Instapage Landing Page Builder Review

A digital marketing strategy can’t be effective without landing pages. These are great tools for increasing conversions and driving clients to your sales funnel. Therefore, for the sake of your business, it’s essential to make the right choice of a landing page builder. Through this article, you will find out if Instapage is what you’re looking for.

Instapage – is a widely known landing page builder and a conversion optimization tool. With the help of this service, you can set up conversion-focused landing pages tailored to your aim. Actually, converting a visitor into a customer requires various points, and having an attractive landing page doesn’t mean it is primed for conversions. Meanwhile, Instapage covers multiple functions that, all together, formulate highly effective landing pages.

In particular, Instapage not only creates one-of-a-kind landing page experiences for every audience you aim to reach using the post-click content they look for, but it also tests and analyzes all pages to optimize page performance. With Instapage, you can simplify the workflow of setting up landing pages for both you and your team and have more pages built within the same period of time. And finally, landing pages created with Instapage stand out for an exceptional loading speed.

So, let’s deepen into the essence and functionality of Instapage, so you get a better idea of what this service actually is.

  • Template customization and design.
  • Integration capabilities.
  • Analytics and reporting tools.

Ease of Use

In terms of usability, Instapage is highly user-friendly for novice users. Actually, it’s the most straightforward and intuitive landing page software on the market. It exploits a Block manager for building landing pages, ensuring the easy and quick generation of a whole suite of landing pages within minutes.

Once you complete the basic required information, Instapage transfers you to the dashboard. Pick up any of around 200 templates and customize everything in it, every element and block. Thanks to the drag-and-drop editor and plenty of useful functions, this landing page builder is one of the most straightforward yet potent options there.

Instapage Features

Generally, most landing page builders offer basic functionality, covering only some landing page templates and design tools. Nevertheless, Instapage takes a step further and introduces a robust suite of features for building landing pages and making them convertible.

Instapage believes that a landing page must be a valuable asset. Therefore, the impressive spectrum of functionality is aimed at helping customers reach new clients and boost their sales. Using Instapage as a marketing tool, you get exhaustive Google analytics, intuitive customizable templates, and access to split testing.


Instapage can’t boast of an attractive colored dashboard. And yet, its dreary appearance doesn’t make it any less powerful. The main menu is located on the left-hand of the dashboard and links to all the primary tools of the landing page builder. Since the company provides a stable linking of Google Ads, you can have your ads automatically imported into the Instapage dashboard so that you receive a Postclick score. This is a ratio between the overall quantity of personalized experiences and the ads.

Other than this, the dashboard holds such information as the user’s profile, the status of the subscription, and some other account options. Access the min settings tab to check the changes you have made to your account. From here, it’s also possible to add new members to your team or check the new lads you have generated.

Page Editor

Instapage isn’t the landing page builder that requires special skills or coding knowledge. It features a highly intuitive and, at the same time, robust drag-and-drop editor.

Instapage Editor

With Instapage, you can start with a template or a completely blank canvas. In both cases, the drag-and-drop editor ensures a simple, user-friendly process. You can rearrange elements on the page the way you wish – no constraints of a column or a grid layout and a row-based structure! If you need, you can even stack the objects one on top of another and move the things on the page.

Instapage provides complete, unrestricted freedom with its landing page editor, and it mesmerizes how easy it is to use. Move an item across the page and see various useful grids and markers that offer the most straightforward way of lining up the page pieces if necessary.

Anyway, the creative freedom and ease of use that Instapage offers may become the reason for a tasteless design if the user doesn’t have a sense of styling. To minimize such cases, the landing page builder shows suggestions to assist in positioning the material. Therefore, abide by the system’s recommendations if you can’t make out how to style the page.

Another benefit of the Instapage landing page builder is that it showcases the distance between the dragged element and other content on the page, which is highly useful for a perfectionist to position everything within a reasonable distance.

Landing Page Solutions

As for landing page solutions, Instapage divides its tools into two sections – by channel and use case, each with its subsections. Instapage offers a series of eCommerce solutions, such as streamlining reviews, conversion optimization, and Global Blocks to replicate and update on-brand content in a single click.

Instapage can also boast perfect tools for retargeting solutions. With this page builder, a few minutes are thoroughly enough to set up message-matched landing pages for retargeting campaigns.

Meanwhile, with the help of solutions for Search Ads, Social Ads, and Display Ads, it becomes possible to dramatically boost your landing page, Google and Facebook conversion, increase relevance, reduce acquisition costs, scale your campaigns, etc.

Marketing Tools

Instapage Marketing Tools

Instapage is a great landing page and conversion optimization tool for marketers. Unlike its contenders, the company offers a number of excellent marketing tools, including AdMap to visualize your advertisement campaigns and connect them to relevant landing pages, Post Click Automation, HeatMaps to find out where your site visitors interact with your pages the most, Split A/B Testing to get a precise analysis of tests of different page versions against one another, Dynamic Text Replacement, and others.

Instapage Integrations

Instapage offers a wide array of most-used integrations. Here you can find a series of tools for boosting your landing page advertising, analytics, email marketing, CRM software, and marketing automation possibilities. The company has a robust native integration ecosystem and suggests using Zapier and Webhooks to integrate landing pages with multiple platforms. Some of the most popular integrations are Aweber, Convertkit, WordPress, and Zapier.

Instapage Integrations

Additionally, if you aim to monetize your landing page, you can connect Stripe and PayPal to collect online payments. You can also use email marketing software to set up an email list. Some suggested options are Convertkit, MailChimp, GetResponse, and Aweber.

Design and Templates

Another point to be highly attentive to is the selection of templates. Although with Instapage, a user has the option to start scheming a landing page from a blank canvas, most users will still begin with an appropriate template. Instapage features an imposing array of quality, fully-customizable templates.

The over 500 Instapage templates are grouped into multiple categories presented in the left-hand menu to help users get their perfect template easier. The suggested categories include Demo Request, Event Registration, Thank You, Product Sales, and others.

Instapage Design

The demonstrated templates include basic frameworks, more detailed designs, and more defined aesthetics. Instapage allows viewing the layout of any template you like before confirming the choice. Moreover, a mobile preview is also available, which is a big advantage over other landing page builders.

Once you have found the template you like and chosen it, Instapage will drop you straight to the Builder mode. Unlike other page builders, where you are obliged to drag and drop elements only into predefined areas so that they fit in the existing columns or row framework, Instapage features a truly drag-and-drop editor and provides total freedom. Place a widget anywhere you wish, even if the area doesn’t make sense.

However, not to get carried away by this flexibility and ruin your landing page design, Instapage shows useful grids and markers for the chosen element to fit in. You can adhere to them and get a guaranteed stylish look or not, to work out your creativity even if it presumes stacking multiple elements on top of each other; the choice is yours!

Instapage enables a user to change the pieces of a landing page quickly. See, when you pick up an element, the system shows you what you can do with it and provides an edit button. You open the page builder’s customization controls by clicking on an element. And since Instapage features a WYSIWYG interface, you get a real-time preview of your landing page while still working on it.

Furthermore, if you find your landing page needs extra precision, add custom CSS or Java for further management. Although Instapage is aimed at no coders and beginners, professional programmers won’t find it limiting.

Instapage introduces a rich selection of widgets to bring extra functionality to the landing page design. Find the available options in the left-hand menu, including Paragraphs, Headlines, Circles, Timers, Images, Vertical and Horizontal Lines, HTML widgets, etc. It’s also possible to combine different widgets and create a block to reuse on other pages. These can be call-to-actions, pricing tables, etc.

And finally, whatever design you end up with, it’s guaranteed to be fully mobile-responsive. In these days of mobile use popularity, this is a highly advantageous feature. Another amazing and one-of-a-kind feature that most other landing page builders definitely won’t offer you is the possibility to switch to the mobile view and make changes for mobile viewers only while preserving the desktop landing page just the way it was.

Customer Support

Whether you are new to landing page builders or have impressive expertise, excellent customer service and a trustworthy support team matter a lot. You should be certain you will get quality, timely, and professional assistance for the price you pay to use Instapage’s services. And this page builder has been proven to have a state-of-the-art support team.

Besides the extended Help Center with multiple articles bulked into respective categories, such as Landing Pages, Analytics, Experiments, Personalization, etc., and an effective wizard on how to get started, the company suggests submitting a request right on the site or getting in touch with the support team through the live chat. Both the ticket form and live chat support channels respond in a timely manner.

Instapage Plans and Pricing

Instapage is definitely not the cheapest landing page builder. And yet, its impressive functionality is worth the cost. The company offers three pricing plans to its users. These are as follows:

Instapage Pricing

  • Build: Priced at $199/mo, the plan includes all the essential tools for setting up high-converting landing pages. It offers unmetered conversions, 30 published landing page experiences, 30K unique visitors per month, three team members, three workspaces, and so much more. The plan comes with a 14-day free trial period during which you will see if it complies with your requirements or if you need an upgrade.
  • Convert: The Convert plan can become a complete solution for lower CPS and higher conversions. The price is customized based on what business requirements and goals you have. Compared to the Build plan, the Convert plan is twice more feature-rich. Aside from all the tools and possibilities included in the Build plan, here you will receive custom fonts, audit logs, SSO, etc.
  • Ignite: And lastly, Ignite is Instapage’s most powerful plan – a fully managed service that accelerates campaigns. This is a package of Instapage’s whole functionality – everything that’s included in Build and Convert plans, plus instant and full support of Instapage expert designers, CRO strategists, engineers, and writers.

Instapage Website Examples

Instapage has been operating in the market for quite a long time, attracting numerous customers worldwide. Catching the eye with elegant and stylish designs and a whole bunch of premium features, Instapage has created landing pages for startups and quite popular companies.

In particular, some of the most successful examples include,,

Verdict: How Good Is Instapage?

Instapage is a powerful and prominent landing page builder and conversion optimization tool with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and a big package of tools. It provides complete control over every element, hundreds of ready-made design templates to meet the needs of any business, premium features for marketers, and helpful customer support.

Well, Instapage is rather an expensive tool, and you will most certainly find much cheaper alternatives in the market. However, this tool is irreplaceable if you aim to build a conversion-optimized landing page to get more ROI on adverts.

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