on Do-It-Yourself website builders, the more they’ve improved. Historically, website builders catered to a beginner audience, but over the last few years they’ve morphed from primitive page construction kits into feature-heavy, all-in-one, hosted platforms that can produce websites that could easily pass as professionally designed projects. Which leads me to question if there’s any future for web hosting providers. Could they be on the brink of extinction?

That seems unlikely. Leading web hosting companies recognized the growing DIY trend and found a way to stay competitive. One by one, they started providing proprietary site building tools with the intent to get you attached to their hosting services. Such is the case of Zyro site builder.

The builder is a common project between Profis Group and Hostinger, a fast growing business focused on several industry segments.

Usually, website builders that come as part of a bigger product lineup tend to lack the functionality you can find in ‘dedicated’ website builders. Let’s see whether this rule applies to Zyro.

#1 Ease of Use

When you create an account with Zyro, you get access not only to the builder itself, but also to the full list of connected services: email accounts, domains, hosting plans, backups, and more.

Zyro interface

Creating a website starts with choosing a domain/subdomain, choosing a server (that’s something new!), creating a password (there’s even a built-in password generator), and choosing a template. Once you have finished the set up wizard, you’ll be redirected to the builder itself that’s available in thirty languages.

The builder provides a visual editor that supports drag-and-drop. In fact, it works just like any other DIY site builder: there’s a toolbar containing various design elements and widgets that you can select and drag to any place on the page. Because Zyro offers so much freedom, it can be difficult to align elements perfectly. To be sure they’re aligned well, turn on grids, thankfully, this feature is available.

In general, the builder makes a positive impression. It’s well-structured, fast and intuitive.

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

We wish Zyro was as feature-rich as it’s easy-to-use. But unfortunately, it doesn’t allow for deep customization. Zyro is an excellent option if you’re looking to create a simple five-page business website or portfolio, but it’s ill-suited to meet the complex needs of bloggers and e-retailers, as it has neither blogging solution nor built-in eCommerce functionality.

But it does offer easy PayPal integration and custom code injection which means you can insert an Ecwid widget or any other piece of code.

Zyro editor

Zyro doesn’t open up the source code, there’s no way to apply custom CSS.

#3 Designs

Zyro’s templates have a clean and modern feel. They’re all responsive. Users can edit the mobile and tablet view of their site through the editor without affecting the normal view of their site.

Zyro templates

Make sure you select the right template from the start, since it’s impossible to swap it later without losing your content.

#4 Customer Support

First, there’s a handy ‘Steps to do’ notifier that guides you through all the stages of building your site with Zyro. Second, there’s a knowledge base. Third, you can submit a ticket. We wish their help center contained more information.

#5 Pricing Policy

Zyro keeps things pretty simple – there are two plans: Free and Premium ($9.95/mo and less). For more details visit the Pricing page.


It lacks blogging and eCommerce functionality. We think its overpriced. uCoz for instance, has a lot more to offer at just $5.99/mo, including advanced blogging features, forums, user management and more.

Zyro Review: Conclusion

Zyro has the potential to be a competitive site builder, but there’s still a lot of room for growth. Frankly, we enjoyed using Zyro and we hope its team will continue developing the system. At the moment, it’s suitable for creating simple websites only.

Zyro user? Tell your story in the comments!

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  • Uma Shankar

    hey guys its worst software I could have ever seen

    • Hi, sorry to hear that. What made you think so?

    • TheBonerWizard

      I quite like it to be honest. 🙂


    I cant add a commentary section to my posts…

  • Hyaden McLean

    Thanks for the informative post. I like the way it is written.

  • Muhammad Zubair

    I tried creating account but always Registration failed message…

  • Ahmed

    Hi, i have registered web builder with hostinger but i cant login to web host now, what to do? i can login to hostinger host only.

  • Olga Avanesova

    Today Zyro Website Builder is fully Hostinger group’s project. Profis in its turn has their own website startup project called Site.Pro

    • Hi, Olga,
      Thanks for your note!

    • Samuel

      Yes!!! I’m using Hostinger and Zyro builder for some time now! It is great and sooo easy to use, amazing exprience!

  • Urjasz

    Hey, I’ve read your review and really liked the point about DIY trend. I also like creating and doing everything myself, especially websites, so Zyro is a great option for me. I have a side business for website developement and host everything at Hostinger, so it’s a very good 2 in 1 deal, since they provide services of great quality and the builder is top class. Do you still use it?

    • Agrican

      I use it and simply love it! Easy to bild – so I save money on developers!

  • Oleg Vybornov

    Hi guys. Who knows how to handle a “Form configuration error.” while testing a buy from the shopping cart in one of Zyro e-commerce templates? Where one can see the order list?

  • Sitesholic

    Yes, it is a very good free website builder