Yahoo Website Builder Review

Yahoo Website Builder – is a web building tool, which allows creating websites that feature strong business focus and come with multiple business-related features. The service has been available under different names during 20 years and it still remains in demand with small businesses, entrepreneurs and renowned brands.

The platform is provided as a part of Yahoo products, even though, the system itself has initially distinguished itself as a trusted and powerful search engine. The website builder comes with integrated hosting and a powerful under-the-hood feature set. Due to the built-in drag-and-drop editor, the system is quite easy-to-use both for beginners and web design pros.

Are you right about to start a small business website and need a service that will comply with you web building needs? Then it’s high time to find out more about the platform to compare it with other competing web building tools. That’s exactly what we are going to do right now. So, let’s proceed to the detailed Yahoo Small Business review to see what features and options it is ready to offer.

  • Easy to use DIY website builder;
  • Offered as a part of Yahoo products;
  • Geared towards small business website creation.

1. Pros and Cons

Yahoo Small Business offers notable features for small and medium businesses needed to start and manage a decent website. Among the advantages and demerits of the system, it makes sense to mention the following:

Focus on small and medium businesses;
Domain, custom website, hosting, and business email included;
White Label;
Business Maker;
Website Design Service;
Localworks System;
Small business listings etc.
Limited feature set and flexibility as compared to reputable website builders;
Absence of business widgets (such as callback and live chat extensions), which is crucial for a business website builder;
Lack of templates (the system currently offers 36 themes, which is not enough for a contemporary website builder);
Confusing dashboard for non-techies.
  • All-in-one solution for small business;
  • White Label;
  • Website Design Service.

2. What Is It Good for?

The platform was developed with small business owners in mind. It claims to help them look more professional online with all the needed features included in the pack. The editing process does not require coding or web designing skills, which makes it perfect for newbies. Those, who face problems at the stage of site creation, may consult local experts, who can design the project from scratch at a reasonable price.

Yahoo has additional resources to grow your business although it will not suit everyone. The good news is that Yahoo has recently added its custom-made eCommerce functionality. The platform will also make sense for online merchants, who want to sell unlimited products and create small and medium digital stores. It is cheaper than some of the main competitors in the niche, which is also a good advantage for those who only get started with their first-ever website.

3. Ease of Use

Yahoo Small Business Website Builder is an easy-to-use platform, which encompasses simplicity, convenience and affordability. Being initially tailored for newbies, the system is not supposed to require any technical or web design background at all. Everything is quite understandable here, although, the interface of the system may seem somewhat cluttered at first glance. The website builder supports drag-and-drop editing and it’s not difficult to get started with it.

Yahoo Editor

One of the first things users note, when working with the website builder, is the ease of the sign up process. Registering with the system does not take much effort and time – it’s fast, simple and requires a couple of minutes only. Just fill out the sign up form to provide your first and last name, email and password to get access to the dashboard.

Yahoo registration

Right after that, you will be offered to pick a template and proceed to its customization. Mind that after the sign up, you will automatically remain on a free plan and you won’t have to provide any contact or credit card details to get started. That’s a handy option most newbies appreciate due to the opportunity to explore the feature set of the system and improve their skills without any haste and waste of effort/time/budget.

  • Simple and convenient website builder;
  • No coding or web design skills are needed;
  • Easy and quick sign-up process.

4. Features & Flexibility

Yahoo Small Business website builder feature set isn’t competitive – it’s okay as a standalone product, but it really loses its steam when compared with other web services like Wix or uKit.

Yahoo Features

With lots of customizable designs, web building tools, mobile-friendly themes and abundance of options that contribute to the efficacy and convenience of the web building process, the website builder is certainly worth the attention of non-techies as well as of web design pros.

Whatever website type you are going to launch, Yahoo Small Business is a top destination to get started. Websites, hosting, domains and powerful feature set – the website builder has everything your business needs to gain online success.

It should be noted, however, that Yahoo Small Business website builder still offers a distinctive feature set, which is enough to cover the major web design needs of beginners willing to launch their business projects.

The system offers numerous flexible features for small-to-medium businesses, which allow launching and managing quality websites. Let’s have a quick overview of the most beneficial features that are worth the attention of everyone, who is going to use the website builder:

  • WYSIWYG web page editor, which contributes to the simplicity of website creation and excludes the necessity to use coding knowledge;
  • Impressive App Gallery, which offers dozens of quality applications to be integrated into your website;
  • A rich choice of domains offered at competitive prices;
  • Reliable web hosting that allows hosting websites on the system servers. The hosting system comes with web building tools included. This excludes the necessity to look for third-party hosting providers, saving money, effort and time;
  • Opportunity to enlist your business with over 60 local directories in a single dashboard. This is how you get control over your business listings, letting the potential customers found in your location discover your company;
  • Yahoo Small Business users can get corporate emails with their domain names, which helps boost website credibility and customer trust;
  • Blogging platform, where you can launch a decent blog and connect it to your website in a few simple steps. You just need to add a corresponding section to the website, which is under the development, choose a layout for your blog and customize it as you wish.

The system uses the White Label solution offered by IM Creator, which allows getting the most out of the feature set of this powerful website builder.

The feature set makes it possible to build and publish a quality website with the system, but it still lacks deeper customization and flexibility. However, the service developers keep working on the advancement of its functionality, due to which the feature set becomes more extended.

Yahoo Small Business website builder has recently introduced a Business Maker solution. This is a one-stop-shop for small business owners looking for a superb opportunity to start, manage and grow their online ventures. The feature allows keeping all your business tools at hand all in one place.

Yahoo Business maker

Business Maker helps get the most out of your web building experience and, thus, offers an integrated toolset to manage all the business-related aspects tackled. What you need is to answer a few questions about your company the system asks to let it recommend you a personalized website development plan to come up to your needs. The answers will further be used to let the system understand, whether you need a local listing, a point of sale, a detailed business plan etc. And that’s not it. You will be guided through all the stages of the website design process so that you could handle it with ease.

Another notable highlight of the platform is its advanced Website Design Service, which unveils an opportunity to start and manage professional websites for small businesses. The team of WordPress experts working for the service will create the CMS-based website with regard to your needs to showcase your brand identity and promote your business in the best way possible.

Yahoo Design Experts Pricing

All you need to do to order a project from Yahoo Website Design Service is to discuss your preferences and requirements with the expert web designer to share your vision of the project, provide all the business-related information you own (logo, content, media files, contacts etc.), discuss the design and wait until the service professionals will create a website for you. What’s important, the services of the team are not limited to the project development only. Instead, they carefully monitor the way your website works to keep it functional and up-to-date.

The Website Design Service offers two subscriptions that differ in terms, hosting/storage, service, tools and features included. These are Standard and Premium plans, the cost of which constitutes $ 99 and $299 per month with a six-month plan implied.

The process of business promotion is not restricted to website development only. You have to be able to monitor your project performance afterwards to gain the desired result and be able to withstand niche competition. This is where the Localworks system will will be of great help.

The Localworks feature makes it possible to register your business with over 70 listings and further review and analyze your business performance via the Local Business scan. This service is currently applicable for US-based businesses. What you need is to enter your business name and wait until the system generates the required data.

In case you wish to update or edit your website data, you can independently do that in the system and the info will automatically be updated in all the submitted listings. Additionally, you will be able to see the reports on user activity and traffic fluctuations, view the reports written by your customers directly in the dashboard of the system and perform other important actions. The cost of using the feature depends upon the plan chosen. Thus, you’ll have to pay either $23.25/mo for the Standard Plan or $33.25/mo for the Premium Plan granted that you make a one-time annual payment.

Yahoo Store

The system comes with a custom-made eCommerce platform to build online shops with ease. The functionality is generally the same as with small business sites. All you need is to pick a template and get a full set of selling features already included in the package.

Yahoo start page

Yahoo promises improvised (up to 99.9%) uptime for its eCommerce solution along with a customizable checkout flow. It means that site owners will be able to modify the steps between choosing a product and completing the transaction.

An integrated reporting feature generates real-time stats and highlights. What’s more, users will have a chance to access statistics via smartphone. A good feature for merchants, who are always on the go. Additional benefits include unlimited products for sale with built-in inventory management. With Yahoo Store, users also get integrated marketing and risk detecting tools, shipping integration, etc.

To build a new store, you will need to choose from three of the available plans. They include Starter (good for a fast launch) costing $33.95 per month. Standard (for medium and growing shops) costing $84.95 per month, and Professional (for scaling marketplaces) costing $254.95 per month.

Yahoo price

  • Extensive feature set to get started with ease;
  • Website Design Service;
  • Business Maker solution and Localworks listings.

5. Design & Templates

As of today, Yahoo Small Business website builder offers a bit limited collection of templates, which includes 36 pre-designed clean themes that can do the job for you. For the ease of use and search time economy, the templates are subdivided into several categories based on the niche they focus on.

Yahoo Templates

These include Business, Services, Design, Health and Fitness, Photography, Restaurants and Food, Catalog and Retail, Portfolio and CV, Fashion and Beauty, Weddings, Music and Video, Lodging and All. Just browse the category you are interested in, pick a theme to get started and personalize it with no coding at all. The themes are mobile-optimized and look great on any device. They are created to build stunning websites with high performance.

If needed, you can enhance their design with various multimedia features the system offers. All in all, Yahoo Small Business templates are modern, stylish and neat – this is exactly what you need to try for your business promotion.

Do you intend to start a one-of-a-kind project with personalized design? Then the system grants an opportunity to pick and customize a blank theme from scratch. After you sign up for the system, you will get access to the dashboard and then to the control panel, where you will be offered to customize web page style via editing colors and fonts, add/edit/delete content blocks and sections. Actually, the choice of design customization options is pretty limited here, which somewhat restricts the freedom of design creation.

  • Limited template choice;
  • Mobile-optimized designs;
  • Subdivision into thematic sections.

6. Customer Support

Yahoo Small Business has a powerful community help center, where inexperienced users can find out answers to their questions and solve the problems they face, when using the system. This is the major online destination to get in touch with other users, discuss the burning problems, view multiple articles, tutorials and contact the support team, if needed.

To simplify the browsing, the service developers have singled out the major categories, which contain all the related questions. Whether you have problems with your account, services, merchant solutions, web hosting, domains, website builder, local marketing etc., finding solutions to them won’t be difficult. Just specify the service or the issue you are concerned with to get relevant support options.

Yahoo Website Builder Help Center

A convenient search filter allows browsing through the section to find articles and discussions that might prove to be a valuable source of information.

There is also an opportunity to look for the required info in a community blog, where you can get tricks and tips on how to run your business effectively. The same is about the community forum. This is the place, where you can find lots of branches and topics, join conversations in them to discuss your business challenges, share your experience and help other users solve their problems.

The website builder also has its YouTube channel, where they upload interesting and informative video content, which can also help you start and manage your website. What’s more, the website builder offers 24/7 phone call customer support, live chat and professional online assistance available to all premium plan users.

  • Powerful Community Help Center;
  • Community blog access;
  • 24/7 phone, chat support and YouTube channel.

7. Plans & Pricing

Yahoo Small business website builder currently has 3 pricing options and a free trial version, which lasts for a month. After the end of a trial, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the following plans:

Yahoo Pricing Policy

  • Starter Plan (free), which offers free domain, 3 GB of disc storage space, industry-specific templates, unlimited bandwidth and web pages, 24/7 chat, phone and online support, built-in SEO, free SSL Certificate connection;
  • Basic Plan ($4.99/mo billed annually), which encompasses the features implied by the Starter Plan plus a free domain included into annual plan, 5 GB of disc storage space, one email mailbox and multiple email aliases, YSB Insights mobile app, 30-day satisfaction guarantee;
  • Professional Plan ($9.49/mo billed annually) that provides all the features of the above mentioned plans plus the advanced options like private domain registration, 10 GB of disc storage space, 5 email inboxes and multiple email aliases.

Whatever plan you will go for, the system offers a 30-day money back guarantee. This is a notable factor for many users, which boosts customer trust and loyalty.

  • Free Starter Plan;
  • Two paid subscriptions;
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

8. Website Examples

To put all described features together and see how they work, we have conducted a shortlist with some good examples of websites built using Yahoo. They include digital shops, content-based sites, and some other project types.

Video Copilot – tools and training for motion professionals

Video Copilot – tools and training for motion professionals

Just for Jeeps – spare parts

Just for Jeeps – spare parts

Swag Galore – textile and décor for the home

Swag Galore – textile and décor for the home

Sports Unlimited – sportswear and gear

Sports Unlimited – sportswear and gear

Side by Side Stuff – auto parts and accessories

Side by Side Stuff – auto parts and accessories

Part Target – military components and parts for aircrafts

Part Target – military components and parts for aircrafts

9. Conclusion

  • Good for small business owners
  • No coding skills required
  • Affordable plans with free entry
  • Yahoo Store eCommerce solution

Yahoo Small Business is a website builder, which provides extensive out-of-the-box functionality. It ranks high in terms of usability, providing the full list of features for small and medium businesses. The service allows building websites, which are easy to manage and customize, even though, non-techies may find it a bit confusing.

The website builder provides domain name, hosting, and business email to cover all the customers’ business needs. There is also an opportunity to promote your company listings in dozens of local directories to ensure the utmost online exposure and traffic generation. All websites created with the system come with SSL certification, which ensures their smooth and secure performance.

Website templates are mobile-optimized by default and can be easily customized due to the extensive range of integrated web building tools. Yahoo Small Business has a blogging platform in addition to an integrated Yahoo Store solution for eCommerce projects. The website builder is functional and affordable. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s high time to do that.

Yahoo comes as a White Label solution delivered by IM Creator – another well-established SaaS website builder. In other words, we are dealing here with an additional set of featured provided by Yahoo rather than a stand-alone platform. It is you to decide either it is a hit or miss.

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