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Yahoo Website Builder Review

Website builders are omnipresent. The deeper I dig into the web publishing market, the more website builders I find.

Ease of Use:7/10
Tech Support:9/10
Overall Score:7/10

And it seems their number will only increase. Web hosting providers, web apps developers, domain name registrars and other companies consider it their duty to add a proprietary web publishing solution to their product lineup.

This tendency indicates a fairly noticeable shift to the ‘one-stop-shop’ services in the web publishing industry: people tend to prefer ‘all-in-one’ platforms enabling them to get maximum services under the same roof.

Just take a look at the major players: Google and their Google Sites, Zoho Corp. and their Zoho Sites, GoDaddy – GoDaddy Website Builder, you name it. To be consistent, today we bring you a review of Yahoo! site builder that comes as part of Yahoo! products tailored for small businesses.

1. Ease of Use

First, it’s important to note that there are no more two versions of Yahoo! site builder: hosted and downloadable. Yahoo Small Business Website Builder changed its name and general concept and now it’s called Aabaco Small Business Website Builder. With Aabaco you can create and edit websites like with with other SaaS website builders – online only.
Yahoo Website Editor

The builder is tailored for the novice, so it requires no technical knowledge at all. Nevertheless, I find it far more difficult than average to use. It doesn’t support the newer drag-and-drop editing format. Instead, it offers a standard Windows-like toolbar to edit your pages.

2. Feature set and flexibility

Yahoo! offers enough tools to build a decent website, but it really lacks important features found in competing services. With name re-branding, we hope that the number of useful tools will grow up.

Here’s a brief overview of the offered features:

  • customizable shopping cart;
  • credit card and PayPal processing;
  • local search options (50+ directories) and some others.

Yahoo Website Builder Features

You can certainly build and publish a website using Yahoo! site builder. But I wished it could offer deeper customization. The current feature set looks watered-down.

3. Designs

There are 380+ ready designs to choose from. Based on what I’ve seen in the demo mode of the website builder, they leave much to be desired. They’re not ugly, but they’re worse than those of the competition.

Yahoo (Aabaco) Website Builder Templates

4. Customer support

Based on customer reviews we found on the web, Yahoo! support staff is nearly impossible to communicate with. The good news there is a database designed to answer frequently asked questions.

5. Pricing policy

Yahoo! Website builder’s basic hosting package includes 3 GB of disk space, free domain and $100 ad credit to market your site on the Yahoo! and Bing networks, and it allows you to create up to 10 pages. The package starts at $5 per month and drops to as low as $2.65 per month with a 60 months commitment. Other plans include Basic – $7/mo and Professional – $10/mo.

Yahoo Website Builder Pricing

The eCommerce and Local Marketing plans are presented separately. Frankly, their pricing is overly complicated.

6. Disadvantages

Yahoo!’s feature set isn’t competitive. It’s okay as a standalone product, but it really loses its steam when compared with other web services available. More importantly, it makes you commit to the Advanced or Premium plan for features you’d normally get with other site builders’ free or within a basic account. These include site search, password-protected pages and more.

Another displeasing thing is that you can’t try this website builder for free. Even if you want to see how its interface works, you shuold pay at last for a month with a basic package – such approach looks prehistoric.


Yahoo! small business website builder faces the same problem that GoDaddy does. Their site building software isn’t their primary business. They simply fill the gap in the product lineup. The lack of advanced features in Yahoo! may drive you towards a more feature-packed service, like Wix, uKit or Weebly for example.

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  • Paige Tyler


    I like Yahoo for web hosting and currently use Sitebuilder. However, when I uploaded it to a new laptop, the icons on the toolbar are so small they’re almost impossible to see. The actual section where you build your pages is also very small.

    Is it possible to use another site building program and still upload using Yahoo as my web host?


    • Hi,

      Thanks for your question. Normally, website builders run on their own servers only which means you’re tied to their hosting and you can’t move your website to any other web host. For instance, you can’t build a Wix site using Bluehost’s hosting, that’s impossible.

      However, because Yahoo! offers hosting as a standalone service, you can choose a site builder that’s not tied to any host, like MotoCMS. It works the following way: you purchase a template ($139, one-time payment) and then upload it to the server. The template is an almost ready website – it contains all needed site elements and comes equipped with a built-in CMS. Each template has its hosting requirements. Pay attention to those before making the purchase.

      Hope this helps 🙂


      You probably have your resolution in your display set too high.


    I recently designed a lovely website, my second one, with Yahoo Sitebuilder and all went well until I hit the PUBLISH button. It will not publish. I have trouble-shooted with 2 weeks worth of tech support every single day costing me hours and hours of valuable time (in India) and this issue I am having is obviously well above their pay grade. I discovered that I can purchase ADVANCED tech support for a yearly fee – but I am quite dubious about any of the solutions offered to me at this point. The website does not show up anywhere on the internet – no search engines can find it – no friends and family in all parts of the USA can find it – my domain is of course paid for and registered with yahoo but it does not link me up correctly with the Yahoo website with Sitebuilder. One tech support guy tried to convince me it was no big deal at all because HE could see it on the internet just fine and so I should just live with it. I am totally UNABLE to connect with any USA support person – I can email them with my problem but then I am refered to Indian people. They DO NOT UNDERSTAND my problem – and my problem involves getting into my Control Panel which none of them has ever even considered.
    I am totally FED UP with yahoo Sitebuilder.

    • dan

      you will never reach someone from usa tot help you. help center is in india. I am from Europe and only help I get is from india. they are good guys on help center but I think the big problem is the system they created, not the people. for an eazy problem I stay on the phone 5 hours an I cancel my purcheses to buyet again with difrent option and now I try to make my domain name private but they don’t have that function upgrade and I need to restore purcese and buy again. but the biggest problem with yahoo is that you canot creat a version for mobile, tablet of your site and i rebuild my site with adobe muse but the PHP from yahoo host don’t read that good and when i need to see my web on devaces is all mist.

  • saddledupwithchains

    Yahoo has turned their webhosting over to a company name Aabaco and you have to be careful and read the fine print. If you think you can get the business web account and start selling your wrong. As soon as you click that confirm button your screwed. A notice pops up that if you plan to sell anything on your site, you must pay an additional $26 a month for the term of your contract. To me that’s stealing. And they post your initial payment from your bank immediatly, and you cannot cancel your purchase. Do your homework. I got screwed out of $101.


      The exact same thing happened to me but I flooded there facebook page with negative reviews. I typed so fast hardly anyone else could get on there. Finally in about 4 days they emailed me and gave me a full refund.

  • FlorenceOsmundBooks

    Has anyone else had a problem with the SiteBuilder Search Box add-on working properly? And if so, how was it resolved?

  • Lilbitz Donutz

    I really hate this new site builder, I moved my site to anot her site called SimDif until I get my BlueVoda site up and running… Yahoo had a good builder till they began to tweet with it and at the end just got rid of it… so SCREW yahoo… !!!

  • Lisa D Ackwood Mba

    Thanks for the information. It was very helpful!