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Most Popular Website Builders

most popular website builders

Not sure what website builder will work best for your web design needs? Looking for a platform that will feature the best price/quality correlation?

Then it’s high time to review the most popular website builders, which have not only won worldwide popularity, but also were rightfully recognized the most decent services.

Website builders have gained user recognition for several reasons. Most of them are specially created with the needs and skills of beginners in mind. As a result, they ensure simple, convenient and intuitive web building experience. These services are also affordable, while the range of features they encompass are more than enough to launch a decent website in no time.

Each of these website builders has much to offer to the target audience and each of them comes with a certain range of features, which make it possible to complete the required set of tasks. Which of them will work best for your website development project and what exactly do they have to offer? It’s time to find that out right now.

Wix – The Most Popular Website Builder

Wix - The Most Popular Website Builder

Wix – is the most popular cloud-based website builder, which is headquartered in Tel Aviv (Israel). Founded in 2006, the service has quickly developed into a powerful system that currently empowers millions of websites around the globe. The system delivers a broad range of high end features an fdesign customization tools that make it possible to start and manage different types of projects, irrespective of their complexity level. Have a look at the most distinctive and popular of them now:

  • Designer-Made Templates. Wix stands out from the crowd due to its extensive selection of mobile-ready customizable themes. Current template collection encompasses more than 550 designs, all of which feature high quality.
  • Standard and Mobile Editors. The website builder offers two popular editing options – standard WYSIWYG website editor and mobile editor. While using the standard mode, you can customize your desktop website design with regard to your needs. The edits you make are automatically displayed in the mobile version, while those you make in the mobile mode are not displayed in the desktop version.
  • Wix ADI. Artificial Design Intelligence tool provides a user with a personal design assistant, which automatically creates website design and layout, filling it with content submitted by a user. It is further possible to edit a website to give it the preferred design and features, but having a quality draft is certainly a notable advantage.
  • App Market. Wix App Market comes with multiple widgets and applications you can integrate into a website to get the most out of its functionality. The apps are paid and free and they are also subdivided into categories based on their implication. The search filter option allows for the ease and convenience of search, thus saving user effort and time.
  • eCommerce and Blogging. Wix comes with quite powerful and flexible eCommerce and blogging engines, which let users start and effectively manage small-to-mid online stores and blogs. Both platforms encompass a broad range of design customization tools and options required both for website development and further online promotion.

Wix pricing policy is also worth the attention. The website builder has a completely free plan that lets you test and explore the system in details prior to upgrading to one of its paid plans. As soon as you decide to opt for the advanced subscription, you’ll be able to choose from two types of Wix subscriptions – Standard and Business/eCommerce. The cost of Standard plans starts with $13/mo, while that of Business plans starts with $23/mo.

WordPress – Most Used CMS in the World

WordPress - Most Used CMS in the World

WordPress – is the most used Content Management System in the world, which can be applied to start and customize all types of simple-to-complex projects. No matter what web design experience you have, you’ve definitely heard about the platform due to its impressive design customization options, versatility of plugins and powerful integration features. The system has been around for over a dozen of years, having improved its functionality and flexibility of settings provided. It’s time to enlist the major advantages of the CMS right away:

  • Blogging Engine. WordPress was initially created as a blogging platform and, thus, it offers an extensive range of features and tools that make it possible to set up and customize full-featured blogs. This, however, does not mean that you won’t be able to start other types of projects with the platform. The system does not imply deep web design or coding awareness. Mind, though, that the knowledge of programming basics will definitely be a bonus, when working with the service.
  • Plugin and Template Integration. No matter what type of website you plan to launch, you won’t go without plugin/template integration, if you wish it to be a success. There are multiple WordPress plugins and themes you can find on the web, which are both free and paid. Mind that free plugins/designs are not altogether safe and reliable as they may encompass malware that may eventually put your website safety and performance at risk.
  • Gutenberg Editor. WordPress has revolutionized its approach towards website development via the introduction of Gutenberg Editor. It has simplified the web design process, eliminating the need for code editing. What you need to do is to browse the collection of content blocks to further customize and set them up, while creating website layout.
  • Hosting Provider. WordPress does not have its own hosting, which triggers the need to look for the best provider on the web. However, the CMS recommends giving preference to Bluehost as this is one of the most trusted and full-featured systems available in the market.

WordPress is initially free for everyone. You can download and install it at no cost at all and it’s even possible to create free websites with the system. However, if you expect deeper functionality of your WordPress projects, you won’t go without investing in plugin/template integration. Additionally, you’ll have to take care of hosting and domain choice.

As mentioned above, the best hosting provider for WordPress and the one it officially recommends is Bluehost. The service offers free domain name for the first year of use, free SSL Certificate, 24/7 customer support, 1-click WordPress installation, lots of special offers and loyalty bonuses. Bluehost is also known for its eCommerce focus, extensive plugin marketplace, add-ons, scripts, fast page load speed, strong uptime rates and numerous integrable apps. The cost of Bluehost subscriptions starts with $2.95/mo only – that’s definitely a worthy offer!

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Shopify – The Best eCommerce Platform

Shopify - The Best eCommerce Platform

Shopify – is the best world-renowned eCommerce website builder, which comes with a powerful feature set and collection of tools that ensure worthy result. Shopify is a Canada-based eCommerce platform, which is headquartered in Ottawa, ON, Canada. It was founded in 2004 and has grown into the world’s most powerful online store website builder. Being an eCommerce platform, Shopify enjoys popularity with users, who prefer shopping online. It’s no wonder as the system makes it possible to create, customize and promote all types of online stores, ranging from small ones and up to hypermarkets. Here are the main features of the software:

  • Point of Sale (POS) Software. Shopify has the POS feature, which makes it possible to sell products in the physical location, accepting credit cards and using the system’s inventory, marketing, shipping and management tools.
  • Product Management Features. The platform allows integrating a shopping cart and a “Buy” button into your online store to let customers create the required number of product cards. The software will correspondingly generate product embed codes in the automated mode to enable users add products lists/galleries to their projects. What’s mire, the system comes with CSV file import/export feature, which ensures more convenient product management process.
  • Advanced Marketing Options. When it tackles the web store promotion process, Shopify comes with multiple advanced marketing tools and features that make it possible to avail the high end result. Among the advantages you can make use of here, it initially makes sense to mention an opportunity to create online receipts, explore and analyze web store stats, control the balance of your eCommerce account and use a list of powerful Shopify features like App Store, BOGO discounts, Shopify Ping, Shopify Tap & Chip Reader and many more.
  • Powerful Integration Opportunities. With Shopify, you can make use of a set of powerful integration features. Thus, you can successfully integrate your Shopify account with world-known marketplaces and accounting software, such as Amazon, Quickbooks, Xero etc. This lets you sell physical/digital products on these platforms, making use of multichannel support.
  • Augmented Reality. This advanced feature will definitely be of great help, when it comes to boosting the efficacy of product promotion and sales growth. Due to the Augmented Reality, you will be able to present the products available in stock in 3D mode so that your potential customers could see their advantages in details.

Shopify pricing policy is moderate yet it definitely complies with user expectations. The range of features the software offers is more than enough to run all types of eCommerce projects – from small ones and up to complicated. There is a free 14-day trial, during which you can test one of Shopify subscriptions in details. The cheapest plan you can upgrade to costs $9/mo, which is quite a reasonable and affordable solution.

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Bluehost – Most Used Hosting Service Provider

Bluehost - Most Used Hosting Service Provider

Bluehost – is the most used hosting service provider, which is also known for its safety, credibility and powerful features. The platform especially works great for those users, who have never been involved in website development or have not used CMS before. The system is a perfect option for storing any type of web-based projects, irrespective of their size, complexity of area of specialization. Meanwhile, Bluehost is the only hosting provider, which is officially recommended by WordPress CMS due to the multiple advantages it offers. Here they go:

  • Integrated Marketplace. Bluehost comes with a powerful integrated marketplace, providing an extensive selection of applications, scripts, add-ins and widgets that can bring your website performance to the brand new level. Among the apps you can choose here, it makes sense to mention multiple WordPress templates, blogging and eCommerce extensions, project marketing and promotion tools, image galleries etc.
  • Safety. The system is known for its advanced security and spam protection options that make it possible to prevent your project from unauthorized access of third-party users and versatile confidentiality threats. Along with hotlink protection feature, Bluehost offers an extensive variety of safety tools, including Spam Hammer, Spam Expert and more.
  • Fast Page Load Speed and High Uptime Rates. The hosting provider ensures the enhancement of page load speed and increase of uptime rates. These features allow improving your website performance, bringing it to the brand new level. Such an approach eventually results in traffic growth and enhancement of your project functionality.
  • Flexibility. The company successfully integrates with several external services, applications and add-ons that have positive impact upon overall website performance. It’s up to you to pick those services that will contribute to your business popularity and promotion.

Bluehost pricing policy is more than affordable for everyone. The system offers two types of subscriptions, the cheapest of which costs $2.95/mo only. The plan provides multiple advantages including unlimited bandwidth, SSL connection feature, multiple regular WordPress updates and more.

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Weebly – Common Website Builder by Square, Inc.

Weebly - Common Website Builder by Square, Inc.

Weebly – is a credible website builder, which is used to develop and customize appealing and full-featured websites. The website builder was launched in 2006 and has gained popularity with over 50 millions of users across the globe.

As of today, the website builder is mainly chosen by users, who intend to create small-to-large online stores, but it can still be used to launch other types of projects for personal and business application. Apart from stunning eCommerce feature set, Weebly is also known for its extensive blogging, image editing and integration capabilities. If you are interested in working with Weebly, have a look at its outstanding features now:

  • Extensive Integration Options. Weebly comes with lots of integratable widgets and apps you can choose for your projects. These include media files, maps, slideshows, image collections, search boxes and what not. The “Embed Code” feature, in its turn, lets you add the required amount of elements to your page to give it unique design. The website builder additionally delivers a set of advanced features that make it stand out from the crowd.
  • eCommerce. As mentioned above, Weebly now has the top notch eCommerce focus. The website builder encompasses multiple business-targeting features, which have strong impact upon your web store performance. Thus, it comes with integrated shopping cart, safe payment and shipping options, extensive product management tools, convenient and helpful search filter option, exclusive offers and customer support assistance, CSV product import/export, handy mobile apps and what not.
  • Blogging. Weebly allows connecting and managing a full-featured blog to your project in almost no time. What you can do to start your blog is adding, updating and scheduling posts, assigning social media sharing options for each and every post, selecting a preferable commenting system, customizing footers and headers for each post added, selecting meta tags for articles and what not. The system also offers a set of blog templates that are free and customizable as well.
  • Weebly Promote Tool. The tool has been introduced not long ago, but it unveils multiple email marketing options for the system users. It comes with a set of ready made designs for different email types (promo newsletters, bulletins, event and product presentation etc.) and automatically creates messages with regard to user activity. Email marketing campaigns organized and hold with the tool are effective and professional. Weebly Promote also offers a handy email drag-and-drop constructor, numerous tech support tools, contact segmentation options and more.

Weebly also stands out from the crowd due to its versatile yet affordable pricing policy. The website builder offers several types of subscriptions, including a free never-expiring plan that lets you test the entire feature set of the system to the advantage. The cost of the paid plans starts with $4/mo and grows with regard to the features/terms included into paid subscriptions.

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Squarespace – All-In-One Website Builder

Squarespace - All-In-One Website Builder

Squarespace – is one of the most popular and recognizable DIY all-in-one website builders, which is mainly geared towards the needs of creatives and entrepreneurs. The system makes it possible to launch different types of projects, but it especially works great for portfolios, blogs and small digital web stores. What’s important, all websites built with Squarespace have appealing designs and noteworthy functionality, even though, the system is not quite easy to master for beginners. Have a look at some of the most remarkable Squarespace features now:

  • WYSIWYG Editor. As a WYSIWYG website builder, Squarespace lets you control the entire process of website development. However, you should mind that all the edits you make are saved automatically, which makes the preview option unavailable. This means that you won’t see the final result until a website is published. Correspondingly, your website visitors will see it along with the bugs and errors you can accidentally make.
  • Responsive Templates. Squarespace templates are fully responsive and feature high quality, even though, the designs collection is not that extensive as compared to other popular services. The website builder comes with a convenient drag-and-drop editor that lets you pick and arrange the required website elements with ease. The platform offers professional templates that are great when it comes to the development of digital web stores, portfolios, blogs, cafe and restaurant websites, wedding sites and other suchlike projects.
  • Portfolio Design Focus. Squarespace has a distinctive and rich feature set, which covers the prevailing amount of users’ portfolio creation needs. The system comes with a Cover Page Builder, HTML/CSS editing options, Checkout Page Editor for Digital Stores, Logo & Title editing tool. It also offers an advanced Style Editor, which lets you pick various page styles to come up to your needs (these include cover pages, galleries, blog pages, index pages, blog and event pages and what not). As soon as you select the required page type, the rest of pages will automatically adjust to it.
  • eCommerce. The website builder makes it possible to launch and manage small-to-mid online stores, the functionality of which will depend upon the plan selected. The eCommerce feature comes with a free SSL Certificate, integrated shopping cart, appealing product display options, video embedding feature, detailed product presentation and description. You can also add versatile product variations, initiate loyalty programs as well as adjust pricing and shipping options based on your needs.
  • Blogging. With Squarespace, you can start and manage your own blog to boost user engagement and satisfaction rates. What you can do here is publishing and updating posts, enabling comments and RSS feeds, adding geolocation tags, using iTunes tagging, reblogging option and more.

Squarespace is a trusted cloud website builder, which works great for the creation of portfolios, small and mid-sized eCommerce websites as well as business projects. The website builder doesn’t offer any free plans yet it allows testing the system’s functionality during the 14-day free trial. The cost of the paid subscription starts with $12/mo, which is a pretty good option for each user interested in further system application.

Tailor Brands – Popular Website Building Company

Tailor Brands - Popular Website Building Company

Tailor Brands – is a popular website building company, which sees its major mission in helping businesses streamline their branding processes. The system ensures high end branding and design for your business to let it stand out from the crowd. Tailor Brands is powered by Artificial Intelligence, which contributes to your project performance and unique brand identity. Listed below are the most distinctive highlights of the company that make it stand out from the crowd:

  • Logo Maker. The platform makes it possible to design unique logos for your business to make it thrive and reveal your company identity. The service offers multiple logo creation tools available in stock and you can pick the required elements to design the logo that will come up to your requirements. The entire logo creation process is easy, fast and convenient even for beginners, which is explained by the integrated AO algorithm that does the entire job for you.
  • Social Management Options. The platform has the fully-integrated social management platform, which makes it possible to share the project-related content and publish articles in social networks.
  • Tailor Ads. The service is known for its integrated Tailor Ads platform which allows creating and adding instant advertisements, which are provided in different variations to match the requirements and needs of users.
  • Branding Toolset. Tailor Brands grants access to the advanced set of business branding tools, which are created with your company specialization and promotion needs in mind. The tools are highly adaptable. This means that you can use your Business Card ideas or EPS files to create outstanding website design that will come up to your business web page requirements.

Tailor Brands is a professional business branding and web development company that comes with a broad range of integrated tools and features. The system doesn’t have a free plan, but its paid subscriptions are provided at affordable cost. The price of the cheapest plan starts with $9.99/mo. However, it may be reduced to $2.99/mo, if you make the one-time annual payment.

Bottom Line

The choice of website builders is versatile and there are plenty of options for various niches. However, users still face problems, when it comes to the selection of a decent web building tool. Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, Bluehost, Tailor Brands and WordPress CMS are the most world-renowned services, which do not require any presentation at all. Each of them is the leader in a certain niche, be it a website builder, a hosting company or a CMS. If you are currently looking for a worthy solution in any of these niches, these platforms will certainly be a reasonable investment that will eventually pay off.


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