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Most Popular Website Builders

most popular website builders

Not sure what website builder will work best for your web design needs? Looking for a platform that will feature the best price/quality correlation?

Then it’s high time to review the most popular website builders, which have not only won worldwide popularity, but also were rightfully recognized the most decent services.

Website builders have gained user recognition for several reasons. Most of them are specially created with the needs and skills of beginners in mind. As a result, they ensure simple, convenient and intuitive web building experience. These services are also affordable, while the range of features they encompass are more than enough to launch a decent website in no time.

Popular Website Builders

Why Website builders are so popular? The thing is that these services are easy-to-use for all users, without any exception at all. Of course they differ in the feature sets, options, objectives and pricing policy.

At first, website builders simplify the process of web creation due to the range of features, tools and options they offer. Most of them come with pre-designed templates, which are responsive by default and can be customized as you wish. The platforms also offer customer support that helps you solve urgent questions, while working on a project.

Each of them, however, works well for a certain niche. Let’s see what’s behind the most popular services now to enable newbies and proficient web designers make the right choice.

1. Wix

Wix home page

Wix – is a cloud-based platform, which is headquartered in Tel Aviv (Israel). Founded in 2006, the service has quickly developed into a powerful website builder. The number of its registered users has exceeded 50 mln users by 2014 and it now constitutes over 131 mln users in 190 countries of the world.

Even though, the platform has a free never-expiring plan, the number of paid users is more than 3.6 mln.

According to recent estimations, the average number of new everyday Wix sign ups is around 45000. Nearly the same number of Wix apps is installed every day and it keeps increasing with every passing month. Wix employs over 1800 staff members, who are talented and gifted professionals working for the benefit of the service.

Wix stands out from the crowd due to its top notch designer-made templates. Their quality is close to perfect, which cannot but guarantees powerful effect upon the design of websites created with the service.

Wix templates are initially optimized for mobile viewing. This is a must-have feature for millions of contemporary system users, who have got used to browsing websites on the go. One of the reliable arguments that prove this fact is the number of mobile websites launched with the system since the day of its foundation.

As of today, this number has reached 30 million websites and it keeps growing even faster than before. Another aspect that deserves the attention is that Wix has recently reported earnings and revenue surprises of 123.08% and 0.98% respectively. This is the best proof of the fact that the company equities are currently in demand and are going to bring more profit to shareholders in the nearest future.

What Makes Wix the World’s Most Popular Website Builder?

The features that make Wix stand out from the crowd are as follows:

Standard and Mobile Editors

Wix Editor Wix Standard Editor

Wix offers two website editing options based on users’ needs. There is the standard WYSIWYG editor that allows designing the desktop version of a website as well as the mobile editor, which lets you develop mobile website versions independently.

Wix Mobile Editor Wix Mobile Editor

The changes you make in the mobile website are not displayed in the desktop version, while the edits made in the desktop version are automatically displayed at your mobile website.


Wix ADI editor

Artificial Design Intelligence tool provides a user with a personal design assistant, which automatically creates website design and layout, filling it with content submitted by a user. It is further possible to edit a website to give it the preferred design and features, but having a quality draft is certainly a notable advantage.

App Market

Wix Free App Market

Wix App Market comes with multiple widgets and applications you can integrate into a website to get the most out of its functionality. The apps are paid and free and they are also subdivided into categories based on their implication. The search filter option allows for the ease and convenience of search, thus saving user effort and time.


These are the top features Wix can currently boast. The website builder comes with powerful forum, blogging and eCommerce engines, which allow creating these types of websites with ease. The platform is affordable and simple for different user categories. Whatever your niche experience is, you will still be able to design a professional website with Wix. This is what makes this website builder the most popular tool in the world.

2. Shopify

Shopify Home Page

Shopify – is the world-renowned eCommerce website builder, which comes with a powerful feature set and collection of tools that ensure decent result. Shopify is a Canada-based eCommerce platform, which is headquartered in Ottawa, ON, Canada. It was founded in 2004 and has grown into the world’s most powerful online store website builder. The number of employees working for the company has exceeded 3000 people, while the number of merchants constitutes 600000 (as of August 2018). 25% of Shopify merchants have enabled social selling feature.

Being an eCommerce platform, Shopify enjoys popularity with users, who prefer shopping online. According to recent estimates, 73% of Shopify traffic and over 61% of Shopify sales come from mobile. The total amount of sales processed on Shopify has exceeded $10 billion. All in all, the platform has merchants in 175 countries of the world.

Shopify Google Trends Shopify Popularity on Google Trends

The overall Shopify revenue for the second quarter of 2018 has exceeded $245 million as compared to the annual $105 million revenue in 2014. The popularity of the company has grown from 14% and up to 100% for the previous five years. The countries, which are the leaders in the Shopify queries are Canada, New Zealand, Singapour, Ireland and Australia. These numbers look really impressive.

What Makes Shopify the Best eCommerce Website Builder?

Shopify has multiple features that contribute to effective online store creation. To start with, this is the all-in-one fully hosted solution, which eliminates the need to be concerned about software management, update installation or backup storage. The system will automatically do that for you. The platform has the following advanced features in stock:

Point of Sale Option

Shopify POS

Shopify has the POS option, which makes it possible to sell products in the physical location, accepting credit cards and using the system’s inventory, marketing, shipping and management tools.

Free Apps for Android and iOS

Shopify iOS App

This feature will be of great help both to online store owners and Shopify users. If you own an online store built with this system, you’ll find it convenient to update and manage it on the go. Likewise, your customers will be pleased to shop online, saving their money and time.

Amazon Marketplace Integration

If you already have an account on Amazon and wish to sell your physical or digital products on Shopify, you can integrate the existing account and use all the features Shopify offers.


Apart from that, this eCommerce website builder is known for its built-in blogging platform, absence of transaction fees, multilanguage support, abandoned checkout recovery option, availability of multiple payment gateways and rich App Store. With its SSL Certification feature and powerful customer support, the service ensures ultimate security and confidentiality. Shopify templates are worth separate attention due to their top notch quality and powerful design customization tools. These are the major features that make Shopify the leader in the list of eCommerce website builders.

3. uKit

uKit home page

uKit – is a perfect solution for business owners with little or no technical skills. The website builder allows launching small and medium business websites, utilizing a broad spectrum of advanced features and tools.

The platform is the product of uKit Group, which has over 13 years of experience in the development of different types of websites. Since the year of its foundation (2015), uKit has evolved into the most powerful website builder in the Eastern Europe. Currently, the company has over 200 servers in Asia, Europe and North America. More than 1.3 million websites are powered by uKit and many more are still under the development.

What Makes uKit the Best Website Builder in the Eastern Europe?

Irrespective of the business you run, uKit allows establishing credible web presence, granting access to multiple significant features. Some of the most remarkable highlights of the system include:

Intuitive Website Editor and User-Friendly Interface

uKit Editor

The website editor is intuitive and convenient in uKit, which ensures ease-of-use and flexibility. Its interface is user-friendly and understandable from the very first sight. There are many tips that help newbies explore the system and start building websites with ease.

Responsive Design

uKit Advaptive View

As of today, the website builder has over 200 high quality templates. All of them are responsive by default. This means that websites created with the service can be viewed on all mobile devices as well as on personal computers.

Widget Integration

uKit Widgets

uKit boasts rich collection of widgets, with new ones being constantly added to the library. Some of the most remarkable widgets include AmoCRM to keep track of orders and clients, social media sharing buttons, timelines to create chronological lists of steps, cost calculator, contact forms, live chat widgets, MailChimp etc. These widgets are indispensable when it comes to launching business websites.


What’s more, uKit is one of the most affordable website builders in the world. The system doesn’t have a free plan, but its paid options are really versatile and not that expensive as compared to other popular services.

Bottom Line

The choice of website builders is versatile and there are plenty of options for various niches. However, users still face problems, when it comes to the selection of a decent web building tool. Wix, Shopify and uKit are three world-renowned services, which do not require any presentation at all. Each of them is the leader in a certain niche.

Most Popular Website Builders:

WixWix empowers over 30 millions websites and boasts a powerful feature set that covers the prevailing amount of users’ web design needs. A perfect solution for any type of a

ShopifyShopify is a renowned eCommerce software that has more than 600,000 of merchants in over 175 countries of the world and can be used to design and manage small-to-large online stores.

uKituKit has distinguished itself as a small business website builder with over 1.3 millions of active websites worldwide. Numerous pre-built responsive templates allow to launch your website in a 2-3 hours without any coding skills.

If you are currently looking for a decent solution in any of these niches, these website builders will certainly be the worthy investment.


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