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Best Portfolio Website Builders

Best Portfolio Website Builders

Whether you are an artist, a photographer or a creative willing to showcase your works, you won’t go without a portfolio website. The question is: how can you get the one, if you don’t wish to hire a web designer and invest into complex projects? This is where a website builder will come in handy to you!

Website builders are the simplest and the most convenient tools you can use to create a portfolio website in a couple of hours only. They come with a variety of functions, features and built-in tools that allow for quick and convenient website customization. This is their major advantage over other web building services.

Portfolios created with website builders do not only look professionally, but they are also characterized by powerful functionality. What’s more, these systems are affordable and easy to use, which makes them a smart choice for non-techies, who don’t have the notion of website building. So, if you need a nice and appealing portfolio to showcase your works and attract the attention of the target audience, you will hardly find a better solution than this one. Which website builder will work best for this very purpose? Let’s discuss that further.

Portfolio Website Builders

Portfolios are websites that come with specific niche characteristics and, thus, require special approach to the development process. Modern website builders are designed for non-techies, who don’t often have a single idea of how to get a website running and manage it in future. They come with specific features a portfolio should have to present your works to the advantage. Let’s have a closer look at some of them now.

Whatever creative area you work in, you will always find specialized niche templates portfolio website builders offer. The services put you in charge of the web design process. They make it possible to update and manage your portfolio each time you consider it necessary. This is how you can make a positive impression upon your potential clients and fans.

By using portfolio website builders, you can promote your works via integrating social media contacts into your project so that your clients and employers could browse your works and find your info.

So, we have come up to the major point of the research: reviews of the best website builders that make it possible to create decent portfolios with almost no hassle and coding skills needed:

1. Wix

Wix website builder

Wix – is the world-known full-featured website builder. Portfolio websites created with it look really impressive. Intuitive and powerful, the service works best for models, artists, photographers and other users, who wish to present their works and business skills to the community and encourage the potential customers explore their creative talent. The major advantages of the service are as follows:

  • Impressive Portfolio Template Library – Wix offers one of the most extensive collections of designer-made templates, which includes a portfolio section with dozens of mobile-ready themes for graphic designers, photographers, resumes, illustrators, business consultants, artists, journalists, musicians, art directors, interior designers, actors, stylists, models and what not.
  • Blogging – The website builder allows adding a blog to your portfolio website, which enables you to stay in touch with clients, sharing your ideas, news, events and work updates.
  • Slideshows and Galleries – With Wix, you can upload your photos and videos into galleries and create slideshows to attract user attention from the very first sight.
  • HD Video Hosting – Wix allows you to showcase your talent by incorporating your Vimeo and YouTube videos (if any) into the newly created portfolio to tell your story and share news or upcoming events in the unique, fun and extraordinary way.

Wix is an all-in-one drag-and-drop website builder you can effectively use to launch a portfolio website. With an impressive niche template gallery, exquisite designs, abundance of specialized apps and widgets, powerful customization tools and other features, Wix has certainly something special to let you present your works to the advantage.

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2. uKit

uKit website builder

uKit – is a decent website builder, oriented on the development of small business portfolio websites. It offers a user-friendly interface and provides all the tools you need to build and manage a professionally-looking, highly functional portfolio with web hosting included. uKit works well for creatives, artists and people of different professions, who have the desire to present their skills and talent in the form of a quality portfolio. Have a look at some of its highlights:

  • Template Choice – uKit offers a nice gallery of pre-designed portfolio templates, which are responsive by default and 100% customizable to make your project stand out from the crowd (you can switch the themes during the web design process).
  • Social Media Promotion – Integration with social media accounts allows publishing your posts and portfolio updates to share with your clients and subscribers at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social accounts.
  • Blogging Option – By adding a blog to your portfolio, you will be able to write posts, recent events and updates, new portfolio items to keep your clients aware of everything that is going on in your career.
  • Temporary Website Management Rights – If you plan to work on your portfolio website development in cooperation with a co-partner, for example, you can share the access rights with everyone, who will update the portfolio together with you.

uKit is a reliable and professional website builder, which deserves to be considered one of the best services to launch quality portfolio websites from scratch. Due to the drag-and-drop functionality of the service, ease of use, convenience and intuitive dashboard, the system is a great choice even for people with no coding skills and web design expertise at all.

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3. Squarespace

Squarespace website builder

Squarespace – is a website builder, which claims to be a nice solution for building portfolio websites. The service allows presenting a broad range of creative services and works of art in the most favorable light, utilizing a broad spectrum of features and tools. Some of them are listed further:

  • Selection of Portfolio Pages – Squarespace Style Editor allows choosing between several page types to be included into your portfolio, namely Cover Pages, Product Pages, Galleries, Blog Pages, Events Pages etc.
  • Niche Widgets and Add-Ons – You can select and integrate specific add-ons and widgets to boost your portfolio performance, including those for photo and image galleries, social media buttons, integrated statistics collection tools, Contact Form Builder etc.
  • Professional Portfolio Themes – The website builder has a separate section of professional portfolio templates that are 100% customizable and responsive.
  • Cover Page Builder – The system lets you create an appealing cover page, selecting suitable blocks, colors, media files, images, posts and other content (all in all, there are 29 website layouts here).

Squarespace is a nice web building alternative to Wix and uKit, but it’s is also more difficult to explore. The website builder covers a rich spectrum of portfolio web building needs and offers a nice selection of features to give your project appealing design and decent functionality.

4. Portfoliobox

Portfoliobox website bulder

Portfoliobox – is another online portfolio website builder for creatives, who intend to launch a functional project with a rich feature set. It allows effectively manage image galleries, add blogs, apply eCommerce and marketing tools to ensure the best user experience. The most outstanding features of the website builder are as follows:

  • Easy Control – It is you, who are in charge of the web design process, being able to create/edit any content type without using any coding skills.
  • Hosting and Domain Included – The website builder comes with integrated hosting and domain name to save your time and effort, when making your portfolio available on the web.
  • Different Types of Pages – With Portfoliobox, you can create and manage any types of pages, including Blogs, Instagram Pages, Galleries, Videos, Multipages, Parallax Pages etc.
  • eCommerce Option -The platform lets you sell your works of art by integrating and managing online stores.
  • Mobile Optimization – Portfoliobox websites have built-in support for all types of desktop and mobile devices.
  • Powerful Marketing Tools – The service features decent SEO optimization options, social media integration tools, statistics collection features etc.
  • “Find Creatives” Integration – You can connect your Portfoliobox account with “Find Creatives” – a platform that lets you market your works and talent, connecting with clients from any location.

Portfoliobox is a nice solution for those, who need a decent portfolio website. Offering plenty of web design options, portfolio features, customization tools, marketing and promotion services, the website builder is certainly worth the attention.

5. Ucraft


Ucraft – is a cloud website builder, which boasts an extensive variety of features and tools needed to start and manage an appealing portfolio. The system works great for creatives, who wish to design amazing projects to display their works to the advantage. Websites created with the platform help reflect your personality and express creative freedom, no matter how experienced in website development you are. Here is a quick overview of the major highlights of the website builder:

  • Responsive Templates – Ucraft template collection is comprised of quality designs that can cover a broad range of users’ needs and are fully customizable so that you could pick and use any of them for your artsy portfolio website. The best portfolio templates are available in the Art category of the catalogue, but you can choose any of the available themes to create your own one-of-a-kind design from scratch.
  • eCommerce Engine – The system comes with the integrated eCommerce engine that makes it possible to sell your creative works, if you have such an intention.
  • Integrable Apps – Ucraft has a rich selection of applications that can contribute to your portfolio design and performance. Some of the best apps that work great for any portfolio include Disqus, Google Analytics, LiveAgent, Zendesk Chat, Jivosite, Live Agent and more.
  • Mobile-Friendliness – Ucraft templates feature outstanding UX design, which make them mobile-friendly so that users could further view your portfolio both on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Live Chat Support – If you accidentally face problems while working on your project, Ucraft customer support team will provide you with 24/7 live chat support.
  • Logo Maker – The tool lets you create or upload and then customize your own logo that will help popularize your brand on the web, making it stand out from the crowd.
  • Designer Tools – The website builder is known for its advanced Designer Tools that can help you get the most out of your portfolio design. These include typography, UI Kit and form builder as well as layout.

Ucraft is a new generation website builder, which sees its mission in the simplification of the web design process. However, ease-of-use and convenience of the system do not compromise with the quality result users avail in the long run. The website builder is created with a strong emphasis on user experience and design. Just drag and drop the elements and content blocks to create a stunning portfolio you’ll be proud of!

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6. WordPress


WordPress – is a professional and world-popular Content Management System, which stands out from the crowd due to its amazing integration options, availability of multiple designs, niche plugins and customization tools. The fact that WordPress is the CMS implies the awareness of the major coding basics, but the system is still quite easy-to-use and master. Have a look at the main advantages of the service listed below:

  • Plugin and Widget Integration – There are hundreds of external plugins and widgets you can pick and integrate into your portfolio to give it stunning look and high end functionality. Some of the best portfolio plugins you can choose from include Envira Gallery, Nimble Portfolio, WP Portfolio Plugin, Portfolio Gallery, Projects by WooThemes, NextGen Gallery, Custom Content Portfolio etc. There are also special customer engagement plugins as well as marketing and support extensions that are free and paid.
  • Portfolio Templates – The CMS has a collection of built-in themes, but there are also multiple portfolio templates that are specially designed for WordPress by third-party developers. These templates are free and paid – the latter are more secure and reliable.
  • Gutenberg Editor – The latest WordPress 5.0 version comes with Gutenberg Editor that notably simplifies the process of website creation, making it somewhat similar to the standard website builder. Just pick and customize the required content blocks to get the desired result.
  • eCommerce – WordPress makes it possible to sell your works directly at the website via integrating specialized niche plugins like WooCommerce. You can keep track of your customers’ behaviour, interests and even communicate with them at the website to be able to offer them your best works.

WordPress is a popular CMS, the range of features of which is more than enough to start and manage an appealing portfolio website. The system is worth the attention of users, who expect to launch projects that look professional and are easy-to-update at the same time. WordPress boasts plugin integration possibilities, rich template choice and reasonable pricing policy to fit any budget. When it comes to the choice of hosting, WordPress recommends Bluehost that comes with multiple advantages (add-ons, apps and scripts, strong uptime rates, rich marketplace with hundreds of plugins, fast page load speed, safety, extensive content marketing and SEO options, multiple applications, eCommerce focus etc.). The cheapest Bluehost plan will cost you $3.95/mo only – that’s definitely a worthy solution.

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7. Bookmark


Bookmark – is the AI-based website builder, which holds a worthy position in the list of modern DIY website builders. The platform is feature-rich, offering users creative freedom and multiple design customization tools needed to create stunning portfolio websites. Working with Bookmark is easy, quick, convenient and pleasant for everyone as the system does not require any coding knowledge or web design skills at all. Listed below are the most important Bookmark features:

  • AIDA Assistant – The Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant (AIDA) is a real highlight of the website builder, which can create a stunning portfolio website in the automated mode for you. Just answer the questions AIDA generates to find out more about your project and watch the way your website is being created!
  • Free Templates – Bookmark template collection is quite rich and you will certainly find a suitable theme for your portfolio website here. The designs are responsive and free and you can give them the desired appeal.
  • Multilanguage Support – The system supports more than 50 languages, which lets you create different versions of your portfolio website to make it understandable for foreign customers.
  • Mobile Apps – The website builder encompasses lots of mobile applications, which make it possible for you to effectively and quickly update your portfolio even on the go.
  • eCommerce – If you wish to sell your creative works online, Bookmark lets you do that by using its eCommerce solution. It lets you gain full control over your project as well as the products you wish to offer to potential customers.
  • Image Editing – The system comes with a pack of free stock images and videos you can pick and integrate into your portfolio website. Bookmark Photo Editor lets you crop, recize, edit the selected photos as well as modify and apply visual effects on them.
  • Video Backgrounds – The system allows integrating video backgrounds to enhance your portfolio design and keep users engaged in further website browsing from the very first moments.

Bookmark is an advanced cloud website builder, which is powered by the Artificial Intelligence technique. AIDA tool makes the process of website creation simple, easy and entertaining, providing the unsurpassed result.

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8. Gator


Gator – is an easy-to-use DIY website builder, which was created with the needs and web design skills of inexperienced users in mind. The system is provided as a part of the HostGator hosting provider package, which eliminates the need to look for a third-party host elsewhere. The website builder comes with a drag-and-drop editor, which is intuitive and completely understandable even to beginners. The feature set of the system is as follows:

  • Powerful Social Media Integration – Gator allows embedding content from well-known social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.) into your website, granting access to social media buttons, live feeds and extensive image libraries.
  • Customizable Templates – Gator provides a set of responsive customizable designs you can pick and modify for your portfolio website.
  • App Market – The website builder boasts a stunning choice of free widgets, apps and add-ons for high-end on page website customization.
  • eCommerce – Gator boasts a full-featured eCommerce engine, which lets you set up and manage a web store, selling your best works “here and now”. This is a surefire way to boost customer interest in your creative skills and encourage them to buy from you.

Gator is a simple yet effective website builder that can be a good choice for users willing to create and present their portfolios to the audience. Offered by the HostGator platform – integrated hosting provider – this drag-and-drop website builder delivers nice web design experience and makes it possible to create, customize and further update all types of portfolios.

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9. Allyou

AllYou portfolio builder

Allyou – is a specialized portfolio website builder for creatives, who have a great project in mind, but don’t wish to struggle with complex web design nuances. The system is easy-to-use and it doesn’t require any coding skills to run and manage a portfolio with it. Let’s enlist its crucial advantages now:

  • Portfolio Website Templates – Whether you need a simple photo gallery or a classy full-featured portfolio, you will certainly find a worthy template to come up to your needs.
  • Retina Support – The system automatically identifies hi-res screens, which ensures that all your galleries and photos will have great look when watched on Retina devices.
  • Mobile View – When creating your portfolio, you can select optimized fonts and make the required settings to provide the best mobile browsing experience for website visitors.
  • Rich Choice of Free Fonts – Allyou partners with Typekit to provide users with an extensive selection of free fonts (there are more than 1000 of them here).
  • Third-Party Integrations – To present your works to the advantage, you can embed content from third-party services like YouTube, Vimeo, Issuu, SoundCloud etc.

If you need a nice portfolio website, then you may consider using Allyou. This is a specialized niche service, which comes with portfolio-specific features that cover your web building needs and ensure worthy result.

Bottom Line

A website builder is a great solution, when it comes to portfolio creation. These services are simple and powerful at a time. This is what makes them a decent choice for users with diverse web design background and intentions. By using a quality website builder, you can reach several goals – get a portfolio of your works or services, present them to the target audience, market and sell the products etc.

TOP Portfolio Website Builders:

WixWix is the best portfolio website builder, which stands out from the crowd due to its extensive portfolio design features, rich template collection, promotion and marketing tools.

uKituKit is a drag-and-drop website builder, which ensures exceptional ease-of-use, convenience, functionality and efficacy of the portfolio web building process.

SquarespaceSquarespace – is a cloud website builder, the feature set of which is enough to launch a standard portfolio with good functional characteristics. Better suits for professionals.

PortfolioboxPortfoliobox is another online portfolio website builder, which lets you focus on the web creation process and guarantees decent result via the application of web design tools.

UcraftUcraft – is a powerful drag-and-drop website builder, which is a great pick for creatives. The system is known for its advanced Designer toolset, Logo Creator, responsive customizable templates and lots of other features that contribute to the effective portfolio creation process.

WordPressWordPress – is a powerful drag-and-drop website builder, which is a great pick for creatives. The system is known for its advanced Designer toolset, Logo Creator, responsive customizable templates and lots of other features that contribute to the effective portfolio creation process. WordPress

BookmarkBookmark – is a cloud website builder, the feature set of which is enough to launch a standard portfolio with good functional characteristics. Better suits for professionals. Bookmark

GatorGator – is a simple and convenient DIY website builder, which was created and introduced by the HostGator platform. The system does not require a line of coding to create quality portfolios and it also offers intuitive web design approach, responsive templates, social media integration options and rich App Market. Gator

AllyouAllyou is a specialized portfolio website builder, which provides a collection of niche-related tools, integration options, responsive themes and social media marketing opportunities.

It certainly takes time and effort to design a portfolio website, but if you are fortunate to select the right web building tool, this process won’t be a challenge for you.

Reviewed above are the best portfolio website builders, which are worth the attention of any creative, who intends to publish a portfolio of his/her works. Take your time to test each of these services to finally select the one, which fits your needs most of all.


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