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Instapage – is a web-building platform designed for merchants and business owners, who want to drive more leads, sell more products or increase the conversation rate. The platform comes as a full-cycle service that includes a powerful landing page builder that requires zero coding or technical skills. Website owners will also get access to an array of ad campaign solutions, integrations, and features to acquire as many users as possible. Whether you already have a running project or need to create a new one from the blank, Intspagae will come in handy.

The system delivers a set of modern layouts and templates for landing pages with built-in apps, custom blocks, and fields. Editing those templates is super-easy thanks to an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. While most platforms of the same type are pretty limited when it comes to design and customization, Instapage reserves more space for creating the page structure you need by rearranging elements, adding new blocks, editing content, etc.

The key idea is that the tool makes it possible to create conversion-oriented pages in minutes without the learning curve. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s have a closer look at the platform’s functionality.

  • Template customization and design.
  • Integration capabilities.
  • Analytics and reporting tools.

Pros and Cons

Before we dive deep into the list of features and technologies used by Instapage, we can briefly overview the core features as well as possible downsides of the landing page builder.

Instapage Pros:
Instapage Cons:
All-in-One Solution – we mean not only the page builder itself combined with hosting and domain. When we say “all-in-one”, we mean all necessary tools in the pack to promote, market, and acquire. From integrations and Facebook ad campaigns to AB testing within a single plan.
Intuitive and Powerful Page Builder – the drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to create new landing pages from the blank or use any of the available ready-made templates with a set of already integrated features.
Customization and Design – the platform offers a selection of pre-designed blocks as well as simple functionality to add media files, manage content, change themes, work with design settings, etc.
Page A/B Testing – a great feature to make the most of your traffic. You can track all of your running pages to detect the one that requires improvement or works just fine in terms of users’ acquisition.
Reporting and Tracking – the platform has a custom dashboard with all stats displayed there. Here we have some built-in analytic instruments in addition to integration capabilities.
Price – the entry plan starts at $199 when billed monthly.
Plans – some users may not appreciate the lack of plans. There are only two packages available.
Support – no phone or Live Chat to contact the support instantly.

What Is Instapage Good for?

Hosted in the cloud, Instapage may work out for entrepreneurs, business owners or even huge international enterprises. Every company might need to have a couple of landing pages to promote services, sell products, bring more leads or relict any other action aimed at increasing the conversion rate.

This fact makes the platform very handy no matter what you want to promote. Users get stylish and fully-featured landing pages with all necessary instruments to:

  • Warm up the target audience for easier conversion – apart from relevant content, each landing page will contain custom forms, blocks or elements to grow the mailing list as well as keep your audience informed.
  • Market and promote the brand – Instapage offers a variety of ad campaign solutions. They include Facebook and Google ads, in addition, to retargeting and Leads generation strategies. A/B testing and powerful reporting features will help you to stay engaged with the campaign results.
  • Work in a Team – companies will have a chance to add new team members to outsource some of the tasks or work with specialists despite the location.

As a result, we have an ultimate web platform to market business regardless of what you want to sell or promote. The core benefit is that users are not expected to be coding or marketing gurus. Let’s see if the platform is easy to use.

  • Boosts conversion rates.
  • Increases eCommerce sales.
  • Improves user acquisition and engagement.

Ease of Use

The landing page builder itself is very intuitive. It features drag-and-drop functionality in addition to a rich collection of custom blocks to be added to the page. If you hesitate if it will suit your needs, there is a 14-day free trial to test the platform. Companies may also request a free demo version. However, it may take more time, as you can start the free trial with only several clicks.

Getting Started

To enter Instapage withal its features, you need to sign up. You are free to use your Google account or type in your name, email, Last Name, and password. Despite the fact, there is a free trial, you will still be asked to insert billing data. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access the platform’s features.

Sign up

The bad news is that the system will automatically charge monthly or yearly price once the trial period has expired. The good news is that users are able to cancel their subscriptions before that period ends. So, do not forget to cancel the subscription if you do not plan to use the platform after the free trial.

Sign up for trial

Once you have completed the registration process, the system will automatically send a confirmation letter to your email. Open it and follow the link inside to activate the account. Users will be transferred directly to the dashboard with a chance to manage all general and advanced settings as well as create and edit landing pages.

Page Editor

Instapage interface looks very clear and simple. Here we have all general and advanced settings to manage the user’s account, track the stats, etc. If you want to create a new landing page, simply click on the relevant function in the left sidebar and choose the type of page you want to create. Users are able to upload their own layouts as well as choose from custom templates or start building the page from the blank.

Page Editor

Opting for a ready-made layout will save time. The system offers multiple templates that cover different niches from “Thank you” pages to app downloads, event registration, etc. We will speak more of their design a bit further. Each template can be previewed. If you like the mockup, click on the “Edit” button to make the necessary changes.

Page editor tools

Modifying the layout is easy thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality. The editor is available in a separate window. Special blocks and page elements are available on the left while advanced settings are located in the sidebar on the right. Simply click on the element you want to add, edit content, upload images or choose from the stock photos available in the Instapage library and go live.

Connect Domain and Go Live

Connecting a domain is also simple. You may use the one you already have. The system will ask you to indicate the platform you used when registering the name. Pick the one from the list, move on to do the DNS setup, and eventually go live. If you do not have the domain name, you may register it within the Instapage platform.

  • Drag-and-drop page builder.
  • Simple registration process.
  • Hosted in the cloud platform.

Features & Flexibility

Most of the platform features are concentrated around its landing page builder. As a result, users can benefit from a powerful instrument that boasts drag-and-drop functionality, expanded custom library, integration capabilities, powerful engine, and a set of other crucial benefits.



We have already started describing the building process with custom Instapage blocks. They turn the process into the walk in the park. Users only need to choose the elements they need and add it to the page. The Instablocks™ collection includes headers, galleries, buttons, CTA blocks, headers, footers, timers, circles, lines, etc. You may create your own block collection by adding them to a separate folder.

Custom Library

The system makes it easy to upload your images for specific elements. Besides, users get full access to an expanded Instapage library with over 33 million images and 5 000 fonts to customize the page design.

Custom Library

Add-On Integration

Users will have access to two types of integrations. The first one includes apps and widgets for the page itself. Here we have a selection of third-party services to launch email campaigns, grow a mailing list, acquire users, etc. Some of the available applications include MailChimp, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, GetResponse, and some other useful services.

Add-On Integration

The second option includes the integration of major analytic and advertising services. Users are free to connect Google Ads and Analytics with a click. Those, who promote their business in social media, will appreciate Facebook Ads Manager connectivity with no need to switch between different platforms when setting and running Facebook ad campaigns.


Code Editing

If you have enough coding experience and want to make your landing page really unique the system reserves enough room to add Javascript, HTML/CSS as well as third-party pieces of code. Besides, users are to choose where that code will be placed (body, header, etc.). You may add scripts or connect third-party services like Search Console without special knowledge.

Code Editing


Whether you need to outsource some of the building and web design tasks or want to work with a team of professional marketers, Instapage provided collaborative functions. You may add new members to the dashboard as well as assign roles, restrict access, etc.

Thor Render Engine

Instapage implements advanced technologies to make your landing pages 3x times faster. Thor Render Engine™ ensures faster page load speed, which is vital in terms of user engagement and satisfaction. The page building engine guarantees high Google PageSpeed ranks, improved SEO, and stable performance despite the traffic volume.

  • Improved page loading speed.
  • Multiple blocks and elements, contact form builder.
  • Access to the source code.

Marketing and Advertising Options

As we have mentioned earlier, Instapage is a full-cycle platform for entrepreneurs, business owners, and enterprises. Apart from landing page-building features, it delivers a set of options to advertise and promote your brand online. Users will get access to instruments designed for ad campaign setup and optimization, lead capturing, and more.

Self-Crafted Ad Solutions

Instapage has a team of marketing experts. They have worked out their custom advertising solutions for different sales channels. Along with the landing page builder, you may choose solutions designed for Facebook and Google Ads, retargeting campaigns, lead generation strategies, tactics to boost eCommerce sales, etc.

Split Testing

A great feature to check the efficiency of each landing page. You will be able to detect pages that require editing or improvement as well as specify the most effective traffic channels. The system offers unlimited A/B testing that can be launched right from the main dashboard. All you need is to assign the existing page and run the test.

Split Testing

GDPR Compliance

Instapage meets all necessary GDPR standards for both EU customers. So do the landing pages built with the platform. There is an integrated data consent cookie bar that prevents you from managing the issue manually.

SSL Certificates

Users will have no doubts regarding your landing page safety. All projects come with SSL encryption. Additional safety precautions include secure worksheets, member access restriction, data centers in various locations across the US, Europe, and Asia.

  • Various ad campaign solutions.
  • Integration with Facebook Ads Manager.
  • GDPR Compliance and SSL encryption.

Templates & Responsive Design Experience

The platform offers over 200 different templates to cover different business niches. Here we have event registration layouts, mockups for trial signup, travel booking themes, etc. In case none of the available custom templates suit your needs, you can download themes from the ThemeForest and upload them to the Instapage dashboard.


All pages are mobile-responsive with a chance to preview and edit them in the mobile mode. You should not expect many customization opportunities. However, users are still able to hide some of the blocks to reduce the page load speed and deliver faster mobile browsing experience for the target audience.

As for the web design customization options, they look typical although with some obvious advantages. For instance, a standard font-modifying feature is fulfilled with more than 5,000 Typekit and Google web fonts. A few builders have the same option. Besides, users may enable parallax scrolling with a click as well as perform keyboard shortcuts.

What is strange here is that the platform offers only desktop and smartphone preview modes with no laptops or tablets.

  • 200+ templates.
  • Mobile-responsive design.
  • Thousands of web fonts.

Customer Support

You may think, “Why on Earth would I ever need custom support” considering Instapage ease of use. On the other hand, beginners might need help when fine-tuning ad campaigns, connect domains or third-party services.

Customer Support

The key downside is that users cannot contact the support team instantly. There is no phone or Live Chat. On the other hand, we have a huge knowledge base, live tutorials, and video guides to count on. At the same time, subscribers may visit webinars, rad blogs or benefit from books written by Instapage experts. For example, users may find the Reference Guide for All Advertising Formats pretty useful.

  • Expanded knowledge base and blog.
  • Ticketing system and tutorials.
  • Webinars and books.

Plans & Pricing: How Much Does Instapage Cost?

The platform makes it simple in terms of pricing with only 2 of its available plans. They include:

  • Business plan starts at $199 per month or $149 when billed annually. So, there is a chance to save up to 25%, in case you plan to use the service.
  • Enterprise plan price is negotiable, as it may include some advanced advertising options upon request You may add page migration services, GDPR compliance, and other features that are not included in the Business plan.


Money Back Policy

As we have stated earlier, there is a 14-day free trial. When it expires, the system will automatically redeem the sum from the credit card you provided when signing in. If you do not plan to use the platform, cancel the subscription before that period ends. As for the refund policy, you may request a full refund only within 24 hours of the order.

  • 14-day free trial.
  • Simple cancellation procedure.
  • Negotiable Enterprise pla price.


Instapage is a niche product for professionals. Generally, it can live up to its cost by the high quality of services provided granted that the qualifications of a web designer or a team is also on the top notch level. It’s important to understand how many pages you need to create, what objectives you pursue, who needs your services and how exactly you plan to promote them. Only after that you can make the payment.

The use of the service itself does not guarantee high conversion rates. The prevailing success part depends upon the offer quality and amount of resources needed to promote the pages. Extra integrations may require additional budget, extending it to the enormous sums. This is not what newbies need. Even though, there are people, who are ready to spend $1500-$2000 with ease and don’t consider this money enormous for this purpose.

Niche competition in the landing page creation is high. There are multiple services, which are more affordable and do not lag behind in terms of features. If you don’t care for the cost of the plans, you like the service and have the desire to work with it, then go ahead to test the system. Otherwise, it makes sense to think about the reasonability of intentions of Instapage developers.

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