How to Convert a Static HTML Website to WordPress

how to convert a static html website to wordpress

The ties of websites built with 100% HTML are passing away. That was a long hard road out of the web building origins. It has turned into trials and errors for millions of web design enthusiasts from around the globe. It does not mean static HTML pages are about to vanish once and for all. HTML5 markup language is still one of the most powerful today letting users build websites without content management systems behind them. However…

The Best Websites to Create a Blog

the best websites to create a blog free options included

Blogging is one of the most popular ways of client base growth and customer generation. This is the to notch destination for users willing to engage their client’s attention, informing them about the topics they are interested in. Each time you face the need to start a blog, you are concerned with one and the same question: which web building tool to go for?

How to Make a Website Without a Website Builder

how to make a website without a website builder

The Global Web has grown into a huge digital environment with over 200 million websites operating online. Regular users like you launched the majority of those sites without in-depth coding or programming knowledge. For many years, the process has been the matter of endless trials and errors, experiments, failures until website builders made their revolutionary debut on the digital arena.

White Label Website Builders

Website Builders Offer White Label Solutions

Our today’s post is about white labeling, a powerful strategy to increase distribution while staying concentrated on marketing the product rather than worrying about building it. Many software companies including website builders use white labeling as an important component of their business strategy, because it’s beneficial to both sides: producers get more customers without extra marketing investments, while resellers earn commissions without having to worry about the product they sell.

How to Hire a Professional Wix Expert

How to Hire a Professional Wix Expert

Building a new website from scratch without professional support was quite a challenge a decade ago. You would probably need a team of coders, graphic and web designers, testers, and other specialists to go online with a solid project. The development process took weeks and months and cost a fortune. Wix website builder was designed to make things much easier. The initial idea was to help newbies with no coding skills to create their own sites without assistance at minimum costs.

Building an Online Calculator

How to Create a Calculator for Your Website

Having a small business website requires transparency because this is what most customers are looking for today. A potential buyer is eager to observe clear figures and sums before purchasing a particular good or service. This is where website calculators appear to be a good solution. On the one hand, they prevent clients from extra costs or cheating. On the other hand, such an approach makes it easy to improve the level of credibility.

Starting a Web Design Agency

starting a web design agency

Individuals and companies have to face various obstacles on the way to recognition in the field of web design. With so many custom teams and well-established brands, new startups and freelancers have to fight their way to the top. A few really succeed while more and more specialists realize the true value of opting for ready-made web building solutions.

What is a Domain Name and How Do Domains Work?

what is a domain name and how do domains work

The process of building a website starts from choosing a domain name. This is where most beginners face their first obstacle on the way to a successful deployment. They find their backs against the wall due to many technical issues and terms like web hosting, domain registration, server, etc. On the other hand, it is impossible to have a website without a domain. In this guide, we will try to cover each and every issue that might sound a bit too technical for newbies.

How to Convert a WordPress Site to a Static HTML Website

How to Convert a WordPress Site to a Static HTML Website

WordPress –  is one of the most flexible platforms letting users build websites of any type. It combines ease of use and versatility in terms of page customization or third-party integration. Millions of websites across the globe are built using this popular CMS platform. The only task it cannot fulfill is creating static HTML pages. Website owners may have various reasons to go back to HTML versions. Some might crave for faster page load speed while others care about security concerns. Whatever the reason is, the process of converting a WordPress site into a static HTML website is quite a challenge. It requires some time as well as special instruments, skills, and patients.

How to Detect Website’s CMS

how to detect website cms

Sometimes there is a need to find out what CMS or website builder a website is based on. Users may require this info just because of their curiosity or desire to understand what technology works best for this type of projects. Having found that out, it’s quite possible that you’ll wish to create a similar website yourself or even copy the one in details. The essence goes down to the only goal – how to get information about the CMS a website is built on.