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Website Builders – An Easy Way to Create a Website

The use of website builders is the easiest way to create a website today. These systems may complete around 80% of user’s work, ensuring the top notch result. They come with visual editing tools, module sets as well as their own applications and integrations with external services. By using these systems, it’s possible to create impressive websites without any programming skills.

A Bit of History

Website builders appeared prior to CMS, when websites were built in a notepad by means of using HTML coding. They were meant to simplify and systematize typical actions and code required to create web pages. It goes without saying that the first samples of website builders were primitive – just as the entire web mastering niche of the 90s. The global network was not that widespread then. That’s why, web surfing was not popular with the audience – just like the websites.

As time went by, web mastering tools became more advanced. The first CMS were introduced and they quickly became in demand with professional website developers. This is exactly when the stereotype regarding the limited features of these platforms emerged. 20 years have passed since that time. Modern website builders became more advanced, having got rid of their initial demerits. What’s more, they have become more advanced in terms of the features and opportunities they offer. When it comes to functionality, some platforms even prevail over the CMS now Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of using them.

What Makes Website Builders So Easy to Use?

Any out-of-the-box website builder comes with a full set of tools and options to create different types of websites that meet its niche specialization. A user doesn’t have to improve anything here. There is no need to look for extra options, download, code or install anything. You just use the readymade set of tools to avail the expected result. This is the major essence of website builders. They are created to make it possible for ordinary users with zero web creation skills to launch a functional website.

Wix WYSIWYG Editor

Everything you get in a website builder is already set and ready for the work. This includes hosting, domain name, dashboard with all the required tools, templates, databases etc. You don’t have to understand anything in website structure or its components, but you will still be able to design an appealing classic website, blog, online store or portfolio. You will hardly be able to do the same in CMS, if you lack corresponding skills and experience. Website builders allow doing that with easy way.

Even experienced web developers use website builders to create client websites today. This is not because they are lazy or have poor skills. This is because a client, who gets a website with an understandable and simple dashboard, will be able to administer it on his/her own after a brief tutorial. A user will manage the project without disturbing a web developer.

uKit website editor

If a client gets a website created in a complicated CMS with puzzling dashboard options and setup modules, then he/she will definitely face lots of problems. Correspondingly, a web developer will be bothered by dozens of client calls asking for help on a regular basis. No one needs that.

So, let’s enlist the key benefits of cloud website builders now:

  • Ease of use
  • A set of professional thematic templates
  • Hosting, domain name and automated creation of a website database
  • Affordability
  • Short learning curve of the system’s specifications
  • An opportunity to effectively promote newly created websites
  • Benefits of creating client websites (simplicity of offering readymade projects, profit from partnership programs etc.)
  • Availability of centralized support and product quality guarantee.

All in all, the result you get when using CMS for a week, can be availed in around 1 day with a website builder. This is the easiest way of making websites today. These services work well when it comes to creating websites that don’t have many pages and complex structure, such as portfolio websites, landing pages, blogs and business websites. In this respect, website builders prevail over the options provided by CMS, which are a better choice for geeks, who focus on personal large projects that are initially created for further monetization.

So, we have discussed the positioning, benefits and spheres of application of website builders. However, there are many of them nowadays and it’s not easy to make a nice choice right from the start. Which one meets your needs most of all? I recommend focusing on two systems that are an ideal choice for newbies willing to create websites we have just talked about. These are Wix and uKit. They are the most convenient in their niche. Let’s briefly characterize each of these systems now.


Wix encourages users to create original projects and designs, making use of its editing options, interesting effects, vibrant graphics and other visual merits. This website builder comes with a set of high quality templates, each of which is appealing and creative. You can launch an impressive portfolio, blog, landing page, business website or small online store without any effort here.

Wix Benefits and Pricing

Wix has a rich set of widgets and design customization options. It also has an integrated app store (the majority of applications are free), which can notably expand the functionality of the platform.

The interface of the system’s visual editor is appealing and informative. Almost all the actions can be done with the help of a mouse only, such as dragging and setting up widgets, editing downloaded photos, adding files, galleries etc. Wix is a great choice for users with creative professions like photographers, musicians, designers, stylists, makeup artists etc. The cost of using the system starts with $8.5/mo (ad-free plan). This is one of the best website builders with a WYSIWYG editor, if not even the best one. I definitely recommend it to you as the easiest way to build a website.


uKit is a great choice for newbies, who intend to create business websites. So, if you are a lucky owner of a bakery, furniture store, vehicle service station etc., you should give preference to uKit to launch a promo website to boost your business. Why? Just because this is the easiest website builder you can master with comfort. People, who run their own business, are frequently too busy to master the secrets of web design. This is where uKit will be a great option for them.,/p>

The platform comes with over 300 responsive templates sorted by topics with regard to various business niches. You just have to select a template, replace its demo content with that of your own (contact details, photos, prices etc.) to get a readymade website. You can also add widgets (prices, galleries, social network integration, product ratings, charts, reviews, live chat etc.) or remove the ones you don’t need with a few clicks of a mouse.

uKit gives an easy way to make a modern responsive websites without any programming knowledge. It will take around one minute to sign up for the system, several minutes to select a template and one night to create a website structure and filling it with content. This is the simplest way to reach your business goals. The cost of plans starts with $48/year. This is an attractive offer for busy people. You should definitely try it as well.

Bottom Line

Website builders prevail over CMS when it comes to the simplicity of work. You can ultimately focus on web design customization and filling your site with content when using these systems. There is nothing to distract you here – all technically complex stages of website creation are left far beyond the attention of a user.

Regardless of your occupation, you can create a website with Wix or uKit. You just need to be an active PC user to do that. You won’t need any extra skills, apart from those an ordinary user needs when working on a computer. Website builders come with detailed user info sections providing all the required info on the features of the system and their applications. However, people don’t use them quite often, because the dashboards are generally intuitive and understandable.

Another argument to use website builders is their affordability. You get hosting, domain name and convenient web design environment for a limited cost. If you decided to buy them separately, you would pay much more for that. This is not to mention the management of the CMS in combination with hosting. It’s also more convenient to develop client websites, getting the revenue from the partnership programs granted by the system. As soon as the project is completed, you just provide a client with the dashboard logo/pass, give brief instructions and that’s it. You are done with the task.

I have reviewed two website builders that are the best in their class. They are simple, functional and easy to use. I definitely recommend exploring the benefits of website builders with them. Try the options of these platforms to avail positive experience.

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