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Squarespace Alternatives

Squarespace is great, and I love it, but it is not the only website builder out there. Knowing the full range of alternatives to Squarespace on the market will not only help you choose the platform best-tailored to your individual needs, but also help you save a lot of time and effort.

Best Squarespace Competitors

1WixFree to $24.50/mo
2uKit$4 to $12/mo
3WeeblyFree to $38/mo

Of course, do-it-yourself website building has its pros and cons, but it definitely has its market and thousands of quality sites built and supported. Having tested over 50 website builders, I’ve concluded that the most powerful Squarespace competitors are Wix, uKit and Weebly.

What makes these website builders special? That’s quite simple. All of them come with more convenient interfaces, lower rates and more extra options for quick and quality website creation.

Please note that in this article we bring you alternatives to the ‘standard’ version of Squarespace designed for those who doesn’t want to tinker too much, not the Squarespace developer’s platform. So, let’s meet TOP 3 Squarespace alternatives in details:

Squarespace Alternative #1: Wix

Wix home page

Wix needs no introduction. With its huge experience in the industry, Wix is a very competitive company. They quickly react to any changes in the web publishing niche and adjust the platform to meet the industry’s standards. If you are looking for a site builder offering a fully supported WYSIWYG editing, then Wix is just what you need. The system works great for users with diverse skills and expertise level. It allows creating different types of websites to meet your personal or business needs.

Benefits of Wix Over Squarespace:

  • Templates. If you have ever worked both with Wix and Squarespace, you have, probably, noticed that the first system can boast a more impressive and versatile template collection. As of today, the service offers hundreds of themes, the quality of which is beyond any doubts. The templates are mobile-optimized and have stylish and modern designs.

    Wix Templates

    What’s more, Wix developers have taken care of the needs and convenience of users, having subdivided the templates into dozens of niche-specific categories. Some of them are as follows: Business, Design, Landing Pages, Health, Restaurants and Food, Online Stores, Hotels, Video, Photo, Music, Arts, Blog and what not. Each category, in its turn, falls into sections to narrow down the search. Currently, Squarespace cannot boast such a versatile template selection and ease of search.

  • Artificial Intelligence. One of the most distinctive Wix features is the ADI tool it offers. Wix ADI or Artificial Design Intelligence brings down all the web creation hassle and allows designing any website type from scratch. This tool will surely be of great help to newbies and users, who have already established online presence for their businesses by setting up social network accounts, but have not managed to launch their websites yet.

    Squarespace Alternatives

    To create a website with Wix ADI, you just need to provide your business info and the links to your social network accounts (if any). The tool will automatically generate a website for you, making use of this info. This is a useful option, which is not available in Squarespace.

  • App Market. Wix App market is another feature that makes the system stand out from the crowd. This is the place, where you can find hundreds of applications to meet any preferences and needs. Whatever niche you specialize in and whatever website type you plan to launch, you will surely be pleased to integrate quality apps from the App Market into it. These applications do not only contribute to website design, but they also add advanced functionality to it.

    Wix eCommerce App Market

    Most of the apps are offered on a free basis. What you need is to choose the app or widget and drag it onto your website in a few clicks. There is a search filter option available at the website, which simplifies the choice of the application you need based on the type of website that is under construction. As of today, Squarespace cannot offer you this feature.

  • Blogging. Apart from building a website, Wix makes it possible to create a multifunctional blog or add it to the existing website. Blogs launched with Wix come with unique design and superior functionality, which helps establish better relations with your website visitors. By connecting a blog, you’ll be able to interact with the target audience, keeping them aware of your news, events and website updates.

  • Wix Free Blog Editor

  • Forum. Just like it is possible to add a blog to your website, it is not a problem to connect a forum to it as well. While Squarespace doesn’t have this tool, Wix offers such an opportunity, which increases the value and reputation of the website builder. A forum is an important tool used to boost interaction between the website users and attract new visitors. That is why, this option shouldn’t be underestimated.

  • Wix Forum

  • SEO Wizard. If your goal is not only to launch a website, but to make it popular with the target audience, then you have to take care of its SEO promotion. Wix SEO Wizard allows improving your search engine optimization results by tracking the available weak points and outlining strong ones. This is how you will know, if your website is ready for publication and what measures should be undertaken to improve its SEO ranking. Currently, Squarespace doesn’t have a similar alternative, which is a serious drawback of the system.

  • Wix Free SEO Wiz

Wix Cost

Wix Paid Plans:
Connect Domain$4.50/mo;

When it comes to the cost aspect, Wix has a notable benefit over Squarespace in this relation as well. The thing is that Wix has a free plan, which makes it possible not only to test the major features of the service, but also to create simple websites to improve your web building skills and expertise level. The free version of the system is unlimited. If you wish to get the most out of your website, you are welcome to upgrade to one of the paid plans.

If you compare the cost of Wix plans with those of Squarespace, you will definitely agree on the fact that they are more affordable and provide more advanced functionality, thus, making it possible to launch quality and functional websites from scratch.


Wix is a universal website builder, which encompasses ease of use, convenience, affordability and functionality. The system works great for newbies and web design pros, offering lots of tools and features that are not available in other systems. Having compared Wix and Squarespace, it’s obvious that this website builder is the best alternative in terms of quality, cost and efficacy of the web development process. Whatever website you plan to launch and whatever your web design skills are, Wix is a surefire way to gain success.

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Squarespace Alternative #2: uKit

uKit home page

Our second pick is uKit website builder. It has a great user interface for quick content upload, editing and design changes. uKit is known as the simplest small business website builder and it definitely deserves this name. The system allows business owners to create quality websites on their own to present their businesses in the global network. Its intuitive interface will make it possible to explore and master the system in a couple of hours only. Such opportunity just cannot be left unnoticed.

Benefits of uKit Over Squarespace

  • Business Templates. uKit has one of the most extensive business template collection, which was designed by professional web developers. Due to such approach, the color palette and the quality of these themes are attractive, which drives the attention of the target audience. What’s interesting, uKit templates also fall into several categories based on their topics. This subdivision simplifies the search of a template with regard to the industry you specialize in.

    uKit Business Templates

    Among the most popular categories, it makes sense to mention Business, Automotive, Education, Real Estate, Sports, Music, Travel, Finance and Insurance, Photography etc. Once you have chosen a template, you can change it any time, while working at your website. All the templates are responsive by default, which contributes to their value and quality.

  • CRM Integration. Business website owners often face the necessity to control the relations of their clients within a website as well as to manage orders and business tasks. To make these processes simpler, uKit has introduced the AMO CRM integration feature. Its connection will be of great value for business and eCommerce websites.

  • uKit SSL CRM Integration

  • Cost Calculator. Business website management always implies specific financial aspects. Users as well as website owners frequently face the necessity to calculate the cost of services or products offered, make online payments and place orders directly at the website. This is very convenient and can now be done by means of integrating an Online Calculator uCalc. Connection of the cost calculator is simple and quick, so, everyone will cope with the task in less than no time.

  • uKit Cost calculator

  • Useful Widgets. With uKit, integration of useful widgets to your business website will no longer be a problem. The system has dozens of them and it’s only up to you to select those widgets that come up to your niche specialization and personal requirements. The system offers dozens of widgets, integration of which requires a few clicks only. These are widgets of social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.), Media Widgets (SoundCloud, SlideShare, Video, News, Timer, Steps etc.), Contacts (Callback Forms, MailChimp, LiveAgent, LiveChat, JivoSite etc.).

  • Interaction with Users. uKit developers have made it possible for business website owners to interact with their visitors. This can be done by using some of the above mentioned widgets and tools (Callback Forms, LiveChat widget, MailChimp are only some of the examples). This boosts customer trust and your website credibility.

uKit Cost

uKit Paid Plans:

Unlike Wix, uKit doesn’t have a free unlimited plan, but it offers a 14-day free trial version of the plan you would like to test. Paid plans, in their turn, will certainly fit into your budget, due to their affordability. Just have a look at them to make sure they are really worth the attention.

uKit pricing policy is more than affordable for everyone and it is definitely much cheaper as compared to Squarespace plans. Functionality features offered by both systems, though, are almost on the same level. So, it doesn’t really make sense to pay more for using Squarespace.


uKit is a small business website builder, which allows creating eCommerce and business websites with no hassle and waste of time. The system is a nice alternative to Squarespace, which especially works great for the owners of small and medium businesses as well as for users, who need to launch quality, functional and visually appealing websites with responsive design. It is a superb combination of excellent performance and unique visual appeal.

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Squarespace Alternative #3: Weebly

Weebly Main

Just like uKit and Wix, Weebly is an excellent free alternative to Squarespace. Its interface is fun to use and there is no coding required. It is a strong, multi-purpose website builder that lets you build literally any website: portfolio, information site or a store. The system will be a great solution for users willing to launch professional, multifunctional and quality blogs.

Benefits of Weebly Over Squarespace

  • Simple and Convenient Interface. Weebly is a drag and drop website builder that has a simple interface that is easy to understand and use even for a not-tech savvy person. All the required information is at hand here, due to which it’s easy to start building your website. What you have to do is to choose a template and proceed to its customization, following simple tips and guidelines the system offers.

  • Weebly Editor

  • Powerful Blogging Options. Weebly offers powerful blogging options, which allow creating and managing unique and informative blogs that are easy to set up and customize. It’s possible to add and schedule new posts, manage the existing ones, select social media sharing options, set up commenting systems and design options etc.

  • CSS Code Editing. If you have coding skills, web design experience, time and desire to give your website unique and outstanding look, then you can make use of the CSS code editing option that allows adding and editing your website design code with regard to your needs.

  • Set of Marketing Tools. The set of marketing tools the system offers unveils lots of opportunities for better website promotion. Thus, the advanced Weebly Promote tool allows you to enhance email marketing options by generating messages with regard to the users’ activity. This is done in the automatic mode, which is also very convenient. What’s more, Weebly allows tracking newsletter statistics, which is available in the dashboard section.

  • Weebly Online Store Management

  • Free App Center. Just like Wix, Weebly has an App Center, which contains a collection of services and applications to be integrated into your website. This can be done with one click only and, thus, is a benefit for inexperienced users. Applications available here will help make your website content engaging and useful, providing extra advantages to the visitors. Some of the featured apps are as follows: LiveChat, PinPoll, Call-Out-Box, Site Booster, Stats and Marketing, Hit Counter etc.

  • Squarespace Alternatives

Weebly Cost

Weebly Paid Plans:

Weebly has a free neverending version, which allows testing all the features of the system to the advantage. However, if you have serious web building intentions and wish to launch a professional website with utmost performance, then you can’t but use one of the paid plans the service offers. You won’t be able to launch an online store with the free plan as well. As of today, the system offers four paid plans

The cost of the paid plans is a bit higher than that offered by Wix and uKit, but it is still more affordable as compared to Squarespace. The range of features and functional tools you will avail at this cost is more than enough to build a decent website.


Weebly is a credible drand-and-drop website builder, which can also be rightfully called a decent Squarespace alternative. The system can be used to create any website type, ranging from a one-page website and up to an online store. However, experts recommend using the service for blog creation. In this respect, the system is really one of the best in the niche.

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What’s the best alternative to Squarespace? It all depends on what you want to get out of your site, how in-depth you want to be able to customize it, and how much you are willing to pay for it. Try all of these Squarespace alternatives and make your choice.

Alternatives to Squarespace – Comparison Chart

#NameBest for:Ease of UseFeaturesDesignPrice
1WixNewbies WYSIWYG editor;
Full drag&drop;
Interactive tips
App Market;
Change everything;
Strong eCommerce
Over 500 templates;
Mobile editor;
Video background
Free to $24.50/mo
Cheaper than Squarespace
2uKitSmall Business Smart block elements;
Easy editor;
Discount Timer;
Business Widgets;
Map Markers
Responsive Design;
Template change;
Parallax scrolling
$4 to $12/mo
Cheaper than Squarespace
3WeeblyBloggers Drag&Drop Editor;
Block-based system;
Intuitive dashboard
App store;
Blogging engine;
Membership options
Responsive themes;
CSS editor;
Template change
Free to $38/mo
Equals to Squarespace
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