Squarespace Review

Squarespace Review

Squarespace – is a globally recognizable website builder with millions of users and more than 1,000 employees. The platform is a flexible solution whenever you need to create a professional blog, capturing portfolio, or a fully-featured online store from scratch with no coding. The software is very easy to use and is great for newbies and creative pros.

According to the latest stats, more than 2 million people worldwide use the platform to create stylish and responsive websites. Squarespace currently supports over 1.5 million live websites. 100,000 of them are using eCommerce functionality and features designed for merchants.

The latest software version has brought some extra perks to its users. You may now benefit from an extended list of responsive and stylish templates, improved usability, support for G Suit and Getty Images, custom Cover Page Website builder, and more. Besides, Squarespace boasts one of the best support teams and an affordable pricing policy.

Squarespace Pros and Cons

The website builder has everything you need to create a new site from the blank without technical skills (see the best Squarespace website examples). The latest version comes with improved inline editing, a wider selection of templates, and a set of built-in features. However, nothing is perfect, and the platform still has some slight downsides that will hardly create obstacles on the way to go live.

Squarespace pros:
Squarespace Cons:
Responsive and Stylish Templates – the platform has expanded its template collection offering 100+ different themes. They all run well on any device including tablets and smartphones. Besides, Squarespace themes come with probably the best design in the niche.
Improved Usability – developers have fixed the preview option and added inline editing to let users save all changes online without switching between the editor and the preview mode. The building process is intuitive and simple.
Mobile App – Squarespace has its custom mobile app that makes it possible to edit the future website right from the smartphone.
Built-In Features – each template comes with a set of integrated features without the need to manage or configure them manually.
Blogging Features – a great option for bloggers and users who want to promote their websites using blog posts, articles, reviews, etc. Create a blog with enhanced commenting functionality, AMP support, post scheduling, and more.
Support – take advantage of 24/7 support. It is one of the best in the niche featuring almost instant answers.
No App Store – the software does not have a typical app market with widgets and add-ons to download. On the other hand, users can rely on built-in features.
Plan Upgrade – some features like scheduling, advanced analytics, and promotion tools are available in premium plans only.
Good for Simple Projects – while the platform comes with one-sub navigation, it will be hard for users to create complex websites with an in-depth menu and page hierarchy.

Despite some small drawbacks, Squarespace is certainly one of the best website builders to create functional projects and go live in hours. Let us find out what needs it serves the best.

Squarespace Review
  • World-known website builder.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Easy to use for everyone.

What Is It Good for?

The platform was initially designed as the software to create content-based and small business websites. It works great whenever you need to create a blog or a professional portfolio. However, the website builder has evolved over the years. It currently offers extra features and eCommerce functionality to create small and medium online stores.

As a result, Squarespace can be a great opt for:

  • Creative Specialists – photographers, artists, or designers who want to highlight their works, attract new customers and even accept payments online.
  • Small Business Companies – Squarespace makes it easy to establish a solid web presence and promote your business online. Besides, the platform is good for building effective landing pages.
  • Merchants – with additional eCommerce tools, users have a chance to sell goods online. The website builder has built-in instruments to accept payments, manage products, and more.

Have a look at several website examples built with Squarespace:

1. Knapsack


A great example of how great a professional portfolio may look like if built with Squarespace. Here we have catchy template designs featuring visual effects and animation, blocks to interact with customers as well as highlighted works and services. All sections are well-structured and easy to navigate.

2. Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly

The example shows how the website builder may help when building a photographer’s portfolio in a more creative way. All photos are divided into categories. They also feature short descriptions, prices, and the ability to choose an image with a proper size. The website has eCommerce tools that built-in shopping cart and integrated checkout page.

3. Good Candle

Good Candle

Here we have a fully-featured online store built with Squarespace. Apart from the integrated shopping cart and simple checkout process, the platform offers tools to create special deals, mark sold-out products, offer special deals or discounts.

As you can see, the platform is flexible enough to let users create websites of any type. Although the platform was developed with a focus on small business and content-based projects, y may still use it to start selling products or services online.

Ease of Use

Getting started with Squarespace is very easy. The system has an integrated automated assistant that will let you decide on the most suitable website structure and template with necessary built-in features to get started. All you need is to complete several simple steps.

Step 1 – Identify Your Goals

Squarespace: Step 1

The platform offers several major goals to choose from. Think of why you actually want to create a website. How you plan to interact with potential visitors. Do you want to build a blog or plan to sell products and services? Pick the option that applies to you the most.

Step 2 – Identify the Phase

Squarespace: Step 2

Do you have a complete vision of how your website should look like? Do you want to transfer your website from an existing platform to Squarespace? Are you only at the stage of collecting inspiration? Select the stage you are on to let the system come up with the most suitable solution for you.

Step 3 – Choose A Template

Squarespace: Step 3

The website builder will automatically offer a suitable template depending on your previous answers. You are free to choose another theme if you do not like the offered one. Go to any category from the list, preview the layout, and start editing.

Step 4 – Sign In and Edit

The final stage is to sign in using Facebook or Google account. You may also follow a traditional way by indicating your password and email. Once you have successfully signed in, you will be transferred to the dashboard with an integrated assistant to help you make the first steps insides the editor.

Squarespace: Step 4

That is it. Users only need to add content, customize some of the existing blocks, or add new elements. Then you will also need to connect a domain. Users may either get a new one right here in the dashboard or use the one they already have. As you can see, no coding or technical skills are necessary. The building process will hardly take you more than a couple of hours considering you already have content to add.

Features & Flexibility

Squarespace delivers all necessary tools to create, configure, manage, and promote websites of any type. Users will benefit from comprehensive content editing functionality in addition to integrated eCommerce tools, email marketing, and promotion instruments, analytics, social sharing, and more.

Page Sections and Elements

Squarespace Page Sections and Elements

Although the system comes with pre-designed layouts, users are still able to customize them and add new page elements and blocks. The editor comes with a variety of page sections that are easy to add and edit. Here we have everything necessary from headlines and lists to galleries, forms, appointments, etc.


Squarespace Blogging

Each template has an integrated blogging feature. You do not have to create a new blog from scratch. All you need is to add new pages and manage blog posts inside the editor. Users will have a chance to save article drafts or schedule posts. Taka a look at these Squarespace blogs made by its users.

The feature comes with a comprehensive set of management tools letting you configure general blogging settings. For example, you can edit SEO settings for each particular article, change social preview, add an alternative image for social platforms, and more. Additionally, you get an advanced commenting option, reblogging, and RSS feed integration.

Squarespace Blog Settings

Email Campaigns

Promote your brand using built-in email marketing instruments. Users will be able to create and launch new campaigns with several clicks. You will have two major options:

  1. Blast – a user creates an email campaign and sends it to an existing mailing list manually.
  2. Automation – a great feature to create scheduled email triggers that will automatically launch an email campaign.

Squarespace Email Campaigns

The option comes with an integrated dashboard with reports and stats. You can track the number of letters sent. Besides, users can create and save newsletter drafts, monitor automation, and see scheduled campaigns without switching to a third-party service.

Location Management

Squarespace Location Management

A great feature to make your company more visible to potential customers. The features are based on embedded Google Maps that help to indicate your business physical location. What’s more, you may add several locations and preview the way they will look like in Google search.

SEO Tools

Squarespace lets you create SEO-friendly website even if you are new to the optimization process. In the dashboard, users will have a chance to track the ultimate SEO checklist with all vital aspects to consider. Besides, you may search for relevant keywords as well as consult Squarespace experts on the most suitable SEO strategy for your particular website.

Squarespace Products SEO Settings

As for the settings, the editor lets you change meta title and description, customize title format, etc. SEO configurations can apply to each particular page of items (products or services you sell and promote).


The platform has a range of eCommerce-oriented templates. They have a set f built-in features that include product page, item management functionality, built-in payment gateways (Stripe), and more. The system ensures a stylish and attractive good representation (see examples).

Squarespace Edit Product

Managing products is very easy. Users can edit item descriptions, set currency or quantity, add images, connect additional forms in case you need to collect extra customers’ info. As we have stated earlier, SEO settings may apply to various pages and items. Squarespace lets you configure them for product pages separately.

Squarespace Edit Product - SEO

Also, you may edit the page in social preview mode, connect featured products, or custom “add to cart” or “Checkout” button. Users can promote their services and good with special deals, promo codes, coupons, etc.


Squarespace Analytics

A comprehensive reporting feature ensures a detailed stats overview including some crucial metrics. Users will be able to monitor general stats that include sakes, traffic, and customers’ geography. Additionally, you will be able to access deeper insights such as commerce (purchase funnel, sales by product), engagement (most popular ages, activity logs, etc.), and user acquisition data (effective traffic sources, most searched keywords, so on).

Unfold App

The app makes it possible for the system users to create and share feature-laden and visually-impressive stories and posts in social networks. Downloading and integrating the application from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store is simple and free. Apart from storytelling options, Unfold also comes with a set of premium themes and features that can be chosen and used by those users, who decide to upgrade for premium membership, that is, the Unfold+ subscriptions.

Design & Templates

The platform delivers all the necessary tools to create high quality and engaging content. Wrapped in an up-to-date and stylish design, such websites will certainly bring your business to success. Besides, you can customize each page using a set of advanced editing tools that do not require special skills or knowledge.

Responsive Templates

Squarespace Responsive Templates

The website builder currently has over 100 layouts that work great on different devices. They are divided into categories that include online stores, portfolios, events, restaurants, and more. Simply pick the one and benefit from dozens of design instruments to customize the theme.

Page Editor

Squarespace Page Editor

Squarespace was designed with a focus on newbies. Page editing is simple and intuitive. Although each theme comes with pre-designed pages and layouts, you may add additional blocks and elements from the list provided. What’s more, you are free to edit content, formatting, and styling. Create headings, subheadings, and paragraphs to make your texts more SEO and readers-friendly.

Design Tools

Squarespace Design Tools

Apart from baseline typography options to change fonts, colors, or spacing, the software lets you easily add animation and visual effects to particular pages. At the same time, users may edit buttons or image blocks separately. What’s more, there is a tool to customize the product page and change the item’s ration, dimensions, gallery width, placement, and more.

Mobile Editor

Squarespace has its custom mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. It provides full access to the dashboard and editor making it possible to customize each page on the go. The mobile version delivers the same functionality as the desktop. Users can contact the support team, make and save changes online, and make the most of all major platform design and customization features.

Access to HTML/CSS

Squarespace access to HTML/CSS

This feature helps experienced web designers and coders to add exclusive functionality. They can edit some of the page elements, or develop new ones from the blank. The reset option lets you pull back to the previous version in case of a coding error.

Image Manager

A convenient drag-and-drop feature makes it possible to add and organize images with no special effort and time investment. The responsive image loader makes it possible to drag the images directly from the desktop into your browser window, detecting and selecting the appropriate size to load for all types of screens and devices.

Getty Images integration lets users select from more than 40 millions high quality images included into the collection. Due to the Image Focal Point Control feature, you can define the focal point of every image you are going to add, thus ensuring the best crop for resized images and thumbnails.

All the images Squarespace offers can be edited right in the browser via the Adobe Image Editor – just pick the image, resize, crop, rotate and adjust its parameters with regard to your needs. What’s more, Squarespace comes with integrated Lightbox tool that allows for stunning full-browser-sized image presentation.

Logo Maker

The website builder introduces its advanced Logo Maker that lets you create your own company logo to further integrate it into the website. From now on, you can design a unique logo with a few clicks only.

Squarespace Logo Maker

Just provide your company name in the corresponding field, pick suitable elements, choose your logo style and publish it to get started. Having a company logo will certainly boost its reputation to make it stand out against its competitors.

Customer Support

Squarespace has a comprehensive knowledge base with dozens of articles, video tutorials, and guides. It also has an automated assistant inside the editor. You will see once you have logged in. The assistant can be disabled with a click.

There is a Live Chat feature to contact the team instantly. However, this option will only work for general questions related to subscriptions, plans, account settings, and problems when logging in. The main problem is that you will have to chat with a bot, t fails to provide detailed info on more advanced technical issues.

Squarespace Customer Support

However, as was said earlier, users can easily find any info in the Help Center. After we failed to get an answer on the “payment gateway” issue from the bot, we searched it in the knowledgebase. As you can see, displayed articles cover all possible aspects of the question.

Squarespace FAQ

So, we may consume, that the support is good. We still found the answer, didn’t we?

Plans & Pricing: How Much Does Squarespace Cost?

With four different plans, users may choose the one that meets their project needs. While Personal subscription is mainly for independent entrepreneurs and freelancers with a simple site and some baseline features, Business, Basic Commerce, and Advanced Commerce are for users who want to promote their brand as well as sell products or services online.

Squarespace Price

A personal plan is the cheapest way to get started. It costs only $12 per month. It has all the necessary options to launch and run a project including free domain and hosting, SSL, unlimited bandwidth, round-the-clock support, and more.

The business plan costs $18 per month. It is mainly for growing companies that look for advanced analytics, comprehensive marketing tools, and baseline eCommerce to sell online products or subscriptions.

Basic Commerce is a more merchant-oriented plan that costs $26 per month, It has all features form the Personal and Business plan but comes with 0% transaction fees, integrated POS solution, customer accounts, and merchandising tools.

Advanced Commerce plan will cost you $40 per month. It is an ultimate eCommerce solution with cart abandonment, advanced shipping, and discount options, sell subscriptions, and more.

Squarespace Website Examples

As you can see from our review, Squarespace is an ultimate website builder to handle any project. It offers tools and features to build, launch, maintain, support, and promote literally any website type. No matter if you are an independent photographer, a restaurant owner, or a global merchant, the platform has something to offer. Have a look at some of the website examples built with Squarespace.

John Malkovich Fashion

John Malkovich’ clothes website.


Cooking and gastronomy website example.


Another good example of a stylish Squarespace website.

PICA Things We Love Japanese Design Prints

A simple digital Squarespace store.

Kevin Krautgartner

An architect photographer portfolio website.


This website introduces yoga training activities.

Take a look at more Squarespace portfolio examples in my latest compilation.

Alternatives & Competitors

We have examined different popular website building platforms and compared them to Squarespace. The overview provides a clear vision of the platform’s hits and misses in front of the main competitors.

  • Wix – is the most flexible website builder to create any site from the blank with no coding. Either you are a blogger small business owner, or merchant, the platform will meet all your needs in terms of ease of use, functionality, and customization. Unlike Squarespace, it has an App Store while the editor is a bit simpler letting you go live with a ready-made site in 10 minutes. Here you may learn how to transfer your Squarespace website to Wix.
  • WordPress – is a self-hosted CMS with full access to the source code. Besides, users may choose from thousands of responsive themes that are easy to manage and customize while Squarepsapce has only 100+ templates although they look much more stylish and have built-in widgets. Take a look at the Squarespace to WordPress migration instruction.
  • Shopify – is an eCommerce- focused website builder that serves merchants’ need the best. It comes with a wider selection of selling, promotion, and reporting features if compared to Squarespace. So, if you want to build an online shop, you may consider this platform as an alternative. if you are with Squarespace already, you may easily switch to Shopify following this guide.


Question: Is there a free version of Squarespace?

Answer: No, there is not, But there is a 14-day free trial that does not require any billing info or credit card. You can test the platform at zero cost and then opt for a plan that suits your needs.

Question: How many websites can I make with Squarespace?

Answer: You can build and manage as many sites as you want from a single dashboard. However, each new project and domain are billed separately. In other words, a user needs to pick a new plan for each new site.

Question: Can I get a free domain with Squarespace?

Answer: Yes, you can. All yearly subscribers get one custom domain free for 1 year. Then it will require paid renewal.

Question: Do I need hosting for Squarespace?

Answer: No, you don’t. The platform comes as an all-in-one solution that already includes hosting. Moreover, each plan offers unmetered bandwidth.

Question: What happens when my Squarespace trial ends?

Answer: You will need to choose a plan to continue using the platform’s tools.

Squarespace Review Conclusion

Squarespace Review
  • Stylish and responsive templates
  • A set of designer tools
  • Advanced blogging feature
  • eCommerce instruments

Squarespace is definitely a worthy website builder to take into account whenever you want to build a solid online representation. It can serve various needs thanks to a vast selection of features. Either you run a small online shop, hospitality business, web design studio, or offer photographer services, this platform is the right pick. Users may create portfolios landing pages, business cards, and digital stores in hours.

The system offers advanced functionality in the face of its custom mobile app to edit sites on the go. Responsive templates look very stylish while the Help Center contains all the necessary info you may need. Integrated blogging and SEO tools make it easy to promote your project while social sharing and marketing instruments ensure maximum coverage.

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