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How to Build a Personal Website

In order to create a personal website you may choose between 3 major options to reach your goal: making a site in a website builder, CMS or ordering it from the third party. Which option is more preferable in terms of the major parameters?


Using CMS implies the availability or acquirement of deep knowledge of the coding aspects, hosting, system setup, mastering plugins, modules etc. Otherwise, you won’t be able to create a full-featured website in CMS.

This variant works well for those users, who have the long-terms perspective in creating and monetizing websites. Consequently, this approach is not cost-effective when it comes to designing one website only.

By ordering a website from a web studio or a freelancer, you will depend on their services. If you choose this option, this means that you just don’t have time or desire to explore all the web design nuances. Instead, you would like to have a functional and working website without investing your own effort. And you are ready to pay for that as well.


The problem is that you will still have to learn the nuances of the process, trying to save your time and effort. You have to cope with technical tasks, check the results, specify the aspects that require the improvement etc.

Having completed the project, you will regularly update the website, which will trigger the need to get in touch with the developer again and again. This also takes money and time.

The only convenient variant is as follows: you will manage to find a specialist you will completely trust. This person will track all the updates, correct the mistakes and inform you about the status of the project without your direct participation in it.

The only disadvantage is that this requires notable financial investments. However, you will feel safe about your project and its functionality. In other cases, you will have to participate in the web creation process, along with the developer you will hire. That doesn’t make any sense.

Wix Editor

Website builders prove to be the best choice, when it comes to creating personal websites. Even if your understanding of the web building process leaves much to be desired, you will still be able to reach the expected result by selecting a nice website builder.

You will get all the privileges at once: hosting, domain name, a convenient dashboard, templates and a set of tools to build an appealing website. So, why look for something else?

Using a website builder is much cheaper as compared to ordering a custom made website. The cost of the project is also close to making a website with CMS (if not even cheaper). The latter option, however, additionally requires the purchase of hosting, domain name, template and some modules to avail the required functionality. Out-of-the-box CMS generally come with minimum set of features. It’s impossible to go without modules and plugins when using them. Website builders, however, don’t need them at all. Everything is included into the box right from the start.

The conclusion is as follows: cloud website builders save your money, time and effort. By working independently, you will have a better understanding of the system functionality and management. You will have full control over your project, without the need to depend upon someone else and pay for that. Let’s enlist the major benefits of website builders now:

  • Affordability
  • Full feature set (you don’t have to buy anything)
  • Simplicity of the web creation process
  • Reliability (it is the developers of the system, who are responsible for the safety and performance of your website)
  • Project management convenience
  • Opportunity to get versatile bonuses when purchasing the plans

Even though, the benefits are obvious, website builders are not devoid of disadvantages as well:

  • In most cases, you won’t be able to transfer your website to another hosting
  • Your code editing options are limited (FTP files access is rarely provided by the systems of this type)
  • It’s generally impossible to expand the stock features of the system by means of extra scripts and other options. That’s why, you should carefully select a website builder before starting working with it.

Demerits of website builders may seem challenging for the professionals only. They don’t matter a lot to regular users. The merits, however, are more crucial: you will have a chance to launch an appealing and functional website in a few days only, without any experience at all. This will give you the desired result. Isn’t that what you aim at?

All in all, website builders are an ideal option to create personal websites. As of today, there is nothing simpler, more convenient and more affordable. You just have to make the right choice to define the platform that will meet your specific needs better than others.

Steps to the perfect Personal Website

A personal site is all about promoting you. Your name is a brand name. Therefore, building a portfolio site is much like building a site for a company. You’ll need:

  • Logo. Whether you’re using your own name or your site’s name, put your logo in the top left of your site (in the Western world, we read from left to right), so that users can immediately identify who owns the site. Linking your logo to your homepage is a common convention that users expect online. Your logo doesn’t necessarily have to be an image, it can be a text logo.

  • Tagline. While your logo shows your name, your tagline should tell what you do. It should be short and summarize your services.

  • Work samples. Your Portfolio page will determine whether the site is interesting or not. Visitors will want to see your previous works to decide whether you’re proficient, and for general interest, to see what you’ve done in the past. Regardless of what you do, your portfolio should include high-quality work samples, be it videos, images or whatever. If possible, include a link to the live version of your sample. It’s never a bad idea to get a testimonial from a client.

  • Services. It’s important to go into a bit more detail about your services, on a separate Services page. Make it clear and break it down: web design, responsive themes, branding, SEO etc.

  • About me. Let people see who’s behind the website. Show a picture of yourself, share your background, how many years you’ve been in the business etc.

  • Contacts. Your contact information should be easy-to-access.

Best personal website builders

Creating a successful personal website is easier than you think. Follow the recommendations we listed above, pick a code-free website builder, and you’ll get online today:

WIX – The Best Personal Website Builder

This is the most popular website builder in the world. And it’s also one of the oldest services, which, however, still keeps developing. Millions of websites were created with Wix. It comes with the best collection of high quality and versatile readymade templates and one of the most powerful visual editors.

Wix Templates

Wix offers a long list of benefits, including the templates, an opportunity to install applications to extend functionality, a variety of widgets, reasonably priced plans and convenience. Among the disadvantages, one can mention absence of an opportunity to change the chosen template during the web design process and the editor overloaded with tools. Although, the latter is easy to use, some of its features may seem complicated and confusing for a newbie.

Wix makes it possible to create beautiful and versatile websites and it also ensures creative freedom. Blogs, promo websites, landing pages, portfolios – these projects are stunning when created with Wix. The website builder also allows designing eCommerce projects, but creating a large online store is complicated here because of the visual editor restrictions.

All in all, the service is the best choice for people, who have never used website builders before. The extensive availability of design settings make it a great choice for creative users. Your business website or promo page created with Wix will stand out from the crowd.

uKit – The Easiest Service to Create a Personal Website

uKit a perfect choice for those users, who need a modern and responsive business website. The platform allows users without any experience to launch a nice promo site in one day only. The service comes with a rich selection of high quality templates, convenient WYSIWYG editor and user-friendly interface.

uKit Templates

It’s also possible to create great portfolio websites and landing pages with uKit. A rich choice of widgets allows designing appealing pages. There is even a possibility to create online stores by means of using an integrated widget or setting up a well-known Ecwid plugin. The result will be nice, but this option does not work well when it comes to developing large eCommerce projects because of the visual editing features.

uKit benefits are as follows: simple interface, a rich choice of responsive templates, a convenient and easy-to-use editor, affordability. There is also one notable disadvantage: all the templates have similar structure, so, you won’t be impressed by their design versatility. Customization options are also superficial – you can set up only the most obvious elements. On the other hand, though, this feature simplifies the process of using a website. Business owners hardly need complex editors.

uKit develops rapidly. The updates are released almost each month, with new functions, templates and search engine optimization features being added to the system. Great technical support, simplicity, adequate functionality rate and impressive affordability ($36 per year with a promo code) make this system the leader of our list.

Bottom Line

When it comes to designing a personal website, the use of website builders is the best and the most optimal choice. They make it possible to choose and customize the design, fill the pages with content and launch the project without any serious effort. This generally takes around 1-5 days depending upon the platform, your experience and complexity of the project.

Compared to cloud website builders, CMS are much more complicated, especially in terms of management, set up and exploration. Ordering a custom made website is too expensive and troublesome. Website builders are the best choice for a user, who needs a personal site. They are simple, affordable and effective.

Each platform described in the article is good in its own way. Wix is the ideal choice for the majority of users. uKit is the alternative for those, who can’t use previous option for some reason. Regardless of the website type you need, you can always find the most suitable tool to create it among the services reviewed above.

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