Yo!Rent Rental Software Review

Yo!Rent – is a highly popular rental marketplace platform intended for rental businesses of various niches. The company provides businesses with a powerful solution to launch diverse rental marketplaces, reach a broad audience of customers, and develop in the market. Yo!Rent is developed by FATbit Technologies, a credible eCommerce solutions developer. By opting for Yo!Rent, you get the chance to establish and manage your own rental website at sensible pricing. You will be introduced to an impressive range of features including product inspection, product comparison, rental security management, custom cancellation policies, map view, chat messenger, shipping management and more.

Making decisions right on the go is typical for customers of today’s rental market. With Yo!Rent, you won’t face any problems with this, since the platform is mobile-friendly and comes with a highly-responsive design. Hence, you can offer your customers a consistent and smooth experience whether they access your site through desktops or mobile devices.

Industries Covered by Yo!Rent

With Yo!Rent, you can ensure a highly satisfying rental experience in various industries., Yo!Rent is expertly-made to implement seamless rental operations across diverse industries, which we shall review below.

Equipment Rental

Yo!Rent Equipment Rental

The heavy equipment industry is a huge contributor to the global economy. Constructions never cease, neither does the need for heavy equipment. To support construction businesses and contractors, equipment rental services are present as a viable option for them. If you, too, plan to set up your own equipment rental company, you can rely on Yo!Rent. Such a prominent company as Gearflow is powered by Yo!Rent and successfully thriving in the industry, having raised $1.1M in seed funding only. If you too plan to offer your heavy equipment for rental to MEPs, miners, EPCs, and general contractors with contoured management and exceptional ease, Yo!Rent welcomes you. The rental marketplace has the necessary features to give your site a competitive edge, including:

Yo!Rent Rental Payment Equipment

  • Document Verification: Verify the licenses of operators directly on the marketplace to meet all statutory regulations of your targeted markets.
  • Equipment Inspection: Allow contractors to inspect equipment before the start of the rental period. They can report any pre-existing damages or minor issues like scratches or dents, or can also request for a return or replacement.
  • Selling and Renting Option – At the end of the usage cycle of an equipment, the marketplace owner can also sell the equipment at a low price using the selling option. Apart from this, he/she can also upload new equipment to sell.
  • Shipping Management – The solution has got several options to manage product shipping.
  • Built-in Analytics and Reports – This tool will help you track the performance of your rental site with all the crucial statistics of orders, sales, new vendors, etc.
  • Multiple Revenue Channels – You can generate the revenue through multiple revenue models such as rental fees, rental commission (multi-vendor store owners), subscription packages and display advertisement.
  • Multiple Payment Gateway – The solution offers as many as 15 payment gateways that are pre-integrated into the system.e. However, you can integrate even more ones through customization.
  • Real-Time Inventory – This tool is designed to keep your consumers aware of your real-time stock content.

Furniture Rental

Yo!Rent Furniture Rental

Furniture rental is an innovative and highly emerging industry. Yo!Rent is a reliable rental management software that includes all the necessary features to get you started with your furniture rental services. Whether you plan on establishing a multi-vendor or a single-vendor platform, you will get that covered at Yo!Rent. It offers diverse revenue channels incorporated into the service, scaling and expanding the business becomes even easier.

The advanced features making the basis of the furniture rental software are as follows:

Yo!Rent Rental Payment Furniture

  • User-Friendly Booking Calendar – Your furniture rental site will have a premium booking calendar with a price calculator so that your clients can check the availability of certain products per date.
  • Map View: Customers can select to rent out furniture from their nearby vendors. All the listings will be displayed over a map to make the search process faster.
  • Real-Time Inventory Management – This tool is designed to keep your consumers aware of your real-time stock content.
  • Subscription Module – A Subscription plan will contribute to establishing long-term relationships between your furniture rental company and users.
  • Search Functionality – Let your users find what furniture piece they need with the use of a keyword, date, location, ZIP code, lease length, etc.
  • Furniture Inspection – Allow your customers to inspect the rented furniture for any damages upon the delivery.
  • Multi-Purpose File Attachment – This feature allows vendors to upload various attachments like guides, brochures, certificates of authenticity, etc.
  • Add-on Services Module – Sell additional products or services at check out like sofa covers, throws, pillows, dry cleaning, etc.

Dress Rental

Yo!Rent Dress Rental

Nowadays people prefer to rent wedding gowns, groom attire, evening and prom dresses, rather than buy them just to wear once. Establishing an online dress rental company gives you all chances of running a highly profitable business, especially when you have done that through Yo!Rent software. It comes packed with such useful features for a dress rental company as:

Yo!Rent Rental Payment Dress

  • Catalog Management – With this feature, sellers can list new products with just a couple of clicks (especially convenient for multi-vendor companies) and manage their entire product catalogue easily.
  • Robust Booking Calendar – This is a must-have for a dress rental service as clients need to check out the availability of the dress they want for a specific date.
  • Real-Time Inventory – This tool is very helpful to the site’s admin since it allows you to respond to all the fluctuations of sales in the market ardently while providing clients with a precise inventory count with dates for delivery.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways – Having up to 15 various payment options to choose from, your clients will definitely find an expedient one.
  • Review and Ratings – This feature aims at leveraging the trust among new users, while also giving you an insight into your service or product weaknesses.
  • Marketing Features – Certain marketing tools such as social media sharing, blogs, email marketing, and others can help you boost your site’s reach.
  • Renting and Selling – an admin of a dress rental service based on Yo!Rent software has full control over allowing/forbidding the sales on the platform.

Vehicle Rental

Yo!Rent Vehicle Rental

Working professionals, people on business or leisure travels abroad, and even students and households need to rent vehicles on a monthly basis nowadays. And since many types of vehicles are in demand today, a dependable car rental service will be a great startup project. If you think so, too, Yo!Rent offers a line of core features that will help thrive your business:

Yo!Rent Rental Payment Vehicle

  • Vehicle Inspection & Return – This dedicated module will let your clients inspect the vehicle they want before the rental period begins. This way they can detect the pre-existing damages and report them to the vehicle owners, thus avoiding any future misunderstandings.
  • eSign and Agreement Management – You can as well allow vehicle owners to put their own terms and conditions and get them signed by customers at the time of checkout.
  • Cancellation Period and Late Return Charges – This feature will let the end users get acquainted with free and paid order cancellation periods. Vehicle owners and the site admin, meanwhile, can set and alter the charges for late returns.
  • Rental Security Management – Vehicle damages cost much to repair, hence the admin of your site should be enabled to collect rental securities for all vehicles at rent. This way you can reimburse the rental period damages, release the security in full, etc.
  • Tiered Pricing – Enable your site vehicle owners to set their own flexible tiered pricing models to charge consumers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This will significantly increase the revenue of the site since vehicle owners will find the desired customers easier.
  • Add-On Service – Add extra services available with vehicles at additional costs. These can be fuel (normally clients have to fill the bank of a vehicle before returning it), a chauffeur, trip insurance, parking charges, mileage, child seats, etc.

Yo!Rent Marketplace Features

The success of Yo!Rent lies in the abundance of highly powerful features. They are all catered to provide smooth and efficient operating of your rental company. Let’s review the major ones.

Multi-Vendor Capability

Yo!Rent features a multi-vendor model designed to simplify the execution of the balanced objectives of the site’s admin and the vendor. The latter is provided with a separate dashboard so that they can manage all products, orders, and settings themselves. Besides, vendors can set up catalogs and cart promos on the storefront.

Shipping Management

Built with Yo!Rent software, your rental website will have a customizable and contemporary shipping management interface. Thanks to it, you can track orders efficiently and initiate new shipments easily.

Invoice Generation

To save its clients with such a mundane task as conducting rental transactions manually, Yo!Rent has incorporated a built-in automated script for invoice generation. You will save much time since all invoice generation operations will be managed and automated online.

Renting and Selling

This is a flexible approach towards a vendor’s evolving requirements aiming at maximizing the value of the services. Obviously, the feature works to the benefit of the renting company. With this feature, you can offer your vendors two separate price lists for selling and renting, make some of the products unavailable for renting on specific days, and this way quickly scale new growth. Your end-users or clients will eventually have to extend the rental duration by paying extra, or purchase the product at a full cost.

Responsive Design & Visual Statistics

Thanks to the responsive design of the created website, you provide your clients with a seamless experience across different channels. Whether the customers access the website through desktop or mobile device, your company will deliver the same usability and accessibility.

The built-in analytics of the site, meanwhile, will show you simplified graphs so that you can review and change your business strategy accordingly.

Real-Time Inventory Management

By managing your inventory in real-time, you will greatly influence the marketplace. When the centralized auto-sync inventor system is in its right place, the supply and workflow chain mechanism will be effectively optimized. When you are able to digitize the actionable data of your website you derive some smart insights and use them to increase the opportunities for your company’s growth.


Without correctly implemented SEO, a website has fewer chances to show in search results. Yo!Rent offers all SEO tools to increase SERP rankings and grow your site organically, yet as quickly as possible. The offered tools in this scope are URL rewriting, alt tags, Google Analytics and Webmaster extension, meta tags management, Google tag management, etc.

User-Friendly CMS

If the site is equipped with a powerful CMS, its admin can easily manage the entire website including the navigation, product collections, blogs, page content, email templates, website language, and the rest. This way it becomes possible to maneuver the marketplace to coincide with the changing requirements of consumers.

Customizable System

To meet the diverse requirements of various entrepreneurs, Yo!Rent is also fully customizable. Business owners can contact the Yo!Rent team and add or remove various features and functionalities.

RFQ Management

Niches as automobile rental and heavy equipment rental often receive complex bulk orders, whose invoice cannot be generated on the platform. For such orders, Yo!Rent comes with a Request For Quote (RFQ) management module where customers can send a detailed description of their requirements and request a quote. Both the business owner and customer can use the RFQ management module for price negotiation also.

Industry Specific Design

The latest version of Yo!Rent, i.e., Yo!Rent V3 also comes with three industry specific designs, which are heavy equipment rental, automobile rental and dress rental. These designs not only use color psychology for developing consumer trust but are also templatized with industry-specific functionality to provide maximum efficiency at business operations.

Rental Add-Ons

Some rental products are incomplete without add-ons products. For example, the customers cannot use a rented printer for long with ink cartridge and printing sheets backup. Similarly, other products compliment each other, like throws for furniture and dry cleaning services for blazers. Yo!Rent supports a rental add-ons feature where the business owner can offer several optional products and services at check out to customers.

Yo!Rent Rental Software Demo

Yo!Rent offers new clients to try out the demo version before signing up for real services. Yo!Rent’s official site allows entrepreneurs to explore both single-vendor and multi-vendor instant demos. If you are going to set up a single-vendor site, you can choose between Front End or Admin pages. For multi-vendor sites, Yo!Rent offers a wider selection – Front End, Admin, Buyer, and Seller/Vendor options.

To get a personal face to face demo, you will need to send a demo request mentioning your business requirements so that the official team can prepare the demo as per your needs.

Here we have tested a single-vendor site appearing via its admin. Opening your page, you will see the overall orders completed, how many new customers you have, and how much profit you made. These stats are calculated for the past month and in total.

Yo!Rent Rental Software Demo

The dashboard of your site lies on the left with all the available options presented. From Catalog, you will get to such pages as Shop, Products (+ Brands, Reviews, Tags and Categories), Admin Options, Filters, Specifications/Attributes. To manage buyers and funds withdrawal requests, access Buyers. Affiliates and funds withdrawals from affiliates can be found in the section of Affiliates. Other sections for quick access from the dashboard are CMS, Settings, Orders, Export/Import, Reports, PPC Management, Blog, Messages, and Admin Users. On your main demo page, you will see the Sales Statistics with precise data on total sales earning, how many selling orders have been completed, as well as the sum for total rentals and how many renting orders have proceeded. However, if you need more specific stats, at the bottom of the page you will get them for different periods.

The last 5 orders are displayed in detail (the customers, dates, order type, amount, and the payment status) as well.

To check the free instant demos of Yo!Rent, feel free to visit this site: https://www.yo-rent.com/online-rental-software.html

Yo!Rent Technical Details

The rental website you create with Yo!Rent software will be fully mobile responsive. It can be launched from desktop, iOS, and Android mobile devices. The choice of languages is really vast. You can set your website in English, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, Italian, and many other languages.

Customer Support

Yo!Rent features quick responsive customer support. It offers several contact means with the technical support team:

  • Telephone call – +1 469 844 3346, +91 85919 19191, +91 95555 96666, +91 73075 70707, +91 93565 35757
  • Email – sales@fatbit.com
  • Live chat

Yo!Rent License Cost

Yo!Rent doesn’t offer any pricing plans. To find out how much your rental website will cost you, you need to share all the project details with the company’s sales team who will get back to you with a specific quote.

Final Words

Websites created through Yo!Rent rental marketplace software are designed to be search-engine friendly to give you a competitive edge. Moreover, Yo!Rent’s social media tools enable you to extend the reach of your business even further to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, thus attracting even more customers. The platform is rich with other multiple features as well to make your rental site as efficient and profitable as possible. The wide scope of functionality makes Yo!Rent ideal for not only small and medium businesses but also freelancers and large enterprises.

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