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Weebly vs Squarespace

Things have changed a lot since our first Weebly vs Squarespace comparison. Both companies have been working hard to make their products even more intuitive, flexible and modern.

Recently, Weebly launched its fourth version and Squarespace established the ‘Squarespace Circle’ – a community for developers and designers. Both site builders progress very fast leaving the competition behind, meanwhile making the web a better place.

Today we put Weebly and Squarespace head to head to re-appraise their benefits and disadvantages taking into consideration their most recent updates. We’re going to dive into the five areas that can impact your decision.

1. Ease of Use

  • Weebly. Weebly has one of the most user-friendly interfaces. Whether you’re connecting a domain name, changing your account access data or add another blog post, everything can be done with just a few clicks, no complex terminology or sophisticated interfaces. No coding required.

    Weebly Editor

    Weebly is a drag-and-drop website builder. To add a new feature/widget/design element to your site, simply select it and place it anywhere on the canvas. Once you have positioned the selected site element, double-click it to configure its settings.

    When you add a new page to your Weebly site, you don’t necessarily have to build its layout from scratch. You can choose one of the predefined Page Layouts to save your time and effort.

    There are various ready-to-use page frameworks: homepage, contacts, portfolio, and more. These layouts are fully customizable – you can alter, delete and add new elements as you wish.

    Weebly has a family of mobile applications: an Android and two iOS apps (for the iPhone and iPad). With the latter app you can literally build a site with your hands – its interface is specifically developed for tactile site building.

    There’s also an app for Apple Watch that lets you monitor website activity, receive new notifications when a new order is received and manage comments, among other features.

  • Squarespace. Ease of use had always been one of the major pain points of Squarespace. The good news is that this problem has been addressed, and the current version of the platform now provides a more intuitive editing environment. It supports WYSIWYG editing and has a less cluttered navigation. See what the new Squarespace looks like:

    Squarespace Editor

    Squarespace has an impressive suite of iOS apps and three Android applications. The iOS apps let you write and edit blog posts, manage comments, view statistics, make notes and also upload your portfolio to your mobile device.

    Squarespace has an Apple Watch app, too. It lets users view expanded visualization of every website metric.

Weebly vs Squarespace. With both site builders, you start by creating an account and picking a template. Each template comes preloaded with demo content to highlight the design’s strengths and unique features. But Weebly seems to be more customizable: it has more opportunities to pre-edit your Page with ‘Page Layouts’ tool.

When building your site, you’ll use intuitive tools built into the site builders’ platforms to replace the demo content with your own unique text, photos and graphics.

Though Squarespace 7 is easier than its predecessor, it is still more complicated than Weebly. It takes some time to get used to the Squarespace editor, while with Weebly each feature seems to be in reach.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

  • Weebly. Weebly is versatile. It lets you easily create different website types including blogs, portfolios, business sites, webstores and more. Let’s take a look at some of the core Weebly features:

    • Membership. You can add users and manage them in groups to control which pages they have access to.
    • eCommerce. Weebly offers a feature-rich eCommerce platform that offers such features as digital and physical goods, coupon codes, filtered product search and flexible shipping options, among others.
    • Blogging. Weebly provides a highly customizable blogging engine with full control over layout and post structure, advanced comment management tools, scheduled posting and other features.
    • IFTTT integration. Weebly partners with IFTTT to give users the ability to connect their favorite apps and products. Specifically, you can create so-called recipes. For example, if you post a video to your YouTube account, Weebly will automatically create a post on your blog. You can choose a ready recipe, or create your own by combining various actions and triggers.
    • SimpleChat integration. This add-on lets users chat with their customers in real-time via text messages. Once enabled, SimpleChat allows site visitors ask questions through a live chat window on your site.

    All in all, Weebly is pretty flexible. Here’s what real Weebly-based websites look like: portfolios, webstores and blogs.

  • Squarespace. Similar to Weebly, Squarespace also has its own powerful blogging platform that supports scheduled posting and advanced comment management. Squarespace users can also give contributors selective access to the site’s control panel.

    Squarespace has its own eCommerce solution, but unfortunately, at the moment the complete integration of Squarespace Commerce is only available in 10 countries: the US, UK, Canada some other countries.

    Here are some Squarespace eCommerce features: digital and physical goods, post-checkout code injection (marketers will love it), Xero integration, coupon codes, import from Shopify and Big Cartel, order confirmation emails and more.

    See what real Squarespace-powered websites and e-stores look like.

    In fact, Weebly and Squarespace have a lot in common, so let’s focus on the differences instead.

Squarespace vs Weebly. Below we’ve gathered the most unique features of each site builder:

  • Weebly for education. Weebly has a separate platform for teachers and their students, and also Weebly Campus Edition that allows to digitize the entire campus.
  • Weebly Site Planner. The planner will help you identify your goals and organize key website elements. It will give you a better understanding of such advanced topics as content promotion and audience engagement.
  • Squarespace import and export. Squarespace allows you to import blog content from Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Posterous and some other blogging services. Squarespace sites can be exported to WordPress.
  • Squarespace Developer platform. The platform allows developers to create custom websites with a totally unique design using native development tools.
  • Squarespace Cover Pages. Users can create single-page websites or landing pages to promote a new product. If needed, these pages can be added to any existing Squarespace website.

Both website builders offer decent blogging tools with flexible commenting systems, native eCommerce platforms and reliable hosting. Both let you add multiple contributors with different access levels.

Weebly lets users customize their themes using a built-in HTML/CSS editor, and Squarespace lets you change everything from the opening doctype tag to the footer. However Weebly has more features that make the process of website editing and customizing easy and flexible.

3. Designs

Design Comparison Chart

Number of Themes:5567
Theme Import: YES NO
Visual Editor: YES YES
Theme Change: YES NO
Mobile Optimized: YES YES
CSS Code Editor: YES YES
  • Weebly. Weebly offers over 55 templates for all tastes: from ultra-modern minimalist to classic and bold. Every template features an Advanced Theme editor that offers full HTML and CSS control for deeper customization, so nothing is out of your reach.

    All types of Weebly templates are responsive. Weebly has a built-in mobile editor where users can enable and fine-tune the mobile view of the site.

    If you want to go beyond what’s offered in the official Weebly library, you can hire a developer to create a custom theme for your site, or you can purchase a ready template designed specifically for Weebly – thankfully, there are many providers creating Weebly themes out there.

  • Squarespace. Squarespace templates are also pretty enough. There are 67 industry-specific templates, some created ‘in collaboration with the world’s most inspiring people’. The key feature of all their themes is high-quality imagery, fullscreen backgrounds and lots of white space.

    Every Squarespace design is optimized for mobile viewing. If desired, the mobile view can be disabled. You can’t change the mobile view of your site, but you can enable and modify the Mobile Information Bar.

Weebly vs Squarespace. Both collections are great, but Weebly themes appear more diverse. Squarespace’s design look elegant and stylish, but they’re somewhat monotonous.

4. Customer Support

  • Weebly. Weebly is very simple, so I think you won’t face any problems there. But if you face any, you can find help in the Weebly Help Center. You can also submit a request via email and take advantage of free live chat.

    During our latest test we noticed that Weebly started offering free phone support.

  • Squarespace. Squarespace offers 24/7 email support and live chat support during weekdays. The company also provides an extensive knowledge base comprised of detailed guides, videos and workshops. There’s also a community-driven Q&A where you can easily find answers to hundreds of questions and take part in discussions.

    This year Squarespace team continued to hold free one-on-one workshops that take place in their Customer Care offices in New York.

Squarespace vs Weebly. Both site builders care about their customers and provide various types of support, but Weebly knowledge base looks more informative and intuitive.

5. Pricing Policy

  • Weebly. Weebly has a free lifetime plan, and three paid packages ranging from $8/mo to $49/mo. If you’re looking to create a portfolio or a blog, then you may be quite satisfied with their Starter offering. But if you want to set up an eCommerce website, be ready to pay $25 a month for the full-featured plan.

  • Squarespace. Unlike most of its competition, Squarespace doesn’t follow the freemium model. It has no free packages. There are four paid plans divided into two groups (yearly subscription): Websites (form $12/mo to $18/mo), and Commerce (from $26/mo to $40/mo) which differentiate based on the amount of products you’re going to sell (1; 20; unlimited, respectively) and eCommerce add-ons.

Pricing Options:✔ Starter ($8/mo);
✔ Pro ($12/mo);
✔ Business ($25/mo);
✔ Performance ($38/mo).
✔ Personal ($12/mo);
✔ Business ($18/mo);
✔ Basic store ($26/mo);
✔ Advanced Store ($40/mo).
Features:✔ Free Plan;
✔ Membership Options;
✔ Online Store;
✔ Email Marketing Campaigns.
✔ Free Domain Name;
✔ SSL-Certificate;
✔ 24/7 Support;
✔ Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth;
✔ Mobile-Friendly Website.

Weebly vs Squarespace. The obvious benefit of Weebly is that it has a free plan that never expires and that it lets you publish a simple ad-free site under your own domain name at just $8/mo, while the cheapest version of the full-blown Squarespace website starts from $12/mo.


As we see it, Weebly is easier to use and a bit cheaper, while Squarespace appears to be more website builder with a numbers of limitations to each package. In this case mean Weebly looks more favorable than Squarespace to those who want to create website easy and in a short time.

So which one is better – Weebly or Squarespace? We think it would be better to take a note on Weebly, as it gives much more opportunities for your future website.

Overview Comparison Chart

Ease of Use:
Customer Support:
Overall Score:
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  • Ben Tristem

    Thank you for this comparison, it’s helped me while I’ve been deliberating about whether to stay with Weebly. I keep pushing Weebly and it keeping doing great, so I’m staying with it for now. This is what I’ve built on Weebly…

    • Wow, thanks for sharing your site with us, Ben! Looks great! For those who can’t believe this nice site has been built using Weebly, there’s a tiny copyright in the footer 😉

      • Thanks Howard, I’m giving the first 10 get it for $7 using Coupon: WeeblyMaster2014

    • Cool, and i was recently looking at blender especially pixel math. Turns out its not a fit for interactive svg style web content, the designs are awesome though

    • Wow! 150,000 Udemy students Ben. I’ve got to stretch my goals from 20,000 🙂

  • Jason

    Squarespace is far superior in my opinion when it comes to responsive design out of the box. Weebly and all others can’t do that. At best they are “semi-responsive” based on which templates you choose. I build sites on Weebly and all of the others to get to know the terrain. They all have problems from time to time, as well as, limitations and this can frustrating. For my money so far SP is king.

    • Hi Jason,
      Thanks for your valuable comment. Have you tried the new Weebly mobile editor?

    • dan

      But the squarespace 7 platform is buggy vs 6.

      • Indeed, it’s somewhat buggy. However, these aren’t critical bugs.

  • Francois0512

    Discover a new solution to build a professional website without any technical

    We worked mainly on, simplicity and reliability with features such

    • Publisher entirely Drag / Drop and intuitive interface,

    • Templates all Responsive Design, ie suitable for tablets and

    • A system of magnetic grid that allows to change the structure of a
    site as you see.

    • An automatic SEO.

  • MarcusAugustus

    Thanks also for this comparison. But actually I’m missing one important point. It’s also the reason why I’m currently use Weebly even Squarespace has much more beautiful templates.
    It’s the sub-level topic. For example if I would like to get a folder in folder…
    It’s pity impossible with squarespace. But with Weebly is it unlimited possible.

    As always… it’s up what kind of page you want but good to know for the decision. Especially if you need more then two level.

    • Hi! Thanks for your input.
      Have you already seen the new Squarespace? They’ve just introduced Squarespace 7 –

      • dan

        Yes 7 is buggy many complaints and they arnt doing anything.

  • Jacob

    I prefer squarespace, I have done this amazing project

    • Hi Jacob,
      Thanks for sharing your Squarespace website. Looks splendid!

    • Talosa

      Looks Good, but a lot of Garbage content.

    • almark

      Would you say that Squarespace is ideal for indie labels? Electronic labels.

    • Not a Designer

      Now that’s a website! Great job!

  • cookie2013

    You can see Weebly’s pricing before you register. I found it very easily to find.

  • Allen Schneider

    What do you know about Sitebuilder or Websitebuilder? Are these in these same class as Squarespace or Weebly?

  • Gianflavio

    I have a weebly website
    but I want a more flashy website, so i’ve been playing around with squarespace and the results are great. Very professional looking. The pricing is a problem though, with weebly I have everything I need for free, i even figured how to get favicons up. I want to switch to squarespace but I do enjoy free. Plus my weebly website is great looking as well.

    • Hi Gianflavio,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your Weebly site!

    • Jonas

      Hi Gian. Can you let me know please how you are able to use Weebly’s free package with your own domain, because my understanding from their site is that they only offer using the free service with subdomains. Thanks a lot.

      • Gianflavio

        I think i got it when that wasn’t part of the deal. I guess before you could link it up to your domain for free, but that changed.

      • We’ve helped a few people (over at set up websites using a domain redirection in the early days. You need to adjust your domain name settings so when someone types in they are redirected to . Send me a message if you need some help with this.

      • Channing Shattuck

        Look up “Domain Forwarding” (and domain masking). Follow the instructions to do that and you can put a weebly site under your domain for free!

    • Gianflavio

      UPDATE: I started paying $3.75 a month (50 a year) for the starter pack. I’m nearing graduation and I want my clients to see my site without a footer or anything.

  • yourtechlibcom

    Based on my personal experience Weebly is better than Squarespace. It’s less expensive and it’s user-friendlier.

  • Thank you Howard for this interesting article! I’m about to make my own Weebly versus Squarespace research. You helped a lot!

  • Carlos Riofrio

    I had been working with Squarespace. This is my site It is not finished yet. I worked with weebly, but I changed because of the mobile responsiveness. I know that now they had changed a lot. But I think that for now on I will stay with Squarespace. The only sort of issue with squarespace is pricing in the cheapest plan.

    • Hi Carlos,
      Thanks for sharing your webste with our readers. It looks great! Weebly is now mobile-friendlier, that’s true.

  • Chan Chop

    Thank you for the comparisons! Can you guess which platform my site is built on?

    • Hi, I have no idea. So what platform is it built on?

      • Chan Chop

        Weebly too 🙂

  • Crystal Crawford

    I initially built my website on Squarespace then switched to Weebly because of the ease of use & design. Here’s my website.

  • What about limitations these website builders do not have such limitations for traffic storage….

  • Alex

    Re: using your own domain name with Weebly, they have now (October 2015) removed that option, and charge you $96 a year for the Starter Plan. It was $49 when I purchased one in June!

  • How id Weebly easy to use when they don’t have undo?!

    “Delete an individual element or set of elements on a page? This is a bit trickier, but our support agents can probably bring this back for you. Just contact us and let us know from which page the elements were deleted.”

    Seriously? If I delete a button on the page, I’m supposed to contact Weebly support? Is this 2001?

  • Just started building a site for a client with Squarespace, and just in case anyone is curious: Weebly is probably 20 times easier to use and their Support is significantly better. If Squarespace *paid me* to use their service, I still wouldn’t.

  • Tim

    I don’t understand. Some of the comment dates on this page are from over a year ago, yet the date on this post says Nov 17, 2015.
    That said, I chose SquareSpace because of the 1-click ease of importing my WordPress site into it. It imported all my blog images and everything. Just had to go through the blog and update some links here and there.

  • Keepin_It_Real

    Unless I missed them, I would appreciate your thoughts on Webydo vs WIX and vs Weebly. Those would be helpful reviews. Thanks for your work thus far.

  • Dendrita

    If you want to use an elegant audio player — Square Space does it, even in their $4 “coverpage” plan (it’s easy and great). With Weebly, they try to leverage you into one of their pricier plans. You can embed code from elsewhere but I’ve spent hours floundering with that.

  • Weebly is getting bigger and bigger every month. They adding more features every month, apps market started to grow… If you looking for Premium Themes or more info about Weebly take a look at

  • AHopefulHappenstance

    I have a weebly site

    And other bloggers keep telling me if I want to become a serious business I need to switch to square space or word press. What do you think about this? I’ve put a lot of time into learning weebly and paid for a years domain and pro site. I won’t switch until that is over at least but is that true!? I love the weebly set up.

    • Hello, you’ve got a great site!

      I don’t think there is a need to switch to Squarespace or WordPress. Weebly is a solid platform that millions use all over the world. If you are satisfied with the feature set, and you’ve already put much effort into it, there is no need to move your site anywhere. Good luck!

      • AHopefulHappenstance

        Awesome! Thanks! I was thinking I’d stick with it but it’s nice to have someone back me up!

  • Thanks for this updated review of these sites Howard. Here is my website on Squarespace: I’m a landscape painter in Memphis, TN- USA.

    When I built my website 2 years ago now, I set it up on both Weebly and Squarespace simultaneously to see which worked better. I took both as far as I could go until I hit some snafus on Weebly. For some reason the template I was using on Weebly would not allow me to change the background to a custom hex-code color on the portfolio page for my paintings- only white or black were available as background, whereas Squarespace allowed me to make the portfolio pages with a brown background that I wanted. I wanted my logo dead center on the homepage, but the only way to do this on Weebly left a kind of shadow around the logo. Weebly told me they would have to do a custom site for me if I wanted the shadow to go away around my logo. I also found when I contacted support that it took over 24hours to get an email response from Weebly, whereas I received responses from Squarespace within an hour usually. This is a big deal when you’re creating a site. Yes, Weebly was easier, but If found it wasn’t as customizable. Perhaps things have changed now. I have many artist friends that use Weebly and love it.

    Squarespace has an app I find very useful for a phone since I am a painter-artist. It is a portfolio app, and it syncs with your website whenever you have internet access. So every time I update my website with new images, the app updates as well. The app is not internet dependent though, so if I’m somewhere and don’t have internet access, I can still share images on my phone of my work. Here’s a little video about the app:

    • Hi, Matthew,
      First, I want to thank you for such a great comment. Your opinion makes a real help for those readers of my blog who want to create own website but still in a doubt of what website builder is better to choose.
      Second, when you wrote that Weebly could become better – it’s a true.
      Last year Weebly made lots of updates of its functionality, included fully responsive templates amongst others.
      And the third: Weebly is still one of the easiest website builders, its interface is rather intuitive. So, it’s no wonder that your friends have chosen it. Many creative people who who want to create website without diving into world of coding and programming made such choice.

      With regards,
      Howard Steele.

  • Chandra

    Does Weebly allow you to export your products? I know that squarespace does not enable it natively. There is a third party app that makes it possible,, but I hope weebly builds it in. It’s just too important not to have.

    • Hi,
      Weebly instead of Squarespace has built-in option to export products to CVS file. Just go to your Store in Weebly Editor, than select Products and click to the ‘Export Products’ button in the top-right corner.
      You can also grad products data from your Squarespace website using API requests. But this requires a programming skills.

      • Chandra

        Thanks Howard. Good to know!


    I want to change from square to Weebly. Anyone with experience in grabbing a squarespace site and moving it?
    I want to move because of the very limited number of pages in square- vs unlimited in Weebly! I need to do a Two language page and its almost impossible with squarespace! And also due to the membership feature!

    • Hi, Peter,
      In your case, you have to copy content/images from your Squarespace website and paste them to Weebly’s one, that’s the only way.
      All the best,

  • Cassian Humphreys

    Damn useful thread, good life to you all…