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Instapage is a popular website builder for bulk landing page development. It will be initially interesting for web entrepreneurs, freelancers and web studios, which work on the development of client projects. The only plan implies the opportunity of publication of 30 landing pages. This is the fact that speaks for itself.

Ease of Use:8/10
Tech Support:9/10
Overall Score:8.0/10

Instapage is quite a serious product for ordinary users willing to try launching their first landing pages.

This is a decent platform with powerful functionality and high cost. The system works well for those, who know how to use it effectively to generate profit. It requires preparation or learning to be used to the advantage.

Instapage is a very powerful project, at first sight. This is the brand trusted by popular companies like Verizon, eBay, Verifone, Okta etc. This is the renowned market leader with decent reputation. We clearly understand the benefits large businesses will avail when using the product. The question is: how useful the service will be for an ordinary entrepreneur?

1. Ease of Use

Instapage comes with a pleasant and logic interface. From time to time, you will come across pop-up windows with tips. The support section is quite powerful, well-structured and this is quite understandable. Newbies won’t be able to explore the nuances without extra help. The system tries attracting random users and makes everything to retain them so that they could use the product for a long time, becoming the niche experts.

The WYSIWYG editor is quite easy-to-use and resembles a variety of similar editors. There are widgets, ready-made blocks and a mouse pointer you can use to perform multiple actions with them. The complexity is that to get the most out of Instapage functionality, you need to understand the process of web page promotion, effective algorithm of their creation and the way you should work with integrations. You’ll have to create at least 10 landing pages. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense to purchase a plan at all. There is much you should do here. You have either to be prepared to using the system or get ready to learn the nuances of working with it.

Instapage Editor

Suppose, you have launched 20 landing pages. None of them paid off. Just imagine, how much effort and time you have wasted! That’s not the right state of affairs. Working with Instapage, you need to become a professional. You have to get the insight into all the details, hold tests, explore the purchase funnels, calculate the conversion breakdown stages, fix them etc.

The interface and technical tools used to create web pages are clear. The complexity is not about them, but about the responsibility a user takes, when investing over $1200 with no experience of working with landing pages. You also have to to consider the advertising investments needed to launch a large number of landing pages. You won’t go without a business plan and a budget here – that’s the major problem.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

Instapage working area comprises the Dashboard and the web page visual editor. General level of the system options is above the average, if compared with the niche competitors. To some extent, it exceeds the features of the rivals, but there are also certain nuances that make the service lag behind them. Functionality details sometimes compromise with user convenience – this is how the niche website builder tries to attract the attention of newbies.

Instapage Dashboard

It’s worth mentioning that the service developers pay much attention to the organization of the process of team website management. It is possible to leave the comments on the templates for other team members, make edits and communicate within the system. Instapage is obviously meant for team work. This website builder doesn’t work well for individual web designers. You may create 5 subaccounts and invite 5 team members here.

Conversion Analysis

Special role is assigned to the conversion analysis tools. For example, the heatmap mode allows analysing the statistics of user behaviour on a web page after its launch: clicks, scrolling depth, mouse movements. A/B split testing combined with this mode will let you simply define a more effective web page variant.

Instapage Conversions

The Dashboard comes with an impressive set of analytic data concerning each page created: graphics and conversion rate counters, blended cost/lead, price, performance, visitors, improvement. The editor reveals the history of web page versions, conversion goals and menu of quick A/B split test creation. You can also connect Google AdWords right from the Dashboard, assigning certain budget for that.

Visual Editor

Let’s talk about the editor options now. In the upper part of it, you will see the save and changes setback icons, references, switching between the mobile and desktop template versions, website preview and publication. The second row contains blocks and widgets any Instapage comprises.

A widget is a unit you can independently place and set up in any section. Title, paragraph, image, video, button, form, shapes, social, timer, HTML – this is the list of available widgets. There are no many of them here, but this is enough to create a landing page. By placing a button, for example, in the required section, you can set up its size and insert a link.

Instapage Edit Option

The option of widget design editing is available in the “EDIT” menu, which will be displayed, when you highlight the element. This can be a text editor or the setting of forms, shades, background, dimensions and other parameters for graphic elements like that of a button, for instance. What’s more, you can edit CSS-styles of any elements manually: you will see a window with a list of settings and their meanings. The design is very convenient here. There is a restart button for the required values by default.

The sections are displayed in Instablocks menu. You can add them to the pages in the random order, change the places, delete, copy etc. They are sorted by categories: headers, benefits, descriptions, steps, testimonials, pricing tables, call to action. Each category contains from several and up to dozens of thematic templates.

Instapage Blocks

You can also create and save your own blocks. To do this, choose the «Insert new block» field in the «Instablocks». This is how you will get a blank section. Right after that, you’ll need to fill it with elements – text, buttons, shapes, images or something else. You just create a block to come up to your task and save it to be further able to use it. This is also realized in the convenient way.

The editor contains the «Settings» section, where you can set up SEO pages (title, keywords, description, canonical URL), analytics (Google’s AdWords, Analytics, Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel), select the set of fonts you plan to use (Google Fonts or Typekit), add your own HTML/CSS/Javascript code in the head/body/footer, add information for Socials (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter) as well as change the web page background.

Integration Options

Instapage provides over 40 integration options with external services in several directions:

  • Advertising – AdWords, Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Bing Ads
  • Analytics – Google, Mixpanel, Heap, KISSmetrics
  • Call tracking – CallRail, DialogTech, Retreaver, TrackDrive
  • CRM – Salesforce, Zoho, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign
  • Email marketing – Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, GetResponse, Mad Mimi, E-goi, ConvertKit
  • Exit intent & pop-ups – OptiMonk, OptinMonster, Sumo
  • Live Chat – Intercom, Olark, Zendesk
  • Marketing Automation – Marketo, HubSpot, Autopilot, ConvertKit, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign
  • Other – Zapier, Webhooks, WordPress, Drupal, Typekit, Google Fonts, Bigstock
  • Webinar – GoToWebinar

This amount of integrations notably increases general Instapage options, adding the functionality that lacks in the stock variant. The problem is that a part of these services is paid, but you don’t have to use all of them at once. Choosing one type from each category will be enough. What matters most is selecting the required services from each category. Suppose, there is no out-of-the-box functionality to set up the pop-up windows and get notifications about the events, but you can use OptiMonk, CallRail or something else for this purpose.

The availability of integrated options is more beneficial for a user, who clearly sees them, understands their implication and can set them up, if needed. Instapage integration focus is a pro and a con at a time. The good thing is that the system supports such an amount of integrations. The bad thing is that many of them lack similar analogues in the system. Newbies will have to understand what exactly they lack. After that, they will, probably, have to pay for these features.

Web page publication variability is also worth mentioning: custom domain, WordPress, Drupal, Facebook or Demo Page are available in the system. This means that you can export Instapage web pages as templates to other CMS. You can’t buy the domain within the system – you should register it in advance. The system assigns the microweber[dot]com server subdomain by default. By the way, you can automatically connect SSL to the domain name.

3. Designs

Instapage comes with over 200 templates formed out of blocks presented in the editor. Their quality is nice, thematic demo content is available here, versatility of themes is enough to make the right selection. The system offers several categories, including lead generation, two-step, click-through, thank you page, webinar, e-book, event, app. You can also create a template from scratch by choosing the Blank Page.

Instapage Templates

It is possible to edit mobile and desktop web page variants separately. Smartphones design resembles the PC version by default. You cannot change the template during the web design process after you choose it. Any web page (template) can be duplicated or downloaded to your computer.

Section design customization settings come down to the choice of the background (image or color, video is unavailable) and dimensions thickness. You can set up the layer hierarchy for each element and flexibly edit the styles, namely the dimensions, colours, extension, corner rounding, shadows, fonts etc. This is a standard set typical for the majority of services.

Code Editing Options

Instapage puts strong emphasis on web page code and separate elements editing. This provides multiple options to designers, who possess HTML/CSS/Javascript skills. Code editor is pleasant and convenient: you don’t have to switch anywhere, all the actions are made in the pop up window and you will immediately see the result after you save the edits.

Instapage CSS Editor

You can place all the widgets chaotically – there is no correlation to invisible units as absolute element positioning is used here. Combined with flexible size/design/layer settings, this ensures creative freedom to realize interesting solutions. Standard button combinations and commands work here as well, including copy/crop/insert/cancel/delete etc.

4. Customer Support

Instapage can boast an impressive variable customer support. Live chat, phone, ticket submission, Facebook group, blog, convenient and detailed knowledge base, short introductory tutorials, regular webinars.

It’s close to impossible to see such a variety of customer support options somewhere else – the system offers all of them at a time. Quality of customer support service is great on all the stages.

5. Pricing Policy

Right after the registration, Instapage offers a 14-day trial version for free testing of all the features of the only “Core” Plan. You won’t encounter any restrictions here. As soon as the trial is over, the landing pages will be removed, but they will be stored on a server for half a year. If you manage to make a payment by this time, you’ll be able to restore them.

The cost of using Instapage varies with regard to the cost of the payment period. If you choose the monthly payment option, it will be around 30% more expensive as compared to the annual billing. As far as not all landing pages are published for a year, we’ll provide the monthly cost:

  1. Core ($129/mo) – this is the main plan, which grants access to all the options of the editor, publication of 30 landing pages, addition of 5 subaccounts and 5 team members, use of A/B-tests & Heatmaps, all integrations, analytics and more.
  2. Enterprise – this is the plan for organizations that require extended options and safety/result control level. The cost is calculated individually depending upon the needs of users. Access to global blocks, AMP landing pages, professional services, enterprise-grade security and other improvements regarding the major plan are added to the “Core” plan by default.

Obviously, Instapage is one of the most expensive website builders. Investments into domain names, service integration accounts and other expenses may notbaly increase the cost of using the system. This is a website builder for professionals, who know what they are ready to pay for. The system doesn’t work for newbies willing to use it for experimental purposes.

Team work may be beneficial. Not everyone plans to design and publish 30 landing pages. You can try cooperating with friends or partners to make profit creating landing pages. Even if the effect won’t come up to your expectations, you’ll spend less time and money to organize and handle the process. This life hack allows recommending Instapage to newbies, irrespective of its cost.

6. Pros and Cons

Instapage is a very decent landing page website builder meant for team and corporate use. The popularity of the system is justified by multiple positive features:

  • Great editor – simple and powerful at a time
  • Opportunity to create your own blocks
  • Detailed integrated website statistics
  • Multiple integrations
  • Code editing options, convenient coder interface
  • Heatmaps, which is a very useful thing
  • Convenience of team website management
  • Versatility of template categories and their nice quality
  • Separate editing modes of mobile and desktop web page versions
  • Several variants of web page publication
  • Availability of integrated image gallery
  • A stunning customer support section
  • Support of contextual advertising management from the Dashboard

Disadvantages are not numerous, but they are quite serious:

  • High cost of the service and the necessity to buy as much as 30 landing pages in one plan
  • Absence of the integrated domain name provider
  • Excessive focus on using integrations, which compensate for the absence of some out-of-the-box features (SMS-notifications, CRM, management of pop-up windows, separation of traffic based on the sources etc.)
  • Availability of restrictions on the amount of unique visitors per month (30k)

Regardless of the high level of performance, Instapage is not the most powerful or convenient landing page website builder. It goes without saying that it is one of the popular services of this kind. That’s true. It lacks a plan for newbies: for example, the one, which will offer the creation of 5 landing pages for $30/mo. Many users will certainly appreciate that, even though, this is also expensive. It seems like the developers of the system have forgotten about the existence of their niche competitors.

7. Comparison with Competitors

As Instapage is a specialized landing page builder, it makes sense to compare it with other niche services at the first sight. But there are lots of situations, when user needs just a simple one-page website, which however will look like it’s made by professional. In this case he or she may use versatile website builders like Wix, uKit and so on. See our Instapage comparison for more details:

Wix is definitely better than Instapage in case of pixel-perfect website customization. But if you plan to use sales funnels and track leads conversions on your landing page, than Instapage is a clear winner.


Instapage is a niche product for professionals. Generally, it can live up to its cost by the high quality of services provided granted that the qualifications of a web designer or a team is also on the top notch level. It’s important to understand how many pages you need to create, what objectives you pursue, who needs your services and how exactly you plan to promote them. Only after that you can make the payment.

The use of the service itself does not guarantee high conversion rates. The prevailing success part depends upon the offer quality and amount of resources needed to promote the pages. Extra integrations may require additional budget, extending it to the enormous sums. This is not what newbies need. Even though, there are people, who are ready to spend $1500-$2000 with ease and don’t consider this money enormous for this purpose.

Niche competition in the landing page creation is high. There are multiple services, which are more affordable and do not lag behind in terms of features. If you don’t care for the cost of the plans, you like the service and have the desire to work with it, then go ahead to test the system. Otherwise, it makes sense to think about the reasonability of intentions of Instapage developers.

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