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It’s never been easier to set up your own eCommerce website, whether it’s for selling your handmade jewelry or for taking an established physical store online. Today, the market of website builders offers both versatile platforms with included shopping cart features, and dedicated, specialized eCommerce site builders that are only getting better.

Choosing a specialized platform to build your site over a versatile site builder gives you far more choices in terms of commerce: you get more control over your inventory and business processes, and what’s more, you get an authoritative and trustworthy end product – an enterprise-level commerce site with such features as gift cards, abandoned cart notifications, and digital products, among others.

Today, we bring you a review of Zoey, a powerful eCommerce website builder that does not require a lot of coding wizardry to get your site online.

#1 Ease of Use

No need to know how domain registrars, HTML, and web hosting services work, thankfully Zoey is an all-in-one platform that offers all the tools you need to design, publish, and promote your site accessible from a single online account.

Starting a website with Zoey is similar to any hosted site builder – you register, go through a welcoming wizard telling a bit about your business, and then get redirected to the dashboard.

Zoey’s dashboard has a modern look and is well-organized. For beginners, there is ‘Launch Center’ that shows the progress of the website creation and advises on your next steps.

Zoey interface

The design editor of Zoey is also quite intuitive, however, along with simple design options familiar to anyone, there are also in-depth, design-specific configurations non-tech savvy users would be scratching their heads about. Luckily, there is a support center where you can check them all out.

#2 Feature set and flexibility

Before describing what Zoey is capable of, it is important to mention what it is based on. The core of Zoey is built on Magento eCommerce architecture, which is one of the most powerful store-building solutions around. In fact, Zoey is a domesticated version of Magento with a simple back-end interface that can be used by anyone.

Zoey dashboard

Being built on Magento, Zoey lets you add a seemingly endless array of extensions. There is an App Market where you can easily find the app you need.

Zoey App market

Another distinctive feature of Zoey is its migration offering. If you already have a site running on BigCommerce, Volusion or Shopify, the smart mechanisms of the platform will let you quickly move your content to the new Zoey site.

Other features include a built-in blogging engine, product reviews and ratings, gift cards, advanced sales settings, connecting to other sales channels, realtime analytics, purchase funnel, and other commerce-centered options.

#3 Designs

Zoey offers a library of free responsive themes as a starting point for a deeper customization. All themes are highly customizable and come equipped with a range of pre-built design assets as buttons, menus, banners and slideshows. You can use mobile specific design presets to create a unique experience for your mobile visitors.

Zoey templates

Zoey doesn’t open up the source code for editing, but you can easily control fonts, their size and color, as well as padding equally for individual elements on separate pages, and across the whole site.

Zoey CSS editing

#4 Pricing

At first glance, Zoey is overpriced, especially as for a product advertised as a solution for the end user (developers would simply go with Magento). With plans starting $89/mo, Zoey limits its user base to established businesses which have stable revenue to pay for their website.

But it’s important to note that Zoey does not impose any transaction fees, while most of its competitors charge around 2%, which may translate into hundreds and even thousands of dollars in the future.


If you are a new business, building a site with Zoey is a step you might not be ready to take yet (mainly because of its pricing). But if you are an established company that needs a solid web presence, Zoey will not disappoint you.

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