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Best Web Hosting Companies In the World

Nowadays website hosting services are a necessity rather than a luxury. Being completely internet-connected, today’s business world requires active websites even if their pages only deliver details on the location, hours of operation, and contact info. People find it easier to discover new businesses, even local ones, through internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Therefore, businesses have to adapt to this by suggesting their services through a website or a blog.

Expert website masters recommend being utmost attentive when choosing a hosting provider since your choice will be determining the success of the website. A wise selection of the hosting company is based on the flexibility, power, and uptime you need for your website in relation to the features the company offers. So, whether you are setting up a site for personal or professional use, make a profound decision.

As a starting point to build this exhaustive review, we used first-hand experience and waded through all the trustworthy hosting companies of the industry. As a result, we narrowed it down to several website hosting providers that combine all the crucial features to different extents, though. Pick up the right website hosting provider with our expert reviews.

1. HostGator

Product Name:HostGator
Websites managed:2,273,368
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$2.75/mo
Refund:45 days

HostGator – is an industry-leading website hosting provider that offers an impressive range of features necessary for launching a professional website on the highest level. It provides users worldwide with many benefits including various hosting plans that all come richly packed with features, amazing shared hosting offers, user-friendly website-building software with eCommerce tools, fabulous uptime (99.99%), free SSL certificate, and a domain for an entire year.

As far as you’re interested in the downside of this website hosting provider, be aware that not all HostGator plans come with a Windows Server option, and the web hosting market offers other less expensive options.

The diversity of hosting options available at HostGator with feature-rich cloud, WordPress, dedicated server, and virtual private server packages, in particular, makes it a top choice for a wide array of businesses both small and large.

The shared option works best for websites of those companies, which have simple sites and don’t get a ton of traffic per month. But if you want to upscale your hosting services and can afford to pay a bit higher price, the VPS hosting by HostGator is a superb choice. If the starting price for shared hosting here is $2.64 per month, the VPS hosting comes at the price of $19.95 per month.

Even though HostGator doesn’t offer a free trial month as many other hosting companies do, the 45-day money-back guarantee is definitely a sufficient pledge to start using the hosting services with peace of mind. If you don’t like how it works, the company will refund you fully without further ado.

2. Bluehost

Product Name:Bluehost
Websites Powered:4,584,636
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$2.95/month
Refund:30 days

Bluehost – is an American (based in Utah) website hosting company with over 750 employees involved in delivering premium hosting solutions to around 2 million websites worldwide. Coming with amazing advantages such as a user-friendly interface, free website migration, premium WordPress hosting plans, credible uptime, responsive customer support, a great website builder, and numerous eCommerce extensions, Bluehost is most assuredly the company you can trust to take your business online without any difficulty. Nevertheless, like any other site hosting provider, Bluehost is not devoid of downsides. It doesn’t feature cloud hosting and lacks Windows-based servers.

Bluehost perfectly balances price and features thus becoming a good option for both hobbyists and professional users who want to set up either small or big business websites. And yet, it is especially amazing in hosting WordPress sites, while the arty templates make it a great option for photography websites if you want to make use of the site-building tools.

WordPress itself has claimed Bluehost as the best hosting provider suitable for WordPress sites. The company has earned this title thanks to the relatively cheaper WordPress hosting plans, the cPanel interface which is quite straightforward in use, and the abundance of features available.

Bluehost offers shared hosting (the most inexpensive hosting type here) starting at $2.95 per month, and this price involves a free SSL Certificate and a domain for a whole year.

At Bluehost, you can’t make use of a free trial with no registration required. But you can demand a full money-back guarantee for 30 days after obtaining a package if you stay dissatisfied. The company has never failed to deliver a refund if it was requested.

3. 1&1 IONOS

Product Name:1&1 IONOS
Websites Managed:349,326
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$1/mo
Refund:30 days

1&1 IONOS – is a dependable website hosting company that delivers an imposing uptime guarantee of 99.8%. The main advantage of this company is its cheap pricing. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable hosting solutions to have ever existed. But 1&1 IONOS can boast of other pros as well, such as Windows- or Linux-based servers, basic and advanced hosting packages, simple website building tools, effective email marketing, exceptional plugins, and add-ons, unmetered bandwidth, and dedicated SSL certificate.

But what we have to state about this hosting company is that it isn’t the best choice for beginners, and you may come across some hidden costs while using the service. The starting price for hosting is very cheap, in fact, it’s too cheap to come fully packed with all the necessary features to run a website smoothly. You have to add some extensions to manage the website hosting to a high level.

1&1 IONOS is especially suitable for small businesses and individuals, but no way to complete beginners. The cloud and dedicated hosting options are quite decent. Yet, if you are after VPS or shared hosting, you may feel more comfortable with other hosting companies we have reviewed.

Unfortunately for new users who are unfamiliar with the power of 1&1 IONOS, the company doesn’t provide any free trial period. But you can feel secure for your funds since 1&1 IONOS ensures a 30-day money-back guarantee to all its users who discover 1&1 IONOS isn’t what they were searching for.


Websites Managed:189,124
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$5.95/month
Refund:30 days – is a USA-based website hosting provider that suggests its users all-in-one packages aimed particularly at first-time users. has managed to create a reputation of a dependable website building and hosting company with such advantageous features as a free domain for the first whole year, an imposing plethora of website building tools, HTML elements available (for premium users, though), excellent uptime, amazing SEO tools, a wide range of advanced features for eCommerce sites, and plenty of disk space.

Nevertheless, the cons are not fewer, either. Using in the promotional period, you will be surprised to see a significant price hike once it’s over, while the stringent anti-refund policy and overpriced renewal rates for domains don’t make a user any happier. Windows hosting isn’t supported, either. offers decent website building services, too. The website builder is more sensibly priced, by the way. The hosting by is overpriced if we consider the features it includes in the hosting plans with those by other website hosting providers. claims to be a perfect choice for small and large businesses, as well as enterprises. It also delivers industry-specific solutions for businesses in such fields as real estate, auto repair, and dentistry. Companies from these niches can improve their productivity with by streaming their operations.

The company doesn’t offer a free trial period, yet there’s a refund policy for the first month.

5. Hostinger

Product Name:Hostinger
Websites Managed:3,341,508
Test Plan:Free hosting available
Cheapest Plan:$1.99/mo
Refund:30 days

Hostinger – is the best option for those website owners who have strictly limited budgets. In fact, this is the most inexpensive website hosting provider in the market nowadays. The rock bottom is $1.99 per month. The most seizable advantages, most of which are accessible in the lower tier, too, include multilingual customer support, Linux and Windows hosting available, a wide array of WordPress plans, user-friendly intuitive interface, a free SSL certificate is available for all Hostinger plans, unmetered bandwidth, and SSD disk space, powerful caching, free backups on a daily and weekly basis, one-click WordPress automatic installation, a profound website builder, 30-day money-back guarantee, and a free domain name in most Hostinger plans.

Hostinger is the unique website hosting provider that offers free services with no time limitation. However, since it is terribly limited and shouldn’t be chosen, we aren’t going to address it again.

However, using Hostinger, you can’t but notice a not consistent uptime performance at times especially with shared hosting plans (though the company claims to deliver 99.9% uptime), which is nothing but a downside compared to the stable high speed of most other hosting providers. Other than this, we didn’t come across any other major drawback that would make us not include Hostinger in this list. Apparently, this site hosting company doesn’t feel cheap even if it costs cheap. From website building to marketing to the UI for managing the created website, Hostinger is a premium host with an amazing selection of features precisely included in every plan so that the user gets the best site hosting experience.

Overall, Hostinger delivers services to a broad spectrum of business types. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing, Hostinger is a great choice for inexperienced users and startups. The powerful dedicated hosting plans that come at a cost, meanwhile, are more appropriate for eCommerce and large business sites. With this in mind, Hostinger has all the rights to be your choice of the website host.

6. Liquid Web

Product Name:Liquid Web
Websites Managed:4,551,309
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$15/mo
Refund:30 days

Liquid Web – is a web hosting company with ten global data centers and more than 500, 000 websites managing at the moment. It offers cloud, VPS, and dedicated hosting types. The company has gained a good reputation thanks to delivering robust cloud, VPS, dedicated, and reseller hosting packages, powerful and premium-class server specifications, amazing customer support, great uptime results (99,99%), unmetered bandwidth, a user-friendly website builder, and complete transparency of pricing plans. You see, when you purchase the hosting tier that best fits your requirements, the prices are shown month-to-month with no rates increasing upon renewal.

On the other hand, the pricing is rather expensive with only a few refund options. Furthermore, there is no shared hosting provided. Generally, shared hosting is relatively more cost-effective and appropriate for small businesses. With Liquid Web, you don’t have such an opportunity.

Liquid Web appears to be a good option for website developers thanks to such features as SSH access, WP-CLI, reseller plans, and Git on all managed plans. This isn’t a cheaply priced company, yet its power and flexibility are worth the price set. That’s why a number of leading companies rely on Liquid Web for the hosting of their websites. Today Liquid Web is widely chosen by designers, producers, executives, and large enterprises who all stay loyal throughout many years.

Like it happens with many prominent website hosting companies, Liquid Web doesn’t offer a free trial. But you can always request a refund within the first 30 days of usage after obtaining a pricing plan.

7. Scala Hosting

Product name:Scala Hosting
Websites Managed:Over 700,000
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$2.95/mo

Scala Hosting – is a robust website and cloud hosting provider, which enjoys popularity in European countries and the USA. The company has a vast experience in the hosting niche, which definitely affects its functionality. They have distinguished themselves due to the variety of advanced features provided by default. These include extensive resource choice, availability of SEO tools and HTTP/3 on all subscriptions, automated backups, SSL Certificate connection, unlimited email accounts as well as opportunity of website migration and domain name registration.

One of the impressive advantages of the hosting provider is its developer – and user-friendly SPanel. It was created as an alternative to the standard cPanel yet it includes hgh end FTP tools and a convenient file manager. As an all-in-one solution, SPanel grants access to the SWordPress Manager to help CMS users effectively manage their projects and the SPanel Shield – a real-time cyber security solution for the utmost protection of hosted websites.

Scala Hosting also stands out from the crowd due to its performance parameters, which are definitely above average. This initially concerns website load time and uptime rates applicable for all projects hosted with the system.

As to the demerits of the hosting provider, they are not numerous. The most disappointing factor is, probably, absence of the built-in website builder that could allow users to create and host websites with the service. At the same time, Scala Hosting offers an opportunity of one-click WordPress integration. This makes it possible to set up, host and manage professional projects with the CMS here.

Scala Hosting makes it possible to choose different types of hosting solutions with regard to the needs of its subscribers. These include shared and dedicated servers, VPS hosting, business email and app hosting, reseller plans, White Label Hosting and more. The cost of using the subscriptions depends on the package you will go for. Scala Hosting generally has two types of pricing plans to choose from – Web Hosting/WordPress and Fully-Managed VPS Hosting. The cost starts at $2.95/mo. This is a start up price, however, while the renewal cost is eventually much higher.

8. GoDaddy

Product Name:GoDaddy
Websites Managed:40,740,208
Test Plan:Yes (for website builder)
Cheapest Plan:$5.99/month
Refund:30 days

GoDaddy – is a large web hosting provider, which is, yet, more widely known for its domain registration services. It has been delivering premium hosting since 1999 and comes with such essential advantages as a wide diversity of available services, a possibility to host unlimited websites (not available for Economy plan users, though), as much bandwidth and disk space as you’d wish, impressive uptime guarantee (99.9%), Plesk Control Panel and cPanel interfaces, both Windows and Linus hosting applicable, and amazing customer care service.

The cons GoDaddy users will confirm include certain problems with HTML 500 errors, and no detailed hardware specifications accessible for GoDaddy users. The pricing by GoDaddy isn’t the cheapest, either.

This website host is an amazing choice for newbies and small businesses thanks to the user-friendly interface it features. The company is also ideal for managing a huge number of domain names.

The pricing of GoDaddy hosting services begins at 5.99$ for the economy package if you buy it with a 3-year term. The renewal cost will be $8.99. However, mind that even the most crucial features without which it will be impossible to run a website effectively, such as daily backups, might be included in the extensions offer for an extra price. With this in mind, GoDaddy can end up more expensive than some of the website hosting companies reviewed in this article.

9. DreamHost

Product Name:DreamHost
Websites managed:633,564
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$2.95/mo
Refund:97 days

Dreamhost – is a reliable web hosting that suits everyone, no matter how code-proficient a user is. With dozens of years of niche competition, it has gained millions of followers around the world. The company offers various subscription and special features for shared, VPS, WordPress, and dedicated hosting, granting access to versatile tools and features. This eventually results in fast and secure website performance and its better positions in the search engines.

DreamHost provides customers with the opportunity to use personalized email hosting services, register any number of domains along with safety tools that prevent scams and unauthorized website access. Another highlight of the software is the availability of the built-in website builder. Thus, you get several advantages at a time – a chance to set up a website and host it on the system servers without the need to select a third-party provider.

However, like any other hosting provider, DreamHost is characterized by a number of demerits that can have a direct impact on a user’s decision to cooperate with the company. DreamHost does not make it possible to use cPanel. This is a hindrance for subscribers who are accustomed to working with it. What’s more, the software does not offer versatile support options. The latter are currently limited to live chat and email only.

Regarding pricing options, DreamHost is ready to offer three types of packages. These are Shared, DreamPress, VPS plans and dedicated servers. Each plan is intended for a particular audience, granting access to special features. If you wish to save big, you can opt for the most cost-effective subscription, the price of which constitutes $2.95 per month.

10. RedSwitches

Product Name:RedSwitches
Websites Powered:-
Test Plan:Yes
Cheapest Plan:Depends on the options

RedSwitches – is a scalable and customizable cloud hosting provider, which offers extensive hosting solutions and multiple advanced tools available in stock. The platform has much to offer to newbies and experienced web designers who work on the development of websites for their customers and look for a reliable host. The software provides vertical/horizontal scaling options without downtime, a set of pre-managed servers, opportunity to migrate between clouds etc.

The system also grants access to the built-in collection of integrable applications that do not require complicated installation and set up. It is possible to integrate applications for popular eCommerce software (Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Maian Cart etc.), DevOps (GitLab, Jenkins, Minlo, Docker, Engine CE etc.), CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCMS, Ghost etc.) and other well-known systems (XWiki, Odoo, NextCloud, Doku Wiki, OSTicket etc.) here.

As to the demerits of the software, it requires certain coding proficiency from its subscribers. The thing is that RedSwitches lets users deploy versatile applications, including PHP, Java, NET, Python, Ruby and Node.js. This, correspondingly, triggers the need to possess programming skills, which may pose a problem for non-techies.

As to the pricing policy, it is quite scalable and flexible. The platform does not charge fixed rates for its plans. The final cost of using its services involves the cost of all the services/tools/features a subscriber chooses for a certain project. What you need is to browse the available parameters (Computing (Reserved and Dynamic Outlets), Disk Space, Traffic and Special Options etc.) and pick those that refer to your website. Fortunately, the software offers a free trial that is enough to test all the features and to make the final decision.


The most influential and dependable website hosting companies were reviewed in this article so that you make a wise choice of a hosting provider for your site. Most of them also offer website building tools so that you get all the services required in one place.

However, which to choose to get a perfect balance between quality and price? All the site hosting providers we investigated including HostGator, Bluehost, 1&1 IONOS, and others, won’t let you down. Being excellent options for both small businesses and big enterprises, they all ensure the necessary features to provide fast and reliable hosting of a website at sensible prices.

These companies also guarantee a total refund for a month or even a longer period if anything in the hosting package you purchase doesn’t appear what you expected. Which to stop your choice on, depends on your personal experience. Test them, see them at work, and discover which service you feel more comfortable with to rely on long-term.