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How to Create a Personal Website

In order to create a personal website you may choose between 3 major options to reach your goal: making a site in a website builder, CMS or ordering it from the third party. Which option is more preferable in terms of the major parameters?


Using CMS implies the availability or acquirement of deep knowledge of the coding aspects, hosting, system setup, mastering plugins, modules etc. Otherwise, you won’t be able to create a full-featured website in CMS.

This variant works well for those users, who have the long-terms perspective in creating and monetizing websites. Consequently, this approach is not cost-effective when it comes to designing one website only.

By ordering a website from a web studio or a freelancer, you will depend on their services. If you choose this option, this means that you just don’t have time or desire to explore all the web design nuances. Instead, you would like to have a functional and working website without investing your own effort. And you are ready to pay for that as well.


  • The problem is that you will still have to learn the nuances of the process, trying to save your time and effort. You have to cope with technical tasks, check the results, specify the aspects that require the improvement etc.

  • Having completed the project, you will regularly update the website, which will trigger the need to get in touch with the developer again and again. This also takes money and time.

The only convenient variant is as follows: you will manage to find a specialist you will completely trust. This person will track all the updates, correct the mistakes and inform you about the status of the project without your direct participation in it.

The only disadvantage is that this requires notable financial investments. However, you will feel safe about your project and its functionality. In other cases, you will have to participate in the web creation process, along with the developer you will hire. That doesn’t make any sense.

Wix Editor

Website builders prove to be the best choice, when it comes to creating personal websites. Even if your understanding of the web building process leaves much to be desired, you will still be able to reach the expected result by selecting a nice website builder.

You will get all the privileges at once: hosting, domain name, a convenient dashboard, templates and a set of tools to build an appealing website. So, why look for something else?

Using a website builder is much cheaper as compared to ordering a custom made website. The cost of the project is also close to making a website with CMS (if not even cheaper). The latter option, however, additionally requires the purchase of hosting, domain name, template and some modules to avail the required functionality. Out-of-the-box CMS generally come with minimum set of features. It’s impossible to go without modules and plugins when using them. Website builders, however, don’t need them at all. Everything is included into the box right from the start.

The conclusion is as follows: cloud website builders save your money, time and effort. By working independently, you will have a better understanding of the system functionality and management. You will have full control over your project, without the need to depend upon someone else and pay for that. Let’s enlist the major benefits of website builders now:

  • Affordability;
  • Full feature set (you don’t have to buy anything);
  • Simplicity of the web creation process;
  • Reliability (it is the developers of the system, who are responsible for the safety and performance of your website);
  • Website management convenience;
  • Opportunity to get versatile bonuses when purchasing the plans.

Even though, the benefits are obvious, website builders are not devoid of disadvantages as well:

  • In most cases, you won’t be able to transfer your website to another hosting;
  • Your code editing options are limited (FTP files access is rarely provided by the systems of this type);
  • It’s generally impossible to expand the stock features of the system by means of extra scripts and other options. That’s why, you should carefully select a website builder before starting working with it.

Demerits of website builders may seem challenging for the professionals only. They don’t matter a lot to regular users. The merits, however, are more crucial: you will have a chance to launch an appealing and functional website in a few days only, without any experience at all. This will give you the desired result. Isn’t that what you aim at?

All in all, website builders are an ideal option to create personal websites. As of today, there is nothing simpler, more convenient and more affordable. You just have to make the right choice to define the platform that will meet your specific needs better than others.

Best Personal Website Builders

Creating a successful personal website is easier than you think. Follow the recommendations we listed above, pick a code-free website builder, and you’ll get online today:

Website Builders for a Personal Website – Overview Chart

Best for:Personal portfolio, company websiteSmall business website, online portfolio
EasinessAI’s here: he can create your site2-3 hours – and your site’s ready
Personal Templates:500+ themes on board350+ responsive themes
Technical Support:Email ticketsTicket and live support
Additional Options:Blog, online storeImpressive widgets, online calculator
SEO Options:SEO WizardPromotion tool
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

#1. WIX – The Best Website Builder to Create a Personal Website

Wix home page

Wix is a universal website builder, which is also the most popular and user-friendly web building system. Millions of websites were created with Wix and this number keeps increasing steadily. The major highlights of the service are its simplicity, convenience and intuitive nature. Building a website is super easy with Wix. It has everything a newbie may need to ensure quick, simple and hassle-free web building experience. If you need a website for personal use, you will not find a simpler solution than Wix.

Wix offers a list of features that make it stand out from the crowd and contribute to decent web building result. Some of the features that add to the functionality of the system include:

  • Free Plan. Wix has a free unlimited plan, which is a nice choice for building personal websites. The plan does not only allow testing the major features of the system, but it also makes it possible to create simple personal websites in a quick and hassle-free way.

    All the features required to launch a website are available here at no cost and you can use them to build as many personal websites as possible based on your web building needs. What’s more, the system frequently offers numerous bonuses and discounts that help you save big, even if you use one of the paid plans. That’s a decent choice for such a professional option.

    Wix Discounts and Promocodes – read more about Wix bonuses.

  • 100% Personalization. Even though, Wix offers a range of ready made themes, it also comes with a rich set of customization options that give your website 100% personalization. The feature set as well as the customization tools allow launching unique websites with superior performance.

    Wix - Site Editor
    Wix Website Editor

    Whatever goals you pursue when launching a personal website, you can make use of slideshow integration feature, design settings, graphic elements, App Market, widgets, Wix ADI tool and other design customization options the system can offer you to launch a website that will come up to your needs and objectives.

    Wix Artificial Design Intelligence Review – read more about Wix ADI.

  • Powerful Blogging Options. As far as adding a blog to your personal website can notably boost its functionality, you can do that absolutely for free with Wix. The website builder comes with powerful blogging functionality, which allows adding, customizing and updating a blog with no special effort and skills at all.

    Wix Blog Editor
    Wix Blog Editor

    What you can do here is scheduling and publishing the posts, tagging clouds, interact with other blog visitors, browse user comments etc. If you need, you can create your own custom feed and a Featured Posts section. However, you shouldn’t forget to update your blog on a regular basis to keep users interested in your website.

    Wix Blogs Examples – see real Wix blogs made by it’s users.

  • Rich Template Collection. One of the highlights of the system is its rich template collection. In fact, experts admit that Wix has the best collection of templates available in the contemporary market. You can choose between several hundreds of free and paid themes subdivided into niche categories, such as Business and Services, Photography, Music, Wedding, Entertainment and what not.

    Wix Website Templates
    Wix Templates for a Personal Website

    There is even a separate Personal Template section, where you can find themes to come up to your special web building needs. If you still cannot manage to find a template you like, you can start building your website from scratch by using a blank canvas and the range of customization tools to give it the desired look and performance. All Wix templates are mobile-optimized, but there is one drawback you should be aware of. The website builder does not allow changing the chosen template on the go without losing the content you have submitted. Mind this feature, when choosing a theme.

All in all, Wix is a decent WYSIWYG website builder, which is a perfect choice for users aiming at creating personal websites. Even if you lack web design skills or have not been involved in website building before, you’ll still be able to develop a decent website that will come up to your web design needs. The service is simple, user-friendly yet functional and powerful enough to let you build a website that will stand out from the crowd.

#2. uKit – The Easiest Personal Website Builder

uKit home page

uKit has already distinguished itself as the easiest drag-and-drop business website builder available in the contemporary web building niche. The system is so intuitive and simple that no special skills and experience are needed to launch a personal website with it. You can master its major features in less than one day, while the process of creating a website won’t last longer than a couple of days for a newbie.

The website builder comes with an extensive list of options you can use to the advantage to develop a functional and visually attractive website. Some of the most remarkable features are provided below:

  • Responsive Website Design. All the templates uKit offers are responsive right from the start. This feature is a notable advantage in the contemporary market, when almost all users have got used to browsing the websites they are interested in on the go. This matters a lot, when it comes to building small business websites.

    uKit Templates
    uKit Responsive Templates

    uKit has an extensive collection of responsive templates, customization of which doesn’t take much time, but allows getting the result that will come up to your initial objectives and preferences. What’s important, the templates are categorized by industry and can be changed on the go, if there is something you are not satisfied with in the theme of your choice.

  • Intuitive Interface. uKit is also known for its intuitive interface and convenience. It is equally understandable to newbies and web design experts and it doesn’t take it long to explore and master the system. You don’t have to possess web design skills to start building a website with uKit – just follow the tips the system offers and watch the result. That’s really amazingly simple!

    uKit Editor
    uKit Website Editor

  • User Interaction Tools. When building a personal website, you will surely wish it to be popular with users. To give your website stunning performance, uKit developers have made it possible to integrate a number of user interaction widgets into your website. Some of these widgets include pop-up windows, callback widgets, LiveChat, MailChimp, SlideShare, Instagram feed, Google Maps, email forms and what not. It’s up to you to select the widget that will come up to your website specialization most of all.

  • Promotion Widget. We have already discussed the importance of effective website promotion in the search engines. With uKit, this process will be notably simplified as it offers a promotion widget, which analyzes the performance of your website with regard to four major parameters, namely text, images, widgets and domain name. The tool indicates the areas that require improvement. This often helps improve the search engine ranking of your website.

    uKit Promotion Widget
    uKit Promotion Widget

If you have made up your mind to launch a simple yet effective personal website, you should definitely consider using uKit for this purpose. Due to the convenient WYSIWYG editor, a variety of features, abundance of responsive templates and design customization tools, the website builder remains one of the simplest web building solutions for newbies and web design pros. Whatever website type you need, it will ensure decent result that won’t leave you and your users indifferent.

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The Ultimate Guide to Create a Perfect Personal Website

Whatever web building option you will eventually give preference to, your major task is to make it as functional and visually appealing as possible. A website is your visiting card that helps achieve all the goals you set and, thus, it has to be attention-grabbing, logically-structured and remarkable to stand out from the crowd. The must-have elements of the web building process are as follows:

1. Choose The Best Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is one of the most responsible steps you will undertake, when launching a personal website. You may have numerous ideas, but you should still select the one, which will represent the main goal of your website to the advantage. What’s more, a domain name should be memorable. With so many competitors offering the same services you do, your website should be outstanding to catch the attention of users. Getting a nice domain name for it is what you should start with. When thinking about the domain name, consider the following factors:

  • Don’t make it too long. Otherwise, it may be difficult for users to memorize it;
  • Choose a domain that will reflect the essence of your business, brand or content available at the website;
  • Make it easy-to-remember;
  • Try to avoid domain names, which are used by the renowned brands.

Remember that a domain name is a major branding tool that can boost your business popularity, drive traffic, increase the amount of sales, improve SEO characteristics and build customer trust… if chosen correctly.

2. Make Your Content Perfect

Having a personal website is a benefit in itself. The more professional it is – the more advantages you will avail and the quicker you will achieve your goals. The major challenge is the content that will be featured at the website. Actually, it is up to you to decide what content to publish. This decision should be based upon your objectives and the mission of launching a website in general. If you aim to display your works or business specialization, then it makes sense to add your portfolio or services list.

If you intend to launch an online store and attract customers, you will not go without presenting your products. Do not forget about social media links, customer testimonials and reviews, information about yourself and the website in general, contacts and what not. Whatever content you consider important, make sure to share it with the audience.

2.1. Homepage – The Face Of Your Website

A homepage is the first page your guests access when getting to the website. The more attractive and engaging it is – the higher the chances that users will keep browsing a website are.

  • A good homepage should create nice first impression for any user including those, who don’t have an idea of what your website is about.
  • A homepage should contain information about yourself or your business and it should be visually-attractive to make the required statement.
  • A homepage should load quickly and provide access to other website pages.

Make sure it has unique and bright design, catchy logo, clear text and well-structured content. It is also crucial to make it user-friendly and easy-to-navigate.

2.2. About Me Page – Show Your Essence To Your Visitors

It may not be easy to write about yourself or your business, but it is still crucial to publish this info at the About Me page. How else will your users find out the info they are interested in and how can they discover the products or services you offer as well as the features that distinguish you from your niche competitors? Make sure to include the following info:

  • Short bio (company info, history etc.);
  • Education facts;
  • Job experience (especially if it is related to your current occupation);
  • Notable achievements;
  • Your specialization;
  • The goals you have and the objectives your pursue when launching a website;
  • Your hobbies and interests etc.

You can add any info you consider important and make this page as long as you wish. At the same time, you should understand that most users are not that interested in your biography, educational background, life story and things like that. So, try to make this page concise but informative.

2.3. Contacts – How Can They Get In Touch With Me?

Contact information is another must-have element of a personal website. This is generally a separate page of your website, which provides users with detailed contact info so that they could get in touch with you, when needed. Staying connected with your target audience is always a priority, so, try to include as many contacts as possible to provide users with a variety of choice. The major contacts that should be available at the contact page include:

  • Address;
  • Telephone number (local and mobile);
  • Fax;
  • Email;
  • Links to external social networking profiles;
  • YouTube channel link (if any);
  • Skype etc.

If you don’t wish to include any of these contacts for some reasons or you just don’t wish to make a separate contact page, you can just integrate a contact form plugin or select a theme with a contact form that will enable users to get in touch with you any time of the day.

2.4. Blog – Share Your Thoughts With The Whole World

Many website owners consider the option of adding blogs to their resources. Are they really necessary or this is just a waste of your effort and time? A blog is a nice tool, if your wish to get maximum website exposure and present yourself as a niche expert. Adding it to your website will help establish communication with your clients, drive their attention and keep them interested in the niche news and current updates.

With a professional blog, you can create and publish content that show your awareness of the industry you specialize in. Just make sure you update the blog on a regular basis to remain in course of the recent niche situation. At the same time, if you feel that you are too busy to add new posts to your blog and create thoughtful quality content devoid of mistakes, then it’s better to go without it at all.

3. SEO Setup – Promote Your Website Over The Web

Effective SEO promotion is indispensable, when it comes to boosting your website popularity. In the modern age of tech advancement, SEO has become much more important than before and it can now help grow your business more effectively as compared to other tools. To make your website stand out from the crowd, it is important to make it well-optimized for the search engines. Among the parameters you need to set up for your website, the most crucial are:

  • Meta-tags;
  • Titles;
  • Descriptions;
  • Alts (for the images).

Mind that Google also recommends using human-friendly URLs that are simple, logically-structured yet effective. Such URLs should be readable and not quite long. In this case, they are better indexed by the search engines, thus, increasing your website positions.

Bottom Line

When it comes to designing a personal website, the use of website builders is the best and the most optimal choice. They make it possible to choose and customize the design, fill the pages with content and launch the project without any serious effort. This generally takes around 1-5 days depending upon the platform, your experience and complexity of the project.

Compared to cloud website builders, CMS are much more complicated, especially in terms of management, set up and exploration. Ordering a custom made website is too expensive and troublesome. Website builders are the best choice for a user, who needs a personal site. They are simple, affordable and effective.

Each platform described in the article is good in its own way. Wix is the ideal choice for the majority of users. uKit is the alternative for those, who can’t use previous option for some reason. Regardless of the website type you need, you can always find the most suitable tool to create it among the services reviewed above.

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