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Best Responsive Website Builders

Responsive design is becoming one of the major trends in the contemporary web development niche. Whatever business website you run (or just plan to launch), making it responsive is one of the priorities that will give it extra online exposure. Among all the available ways of creating responsive websites, using website builders is one of the most beneficial solutions and here is why:

  • Website builders are easy-to-use for everyone and there is no need to possess coding skills to give your website responsive features;
  • They offer a set of responsive and mobile-optimized templates that perfectly adapt to all mobile screens and make your website accessible even on the go;
  • Website builders ensure quality and smooth web building experience;
  • They allow creating responsive websites on your own in a couple of hours or days.

Isn’t that enough to give preference to website builders, when you have an intention to launch a responsive website?

Responsive or Mobile-Friendly?

The idea to make your website accessible on mobile devices in, undoubtedly, worth the attention, but as soon as you start exploring the available web building options, you will face two notions, namely mobile-optimized and responsive websites.

The notions are somewhat similar to each other as they both imply an opportunity to view your website on mobile devices, but there is still a notable difference between them.

A mobile-optimized website is a separate version of a desktop website, which can be viewed exclusively on mobile devices. Such websites are launched and coded with the only purpose in mind – to present the content to mobile users. Such websites cannot be accessible on PCs and laptops and, if you have the intention to make your mobile-optimized website accessible even to those users, who don’t have their mobile devices at hand, you’ll face the necessity to create a desktop version of it.

This implies extra investment of effort, money and time. Listed below are the major characteristics of mobile-optimized websites:

  • No desktop version;
  • Mobile accessibility only;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Orientation on a particular audience;
  • Mobile-optimized experience can somewhat boost your website traffic.

What about responsive websites? Are they better than mobile-optimized and what are the advantages that make them stand out from the crowd? Unlike mobile-optimized websites, responsive sites can be viewable on all the devices, with no exception at all. Whether you wish to use a PC, a laptop, a smartphone or any other mobile device you have at hand, you won’t face any problems when visiting a responsive website.

These websites can easily adapt to any screen resolutions and sizes. The major features of responsive websites are as follows:

  • As the name suggests, such websites effectively “respond” to the characteristics of devices they are viewed on;
  • No need to create a separate desktop version of your website;
  • SEO benefits;
  • They help build customer trust and increase the amount of website visitors.

Thus, there can be only one reason that can make you give preference to mobile-optimized websites. If you already own such a website and plan to use it for personal purposes without the need to engage large audiences, then there is no sense to invest into redesigning your website to make it responsive.

However, if you are just going to launch a website and have serious business intentions, then responsive design should be on the top of the list. This is where responsive website builders will be of great help to you.

Best Responsive Website Builders

When it comes to selecting the best responsive website builders to launch a decent website, you may choose between offline software and online website builders.

Offline software like Mobirise, for example, is downloadable, which means that you should install it prior to starting working on your project development.

Online website builders, such as Wix and uKit, don’t have this requirement, which gives them a certain privilege over offline website builders in some cases. Let’s’ have a look at the comparison chart of these services to find out their major characteristics.

Responsive Website Builders – Overview Chart:

Website BuilderWixuKit.comMobirise
Best for:Portfolio websitesBusiness sitesLanding pages
Ease of Use:WYSIWYG editor, Drag and drop functionality, Tutorials and guidesDrag and drop editor, Variety of blocks, Intuitive web building processOffline software, Drag and drop feature, Simplicity and convenience
Features:App Store, WIX ADI, Blogging and eCommerce optionsVersatile widgets, SSL Certification, eCommerce and blogging featuresAMP website builder, Multiple extensions, Content blocks
Designs:Over 550 mobile-optimized templates, Mobile editor, Video backgroundOver 350 responsive thematic templates, Template change option, Parallax scrollingResponsive Design, Free and paid themes
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/moFree for commercial and non-commercial projects, Paid extensions

As seen from the comparison chart, Wix allows building mobile ready websites, but this does not affect their quality at all. Instead, Wix-based websites feature perfect price-quality correlation.

So, if you value quality and performance above all, then choosing Wix definitely makes sense as the service offers the best mobile-optimized templates in the niche.

What’s more, the website builder has a Mobile Editor, which allows editing the mobile version of your website to make it responsive. This is what makes it a decent choice for building responsive websites just like uKit and Mobirise.

1. Wix – The Best Website Builder for Building Mobile-Friendly Websites

Wix home page

Wix is a universal website builder that works well for building different types of websites. It’s one of the niche leaders that’s been in demand for years already. The service offers a variety of mobile-optimized templates, which allows creating websites that will automatically adapt to various types of mobile devices, irrespective of their screen sizes and resolutions.

  • When building a responsive website with Wix, you can make use of its Mobile Editor. This tool allows automatically convert the desktop version of your website to the mobile-friendly mode.

  • There is no need to create a separate version of your website to make it responsive. Just learn how to make use of the Mobile Editor tool to be able to create two versions of one and the same website with regard to your needs in less than no time.

  • You can enable/disable the mobile-friendly look of your website when needed. Apart from that, you can change your website background, resize and adapt the mobile text, customize mobile menu, show/hide certain elements, modify and reorder the sections of your website.

  • All Wix-based websites are of high quality. Building mobile-optimized websites with this service is a worthy idea, irrespective of whether you need a website for personal or business use. It will help you drive the target audience, boost website traffic and reach your goals. Wix is a great value for your money.

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2. uKit – The Simplest Responsive Website Builder

uKit home page

uKit has gained worldwide popularity as a small business website builder. The service is easy-to-use and you can actually launch any website types with it based upon your business preferences and needs. uKit is functional, convenient and affordable and it’s also extremely simple. This is what has made the system one of the contemporary industry leaders.

uKit allows creating websites, which are responsive right from the start. There is no need to fight with complicated codes or create several versions of your website to make it accessible both on mobile and desktop devices.

The website builder comes with an extensive collection of responsive templates and customization tools to give them required design and functionality. Due to the WYSIWYG editor, the system allows tracking all the changes you make in the real time mode and preview the way the modifications are reflected on different devices, including desktop, mobile and tablet gadgets.

This gives you the realistic impression of how your readymade website will be displayed on all the devices the potential clients can use, when browsing your website.

uKit uses the Bootstrap grid. This cannot but contributes to the responsive nature of your website, helping you get the most out of this feature.

All in all, uKit is a website builder that deserves the attention of users, who intend to launch responsive websites featuring high quality and excellent performance provided at affordable cost.

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3. Mobirise – Simple Yet Effective Responsive Website Building Software

Mobirise Main

Mobirise is an offline downloadable software and this is one of the major features that differs the website builder from Wix and uKit. However, the fact that this is not a cloud service does not diminish its advantages.

In fact, this feature appeals to many users because of the opportunity to make the changes in the offline mode and save all the steps of the web building process on their computers.

  • Mobirise allows building responsive websites out of content blocks. This is easy even for users with zero skills and experience, not to mention web design pros.
  • There are no standard templates here and the layout is made out of blocks that come with ready-made content. The blocks are free and paid and you can modify them as you need to form your website structure.
  • There are currently over 800+ content blocks, including Articles, Lightbox Galleries, Sliders, Countdown Block, Reviews and more. Just choose those that fit your website type and specialization and replace the default content with that of your own.
  • All Mobirise-based websites are automatically displayed on all mobile devices and desktops. You don’t have to invest extra effort and time to create a separate mobile version of your website. Just edit the content and watch the result. That’s really simple and effective.
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Bottom Line

Making your website responsive is a necessity rather than a whim. Websites accessible on different types of mobile devices and desktop computers generally drive more users, boost traffic, build customer trust and help generate more profit.

Among a variety of ways to make your website responsive, using website builders is the most suitable solution. These systems are not only easy-to-use and convenient. They also come with specific features that contribute to smooth and simple web building experience, which results in the creation of responsive websites.

Wix, uKit and Mobirise are the most decent responsive website builders you may currently choose from. Test each of them to decide, which system works best for your web design needs.

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