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Creating a Website from Scratch

Most of us are experienced Internet users. We have seen thousands of websites, searched the required information and solved various tasks with them. Everyone likes that, we feel comfortable when working with websites. It seems like the global network has always been around. Ordering food or a new smartphone with shipping in only half a minute, sending vacation photos to a friend from Australia seems so natural and habitual today. Regardless of the experience you have, you still won’t be able to become a web developer.

Is there any way to simplify the process of building your first website from scratch? Most people don’t usually need more than one website only. They have the major specialization that brings profit and they don’t have time or desire to explore the nuances of programming and web design. What they need is quick and comfortable design of their first (and, probably, the only) website. Is it possible to adhere to these expectations? Actually, it is. The use of a quality website builder will be of great help here. There are no other variants.

Best Website Builders to Create a Website From Scratch: Chart Overview
Website BuilderWix (review)uKit (review)
Perfect for:Portfolio website, online storeSmall website, business promo, onepager
Easy-to-Use:Intuitive interfaceAs easy as possible
Predesigned Website Templates:500+ templates350+ responsive templates
Customer Support:E-mail support,
strong community forum
Free Skype and e-mail support
Blogging:Yes, free blogging engineYes, via blog (news) widget
SEO Toolss:SEO WizardPromotion widget
Pricing Policy:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

Steps to Create the First Website from Scratch

You are certainly registered in one of the social networks. Was it difficult to do that? Probably, not. You’ll face similar process, when registering with one of cloud website builders. Just provide your email, account password to get into the dashboard of the system – the interface that resembles that of your personal Facebook page, but offers another functionality. By using the dashboard, you’ll be able to create web pages, which will be displayed in your visitors’ browsers, connect them in the menu to simplify navigation and fill them with content. This is how you will create your own website from scratch.

Prior to choosing the service to develop your project, though, it makes sense to answer several important questions, namely:

  • What website type exactly do you need? Does it have to be an online store, a blog or, maybe, a portfolio website? The thing is that most website builders are meant to create one or two specific types of websites and they come with a certain set of functions to cope with these tasks. Thus, you need to choose the service based on the type of your future project. You don’t even have to think about the functionality aspect as all the top niche systems will provide you with the required tools. They know what you need, even if you are not sure about that.

  • Do you have enough content to fill your website? Have you made appealing photos, videos, text materials or know how to do that? As soon as you are done with the preparation stage, your major task will become to fill your website with content. The higher its quality is – the better feedback you’ll avail from your website. Don’t think about your content for a long time, because you’ll need it pretty soon.

Suppose, you are an artist willing to create your own portfolio from scratch. You have photos, videos from your exhibitions and you can tell and write a lot about yourself and your activity. It is high time to choose a suitable website builder. To create this website type as well as business websites, landing pages or blogs, WYSIWYG services that come with a visual editor work best. You’ll need to make your own choice and this is how to do that:

  • Our blog has over 50 detailed reviews of different types of website builders. Just have a look at the TOP10 list, select one or two services either based on the description or your own preferences, then register with the system and compare the systems you’ve selected.

  • Choose the one, the interface and cost of which will adhere to you most of all. That’s it. You won’t make a mistake as you’ll choose between the services you have already selected. It is all about your own preferences and adequate cost.

Let’s assume that you have already chosen a suitable website builder based on the reviews and recommendations and it really appealed to you. This is enough as half of the work is done. You just have to create a website with this system. This is not a joke as the proper choice of a platform often proves to be a key to your project success. Thus, you are only halfway to the expected result.

What else should you do to create a website from scratch with the system you have chosen? It goes without saying that the algorithm of the web creation process may differ with regard to the service chosen, but this difference won’t be too notable.

So, the step by step guide is as follows:

  1. Register with the website builder. You’ll need to provide the email and password or sign up for the service by using your social network account data.
  2. Choose a Template. As a rule, all the designs are sorted out by categories (business, restaurants, building and construction, music etc.). Find the category you need or the one that is close to your niche specialization and choose the best template.
  3. Some website buildders offer you to provide general data before or after the registration, such as your website name, social links, your name, general website description etc. Having done that, you will easily fill your website with a part of the most important information.
  4. Right after that, the system will move you to the website dashboard. Firstly, you’ll need to have a look at the design settings and modify the colours, fonts, background based on your preferences. Look at the demo content of your template. It will give you a hint on what content exactly you have to publish to make your website pages visually appealing.
  5. Now, you have to create pages for your website in the corresponding “Settings” section. You may leave the pages that are provided by default in the demo template, delete them or add new ones. We recommend redesigning stock web pages instead of creating new ones. This is much quicker.
  6. The next step is to add content to each web page. Upload photos to the galleries, add your image to the website header, logo, favicon, provide your contact data and the rest of the info. The demo sample is always at hand. If you don’t know what you need to add, use it.
  7. You have to write titles and descriptions for each page – these are SEO settings. They are needed to make search engines like Google provide correct website information in the search results.
  8. The final step is to select the suitable plan and publish your website. Domain name (website name displayed in the browser address line) is frequently given as a bonus when buying the plan. You can choose it on your own (it makes sense to select a short domain name that is related to your website content).

Any website builder comes with FAQ, while some of them have video tutorials or even the YouTube channel (like Wix or Shopify). You can get access to the “Help” section, which is generally available at all the screens of the interface, any time you wish. Another solution is to get in touch with the tech support team by email as live chat is not available in all the systems. Don’t be shy and ask the developers all the questions you consider important.

Some systems like uKit also offer an opportunity to create a website from scratch at affordable cost. This means that you can get a website with suitable design, structure and functionality in a short period of time, but you’ll still have to fill it with content yourself. Thus, your major web creation task is to prepare unique content and design it properly.

As a rule, website builder editors are nice and convenient. If you have ever worked with Microsoft Word, for example, then you won’t have any problems mastering them. What matters most at each website is content. Don’t forget this rule. The rest is secondary. If there are no obvious design and convenience faults, then your website will find its audience, granted that it offers quality and useful information.

Now let’s come closer to the most popular website builders that allow creating website from scratch even for a complete non-techie. They are Wix and uKit. Both are very user-friendly and have intuitive interface.

Wix – The Best Website Builder to Create a Website from Scratch

Wix home page

If you face the need to create a website from scratch, but lack web design skills, expertise or time, then don’t hesitate to choose Wix for this purpose. This website builder is the embodiment of simplicity, convenience, ease of use and affordability. It works great for any website type, be it a business website, an online store, a portfolio etc. There is no need to possess web design skills – the web creation process is easy and quick here.

Wix Features

  • Wix ADI. Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is one of the most notable features of the website builder, which works great for newbies with little or no web design expertise at all. This is the top notch tool, which allows creating a website from scratch with minimum investment of effort and time. Your task is to provide your business-related info, while the system will do the rest for you. It will automatically create any website you need, filling it with the content provided. This helps reduce the website-related problems to the minimum, getting the most out of your web building process.

  • Wix ADI Interface

  • Niche Templates. Wix has, probably, one of the most impressive collections of quality niche templates. It offers hundreds of modern, stylish niche specific themes to come up to the needs of any industry. It doesn’t really matter, what niche you specialize in – you will find lots of templates to meet your needs here. All of them are subdivided into thematic categories to simplify your choice. These include Business, Design, Online Stores, Photo, Video, Music, Restaurants and Food, Health, Blog, Fashion and Beauty, Events, Hotels, Arts, Education and Culture, Landing Pages and more. Each category, in its turn, falls into sections to narrow down the search. The templates are mobile-optimized and can be easily customized to give a website stunning look and advanced functionality.

  • Wix Portfolio Website Templates

  • SEO Wizard. Effective website promotion matters not less than the web creation process itself. With SEO Wiz provided by Wix, this won’t be a problem as well. SEO Wiz is a detailed plan that helps you improve your search engine optimization results in a quick and effective way. By pointing out your website weak points and highlighting the strong ones, the system contributes to its effective promotion. Just follow the step-by-step instructions SEO WIz provides and track your SEO results.

  • Wix Free SEO Wiz

  • Customer Support. Wix has a powerful customer support center, which is available directly at the website. This is the place, where you can find answers to all the system-related questions to be able to solve your burning problems with maximum speed and efficacy. There is also a user-friendly forum with lots of topics for discussion, FAQ and other useful info. What’s more, the knowledge base of the website builder contains lots of how-to videos, detailed text tutorials understandable to everyone and even a YouTube channel. If you need, you can get in touch with Wix customer support team via email.

Wix Cost

Wix Paid Plans:
Connect Domain$4.50/mo;

Wix is one of the systems, which has an unlimited free plan, where you can create a website to further use it for as long as needed. The free plan grants access to the entire Wix functionality, except for eCommerce features. However, if you plan to connect your own domain name or online store, then it makes sense to upgrade to the paid subscription.

As of today, Wix offers five paid plans. Connect Domain plan (just as the free one) has an ad banner, while the rest of the plans don’t have it and, thus, are more preferable for business and personal use.

Wix Website Builder Review – read full Wix review for more details.

uKit – The Easiest Website Builder for Business Websites

uKit home page

If you intend to build a website for business use, then you won’t, probably, find a better solution than uKit. This website builder is rightfully considered the easiest system to design small business websites. It is convenient, simple, effective and it doesn’t require any web design skills or expertise to be used properly.

uKit Features

  • Step-By-Step Guide. One of the features that make uKit unique and easy-to-use is its step-by-step guide. It helps inexperienced users fill out basic information about their websites, which eventually triggers superb result. This is right what newbies need to launch their first websites from scratch.

  • uKit Site Editor

  • Responsive Thematic Templates. uKit has a rich collection of thematic templates, which are responsive by default. You can preview the way your website will look on mobile devices prior to choosing the template you like. For the ease of search, all uKit templates are subdivided into categories, such as Automotive, IT services, Games, Cafes and Restaurants, Landscape Design, Furniture, Landscape, Music, Real Estate, Education, Wedding, Finance and Insurance, Sports, Travel, Photography, Dance etc.

  • uKit Free Templates

  • Readymade Design Schemes. uKit developers have taken care of the needs of users, giving a website attractive visual appeal and stunning design. When working with the system, it is possible to choose between the readymade color schemes for each template. This eliminates the necessity to bother about the color palette of your website.

  • Opportunity to Change the Template “On the Go”. The choice of a template is not quite easy, especially for a non-tech savvy user. In this respect, uKit is also a great choice as it offers an opportunity to change the chosen theme on the go. If you have selected a website and realized that this was not the best choice, then you can change it during the web design process without losing the content.

  • Promotion. uKit promotion widget allows boosting your website SEO results. As soon as your website is ready, the tool will analyze its performance to indicate the available problems. The analyzed factors include such criteria as images, texts, widgets, domain name. If there is something that can be improved at the website, the system will point that out.

  • SEO uKit

uKit Cost

uKit Paid Plans:

uKit doesn’t have a free plan, which may seem a serious disadvantage for newbies willing to explore and test the features of the plans they are going to select. However, if you have a closer look at the cost of the paid plans, you will see that they are more than affordable and compensate for the absence of the free version.

Whatever plan you will eventually go for (even if this is the cheapest Premium Plan), you will get almost all the required features of the website builder (except for eCommerce features for the Premium Plan users) and premium tech support.

uKit Website Builder Review – Discover uKit in this fresh review.

Other Ways of Making a Website From Scratch

Professional web developers give preference to using CMS (Content Management System) or frameworks to create websites. Systems of the first type make it possible to manage website content, change its structure, functionality and website design by means of programming or module installation/setup. Systems of the second type are even more complicated, because the use of CMS is needed to cope with the task.

To make your website accessible on the web, you’ll need to rent hosting (storage disk space of the remote server) from the provider and set it up to meet your project requirements. Then you’ll have to install the platform on the host and keep working with it. You’ll have to create (or buy) and adjust the template on the website, write or buy functional modules, set everything up, paying special attention to your website security, reliability and speed of work.

All the above mentioned factors don’t work well for a person, who doesn’t plan to combine professional activity with website development. So, we won’t even suggest that you should understand all the nuances of the info we’ve just talked about. You don’t have to do that at all and you won’t need that as well. These details are a must for people, who will get benefit from the development of client websites. Instead, you’ll make use of the simpler and effective way to invest your time and effort.


We’ve tried to answer the most important questions and dispel the obvious doubts related to the process of creating your first website from scratch. You can find out detailed information regarding the features of separate website builders from our multiple reviews. Don’t listen to those people, who recommend using CMS (even if this is the most popular WordPress system). This won’t give you those feelings you’d like to experience when working at the development of your first website.

Your best choice is Website Builders, preferably, niche systems from the top list. We offer you the ratings, have a look at them. This will help you avoid lots of problems and disappointments. If you really like any of the systems, but it will cost a bit more than the similar service, then go ahead and get it. Based on our experience, we can assure you that it is much more effective to work in the interface that appeals to you. This is how you will reach the results much quicker and with less effort. Start now!

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