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Portfoliobox – is a free site builder that makes it easy to create professional portfolios right in your web browser. According to the official page, there are already 1,000 000 websites built with this tool. The software lets users create mobile-friendly small business projects while integrated eCommerce features might work fine in case you want to sell products or services online. Portfoliobox comes with a simple editor, which means hassle-free building process with no coding.

The platform will suit the needs of independent musicians, architects, photographers, designers, make-up artists, and others. Users may customize their sites by using dozens of ready-made themes and styles and edit them in real time. Portfoliobox has both a free and paid plan. Both come with secure hosting opportunities.

In this article, we will review all features including design and technical capabilities delivered by Portfoliobox. Keep on reading to learn all the essentials.


  • Free website builder.
  • Great for professional portfolios.
  • Features to sell online

1. Ease of Use

Building sites with Portfoliobox is piece a cake even for a user who has never used such software before. Developers created an intuitive and simple dashboard with all necessary instruments and settings in one place. You will only need to do some editing, upload images to introduce your business, eventually, go online. The system is designed as a block-based editor for fast and simple customization.


Getting Started

To access the dashboard, you need to sign in. The first stage includes indicating your name, email address, and password. Unfortunately, there is no chance to subscribe using your social media or Google accounts. After you have typed in the required information, you will be asked to choose a plan. It might be a free or paid package. There is a free trial for the aid plan. We will describe the differences a bit later.

Oh, and don’t forget to verify your email address. There is no rush, as you may still access the dashboard without instant verification. Feel free to do it later. The last stage is to mark required fields to agree with Term of Use and Policies as well as the fact you are over 16. Once the stage has been completed, you will be directed to the dashboard where you may start the building process.

Website Editor

Portfoliobox uses an intuitive visual editor. However, the building concept is quite different if compared to other site builders alike. Here you will not find templates in their traditional way for their further customization. The system offers various types of ready-made layouts instead to build a new site form blank. Such an approach might work out in case you are fed up with typical templates that all look the same.

portfoliobox templates

You will see the instrument panel in the right sidebar of the screen. Click the “New Page” button and choose the layout style that refers to your future site. here we have galleries, product sections or text blocks. Pick the one to unblock the rest of the themes. Now you may edit each section or add new ones. The system lets you upload images, change product descriptions or “About Me” sections, add galleries, playlists, etc.

Website Settings

General settings contain specs and characteristics that might be vital for your site. For example, they let you link a domain, edit SEO settings, indicate the website time and contact info, integrate Google Analytics, etc.

You may also upload the Favicon, change the language for the sections you need, delete your site to start with the new one, and more. Experienced web design pros may customize the website by accessing CSS or JavaScript. There is a “Publish” button to share your website.

Portfoliobox makes a good impression in terms of ease of use. It will take non-technician users several minutes to figure out how the system actually works.


  • Simple website settings.
  • Visual editor.
  • Inline customization in real time.

2. Features & Flexibility

Although the website builder is specialized in creating professional portfolios, it has a set of extra features that let users sell online, create engaging blogs, and more. The selection of instruments is pretty wide considering narrowed don functionality and affordable prices.

Here are some of the core issues we would like to highlight:

  • All-in-One Solution – fist of all, Portfoliobox will take care of your hosting and domain. Free hosting and HTTPS integration are available in both free and paid plan. However, only Pro users will be able to connect their custom domains, which is vital for growing online business.
  • Inline Editing – users may customize their website pages and edit content in real time. The intuitive editing tool will take care of the site structure and appearance.
  • Blogging Feature – the platform boasts a powerful blogging feature with a set of ready-made image-based blogging layouts. You may pick the structure you like from plain blog pages to full or half screen headers. Make your blog even more engaging with the help of custom images delivered by the platform.
  • eCommerce – users may use the feature to sell products, arts, crafts or services. Setting up your digital store is very easy. Go to eCommerce settings to indicate the full info about your store. Here you may also set the currency and payment options (PayPal, Stripe, and Invoices are currently available). The section makes it easy to indicate tax rates and shipping commissions as well. Managing products is easy. You may change descriptions, prices, upload your own images, etc.
  • Marketing – the dashboard has extra tools to integrate your social accounts as well as track both orders and customers by date, status or the total amount of orders. Users may also integrate Google Analytics to monitor traffic sources and other vital parameters.

portfoliobox ecommerce

Looks pretty good for a website builder aimed at creating professional portfolios. The feature set makes it possible for entrepreneurs to grow their business and start selling music, arts, and other services online.


  • Tools to manage products.
  • Order tracking and analytics.
  • Blogging feature.

3. Design

Portfoliobox does not offer any overall theme, unlike other website builders. Its users can create their websites using different page templates. By combining different templates, they can truly create a website that is unique, stylish and professional.
Users may select from CVS, blogs, text-based site templates, music bands, design and architecture services, etc. Moreover, you are not obliged to stick to one and only layout style. Combining various themes might be a good idea or create an exclusive website. For example, you may pick the online shop template and add a blogging section.

Each theme is 100% mobile-responsive and dynamic. In other words, your website will be perfectly sized for any device despite the screen dimensions. The software will automatically adjust pages depending on the user’s device. There is an option to keep an eye on how your site looks like on smartphone or tablet.

portfoliobox examples

Portfoliobox makes it easy to enable bright visual website representation. To make your site look more engaging, you can combine different gallery styles, upload videos, set slideshows, and more.


  • Over 1,000 custom images.
  • Responsive and dynamic templates.
  • Mobile preview and editing feature.

4. Customer Support

Customer support delivers various ways to stay in touch or learn about system capabilities. The lack of video tutorials might look like a downside. However, enormous knowledgebase and the local forum will compensate for it. The main ways to stay in touch include:

  • Live Chat option.
  • Traditional contact form to send inquiries.
  • A detailed contact page with company’s description and physical address.
  • Company’s blog with the latest news about the latest system updates, tools or templates.

Users may opt for a ticketing system in case of technical or billing issues. The system has a ticket status section where you may track your claim. The knowledgebase introduces endless guides and tutorials that cover all aspects of working with the software from how to log in to steps to take in case of payment failure.


  • Enormous knowledgebase.
  • Live Chat feature.
  • Ticket tracking system.

5. Pricing Policy

Portfoliobox currently offers two major plans. The first one is a free package. When we say “Free”, we really mean it. Users may create up to 10 pages and use 30 custom images. However, you will not be able to link your domain and get rid of “powered by Portfoliobox” ads.


The paid or Pro plan costs $6.9 per month and offers all features you may need including 24/7 premium support, unlimited pages, access to 1,000 images, and more.


  • Free plan available.
  • Affordable Pro plan.
  • Hosting + domain + builder solution.

6. Pros and Cons

Portfoliobox might certainly be a good tool for those who look for an affordable and versatile website building platform. It will suit the needs of less demanding small business representatives with no coding or web design skills. On the other hand, you should not expect for instruments to grow your business.

Easy to use and sign in.
Intuitive editor, image galleries for visual presentation.
Hundreds of layouts and templates.
Basic eCommerce features.

Now video guides.
Limited marketing features.


  • Great for different business types.
  • Several template and layout categories.
  • A selection of styling and editing tools.


Portfoliobox is a free professional portfolio website builder with extended features and functionality available in its affordable Pro package. Apart from baseline small business capabilities, it delivers streamline eCommerce options to let users not just represent their services but also sell them online.

Huge knowledge base, intuitive dashboard, and simple setup will certainly meet newbies’ expectations. Bigger companies and enterprises looking to grow their business online might require a bit more extended functionality. Although the software might still be a good option for a start.

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