Transferring from Adobe Muse to WordPress

Transferring from Adobe Muse to WordPress

Adobe Muse is a desktop software, which has initially been developed for professional web developers. The app has been provided as a part of Adobe Creative package along with other popular products like Dreamweaver and Photoshop. However, in May 2020 Adobe announced termination its Muse support. This means that the software won’t have any updates or tech assistance anymore.

Transferring from Weebly to WordPress

how to switch from weebly to wordpress

Weebly and WordPress are popular web design platforms, which occupy high positions in their niches. The systems are effectively used to start different types of web projects that differ in size, complexity, integrated functionality and target audience. They abound in design customization, integration and marketing options yet they still differ in the web design approach offered.

Transferring from Webflow to WordPress

switching from webflow to wordpress

Have you made up your mind to switch from Webflow to WordPress? The reason for such an action may differ with regard to your current web design objectives, priorities, website type you run, budget and other vital aspects. In the prevailing number of cases, however, website owners are driven by the same goals: they either wish to boost their projects’ performance and generate traffic or need a more flexible and feature-rich system to keep working on their website development.

How to Hire Someone to Build a Website

how to hire someone to build a website

Choosing the right developer for your future website is a tough process. It contains so many factors to consider. Is it going to be a freelancer or an agency? How much will the project cost? How to find a trusted specialist? Is it better to handle the building process using website builders? To answer those questions it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the project’s future goals and key objectives.

Transferring from Google Sites to WordPress


Google Sites and WordPress are both included in the list of popular web building platforms. This doesn’t mean, however, that they complete the same tasks and provide the same level of functionality, similar tools and integrated features. Yes, the systems make it possible to set up, customize, manage and promote various types of web projects, but they use diverse approaches to do that. This is mainly explained by the niche specialization, implications and capabilities of these services.

Transferring from Weebly to Wix

how to switch from weebly to wix

Weebly and Wix are website builders, which are rightfully included into the list of the best web design platforms available in the modern website development niche. The systems make it possible to start and manage quality projects yet they target diverse audience types and focus on different aspects. Weebly is a DIY service, which has gained strong eCommerce focus after its acquisition by Square in 2018. Wix has made its name as the most popular all-in-one website builder that offers multiple design customization and functionality features.

Transferring from Squarespace to WordPress

how to switch from squarespace to wordpress

The reasons to switch from Squarespace to WordPress may be numerous. You may have an intention to bring your website functionality to the higher level or set new objectives, realization of which may be a problem with your current Squarespace website. You should realize that it will take time, effort and skills to migrate from Squarespace to WordPress CMS. Apart from the complex technical nuances, you have to make sure you forward the traffic properly to the new hosting with the old website domain.

Transferring from Squarespace to Wix

Switching from Squarespace to Wix

Squarespace and Wix are two popular website builders, which differ a lot in terms of web design approach, feature set, functionality and target audience. While Squarespace is mainly focused on the needs of creatives and entrepreneurs, Wix provides creative freedom and extensive range of tools and features to cover the needs of diverse user categories. The fact that you decide to switch from Squarespace to Wix does not mean that one of these platforms is better than another.

How to Create a Website for Kids

How to Create a Website for Kids

The Internet is no longer a place where only adults gather. So if your kids are spending time on the Internet, why not help them build their first website? It can prove to be an entertaining and safe way for them to have fun online. Please note that we’re talking about website builders for adults. Though they’re so intuitive that even kids can use them, they’re not exclusively designed for children. But parents can use them to show how easy and fast building a website can be.

Switching from WordPress to Wix

Switching from WordPress to Wix

WordPress and Wix are the world-popular web development platforms, each of which is the leader in its niche. WordPress is the most well-known Content Management System that is used to create complex projects with powerful integration solutions. Wix, in its turn, stands out from the crowd as a renowned all-in-one website builder, which can be chosen to launch and manage any types of websites – both simple and full-featured.