Yo!Kart eCommerce Software Review

Yo!Kart (the current version is V9.3) is a multi-vendor ecommerce software developed by FATbit Technologies enabling startups, as well as SMBs, and large enterprises to launch their eCommerce marketplaces. The platform guarantees a quick and affordable solution. This multi vendor software comes with a lifetime license and only one-time payment so users don’t have to renew the platform over again.

Compared to most other online store builders, Yo!Kart comes with more features including robust reporting and real-time tracking to see how the website sales are going on. Other profound features include a highly secure system, an intuitive interface, real-time shipping cost calculator, multi-vendor capabilities, automated SEO tools, an Android & iOS applications, multiple stores for different vendors, etc.

However, before you get into this in-depth review of Yo!Kart, we’d like to state that beginners may find it difficult to install and set up this platform. Apparently, a certain technical knowledge comes as a necessity since Yo!Kart looks more like a complex program even though the tech support is always ready to help users during the whole installation process.

Despite having more than five years of experience in the field, as well as a huge team of around 180 employees including skilled designers, seasoned marketers, software developers, and UX designers, Yo!Kart can’t be considered popular. Currently, it has only around 170 live websites while the total number of websites that are Yo!Kart’s customers is 2k.

Let’s summarize the main pros and cons of Yo!Kart platform before turning to the detailed descriptions of its main tools.

Whitelabel multi-vendor solution;
Intutive user-interface;
Product catalog module;
Pre-integrated APIs & Payment Gateways;
Native readymade buyers apps;
Multilingual and multi currency;
B2B features like RFQ, Bulk ordering, etc;
Dedicated and responsive tech support;
Customizable storefront;
A broad range of marketing tools;
30-day money-back guarantee;
Lifetime license & source code ownership;
Appropriate for all types of multi-vendor businesses.
Only one domain is available;
The basic features are limited;
No upgrades are possible.

Yo!Kart Features

Yo!Kart can boast of an abundance of useful features categorized into several sections per their purpose. Hence we shall address them separately, too.

e-Commerce Features

Yo!Kart e-Commerce Features

  • User management: As you are the admin of your website, you are provided with all the advanced tools necessary to manage sellers, buyers, and affiliates. Furthermore, you will be given the power to handle bank account details, email verifications, reward points, and much more.
  • Order management: When an online marketplace is built with Yo!Kart, both vendors, and admins become eligible to manage orders. This includes managing the payment methods, referrals, site commissions, etc.
  • Setting localization: With Yo!Kart, you can set the currency, language, time, and other options to reach your target customers.
  • SEO: Yo!Kart’s lets you update the sitemap of your website with only one click and improve the search engine rankings easily with SEO-friendly options.
  • Discount coupon management: Various types of discounts including coupons, special prices, and volume discounts are powerful tools to enhance the shopping experience of website visitors. Manage all this with Yo!Kart to make your marketplace visitors run to gran the next best deal every now and then.
  • Subscription module: Yo!Kart offers three diverse subscription packages each of which enables the sellers to list various products. Meanwhile, as the marketplace owner, you get complete control to change the number and price of those packages.
  • Importing and exporting data: Yo!Kart allows users to complete data migration from other platforms. Furthermore, this feature, which is freely available for both the marketplace owner and vendors, allows a bulk upload.
  • Email notification: With this feature, the marketplace admin can keep multiple people constantly notified about any updates that take place on the marketplace. Yo!Kart allows the admin to keep the whole team in sync and work out more collaborative actions and decisions.
  • Live chat: Giving resolution to customers’ and visitors’ queries in real-time makes the marketplace more dependable and reputable. Yo!Kart offers to integrate live chat as a customer support method.
  • Logistic/shipping management: You get a number of different features to manage shipments from modifying them to delivering charges. One of the most useful tools, the ShipStation API aimed at simplifying the entire shipping process for the marketplace admin while also cutting the shipping expenses and saving time is offered via third-party integration.

Marketing Features

Yo!Kart Marketing Features

Yo!Kart delivers robust and rich marketing tools aimed at grossing more sales and increasing the user base. All the below-described features are concentrated on selling and promoting on the most beneficial conditions:

  • Share and earn: This marketing tool is especially beneficial to blog owners, influencers, or contributors who have a great following and want to garner a revenue stream by promoting various shops, services, or products on an eCommerce marketplace. And it can be your marketplace. Add social media integration and enable your users to share items on social media profiles easier.
  • Blog integration: Thanks to this feature, you get the chance to engage with your audience, thus generating more leads. One of the best ways to spread the word about your products is definitely adding a blog on your marketplace and offering relevant information there.
  • PPC module: The PPC (pay-per-click) advertisement module helps the seller to promote both his products and the actual seller page on the homepage. The ad can be added to the banner of the homepage as well. All this aims at increasing the sellers’ reach and helping both the marketplace owner and the sellers profit with every click a site visitor makes.
  • Affiliate module: Thanks to Yo!Kart’s affiliate module feature, the website members, whether they are sellers or buyers, can invite other people to the website. This will bring them some profit mostly via discounts while the marketplace owner will increase the sales and improve its brand image.
  • Mobile commerce: Yo!Kart allows integrating an eCommerce mobile application thus seriously enhancing your marketing strategy. Thanks to this feature, the marketplace owner reaches a wider audience. The suggested feature comes packed with such crucial tools as firebase analytics, push notifications, multilingual and RTL, and buyer-seller messaging.

Payment Features

Yo!Kart Payment Features

Yo!Kart offers its customers to incorporate any of the following convenient, secure, and buyer-centric payment methods:

  • E-wallets: E-wallets have been widely recognized as the most convenient and simple payment method worldwide. And most consumers today particularly prefer this banking option. Besides, it helps users to get their cash back and reward points easier while having all the data inside the wallet firmly secured with multi-layer architecture.
  • Credit cards: If you would like to incorporate credit cards as the main payment option on your marketplace, Yo!Kart welcomes that. Credit cards powered by Mastercard, VISA, etc. will let your customers make orders and buy products from any country.
  • Bank transfer: Your marketplace will provide its consumers an opportunity to exchange information through their bank account and make a bank transfer for their purchase.
  • Cash on delivery: Some people prefer to pay in cash after they see the product they have chosen online. Therefore, Yo!Kart suggests enabling your buyers to pay in cash or debit/credit card after they get their package. This feature is especially convenient in developing countries.
  • Mobile checkout experience: It’s been proven that online marketplaces worldwide get most of their traffic from mobile sources. So that you provide SMBs, startups, and even large enterprises with an impeccable mobile checkout experience, the multi-vendor system suggests using Yo!Kart’s mobile application.
  • Pre-Integrated Payment Gateways: YoKart comes with almost 20 pre-integrated payment solutions that includes stripe connect, paypal, mpesa, etc. Also, you can customize any payment gateway with the multi-vendor platform as per your business needs.

Product Management Features

Yo!Kart Product Management Features

To effectively manage the information of the product line on your marketplace, Yo!Kart has appropriate features. On the dashboard of your account, you will find all the necessary access points for management – brand, selling price, product adding/update, quantity, model, photos, SKU, description, and so forth.

So, here are the main features that fall into this category:

  • Digital products module: This multi-vendor cart system allows sellers to offer various digital products including software, ebooks, video tutorials, etc. The marketplace admin can display a large diversity of products on the eCommerce platform and sellers will get the opportunity to offer them.
  • Uploading product video: With Yo!Kart, you can incorporate the videos of the products on the website thus letting consumers get a better image of what a certain product is in action.
  • Tracking inventory: To manage your marketplace inventory better Yo!Kart provides you with insights on all the data related to it.
  • Smart recommendation module: This feature is created to provide every customer your website attracts with a list of recommended products based on the most views, marked favorite, added to the shopping cart or wish list, and so forth.
  • Custom search filters: One of the most important features of an eCommerce site is the custom search filter. This is especially a must for stores with multiple categories.
  • Reward points: Yo!Kart has added the feature of reward points into its range of product management features. Reward points for referrals and first purchases can be managed by the marketplace admin.
  • Managing currency: Yo!Kart readily offers a dedicated currency management system. Websites built with Yo!Kart will let consumers change the currency on the store per their demographic.
  • Shopping cart: Users will get different consumer-friendly features including directly adding to the cart, marking an item as a favorite, viewing products of the cart, and adding an unlimited unmetered number of products to the cart.

Reporting Features

Yo!Kart Reporting Features

Yo!Kart features in-built analytics and reporting tools to provide you with an in-depth review of your own business. This includes sales reports, visitor statistics, and traffic analytics. These are standard tools, while more advanced ones available at Yo!Kart, are as follows:

  • Social media analytics: With Yo!Kart, you will get precise data on which social platforms you use to promote your marketplace and bring more visitors to your store.
  • Conversion statistics: Getting accurate data on how many orders reach the checkout point and how many get canceled via a percentage rate, you will get a clear image of which part of your conversion funnel needs your attention the most.
  • Commission and tax reports: This feature will provide the admin of the marketplace with a possibility to get reports on the total number of orders placed, sales made by every shop, as well as the commissions and taxes that those sales bring in one place.

Yo!Kart Website Design and Templates

Yo!Kart Website Design and Templates

The design of the Yo!Kart platform is based on the standard MVC Architecture. This means you can expect a fully customizable and lightweight website.

Yo!Kart looks amazing from the front end. Users can manage the product categories while the marketplace admin is provided with complimentary product cross-selling in order to drive more sales.

The system is rich in design features. It offers to create a mesmerizing look for your marketplace with the help of UI and UX designs. You can fully customize them to meet your business requirements. The company promises sleek designs with strong frontend, dashboard, and shop features. From the navigation section, marketplace admins can select hamburger or mega menu types, as well as change the layouts of the homepage, add new slides, and manage banner layouts to their preference. If you would like to give your storefront a unique touch, you can add an innovative color theme management feature. The new color can be applied to literally everything – buttons, header, tabs, fonts, etc.

Furthermore, the eCommerce platform is completely PWA compliant, hence guaranteeing an even better user experience.

Your consumers will be able to zoom any product on display and analyze it even deeper.


The marketplace admin doesn’t have to worry about the inventory – this lies under the responsibility of every vendor. And yet, the backend admin interface holds all the data on the reach of the vendors, products, and sales that consumers have made. The desktops of the vendors, meanwhile, are from where the users can change product details, fulfill orders, and check-in buyers.

Customer Support

The tech support of Yo!Kart is provided in several ways and goes through the system of FATbit Technologies. Users can get in touch with the team through:

  • email – sales@fatbit.com
  • telephone call – +1 469 844 3346
  • live chat – 24/7

To start a chat directly with a company’s customer support team member, you will be asked to provide your name, email, the query, and the department it is related to. Shortly afterward, the respective specialist will contact you and give a solution to your problem or answer your question. The live support works round the clock.

Yo!Kart Customer Support

To get useful recommendations and tips on Yo!Kart usage, the company has schemed an exhaustive page of documentation, video tutorials, a blog page, and an extended FAQ section. In the Documentation category, you will be provided with informative user guides, feature lists of the latest Yo!Kart version, a setup guide, and system manuals.

Yo!Kart’s blog, meanwhile, is mostly filled with recommendation articles, as well as tips and tricks on how to make your marketplace work more effectively.

Yo!Kart Pricing

Yo!Kart Pricing

Before describing the pricing tiers of Yo!Kart, we’d like to remind you that Yo!Kart provides a lifetime license for all plans. Overall, there are 4 payment packages tailored to meet every client’s requirements. Here are them:

  1. GoQuickPriced at $999, the plan includes all standard features, is self-hosted, provides free installation, lifetime ownership, SSL installation, a default design, free support for tech issues for 6 months, system documentation, payment gateway integration. The timeline is 5-7 working days.
  2. GoQuick BoostPriced at $1,999, this self-hosted plan includes everything from the previous plan, plus free support for tech issues for 12 months, an Android app, dedicated account manager, and digital marketing service worth $500. The timeline is 5-7 working days.
  3. GoCustomPriced at $7,500, this self-hosted plan includes everything from the previous plan, plus custom design up to 9 pages, a dedicated marketing service worth $1,000, and a flexible payment option. The timeline is 50-60 working days.
  4. GoCustom PrimeThe price for the plan is per quote. It includes all the features of the previous tier, plus a dedicated marketing service worth $1,500, custom email templates, 5 logo drafts, up to 100 hours of custom features development, and dedicated developers. The timeline depends on the business requirements.

What makes Yo!Kart amazing is its demo offer provided completely free of charge to understand Yo!Kart’s features in action.

Yo!Kart Competitors and Alternatives

It goes without saying that Yo!Kart is a great multi vendor ecommerce software with all the necessary features to run your marketplace productively. The prices, however, are above the average and may repel users especially if they are beginners. So, before stopping your choice on Yo!Kart marketplace software, it is worth considering other options as well.

The first alternative to Yo!Kart that comes to mind is CS-Cart Multi-Vendor. This is a professional on-premise marketplace platform that enables users to set up a multi-vendor marketplace just as Yo!Kart does. The main differences lie in the MAC and Linux support, which Yo!Kart doesn’t provide, as well as the inclusion of vendor management, multi-channel eCommerce features, product configurator, CRM, customer accounts, and ClickDesk features.

Another company that can compete with Yo!Kart, is the X-Cart enterprise shopping cart solution handling large product catalogs. If Yo!Kart supports Windows, Android, and iOS platforms, X-Cart is catered to Windows, Mac, Linux, and SaaS platforms. X-Cart doesn’t offer a free trial period but the main plans are much cheaper compared to Yo!Kart. The list of features that are offered at X-Cart yet miss at Yo!Kart involves a product configurator, CRM, customer accounts, and some integrations.

Nevertheless, we can’t say that any of the described software companies is better than Yo!Kart. It all depends on the user’s requirements.


Coming packed with a great number of useful and advanced features, Yo!Kart multi-vendor marketplace software is great for both startups and large enterprises. On the other hand, there are ground reasons why this ecommerce platform with an abundance of powerful features hasn’t taken the market by storm yet. First, the prices may appear quite high for starting businesses. Secondly, the themes are lacking and those existing aren’t any impressive. And finally, Yo!Kart doesn’t seem to be created for inexperienced users. Surely, you can customize the design to create the marketplace you picture in mind. And yet, if you aim at modifying the given theme into something new, some technical experience is required.

We have reviewed Yo!Kart deeply enough for you to decide if this is the platform that meets your online marketplace requirements or not. The rest is on you!

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