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Zoho Sites Review

It’s been more than five years since we reviewed Zoho Sites, a web publishing solution developed by Zoho Corporation in 2012.

Ease of Use:7/10
Tech Support:10/10
Overall Score:8/10

With the launch of this builder, the company filled a much-needed gap in Zoho’s business apps lineup. The new product integrated with other business tools in Zoho’s productivity suite. For example, Zoho stores all content in the Zoho Creator Database and offers the CRM Form Builder which lets users handle such things like support requests.

Initially, the builder followed the freemium model; there used to be two plans: a free and Premium. In September 2014, the company decided to make the builder completely free. They simply cut their advertising costs and left marketing to the end user. But since 2017 paid plans have appeared again, but the free pack is still alive.

The Zoho Sites team believes that the best way to spend their marketing budget is to invest into new features. So, currently, the builder has a free plan which means we can easily sign up and see how it works. Join us reviewing Zoho Sites website builder.

1. Ease of Use

The builder is really pleasant to use. It’s clean, intuitive and easy-to-navigate. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be taken to the library of templates. Then, you’ll be redirected to the builder itself.

Zoho Editor

Zoho Sites is a typical drag-and-drop website builder: in order to add a widget or website element to the page, simply select it in the top toolbar and drag the chosen object to the canvas. Each element includes additional customization options. 

If you want to go beyond what is available in their drag-and-drop toolbar, you can make use of the HTML/CSS editor.

All in all, it looks very well organized.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

When you create an account with Zoho Sites, as a small bonus you get access to the rest of the Zoho Suite, directly through your Sites dashboard. Zoho Corp. has been developing business software since 1996, so it’s no accident that their website builder has a ton of handy features tailored for small businesses. These include custom CRM forms, dynamic content, multiple contributors and blogging engine. Other features include:

  • Page versions. The system maintains the database of edited pages so you can get back to and republish your previous page versions anytime.
  • Mobile view. Every website is automatically optimized for mobile viewing. You can edit your site’s mobile look via the HTML/CSS editor.
  • Basic shopping cart.
  • Password-protected pages.
  • Pages without navigation (landing pages).
  • WordPress and Blogger import.
  • Custom 404 pages and more.

Zoho Mobile View

What I like most about some of the business features like their CRM forms, for example, is the extensive degree of customization. Other website builders often provide something more watered-down.

3. Designs

Number of Themes:97
Professional Templates: YES
Free Themes: YES
Responsive Design: YES
Sort by Industry: YES
CSS Code Editing: YES

All Zoho templates are sorted by industry. This is very convenient when you need to create a niche-specific website. But the truth is that those templates look very outdated comparing with uKit or Wix themes. It looks as Zoho didn’t change them since 2012.

Sure, there is a separate section called ‘Responsive’ where you can select a template which looks pretty nice both on desktop and mobile. But the number of those responsive is just 17, that’s a few.

I think their library could be more diverse. The good news is that you can swap templates anytime without losing your content. For beginners, they offer a visual editor, and for advanced users there’s a built-in HTML/CSS editor.

4. Customer Support

There’s a well-structured knowledge base comprised of video tutorials and how-to articles. Below is a brief overview of the Editor:

In case you face an urgent problem, you can reach one of their experts via email directly through the control panel.

5. Pricing

Pricing OptionCostFeatures
Basic:$5/mo✓ Custom Domain;
✓ Unlimited Storage;
✓ Unlimited Bandwidth.
Standard:$10/moIn Addition to previous:
✓ SSL Hosting;
✓ Page Versions;
✓ Password Protection.
Professional:$15/moIn Addition to previous:
✓ 2000 Members Portal;
✓ eCommerce;
✓ PayPal Integration.

Zoho offers a good deal in the market: its basic version is absolutely free. But you should know that using your free account you can’t attach your own domain and remove Zoho Sites advert from the footer.

By subscribing to one of three paid plans you can can remove ad, so no one will ever guess you’re using a website builder. Other paid features include: unlimited pages, galleries and slideshows; blog; themes; mobile site; comment box; highlight box and more.

Zoho Sites platform comes as one of the products developed by Zoho Corporation. Their other products include, but are not limited to BugTrackers, Custom Apps Creators, LiveDesks, Invoices, Reports and Surveys. As I see it, this smorgasbord of software lets the company keep their site builder with so affordable fees.

6. Disadvantages

The theme library is a bit outdated. The eCommerce solution is very basic as it allows to sell only 25 products.


Zoho Sites is good and risk-free website builder. Using its free version, you can create and publish a website, but you couldn’t connect your own domain name. In other words, you can get a simple website up and running for the price of your domain name. There are also paid plans ($5-15/month).

In my opinion, Zoho Sites is a good place to try your skills, regardless of your webmaster level, as it offers both WYSIWYG and HTML/CSS editors. Zoho Sites isn’t the best option for those who are looking to create a fully-featured web store or really complex website with custom functionality.

Zoho Sites user? Tell us your story in the comments!

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  • rahul kumar

    Hi Howard,

    Many thanks for the review.

    We have recently added a few business themes to the existing list and soon we will add more. As you rightly mentioned, we have kept them highly customizable for users to redesign the website theme, the way they want.

  • PaulaVision Productions

    In the midst of looking for a new company to host my site. Zoho appears to be most of what I need and what I am looking for.

    Actually excited to get started and get my site up. Thank you for all of this good information, Mr. Steele.

    • Hi, thanks!
      Please share your experience and your website with us, once it’s published.

  • hugmad

    What i have to say! Thank’s to zoho Sites to give more than we need for free!

    i’m developing a wordpress site for a friend and this friend request a simple under construction page for your url, than i make a search for free html css template and download something simple, than i edit the page change logo and background,etc. I know zoho sites has now how to use html and css to edit the page, and i think i will need just copy and paste to solve the problem, at this time i think this will work, but don’t, but i read the documentation in a few minutes and i could get a very near design from my html css design i was did downloaded in minutes, it’s awesome! Grab any theme edit the css and make unique designs very quickly!

    just for notice this is the under construction page of the case:

    Best Regards


    “a skinny brazilian person”

    • Thanks for sharing your Zoho Sites website!
      Even though it’s under construction, it looks nice 🙂

  • ZOHO Sites is just fantastic. I do wonder how to remove the .html from showing at the end of my domain in public? (excluding the home page??)
    I have searched all over but can not find.
    Any help/advice with this would be great!

    Here is my site

  • Aman Khani

    I have not used zoho yet but i am looking forward to use it but i am little bit confused because website created using website builder mostly are not SEO friendly and works good only specific platform . However there are very few website builder like where i recently created my small business website which is optimized for all the platform such as Mobile, Desktop, I pad etc. So, I want to know that Is zoho offering like this?

  • Tobypsl

    There are no live ‘zoho sites’ examples in the Website Examples menu. And all the example links in this thread are dead ends. Why is this?

    • Hi, sometimes people simply stop updating their sites and shut them down – that happens not only to Zoho Sites, but also to Wix, WordPress and other CMS users.

      And it’s quite difficult to find some examples when a site builder doesn’t offer any Featured or Examples pages.

  • Adam Cahill

    Looks like Zoho are now charging for Custom Domain Hosting

    “Custom Domain Hosting** ** Purchase new domain, starts at $10” shown on their pricing page.

    On am i missing something? Is there some way around this?

    • Hi Adam. That’s to purchase a new domain… not to map to an existing domain. Mapping to an existing domain is free. However, of course, if you don’t already own one, you will need to make that purchase.

  • We have been using Zoho for some time now. Have issues with emails from time to time and website code. Other than that, it’s a great ‘free’ service.
    This is our site made with zoho

  • Tim B

    This looked promising – but the website designer is SOOOOO SLOOOOOWWWW. I put a picture on the website and then I wanted to change it. The form sat loading for 30 minutes. I left it and walked away, came back never loaded. So I deleted the whole site and started all over again. Forms decided to still load very slow. What a complete upset. For the price and features, Zoho would have been it for me. uKit i guess is the one I will have to go with unfortunately, they don’t offer custom colors or HTML coding unless you buy the highest tier option.