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Best Yola Website Examples

Yola – is one of the oldest representatives of the web design niche, which has been in the market since 2007. The system has changed a lot during these years, offering a variety of features and advanced web design tools that make it possible to launch different types of websites. The website builder works equally well for beginners and web design pros, who can find multiple options here. The platform is known for its eCommerce engine, lots of quality responsive templates and extensive code editing options that allow creating one-of-a-kind feature-rich websites.

Undoubtedly, Yola has much to offer, but is this enough for contemporary web designers with superior requirements? Does the system come up to modern web design trends and can it be a decent solution for building portfolios, landing pages, online stores and other types of projects? To answer these questions, we have collected and reviewed some of the most outstanding Yola website examples.

Have a look at them now to find out what exactly you can expect from the service and what features may contribute to your website quality and functionality.

1. BrantWorks


BrantWorks offers explicit information about dinosaur skeleton models the website author – Brant Bassam – uses to further refine complete skeletons to give them original look. The process involves detailing of individual bones and updating the skeletons with regard to the newly obtained information.

One of the major website missions is to help the author find those dinosaur models he hadn’t have before. At the same time, the project presents those models Brant already has and wants to present to like-minded people. The website contains several sections with regard to the model types offered. These include Home, Skeletons, Skulls, Skelmakers and Other. Each section comes with lots of models the author is eager to offer to the public as well as with their detailed descriptions, specifications and other related facts. There are also many images and sketches of skeletons here that make it possible for other users to imagine the way the models look.

To get in touch with the website owner, go ahead to visit the Contact section, where you can read information about Brant, his occupation and contact details.

2. Karma Lottery

Karma Lottery

Karma Lottery is a website of The Orphan Foundation that has been organized exclusively for charitable purposes with the only goal in mind – to help orphans find parents, who will adopt them as well as to create a productive life as they grow up. This support includes financial help for adopting families, educational and financial assistance for orphaned kids with special needs and other money-related issues. To complete their goal, the foundation encourages users to make donations by getting lottery tickets that provide an opportunity to get a win.

The website is highly informative, offering an opportunity to find out more about the fundraiser, its goals, lottery terms and other must-have nuances. With this purpose, you should visit its main pages, namely About the Foundation, About the Children, Adoption, Donations, Volunteering, Store and Contact. There are plenty of facts you can find out, when browsing the project sections. The website also contains quality media files like images and videos that refer to various occasions. Special attention should be given to successful adoption stories, which won’t leave you indifferent. A perfect Yola-based website, indeed!

3. Country Music Treasures

Country Music Treasures

Country Music Treasures is a top notch destination for all music fans, who are looking for CDs of their favorite singers and bands. This is the music online store, which presents a rich collection of CDs covering versatile music tastes and preferences. The first thing you notice when accessing the homepage is the featured titles section, which are clickable and bright. The titles come with prices and you can look through the list of songs each CD contains by clicking on the cover.

Website design is quite simple and strict. CD covers are displayed against the white background and you can sort out your favorite products by using the search filter option. To find out more information about the Music Barn’s Country Music Treasures, pick the required category of the drop-down menu. Are you ready to place an order? Just drag the products you are interested in directly to the shopping cart available in the right low corner of the homepage, register for a web store account and place an order. That’s quickly, easy, fun and hassle-free, indeed!

4. 24 Hour Cabs

24 Hour Cabs

For all those passengers looking for a taxi in London, 24 Hour Cabs is ready to offer high quality services any time of the day. As a premier Private Hire, Minicab and Chauffeur Company, they serve London and surrounding locations to provide their clients with reliable, safe and timely-tailored minicabs. The service also makes it possible to simplify the process of booking a cab by visiting the company website and reading the available info presented there.

The website is quite simple yet informative – just browse its sections to find the info you are interested in. There are several sections here based on the types of services offered. These include Home, Taxi Near Me, Local Minicab, PCO Drivers, Minicabs, Airport Taxi etc. If you need more detailed taxi-related info, you can reach the Blog section to read the articles it contains.

Special attention is devoted to the Contact Us section, which delivers the detailed contacts of the company to help the clients easily find it. These include several phone numbers, address with integrated Google Maps widget and online form to let you leave the message to the company managers and get in touch with them when required. This is a good sample of a website built with Yola!

5. Bead Addiction

Bead Addiction

Bead Addiction is a web store offering plenty of tools and special items needed to create accessories out of beads. This is where everyone, who has this hobby, can find and buy those items, which are required to create one-of-a-kind gifts.

The assortment of products offered for sale on Bead Addiction is really versatile and impressive – just browse the range of products offered and add those you actually need to the shopping cart to further place the order. The major product categories include Bead Drawers, Beads, Books, Buttons, Chain, Craft, Closures, Crystal, Gemstones, Kits, Leather, Necklaces & Chains, Pendants, Needles, Patterns, Wire and many more. Almost each category has one or more subcategories to simplify the choice of items offered for sale.

The website design itself is quite plain at first sight, but it’s also intuitive and easy-to-browse at the same time. Apart from the rich product assortment, it’s possible to view beading master classes to improve your skills and get new ideas. That’s one of the highlights most fans will appreciate to the advantage.

6. Considered

Best Yola Website Examples

Considered is the one stop destination for users looking for qualified international real estate specialists. The company has been in business since 2003, offering high quality professional niche-related services.

The website of the company is not large – you won’t find many web pages here. To be precise, there are only three pages, which provide the detailed info on the entire range of services provided and general information most potential clients will be searching here. Website navigation is simple and intuitive as well. All the sections are within reach and there is no need to be a proficient user to find the required real-estate related info.

As to the website design, it is somewhat gloomy. The overall background colour is black, although, the colour of text and font is white. This makes it distinctly stand out from the crowd, driving user attention to the main message of the project. This also increases the speed of website browsing and contributes to the ease of search.

7. Trinity Apalachicola

Trinity Apalachicola

Trinity Apalachicola is the project of the Trinity Episcopal Church, which provides detailed information about the place, its traditions, history, events, and other important community facts. The homepage of the website drives user attention by the full-screen photo of the church, its logo displayed in the top left corner and the menu found in the left bar. The decision to place the menu in this part of the website was quite reasonable as it doesn’t distract the attention of website visitors yet grants access to the most crucial church-related info.

When browsing the menu, you will find out the major info about the church, the history of its development, worship sessions and their schedule, parish life, community facts, news and events. There are many quality photos demonstrating the life of the community that create special atmosphere and evoke the desire to find out more about the church. To get in touch with the church representatives, you can fill out the form available in the Contact Us section. This is also the place, where you can explore the opening hours, the time of the church services and detailed contact data. Accomplished in light colors, the website creates pleasant, comfortable and soothing impression.

8. Tiffany Dissette

Tiffany Dissette

Tiffany Dissette is a website owned and managed by Tiffany Dissette – a singer, who pursues the only mission – to make users aware of her creative life, biography, life and career achievements. When you get to the homepage of the website, you may be somewhat impressed by its exceptional simplicity – Tiffany’s photo and short biography are the only things you will find here. All information throughout the website is presented against the white background and looks quite plain.

As you decide to explore other menu sections, you’ll discover more info about the singer. What you will come across here is a few headshots, videos from Tiffany’s concerts, vocal recording and contact info. That’s it. The website looks quite plain and it feels like there is something missing here.

9. Rail Yards Market

Rail Yards Market

Rail Yards Market is the community-organized Growers’ Market, which was established in 2014 and now operates on Sundays in Albuquerque. Local residents and guests from abroad can have good time here, enjoying the food, music, art and other things that contribute to the festive atmosphere of the place.

The website looks welcoming, bright and engaging. It evokes the desire to keep browsing the resource, which sees its mission in celebrating the culture, cuisine and art of the State of Mexico. The design of the project is impressive, combining versatile colour palettes, fonts, styles and other elements that contribute to the overall impression the website can make upon users.

Additionally, the website delivers the explicit info about the Market, its working hours, news and updates, vendors and participants as well as other details users may be interested in. What’s important, the website provides the detailed Find Us section, which comes with the integrated Google Maps widget, address, special info about vehicles and pets allowed, parking info and customers’ feedback. These features make the project a perfect source to get information about the occasion and its details.

10. 12 Pitt Terrace

12 Pitt Terrace

12 Pitt Terrace makes it possible to find and choose offices to rent a meeting room to hire for any of the upcoming occasions. The website is quite simple yet it contains all the required info in one place.

When you get to the website, you will be able to view the detailed information about the service and the offices it offers for rent. There are also facts about the location the premises are found in, the vehicles one can use to get there, the facilities offered as well as the cost of rent. Additionally, there are many photos of these offices here that will give the notion of what exactly one may expect. If you are satisfied with this info, you can further reach the Contact Us section and fill out the online form available there to get in touch with the service and discuss the details.

What’s important, all the offices displayed at the website are available for rent, while the list is updated on the regular basis to provide users with up-to-date information.

11. The Design Mechanism

The Design Mechanism

The Design Mechanism is involved in the production and publication of the Mythras roleplaying game, which is supported by the broad range of adventures and supplements. These include a broad range of tools and design elements, ranging from Sword & Sorcery and up to Science Fiction and Urban Fantasy Horror. The company was created by Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash and its has gained popularity with the fans of the game around the world.

The entire website design completely comes up to its mission and focus. The website abounds in game-related high quality images, which fit the theme of this or that game. There are many web pages available here to let the gamers reach those sections and topics they are currently interested in. These include News, Adventures, Classic Fantasy, Character Sheets, Downloads, Store, Partners, About Us and more.

There is also a separate Forum section here, access to which lets you communicate with other fans of the game, browse niche-related branches and just keep in touch with other users, who share the passion for the game. A niche sample of a gaming website powered by Yola!

12. Our Lady’s Promise

Our Lady’s Promise

Our Lady’s Promise is a Lay Catholic Franciscan Apostolate website, which is dedicated to Evangelization and The Lady’s gifts of the Scapular and Holy Rosary. Users are invited to explore the resource to find out more about The Lady and Her promises to people.

The website has a clear church-related focus, which is revealed in its mission and statement. It abounds in video and audio content as well as in social media feed widgets and PDF files one may download, if required. There is also an online store here, where everyone can get products and accessories to enrich spiritual life. To discover more facts about the organization, users can browse its multiple pages. These include About, Our Lady, Rosary, Scapular, Free eBooks, Prayer Request, Library and Confraternity. All in all, the website absolutely adheres to its major specialization both in its design, available content, target audience and performance. Good job!

13. Second Time Around

Second Time Around

Second Time Around is a family run exclusive furniture shop, which has a notable distinction from the rest of suchlike stores. With more than 30 years of experience, the shop has established good reputation as the provider of quality yet affordable second hand furniture.

The website of the shop is not quite full-featured, but its content is enough to let users know about the recent store updates, new offers and special bonuses/discounts. Website design is not impressive as well. Instead, it’s quite plain and it does not offer any intricate elements. What you can see here is the general store info and image gallery that contains lots of photos of furnishings offered for sale. The gallery is updated on a regular basis to provide only those offers that are currently in stock.

What you should also know is that the choice of products available in the image is not limited to its content. The store has a much more extensive choice. To find out the available products, go ahead to reach the social network accounts of the store or the Contact Us page. The latter contains the list of the detailed contacts, convenient Google MAps access and integrated online form for quick and efficient messaging.

14. 14Stars UK LTD.

14Stars UK LTD.

14Stars UK LTD. is a Virtual Service Corporation that focuses on providing high end homesourcing services in cooperation with Arise Virtual Solutions. The UK-based service offers a splendid opportunity to work remotely, making up your own schedule and providing the services you specialize in. The company makes it possible to connect independent contractors with partners from various niches, including real estate, retail, automobile, travel etc.

To get access to the list of services and special offers the company provides, you should initially visit the homepage of the website. This is where you’ll be able to choose the required page, namely Homesourcing, Current Opportunities, FAQs etc. To apply for the selected option, go ahead to reach the corresponding section, where you can fill out the web-based application form. Got any problems or wish to get in touch with the team? Then hurry up to reach the Contact Us section, providing detailed company contacts. These are the major features that make this Yola-based website a worthy pick for industry professionals.

15. Villa Heliconia

Villa Heliconia

Villa Heliconia is the top notch destination for travelers, looking for the best rest on Bali island. The place provides luxury rest opportunities, picturesque landscapes, modern amenities and a broad range of services tailored to all the special needs of tourists.

To find out more about the villa, you should visit the website, where you will discover the most explicit and detailed information about the place. The project consists of two pages only, but this is enough to help users find out everything they would like to know about the villa. When you get to the homepage, the very first thing you will come across is the video presentation of the place. It will definitely attract your attention by its informational value. There is also the Tripadvisor link here that will redirect you to the website where you’ll be able to make the reservation or specify the required nuances.

As you keep browsing the website, you will be offered more info about the villa itself, list of amenities and services offered to the tourists, exact location and other useful facts. The website itself looks somewhat simple, but it can be a nice source of information for tourists interested in this solution.

16. Craig’s Lost Chicago

Craig’s Lost Chicago

Craig’s Lost Chicago is a personal website created, owned and managed by Craig, a native Chicago resident, who decided to collect all the memorable spots, places that previously existed there yet have already disappeared for different reasons. This is a great opportunity to transmit this knowledge and memories from generation to generation and to remind previous city dwellers about their favorite places in Chicago.

Website design is quite standard and simple, but you shouldn’t expect to see complicated details and elements here. That’s not the major mission of the project. The main point here is to provide as many places in Chicago that are no longer available to local dwellers. And the website copes with the task in the best way possible. Just have a look at its pages to feel the difference. The main website sections include Lost Amusement, Lost Eateries, Lost TV & Radio, Lost Retail, Lost Mfg and Lost Service. Each section comes with multiple photos of places former and current Chicago dwellers remember. There is even something unusual and mysterious about that. One of the best things about this website are testimonials of users, who greatly appreciate the project and see its special value. That’s really fantastic!

17. United Paranormal Project

United Paranormal Project

United Paranormal Project is a very unusual yet extremely interesting website for all those interested in ghost hunting. The resource offers ghost husting services on Ohio’s most haunted spots. It is possible to book private and public ghost hunts here as well as residential and commercial investigations. Quite a surprising and extraordinary project!

The entire website design absolutely matches its mission and main topic. When you get to the homepage, you will be impressed by its style, scripts and other elements that are created in the ghost-like theme. There are many web pages here as well, each of which comes with unique design and special features as well. The pages include UPP Home, UPP Members, Full Members Lounge, Links, UPP in the Media, Lost and Found Ohio, Private & Public Ghost Hunts, Our Paranormal Bloopers, Contact Us. The UPP Evidence page requires special attention, offering multiple photo and video evidence of ghost hunting. That cannot but evokes user interest, encouraging for further website exploration!

18. Home Heart Craft

Home Heart Craft

Home Heart Craft is a personal craft blog, which belongs to Honor – a charming lady with lots of DIY ideas to come to any taste and preferences. The blog is all about impressive craft ideas, which are very cost-effective and don’t take much time to complete. If you are in fond of DIY options, delicious recipes, beauty and design ideas, Home Heart Craft is definitely a destination to reach!

The blog looks quite gentle and even a bit romantic, being created in a light-pink color scheme with multiple “girlish” elements and images. It has several pages to visit only – Home, Tutorials, Recipes and Beauty, but they grant access to numerous ideas creatives will certainly appreciate. Whether you read a recipe or explore a tutorial, you will find many photos that accompany each step, thus, simplifying the creation process. All the photos are unique, being taken and posted by the author. The same is about guidelines, recipes, recommendations and other related content. A good idea for those, whose hobbies include crafts, cooking, beauty secrets and other DIY solutions. The website occupies a worthy place in the list of Yola-powered projects!

Bottom Line

If you need a simple, logically-structured website devoid of any advanced features, then Yola works great for this purpose. It becomes clear that the system is geared towards the needs of newbies, while its feature set may not be enough to cater to the requirements of web design pros. If you need more functionality from your website, you should consider top-notch website builders like Wix, uKit, Squarespace or Weebly.

With a collection of responsive templates, CSS code editing options, availability of widgets and add-ons, social media integration options, forum and eCommerce tools, Yola deserves to be in demand with users, who don’t wish to waste their time fighting with more complicated tools. So, if you are ok with lack of functionality, you can use Yola as the web building tool to start your next project!


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