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Yola Example Websites

Nothing lends credibility to a website builder like beautiful, successful websites created with this web service. Today we bring you a compilation of websites created with Yola website builder. Enjoy it!

Example 1: Feel At Home Catania

Our first example is sure to brighten up your day. Juicy, clean and modern images of the website reflect the geometric style of the rentals available in the historic center of the city.

Feel At Home Catania

Diego, the owner of the site, used the simplest method to make his site bilingual – he used a different color text to provide information about his vacation home in English and Italian.

Diego has made use of the Google Maps widget, allowing visitors to easily find his property location. Also, he has enabled the Tumblr blog widget to feature updates about the area his vacation rental is in.

Areas for improvement: The images on the homepage are a bit blurry.

What you can learn from it: If you’re running a simple 5-page site, you can easily make it bilingual simply by providing information in text of a different color on the same page.

Example 2: HIRR Construction is the Yola-based website, which belongs to the HIRR construction foundation that is dedicated to the needs of the clients and intends to make their ideas a reality. The design of the website is a bit simple, but it reflects the basic mission of the company.

HIRR Construction

The color scheme of all the pages come up to the business specialization of the company and make customers feel sure that they have come to the right place. The best proof of the fact is the photo gallery that demonstrates the differences between the initial state of the building and the results after the construction. This “Before and After” section deserves special attention and is very persuasive when it comes to encouraging the clients to deal with the company.

Areas for improvement: The site looks a bit plain and some pages are still in the process of remodeling. This prevents the clients from getting all the information they need. Adding a few pages and more informative content may solve the problem. The photos look blurry and non-professional, which may negatively affect the customer’s opinion.

What you can learn from it: If you need to represent your business in the most favorable light, the “Before and After” section is not a whim, but a must. Demonstrating the results of your work and your services, it speaks for itself!

Example 3: Hannah Walker Jewellery is a London-based e-shop selling handmade jewelry. This delicate website reflects the exquisite aesthetic sense of the owner – Hannah Walker – who has been creating jewelry since the age of thirteen. Most of all I liked the clean, neat design, well-structured layout, custom buttons and fonts. The website has an inbuilt shop and blog.

Areas for improvement: Again, image quality could be better.

What you can learn from it: Placing your best-selling products on the homepage increases user engagement and conversions.

Example 4: Henck Massage is a business website owned by Martin and Jennifer Henck, who offer a variety of therapeutic massage services. The homepage of the website features customer testimonials creating instant credibility and trust for potential clients. The website has a minimalist layout and simple design made in shades of green. It serves as an ‘online business card’ furnishing the most important details: contact data, prices, service description and more.

Henck Massage

Areas for improvement: The layout seems a bit outdated. It could be more modern.

What you can learn from it: Displaying real user testimonials on the homepage lends credibility to your company.

Example 5: Corrine Williams is a singer’s website, who specializes in all major strands of English and American music from the 1920’s onwards. A full-screen, black-and-white homepage of her singing in a vintage stage setting sets the tone for the rest of her website. Corrine uses hi-res images to tell her story and demonstrate her unique, vintage appeal.

Corrine Willians

Areas for improvement: On some pages, text gets lost in the design.

What you can learn from it: Visual content of high quality helps you present your personality/business/product better.

Example 6: Local Kitchen and Wine Bar is a pretty nice sample of a business website created on the basis of the Yola platform. The site belongs to the Local Kitchen and Wine Bar located in Toronto, ON (USA). Due to the easy availability of the content, clear layout and successful design, the site looks user-friendly. It is also easy-to-navigate, with only six main menu points found at the top of the home page.

Local kitchen

The design of the website represents the business in favorable light, highlighting its benefits. The major elements that catch the attention of the users are the promo video and the info about the bonus offered to each client, who visits the bar on Mondays. There is also a possibility to leave a comment and reserve the place right on the homepage. The “Contact Us” section is very detailed and comes with a Google map widget that helps find the location of the bar without any hassle and waste of time.

Areas for improvement: The photo gallery could be larger to make the potential customers interested. It also makes sense to add a few photos in the “Pasta Classes” section to give the clients an idea of what expects them if they take the class. The website also needs it original favicon to make the company brand recognizable.

What you can learn from it: The availability of the promo video and information about the bonuses and special offers found on the home page are those simple elements that can encourage the clients to keep browsing through the site and even make a reservation.

Example 7: Aravai is a nice example of the Internet-shop, which also performs another mission, representing the creativity of the Aravai music band. Developed in the best traditions of the Yola website builder, the site harmoniously demonstrates the mixture of three music styles that merge in one modern brand. The tracks recorded by the members of the Aravai band sound authentically, extraordinary and unusual and this is what cannot be left unnoticed by the public.


The design of the website involves all those elements a high quality site is unthinkable without. It is easy-to-navigate and offers customers the most detailed information about the band and its creativity. The main menu consists of 7 sections, namely “Home”, “About Us”, “Blog”, “Shop”, “Video”, “Lyrics” and “Contact Us”. These sections are more than enough to give the user an idea of what the band is famous for. It is possible to listen to the tracks, look through the videos and browse through the recent posts describing the Aravai news. The availability of the blog gives the fans of the band a chance to share their emotions and opinions, while the shop section offers the most popular hits of the band for sale.

Areas for improvement: The “Contact Us” section could be more informative. The availability of the contact form may not be enough for the fans of the band, who wish to find out more about them.

What you can learn from it: A nice sample of the site, where the most important facts about the band are gathered all in one place. This is informative, understandable and contributes to the success of the website promotion.

Example 8: Australian Sanskrit Institute is a Yola-powered website belonging to the Australian Sanskrit Institute, the teachers of which see their mission in making their students aware of this unusual language, its history, symbolic meanings, modern uses and other related issues.

Australian Sacskrit institute

The design of the site is accomplished in subtle colors, the combination of which helps create the mysterious and unique feel, causing the desire to keep browsing through the resource. There is everything a user needs to find out about the institute, its services, teachers and fees. The site has the incorporated shop, where everyone has a chance to buy Sanskrit-associated items, such as books, DVDs, CDs and a wide range of Ayurvedic products. A perfect example of a customer-oriented website!

Areas for improvement: The “About Us” section could be more informative to provide the users with detailed information about the institute. The site also lacks its favicon to have a more credible and trusted look.

What you can learn from it: A smartly thought out structure of the site makes it possible to provide comprehensive information yet maintaining the original idea manifested on each page. The website is harmoniously combined with the shop, which is an undeniable benefit as well.

Site Gallery

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Yola Site Gallery

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    I’d just like to say thank you for your kind words about my site. I love every minute of working on it and am always looking to make it better.
    Best wishes
    Hannah Walker

    • Hi Hannah,

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      Good luck in your business!

      • Hannah Walker

        Thanks Howard.