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uKit Website Builder Review

uKit – is a website builder, which is used to launch and manage small business websites and other types of projects for personal and commercial use. The system has gained worldwide popularity due to its amazing simplicity that does not compromise with quality and professional web design approach. This is an indispensible solution for newbies and web design pros willing to establish professional web presence for their businesses. This website builder will work great for all the representatives of small and medium businesses, who lack web design experience and don’t wish to pay enormous sums of money to web studios.

You don’t have to master programming basics to work with uKit – the system is simple and flexible and it completes around 70% of work on its own. There are no layout design, style charts, Photoshop and other daily issues most web developers encounter here. Frequent updates make the service more convenient and functional.

Based on one of the best samples of visual editors, uKit provides a user with an opportunity to design an appealing website from scratch without any preparation stages in 1-2 hours only. This is the major benefit of the website builder: any person can avail decent result when working with it. This can be compared to the work of a professional web designer.

  • Small business website builder.
  • Simple for newbies and web design pros.
  • No coding skills required.

1. Pros and Cons

uKit works great for hassle-free and comfy website development process. Thus, it can be used to start and effectively manage small business websites, blogs, portfolios, promo websites, landing pages and even small-to-midsize online stores. Considering the affordable cost of the system, it doesn’t seem to have any demerits at all. However, as you start browsing the platform, you may eventually come across some of its disadvantages. That is exactly why, it makes sense to list all the pros and cons of the service now to see what it has to offer.

Slight learning curve for newbies;
Rich collection of responsive niche-specific designs;
Free SSL Certificate;
Extensive integration options;
Multiple functional widgets;
Free backup creation;
Temporary website management access.
Doesn’t work well for large full-featured websites and web stores;
Websites launched with the system look similar because of the unified sections format;
No free plan.
  • Multiple responsive industry-specific templates.
  • Exceptional simplicity and convenience.
  • eCommerce engine included.

2. What Is It Good for?

uKit is a contemporary, convenient and simple website builder, which initially targets small and mid-size business owners. Its feature set is powerful enough to come up to the needs of each user, who has an intention to start and effectively manage professional projects. What matters most is that the website builder does not require any coding and web design skills to run quality projects. Everyone can master its intuitive visual interface to be able to design projects out of ready-made widgets and content blocks.

The website builder comes with an extensive collection of responsive fully-customizable designs tailor made for specific commercial and non-commercial needs. Due to the integrated drag-and-drop functionality, it’s possible to start projects of any complexity level without any coding proficiency at all. These are only some of the most obvious reasons of why the platform enjoys popularity with entrepreneurs, creatives, students, artists, photographers, models, stylists and other users.

3. Ease of Use

Whatever action you intend to complete – be it widget integration, blog post creation, domain name connection etc., it will be easy and convenient. uKit is logically divided into two areas: the Dashboard and Builder. The latter has four working areas: Site Pages, Builder, Design and Adaptive Site View.

ukit editor

The builder comes with a preview option, which lets you see all your changes in action immediately. Additionally, you can preview your work any time by clicking the Preview button. When previewing your website, you can switch between different devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile. This will give you realistic impression of what your site will look like across different devices.

The Dashboard lets you manage your sites’ main settings: connect analytics, view visitor statistics, get advice on promotion, enable ‘under construction’ mode, upload a favicon, view notifications, get help and more.

Getting Started

Before you actually proceed to the website development process, you need to sign up for the platform. Fortunately, the website builder provides easy, fast and hassle-free registration procedure. It’s possible to choose from two sign up options here. The first one implies the use of your social account (this can be Facebook, Google+, uID or LinkedIn), if you already have the one. The second registration option is to fill out the sign up form, providing your email and password info.

Upon the completion of this step, you will be offered to conform the registration by activating the link available in the email. Right after that, you will be redirected to the template selection page to pick one of the designs listed there. Likewise, you will have an opportunity to create a temporary domain name here on your own or randomly generate the one. As soon as you are done with this step, you will be offered to complete several other easy and quick steps, including the creation of a website name, contact data set up, adding links to social network accounts etc.

Finally, you will see the website editor, where you can click the blocks, experiment with images, colour combinations, integration of new elements. All in all, it takes around several minutes to explore and master the editor that consists of four sections mentioned above (these include “Design”, “Builder”, “Pages” and “Adaptive Site View”). Let’s review the features of each of them in details:

Note: the Adaptive Site View is reviewed in the Design section.

  • “Design” Mode. It lets you change your website design by choosing the color scheme and the background of a website. You can use a simple color palette, an uploaded image and even Google maps as a background.
    uKit Design Mode
    Additionally, it makes sense to mention an opportunity to activate parallax effect for each image. It can notably boost user impression of website pages and their content. It’s also possible to change a template to any other theme available here.

  • “Builder” Mode. WYSIWYG editor and drag-and-drop website builder are used as the major website editing methods here. Combinability of these methods allows users to complete the major actions with website elements and blocks by adding, removing, changing or repositioning them in a few clicks only. The results of your actions are immediately displayed in the online mode.
    uKit Builder Mode
    You’ll have to work with widgets – functional elements that are added to website pages by simple dragging. There are many of them here, including product cards, audio player, Google search, live chat, social bar with popular services, callback order, slider, price list, news informer (which is actually a blog) and more. You can also use ready made block combinations required to complete a certain function, such as header/footer, specifications, products, contacts, portfolio, reviews etc.

  • “Pages” Mode. Due to this mode, a user can complete various actions with website pages: add new pages, remove the existing ones, change the order of pages in the menu, edit web page content, duplicate, fill out meta tags.
    uKit Pages Mode
    All the elements you add to the web pages can be additionally set up: you can change inner block composition, choose visual design options, the number and format of displayed elements, background etc.

Having mastered these sections and the entire process of website development, it will be easier for you to start editing your project.

Website Editing

uKit uses one of the best visual editors in the niche. All the steps here can be completed with a few clicks only. What’s impressive, it is possible to start a ready-made website in 1-2 hours only, by simply dragging the elements from the control panel to website pages as well as by creating/adjusting content block positions. In the prevailing amount of cases, you’ll just have to edit the demo content provided by default, customize colours, fonts, layout, background etc. to get the desired result.

All the elements you can pick and add to the page have detailed settings. It’s possible to choose separate design options and edit block content for many of them. Likewise, you can set block structure and background for each block. If you wish to add images for galleries and fonts, you don’t have to upload them to the server. Instead, you can just provide a link to the required image to let it upload automatically.

Along with the ready made blocks, the system allows integrating and customizing blank blocks to give them unique design. There is also an opportunity to copy the required blocks from one page to another. This allows adding a block/widget you have already customized to another page by clicking the arrow on the block icon and choosing the page you’d like it to be copied to. Finally, you can add the blocks to the “Favorites” section for quick access in case of the necessity to frequently publish the same forms.

Apart from block integration, uKit lets you switch to the Widgets section, where you’ll get access to multiple widgets. Their selection is pretty extensive, while the process of picking the required items is easy and quick. There is even a convenient search filter option here that lets you sort out the available widgets and choose those you intend to integrate. The main widget categories are as follows:

  • Basic (Heading, Text, Image, Gallery, Slider, Button, Icon);
  • Structure (Separator, Space);
  • Content (Quote, Card, Table, PRO Table, Reviews, Steps, Timeline, Price List, Timer, HTML Code, Google Search, News Widget, Gallery);
  • Online Store (Product);
  • Outer (Ecwid, AddThis Sidebar, Cost Calculator);
  • Media (File, Video, SoundCloud, SlideShare);
  • Contact (Contact Information, Contact Form, Callback, Map, MailChimp, LiveChat, JivoChat);
  • Social (Share Buttons, Social Networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, VK, Disqus).

uKit has everything a user might need to start a full-featured website – just pick the required blocks/widgets to get the one that comes up to your web design needs. The integrated toolset of the service will be enough to start both a modern promo site and a small web store.

Going Live

While working on your website design, you can create backup versions of your project to be able to restore previous ones. As soon as you are done with your website customization, you can preview the result before the publication. This will let you see the details of the website a well as the existing bugs/errors to be able to fix them on time. Finally, click the “Publish” button to go live.

  • Drag-and-drop editor;
  • Intuitive dashboard;
  • Simple block/widget customization.

4. Features & Flexibility

uKit website builder comes with intuitive and modern interface. It is devoid of unnecessary functions and stages that slow down the web design process. This makes the service highly effective.

uKit Widgets

Blogs and Landing Pages

Apart from business websites, uKit allows creating blogs and landing pages with maximum efficacy. The first option is realized here by adding a “News Informer” widget to the website. You just set up the news display format in several clicks (it’s also possible to make a blog page a home page, of course). Right after that, all the posts from the “News” section will be published here in the set up format.

uKit News Widget

All uKit templates work great for landing pages: they are wide-screen, divided into blocks and visually-appealing. There is an opportunity to activate the anchor menu here (menu links will refer to the selected web page blocks). What’s more, it is possible to fix the menu position to make it static, when scrolling the page. Obviously, the “Up” button is available here as well just like the timer widget a one-page website is unthinkable without. Timer set up doesn’t take much effort and time as well.

Scheduled news publication is another interesting option. You can prepare the news, schedule the publications and go on a vacation, for example. The materials will be automatically added to the website according to the schedule, while you are away. Blog owners will certainly see the true value of this feature.


Apart from the rest of features, don’t forget about an opportunity to create web stores in uKit by using the integrated Ecwid Shop functionality. To apply it, you’ll have to register on the module’s website. The show windows look explicit and neat here.

You won’t manage to launch a large supermarket, though. This is not quite convenient as you’ll need to create a new web page for each category, set up its design etc. If you have time and desire, of course, you can avail decent result.

uKit Ecwid Widget

However, you won’t face problems, when launching a cute mini Internet store. There is an opportunity to add a call back order button, price lists, ad banners, “Add This” panel that allows users to share the links to the required web pages through multiple social networks. Likewise, there is an opportunity to make use of “uSocial.pro” panel used as a button constructor. It lets you create panel layout that will encompass all the required services to further add it to the website in that very place you need to be able to collect website click-related stats. This is one of the most powerful tools that will help you boost the search engine ranking of your project along with SEO tools application.

Apart from the Ecwid plugin, uKit has the integrated tool for web store creation. It is provided out-of-the-box and it will certainly appeal to many users. This is the “Product” widget. You can add the unlimited number of products for sale or services with descriptions and quality photos. The web store is comprised of three parts, namely a shopping cart and products, pop-up windows used to register an order and settings of product card design in the dashboard. This is how it looks: a tab with a product photo, description and order button.

uKit Online Store

You can also add 3 options with the unlimited number of values for each product. It’s possible to assign your own retail margin in percentage or a fixed sum for each option. If you put a «-» sign before the retail margin value, then the cost will be cut by the percent or the specified sum in comparison to the basic rate. This feature can be found in the settings of each separate product, namely in the “Add Option” section.

You can choose the currency (all the required currencies are available here), online order form builder (the set of fields and their volumes), shipping and payment options in the shopping cart settings. The design of a shopping cart can be customized as well (colours, default captions, shades). Notifications about new orders will be delivered to the specified email. From now on, there is no need to invest much money into online store creation to start selling on the web.

Online Calculator

The system offers a very useful “Online Calculator” widget based on uCalc functionality. Having added an online calculator to define the cost of a service at your website, you will get an effective tool for order collection. Users generally like such things: a person can customize an order and find out its eventual cost at a time. This encourages users to make a purchase.

uKit Free Online calculator

Table Sheets

uKit offers an advanced PRO Tables widget, which is much more functional than its standard alternative and makes it possible to create and fine-tune the tables by showing/hiding borders/headers, merging/copying cells, choosing custom colors for table elements, adjusting field sizes etc. What’s more, you can also select the preferred cell type – either normal or styles text button. It’s up to you now to configure the major button parameters and set up its view by adjusting the design, size and other available configurations.

Whether you need to add and modify tables, set up preview images for social networks or popular messengers, the advanced table widget will help you do that with ease. It will also speed up the entire uKit performance. Working with the widget is as easy and quick as using ordinary Google or Excel spreadsheets. If you’ve done that before, you will master the process in a few minutes.


uKit editor allows setting up font pairs for a website and cropping the uploaded images. A user can manually select 2 fonts (for a heading and the rest of the text) and set their display options in details (interline spacing, size, font type, spacing between letters). These settings are available in the “Design” section.

Why is it allowed to use 2 fonts only? It’s not a secret that a mixture of differently designed letters spoils the entire impression of a website. So, this restriction will contribute to a decent result – whatever you choose, it will look nice. Just don’t overuse the settings slider dragging it to the end positions. With such a tool, you will be able to enhance website design in a few clicks – the fonts have notable impact upon the impression the pages create.

Images and Video

An opportunity to crop images when adding them to a gallery or a slider, for example, allows displaying the required element, avoiding watermarks and other unneeded details. This is a minor yet quite useful feature. Your website graphics will become more impressive with it.

Integrated “Video” widget appeals to many users as well. By using it, you will be able to add a video link, set the auto display mode, the display of similar videos in the end, presentation of a video title and player control panel. These features can be activated/deactivated in a few clicks only by using sliders in the widget settings.

With uKit, you can set up video background for any of the available blocks. No installation of third-party scripts or complicated code integration is needed to do that – everyone can cope with the task in a matter of minutes. A few clicks will be enough to make your web page more entertaining, interactive and dynamic. The video background will be vividly displayed behind information blocks, thus attracting user attention to the required content.

To set up the video background, you just need to access the Background tab available in the block settings, add a link from the video source you use (either YouTube or Vimeo) and configure the major display parameters (overlay, intensity, alignment, zoom, video playback speed, effects etc.).

Pinned Blocks

The feature allows choosing and pinning content blocks on a certain website spot at the top of the page or at the bottom of it. You can apply the feature upon any block available on your web page, except for the footer and header. The process of block pinning is simple and easy enough to be completed by users will diverse web design expertise. Mind, however, that you shouldn’t pin the block, if its dimensions exceed the overall screen height or there is a fixed menu on your website that moves down as you scroll down the page. Otherwise, this may have negative impact upon user browsing experience.

Icon Animations

uKit now makes it possible to use the Icon widget that comes with a set of animation effects for more alluring website presentation. All in all, the system developers have added 4 new animation effects you can pick and apply to your web page icons. Each effect, in its turn, comes with a list of settings to let you experiment with your website view. If there is such a need, you can choose and apply several effects on the same icon at a time to express your creativity and boost customer engagement rate. The speed of animation as well as the display options may be adjusted separately based upon your web design needs.

Useful Widgets

“Timeline” and “Steps” are the best samples of interesting specific uKit widgets. They help display information about any sequence of actions in the most favorable light, be it an event schedule, steps needed to reach a certain result, event poster etc.

uKit Steps Widget

The difference between the widgets is in the content orientation, which can be either vertical or horizontal. The settings make it possible to select icon design to mark the steps, dividers, signatures etc. Such elements look quite natural on business websites, which matters a lot, because most people value quality infographics.

The website builder has also updated its Social Networks widget by extending it with a set of new trendy services, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and more. These apps will come in handy to most users, who will face the need to specify the links to these well-known messengers and social media systems, while creating their websites.

SendPulse Integration

uKit has announced its integration with SendPulse. The popular widget is now accessible to everyone, who wants to add and adjust convenient web push notifications for website visitors with a few clicks only. Connecting the SendPulse widget is easy and quick. Just reach the dashboard, pick the corresponding element and enable your push notifications. The entire process takes less than a minute.


The unlimited file storage space and automatic optimization of user photos are a notable advantages of the service. There are no many newbies, who understand the importance of compression of images, which will be used at the website. All 6 MB photos from the mirror server will just destroy the performance of web pages they will be posted on.

Website loading speed is a notable ranking factor for the search engines. This means that websites, which load slowly, have worse search engine results as compared to those that load faster, even if the rest of characteristics remain the same. Images, however, are the bulkiest web page elements and comprise the major web page megabite volume.

When it comes to uKit, the system makes several copies of photos right after they are uploaded by using Progressive JPEG and Progressive PNG algorithms. The copies are of different sizes to match Bootstrap columns to be downloaded in various dimensions and on diverse devices. This means that the system automatically optimizes the images, which can notably boost web page loading. This is how one of the most widespread problems newbies face nowadays is solved. A website will work fast, irrespective of your camera power.


uKit website promotion options are realized in the interesting way. By launching the dashboard, you can review the system recommendations on effective project search engine optimization. Newbies will value such assistance.

uKit SEO - uKit Website Builder

SEO is great here: you can fill out meta tags for each web page. Google Analytics synchronization will help track the statistics and manage the promotion strategy effectively. An option allowing to add your organization to Google maps will also contribute to search engine promotion and user attitude.

uKit also makes it possible to customize the 404 page with regard to your needs. What you can do here is adding unique text message or image, for example, that will present your brand identity. To simplify the customization process, you can use one of three available designer made templates. This option is found in the Pages/Service section.

Service Tools

An opportunity to activate a website version for visually-impaired people in one click is another highlight of the service. You can find this option in the “Design” section. It will work well for those users, who need to create an educational website (school, university etc.) or a project for any other governmental institution. There are specific legal requirements for these types of websites: they are bound to offer special versions for visually-impaired users. uKit allows doing that with ease: your website visitors will be able to select a font, a color scheme and image display options in the panel found under the website header.

There are also other uKit features you’ll be impressed with. For example, you will be able to create your own interesting and appealing 404 web page design (“Pages”/”Services”), activate block animation when scrolling (the major content display while scrolling) or install many map marks (up to 10), if your company has branches in other locations. It will be easier to speed up the design of similar blocks on various website pages by copying and adding them to the “Favourite” section to get quick access to them. This is how it works: you just choose a block, click the arrow on its parameters icon and then select a web page, where it should be placed. That’s it!

Pop-Up Windows

There is another useful feature uKit offers: this is an opportunity to set up the way the pop-up windows will show up. You should access the “Pages” menu and select the “Pop-Up Window” point. Pop-up windows may show up right after you click the button, by timer schedule, when scrolling (right after 75% of scrolling is completed) or when closing a page. You can add special offers, ads or other elements to pop-up window content.

CRM Integration

uKit also boasts BoardCRM or AmoCRM integration, which can be found in the core level of dashboard options. These are simple and intuitive system of accounting potential clients and deals, which will help control and boost your sales.

uKit Integration

The system will collect the data about each client (name, address, email, telephone), sending notifications about new events to your email. This is synchronized with the forms in pop-up windows, callback forms and web store widget. You can review the statistics via the email or right in the AmoCRM dashboard. The option will especially be useful for the owners of online stores built with uKit.

Corporate clients will value an opportunity to attach a business email right in the dashboard. You just need to connect a domain to the website. Right after that, you’ll have an opportunity to register an email that looks like «name@your domain». This is quite nice and simple.


Let’s speak about domains a bit. A free subdomain like youwebsite.ukit[dot]me will be initially assigned to your newly-registered website. It works well for a trial period, when you explore/test the system. It goes without saying that you’ll have to change it afterwards, if you decide to keep using uKit and design a website with it.

Right after you subscribe to the “Premium” Plan, you’ll be able to connect any domain you wish or buy a new one via the interface of a website builder (in any zone you prefer). This will require a few clicks in the “Dashboard”. The domain will change in around 15 minutes after your submit an order.

SSL Security

You can also connect SSL Certificate to your domain for free. To connect HTTPS, you just need to access the dashboard, select the corresponding widget and domain name from the list. In around half an hour, you will get a notification about successful process completion. Generally, you click 2 buttons and your website works on the secured HTTPS protocol without any extra money investment!

SSL is initially a must for websites, which accept online payments. Google, for example, already marks websites without this certificate as insecure. The availability of secured HTTPS protocol also affects website search engine ranking as well as the rate of customer trust. Anyway, using the certificate is better than running a website without it. What’s more, it is free – there is nothing to think about here. Just use it!

Temporary Website Management Access

uKit makes it possible to grant temporary access to your website to everyone, who might be involved in its management. By using the feature, a rights holder will be able to edit/update website design, add/remove pages and widgets, access Google Analytics to browse the website statistics, configure its SEO parameters. Such rights as viewing billing history and payment management won’t be accessible to a person you’ve shared temporary website access with.

What’s important, the system automatically creates the back up copy of a website as soon as you grant temporary access. A third-party user won’t be able to delete it. If something happens during website management process, an owner will be able to restore the initial website version. It is also possible to cancel access rights any time. The maximum temporary access duration lasts for 999 days.

uKit feature set will really allow inexperienced users to launch effective websites (and this is not a promo slogan). There is nothing to doubt here at all.


uKit makes it easy to create promo codes and connect them with a specific product. The feature can be found in the general store settings. You will need to enter a catalog and create a new promo campaign depending on the desired type.

ukit promo codes

Users will have two major options. The first one is to set a fixed discount that will be automatically displayed inside the product cart once a customer has placed an order. The good news is that you may set any discount percentage you want. The second option involves free delivery. It may apply to specific items as well as all orders placed by a client.

ukit create promo code

Product Cart

The system comes with an advanced shopping cart that can be easily customized. Users are free to change the design and select different locations on the page to place it and make it more visible for the client. It will help to reduce cart abandonment and prevent buyers from leaving the website without completing the order.

ukit product cart customization

The good news is that the product cart can be edited and customized in both desktop and mobile modes. Simply switch between various screen dimensions to change the icon positioning. The feature works well in case you want to arrange several widgets on a single page simultaneously (callback, cart, Live Chat, etc.).

ukit product cart mobile

What’s more, users can control the number of products displayed on the page at a time using the cart pagination feature. All you need is to indicate the number of items you want to show on a single screen.

ukit product catalog

  • Multiple integrable and customizable widgets;
  • Two eCommerce options;
  • SendPulse and AmoCRM integration.

5. Design & Templates

uKit design customization options are quite extensive as well. The website builder allows choosing from multiple designs that have modern and stylish look. It’s up to you to pick the theme you like most and give it unique appeal. What you should know is that uKit templates differ not only in header color schemes and images, but also in their structure as well as design approaches.

Page Templates

Template quality and versatility is what users notice first, when exploring uKit. All templates are subdivided into 40 topics and niches, which contain over 500 responsive themes to meet any taste. The design of each theme is not final. You can rearrange, create and delete ready made blocks, change slider images, colors of any elements, fonts, menu sequence etc. If needed, you will be able to change the selected template to any other.

uKit provides users with flexible and quality material. Having worked with it, you can eventually get a stunning website with all the required features (see real uKit website examples). To simplify the web design process, it is desirable to select a niche template. This can be photography, construction, law, goods transportation, tourism, finance, education (this is a recently added template category) and more. This is a surefire way to get a suitable website structure and demo content. By editing the content, you will be able to design half of a website in less than 20 minutes, adjusting the background, colour and, maybe, the default position of blocks and widgets.

uKit Free Templates

If you wish, you can change the template during the web design process. It doesn’t matter what category a new template will refer to, it will come with the demo-content of the initially chosen sample. This is convenient as you won’t be able to spoil anything in your website topic, even if you apply a construction template for a photography website. This is also an extra reason to select the design from your category.

Template responsiveness is another highlight of the system – themes are flexible and can automatically adjust to any smartphone, tablet or lapbook screen. “Sandwich” menus look great on any screens, while blocks flexibly change their sizes.

Deep Design Customization

There are no crucial ways to customize uKit templates as all of them look quite similar in terms of structure and layout. This is due to the fact that the system is mostly oriented on the needs of newbies, who frequently lack even basic web design knowledge and coding skills. Block versatility and customizability is what gives each template personalized look.

However, when it comes to deep design customization, you can start with background settings available for each block. What’s impressive, you can pick and integrate even a Google/Bing map as a background. Overlay and opacity settings make it possible to set up the map with regard to overall website design so that it could be readable and clear.

Obviously, you can also use standard images to create the desired block background. uKit makes it possible to activate background parallax effect to give your website exquisite look. Mind that Depositphotos access is granted here by default. Additionally, you can set up structure for each block by clicking the corresponding button in the upper website corner. What you can do here is choosing screen width with regard to the submitted content, adjust alignment parameters for separate elements as well as pick the most suitable block type.

With an advanced Icon widget, you are free to customize different icons making them clickable and different in style. The system makes it easy to add hover effects, change colors, and resize the icons. Besides, you will have access to a huge catalog of custom icon images or even change the way linking options look like.

ukit font awesome

Another design option to make the page look more interactive and engaging is the Dynamic Text feature. The option comes with all major paid plans. The idea is to make headings and descriptions moving on the page in accordance with the promo campaign you want to launch. The feature can be found in the main toolbar on the page where you may choose a particular word or phrase to be displayed dynamically. No need to mark the entire setting. Simply add several alternative variants to be displayed on the page one by one.

ukit dynamic text

Last but not least is the ability to create and save several preset menu layouts and designs. Then, you may use your menu templates to apply wherever needed on the desired page. They may come in different styles and designs making you change the positioning of the menu widget.

Adaptive Site View

To enhance the mobile browsing experience of users, uKit makes it possible to fine-tune the mobile and tablet website look. You will be able to hide the blocks you won’t wish to be displayed in the mobile mode, change the number of widget columns and block backgrounds. It’s also possible to configure the widget positions to make them divided into 2 columns, when viewed on tablets.

Mind that the mobile website version is automatically synchronized with the initial desktop site look. However, the block background desktop settings will lose synchronization with the mobile version as soon as you enable the features specific for mobile browsing only.

  • More than 500 niche-specific templates;
  • Adaptive site view;
  • Template switch option.

6. Customer Support

uKit customer support options are versatile enough to come up to the needs of most system users. Whatever issues you face while exploring and mastering the system, you will be able to choose from the following support solutions:

  • Powerful knowledge base – this is the top notch destination for all users, who encounter web design or website management problems, when working with the system. uKit offers dozens of the most widespread questions and answers that are divided into topics to simplify user search. This is also the place, where you can read informative articles that cover the most frequent issues users are interested in;
  • Skype and email – if you fail to find answers to your system-related questions in the knowledge base, take your time to contact uKit experts via Skype or email using a feedback form on the official website;
  • Blog – you may also check out the official uKit blog to browse articles on website development that will help you stay aware of modern industry trends;
  • Live chat – uKit live chat support is available 24/7 to provide the system subscribers with on-time help each time they encounter problems, when working on their project development, management or further promotion.

As you see, uKit users have multiple support options to choose from. Everything depends upon the complexity of the problem they face as well as their degree of web design awareness.

  • Powerful knowledge base;
  • Email, Skype and live chat support.
  • Informative official uKit blog.

7. Plans & Pricing

When it comes to the pricing policy, the system has much to offer – paid plans are very affordable here. When paying for 3, 6 months or 1-2 years at a time, you will additionally be offered a nice discount – -5%, -10%, -20% и -30% correspondingly. Thus, the longer the subscription duration is, the greater the discount will be. By the way, the system additionally offers discounts to those users, who run several websites at once with one of its plans.

Currently, uKit has 4 paid subscriptions:

uKit Pricing

  • “Minimal” ($5/mo) – offers all the necessary tools and features you can use to launch a great website. The plan comes with custom domain name connection option, unlimited number of pages, visitors and disk space, unlimited SMS notifications, 24/7 support, free hosting, backup option and over 200 professional designs.
  • “Basic” (10$/mo) – grants advanced statistics and unlimited access to premium templates. In addition to the features provided by the Minimal Plan, Basic subscription comes with live chat support, absence of the system copyright, powerful statistic tracking tools, Google Analytics goals and access to premium designs. This is the best choice for your business!
  • “eCommerce” (12$) – allows creating a web store with integrated shopping cart and multiple checkout options. The plan offers a free 14-day trial as well as multiple one-of-a-kind niche-specific features. These include versatile shipping and payment options, shopping cart settings, currency choice, acception of online payments (PayPal, Wallet One etc.).
  • “Pro” (15$) – unveils lots of extra coding and creative advantages for professionals, such as custom code integration or custom color scheme application. eCommerce functionality is available here as well

The website builder doesn’t have a completely free option, but it comes with a 14-day free trial that grants unlimited access to the feature set included into the Minimal Plan. As soon as the trial expires, your website will be stored on the system servers for one year. During this time, you will be able to upgrade to the plan that fits your needs most of all and then publish a website any time.

Apart from that, uKit has an offer, which covers the current urge of any business to have a website. If you need a more professional business website, but you don’t have time or desire to work on its development on your own, you can order the turn-key ready project for $100 from the system developers. This is a very attempting offer for people, who are busy completing their business tasks and making profit.

  • Free 14-day trial;
  • Four paid subscriptions;
  • Multiple discounts, bonuses and special offers.

8. Website Examples

After we have looked under the website builder’s hood in detail we may compare and contrast several live site examples built using uKit.

International Sports Brand – sportswear and supplies

International Sports Brand – sportswear and supplies

Inclusive Adventures – charitable organization

Inclusive Adventures – charitable organization

City Consulting – consulting agency

City Consulting – consulting agency

Juliette Caron – an artist portfolio

Juliette Caron – an artist portfolio

Fresh Catering – catering services

Fresh Catering – catering services

69 Lad Design – interior design studio

69 Lad Design – interior design studio

9. Conclusion

  • One of the easiest website builders
  • Affordable paid plans
  • eCommerce, SEO, and Blogging
  • Stylish adaptive templates

uKit is undoubtedly the top website builder for small business. The system comes with the feature set required to create business websites, personal promo sites, portfolios, small online stores or appealing landing pages. The service has won the trust of lot of fans, the major part of which are young entrepreneurs and experienced business owners willing to expand their business online presence. We can come across uKit websites more often now and there are many decent samples out there.

Considering the major business focus of the website builder and its conveniently organized feature set, uKit is definitely worth the money. The system frequently provides beneficial discounts up to 50%. The developers offer them on almost all the holidays. As a result, you can use the platform at minimum cost.

Ongoing development, implementation of new technologies, integration with useful services are the strong points of the project. As of today, it actively keeps expanding the new feature set. Just take a look at the opportunity of converting Facebook pages into uKit websites. If you start working with the service, you will avail even more impressive options in about a year. Such attention of the system developers to the project is a serious benefit for the clients. Your website will keep developing. And so will your business.

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