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Similar to all trends, single page designs have their own advantages and flaws, but in a world where people tend to read diagonally skipping whole paragraphs and pages, running a single-page site may be a brilliant way to make them stop and pay attention to your product or service.

If you consider choosing such an unusual format for your next/first website, you should know there are one-page website builders that can make the process of website creation as easy as creating a Facebook account. Today I invite you to join me testing Strikingly, probably the easiest way to create beautiful one-page websites.

One-page websites? Is one page enough to convey your message? It is. Just a few months ago, Strikingly released the Fourth version of the builder – the biggest update to the editor in years. The newest version makes it possible to add a blog, integrate a shopping cart and easily switch templates, among other improvements.

#1 Ease of Use

Strikingly is easy-to-use. It provides an intuitive editor that makes the process of web creation engaging and fun. It’s simple, beautiful and enjoyable. Launching a site with it can take as little as one hour and requires no coding knowledge, unless you decide to use their advanced HTML/CSS editor that lets power users make changes to the site’s header and footer.

Strikingly Editor

One of the recent features is Layout switcher that gives you more flexibility in adjusting the placement of text and media within sections.

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

Strikingly can’t boast a super rich feature set, yet it does everything you expect from a one-page site builder. You can upload your own content, add custom domain, enable various ‘sections’ (media blocks, info boxes, contact forms and more) and also make slight changes to the site design.

You can add meta tags and view your website statistics using the system’s native monitoring application. You can also start a simple blog and add a shopping cart.

Strikingly Simple Blog

Strikingly blogging. To start a blog, simply add the Blog section to the page, and it will link to the individual post pages. When creating a new blog post, you can insert a variety of inline media including images, videos, call-to-action buttons, and quotes. It is also easy to rearrange your content thanks to the editor’s drag-and-drop functionality.

The blog manager features a simple interface that allows to customize how your posts will appear in the new Blog section. Strikingly’s Simple Blog also has social sharing, commenting mechanism, and SEO functionalities.

Strikingly eCommerce. Just like the Simple blog, the Simple Store is a section that you can add to any template. Simply enable the section, add your products, and try out different layouts to customize your store style. After, set up your payment method (PayPal or Stripe) and check out the Order Management Dashboard.

Strikingly eCommerce

Strikingly will not take any transaction fees from the purchases. You will only have to pay the standard PayPal/Stripe transaction fee. You can sell one product under the Free plan, up to 5 products under the Limited plan, and up to 20 products under the Pro plan.

Google Analytics is only available for paying customers. Among other premium features there are A/B testing, password protection, and mobile-specific features.

Strikingly is mobile friendly: each theme is responsive from the start; there are mobile-specific options like click-to-call; they have an iOS app that lets you manage your Strikingly website on the go.

#3 Designs

Strikingly offers a library of beautiful modern designs optimized for mobile viewing from the start. The new version of Strikingly comes with the Template Switcher feature that lets you try different templates without losing the work you have already put into your site.

Strikingly Templates

There’s no limit to how many times you can change templates.

#4 Customer Support

There’s a knowledge base, Pre-Publish checklist (really handy!) and Idea Forum where you can share your suggestions on how to improve Strikingly. You can also contact their support via email.

#5 Pricing Policy

There’s a free plan allowing you to publish a nice one-page website using Strikingly subdomain. To attach a custom domain name and unlock advanced editing tools, you have to upgrade your account. There are two packages: Limited and Pro.

Strikingly Pricing


One-page website designs work only for certain purposes. They’re good for creating ‘online business cards’ and simple portfolios, but aren’t suitable for launching feature-rich blogs, large web stores and other website types requiring much content.

One page sites tend to fall flat in terms of SEO, since there’s no way to place links leading to specific information – there’s only one page to link to.

Strikingly Review: Conclusion

Despite its lack of robust web tools, I like Strikingly for its simplicity. I can’t say it competes with Wix, Weebly or any other website builder. It’s just different.

Strikingly user? Share your experience in the comments!

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  • necro

    im not going to use these guys because i was ready to go pro, and they have so many bugs that log you out. It sucks!

  • Lesley Gao

    Hi there Howard! I’m from the Strikingly team and thank you so much for this review 🙂 The product is built on the belief that customers love simple and easy to use platform. We have recently rolled out a do-it-for-you service that I like to tell you more about along with several other core product updates. We definitely would like to work with your site much closer 🙂 Let me know if you have any time to connect this week!


  • boomer50

    I have been working with a great designer helpong me build a more comprehensive design . I have been really impressed with the support team are helping me design and build a 10 page site that has been customized for my company. I couldn’t be happier with the help my happiness officer has given me