Squarespace Alternatives


Squarespace is great, and I love it, but it is not the only website builder out there. Knowing the full range of alternatives to Squarespace on the market will not only help you choose the platform best-tailored to your individual needs, but also help you save a lot of time and effort.

Shopify Alternatives and Competitors


Shopify has remained one of the leaders in the eCommerce web design niche for years. However, there are many users, who start looking for better Shopify alternatives having tried the service. Why does this happen?

Bandzoogle vs Wix


All WYSIWYG website builders are pretty much the same.Their editors are based on similar principles. The use of widgets, adding and preview of changes in the real-time mode, block settings – these features are are available almost in any system of this type. It goes without saying that widgets can be also called “modules”, “features” or anything like that. Interfaces may be completely different, but the essence remains the same: users with no programming skills are able to build a website with a few clicks only.

Ecwid vs Shopify


Competition in the contemporary eCommerce niche is quite serious nowadays. Online store owners get much higher profits as compared to the owners of other commercial websites. That’s why, the developers of website builders value their skills and expertise quite high, especially if they are effective. It’s not a secret that creation of a nice online store is a complex task for the majority of people. That’s why, those services that make it possible to solve the task in the simplest and the most effective way at affordable cost are especially in demand these days.

Jimdo vs Wix

So, you need a website, and the choice of web publishing solutions is endless: content management systems, web editors, online site builders…

Etsy vs Shopify


The market abounds in various eCommerce solutions to meet any taste and requirements. There are versatile options for newbies and pros, which are expensive and cheap, effective or not. We keep comparing them as there are no two completely similar systems. There are always specific distinctions, which make one of the platforms stand out from the crowd. Cost is only one of the factors that may affect your choice.

Jimdo vs WordPress

Creating a website is as easy or as complicated as a user wants. You could tinker with settings with a completely code-free website builder for hundreds of hours, and set up a site using a professional CMS overnight. It all depends on how in depth you want to customize your site. Easy-to-use, WordPress and Jimdo give users the ability to create a website in a comparatively fast way. But despite the shared goal, each platform has its own approach to the process of website creation, and has its own benefits and disadvantages in terms of the price, features, scalability and also technical support. Here I will discover main Jimdo and WordPress similarities and show you key differences between these popular systems. Please note that in this Jimdo versus WordPress review we’re Continue reading

Adobe Muse vs Dreamweaver


We have decided to compare two website builders, which are quite popular in the web design niche. These are Adobe Muse and Dreamweaver. These are the products of one and the same company, which are rapidly developing within the Creative Cloud package and are provided via the paid subscription. They notably differ from each other. The programs are not direct competitors, but they serve the same purpose – creation of quality responsive websites.

Wix Alternatives


‘Can you recommend a website builder like Wix?’ is one of the most popular questions I get through your comments and Feedback form. The answer depends on what you mean by ‘like Wix’. Like any other website builder, Wix is a multi-faceted web service that has many aspects: a feature set, tech support, templates, ease-of-use etc. Hence, when saying ‘websites like Wix’, different users may mean different characteristics: while some expect to get hundreds of modern templates, others are looking for a site builder with a library of applications like Wix App Market, or an intuitive drag-and-drop editing environment.

Adobe Muse vs Squarespace

The choice of a decent web building platform is one of the burning issues for millions of users across the globe. With dozens of trusted website builders available out there, selecting the one that will ideally come up to your needs, requirements and preferences is frequently a challenge. This is because not all the systems are created equal. Some of them are mainly targeted at non-tech savvy users, while others are created with the needs of professionals in mind.