Xsolla Gaming Website Builder Review

Xsolla – is a global web platform created to deliver gaming-specific solutions. It makes it possible for video game companies to safely develop, organize and manage gaming communities. Either you represent a well-established enterprise or want to launch a new startup, the platform allows boosting revenues, growing the target audience or getting funding for new video games.

The system comes with integrated business and transaction engines, which lets users accept payments worldwide, connect to modern marketing channels, invest into new projects and monetize new games. The software also has a free custom website builder. Users get a chance to create secure sites at zero cost and start selling game keys, and subscriptions online.

While developers and publishers have a chance to link with Steam or Google Play, in this review we are going to test the site builder itself as a separate tool to create a landing page for your product. The software offers a selection of up-to-date and stylish platforms letting you stand out with an exclusive product or video game.

Users may boost the overall website performance thanks to third-party integration and additional tools brought to you by Xsolla developers. The system has free integrated eCommerce features to set up your store with several clicks. Let’s have a closer look at its site builder and the way it handles the building process.

  • Global platform to create gaming solutions.
  • Integrated business and transaction engines.
  • Comes with a site builder.

Xsolla Features

As a platform for game developers and publishers, Xsolla comes with a number of niche-specific features that are mainly focused on revenue increase and community growth. The system makes it possible to launch special loyalty programs and bonus campaigns as well as work with affiliates, set your personal virtual store and more. It’s high time to review its major features now.


Xsolla site builder will work out whenever you need a simple but engaging one-page site to sell game copies and keys online. The building process itself is rather simple, although first-timers may find the system’s dashboard a bit complicated and overloaded with niche-specific elements.

To get started with your gaming project creation process, you have to be a Xsolla registered user. The software offers several sign up options. You can either complete a simple registration form, providing your email and password or use social and Google accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Baidu, Discord, Naver) to seamlessly enter the platform.

Right after the registration, you will find yourself in the Publisher’s account. Here you will find some baseline tools and general settings. This is also the place, where you can set up your account parameters, update the profile, connect with the support team, view analytics and complete other must-have steps.

Xsolla create site

To proceed to your project creation, you should reach the dashboard found in the main menu (left sidebar) and adjust the settings there. To create the first project, you can either provide a link to the existing game on any other platform to let the system automatically add your brand logo, description and third-party services. If you don’t have the link, you’ll have to set the project up manually, picking its language, name and providing the link to your game (if any).

As soon as you are done with these steps, you will be redirected to the control panel with several sections for further project configuration. These include Store, Subscriptions, Partner Network, Login, Launcher, Pay Station, Site Builder, Anti-Fraud, Funding and Connect. If you plan to work on your gaming website creation, pick the Site Builder and proceed to your project development.

To start a website, you will have to select a template, namely Selling, Web Shop Page, Import From Google Play, Import From Steam, Store or Backersite. The system offers a baseline layout that you may edit or customize. The layout comes with a preset structure that you may rearrange as well as add new blocks, delete already existing ones etc. All in all, it’s quite easy to get used to the system dashboard and the website creation process itself, even if you are a beginner.


Xsolla store setup

Xsolla lets users create an online store with a click. No technical skills are required. Simply click on the “Store” section in your settings and connect your site to available services and sell:

  • Game Keys – provide access to all of your games or sell game keys to already published products. You may use the feature to drive more traffic to games that are only about to be released. Benefit from pre-order strategy to boost sales and users awareness.
  • Subscriptions (alpha version) – let users benefit from exclusive perks or create premium accounts with paid subscriptions. Create an elite club of gamers.
  • Virtual Currencies (in plans) – mainly used for in-app purchases. Users always need gold or credits to buy premium armor or extra resources.
  • Virtual Items (in plans) – generate more revenues when selling in-game items, new swords, super-power engines, ammunition, etc.

To sell goods online, you only need to do a simple setup. First of all, you need to indicate a platform your game is compatible with (PS, Nintendo, Linux, etc.). Choose from the list provided and enable the option. Then you only need to place the product name, indicate the link that will transfer users to the game key or subscription options, and eventually edit the “Buy Now” button right here in the website editor. All you need is to make several simple touches to complete the final digital store setting to start selling online.

White Label Customization

With Xsolla, you have a great opportunity to create a game with your own branding to match its style and creativity. The system allows using your Steam assets to start a website based on the existing Steam project, adding Twitch and Discord accounts, sharing news and updates, driving email subscriptions, assembling custom pages and displaying FAQs to simplify the process of game exploration to your subscribers.


Xsolla promotions

The platform comes with an award-winning tool that lets website owners create, fine-tune, and manage different promotions. Go to your Store settings to create a new promotion. Customize your campaign in 4 simple steps:

  1. Specify the campaign details (name, discount amount, etc.).
  2. Indicate special terms for the current promotion.
  3. Set the campaign schedule.
  4. Add Banner info and publish the promotion.

In addition, you may use promo codes and coupons to make your marketing campaign more enhanced.

Marketing Tools

To make data-driven decisions, you have an opportunity to use marketing tools available in the system. Thus, you can reach the analytics dashboard, where you can monitor your project performance by using metrics like page views, visitor count, conversions etc. Likewise, there is an opportunity to use Google Tag Manager to adjust JavaScript and HTML tags you can use to track your project traffic. If you intend to optimize your gaming website to deliver an impressive customer experience, it is possible to use the A/B testing mode along with personalization tools. Additionally, the software grants access to Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Twitter Pixel and other marketing tools.

Stats and Analytics

Xsolla promotions

Having several running promotion campaigns is good. However, you need to track the stats in order to make the most of your marketing efforts. Xsolla has a separate accounting section for users to track their sales, most paying customers, average pay time value, and more. You may sort the stats by day, week or month.

In addition, users may handle other aspects of their online activity. The accounting section contains info related to taxes and fees, repatriation costs, established user acquisition fees, etc. Here you may also track all transactions by status and sort out completed or canceled operations.

Affiliate Marketing

Xsolla has its own Partner Network where you may create and manage performance-based influencer programs and affiliate campaigns. The system offers seamless one-click integration. Game developers and publishers may create their own affiliate marketing programs based on Revenue sharing or other concepts to generate interests among potential partners.

Xsolla marketing

The key benefit here is that you may actually craft your exclusive program by setting specific terms for affiliates. The feature is available in three business models:

  • Influencers – the idea is to give access to your game and Revenue Share to influencers from YouTube, Twitch and other platforms, so they could earn revenue by doing what they already love to do – delivering engaging, creative gaming content and promoting interesting games.
  • Affiliate Marketing – promote and sell your products with the help of traditional affiliate networks.
  • Channeling Portals – market your browser based games through specific and topical portals.

Safe Website Management

When it comes to your gaming website protection, Xsolla offers a set of features and tools that ensure advanced project security. These include CDN hosting to effectively deliver digital content around the globe, opportunity to connect a free SSL Certificate to protect confidential data as well as project version control to record the history of changes, when publishing the updates.What’s more, Xsolla has integrated its exclusive anti-fraud tool that is automatically enabled once you have installed a preferable payment gateway.

SEO and Security

Xsolla marketing

Apart from marketing and promotion tools, Xsolla site builder has some baseline SEO settings as well. Users may edit sharing titles and descriptions, upload sharing images, and preview snippets in Google. In addition, there is a Facebook sharing preview option as well.

High End Content Personalization

When launching a gaming website, you can work on its advanced personalization. What you can do here is picking and connecting a secure, unique and branded domain for your exclusive web presence, using a custom HTML widget to add extra functionality to your project and even creating a multi-language website to reach users around the globe.

Third-Party Integration

To boost your website performance, you may benefit from extra apps available for integration. They include Google Analytics for better traffic control and monitoring, Facebook and Twitter Pixel to track your stats generated via social platforms, Google Optimize to make the most of website AB testing, Game Magazines to have your product published on major topical establishments, Xsolla Partner Network to create and manage influencer and affiliate programs etc. You can find these and other extensions available for integration in the corresponding App section in the Site settings.

Xsolla Design and Templates

Xsolla design

Xsolla site builder does not offer numerous templates and themes to choose from. To get started with your template customization, you need to access the Publisher Account and the Site Builder itself, which is available in the side menu. By clicking the Create Site button, you will be redirected to the template section. This is where you can pick a suitable theme with regard to its specialization. The designs include:

  • Selling (allows selling of game keys and Founder’s packs as well as making pre-orders for the games available on the site);
  • Web Shop Page (allows selling in-game items or currencies both individually and in bundles);
  • Import from Google Play (allows importing game info and assets available in Google Play as well as game keys, Founder’s packs, game pre-orders etc.);
  • Import from Steam (allows importing game info and assets found in Steam as well as game keys, Founder’s packs, game pre-orders etc.);
  • Store (allows creating a gaming website with a web store and a promo slider to sell virtual items/virtual currencies, game keys etc.);
  • Backersite (allows creating exclusive content, which is available via purchasing a paid subscription).

Xsolla wensite builder

As soon as you pick a suitable design, you should reach the Builder to start working on your project development. There is an opportunity to add content blocks here depending on your goals and website type. The blocks include header, footer, CTA buttons, gallery, promo slider, description, packs, store, news, social media widgets, FAQs, custom code, system requirements.

You are free to edit any of those blocks using a simple navigation menu on your left with all sections listed there. Pick the one and edit texts, upload your own images or background videos or add new blocks. It’s up to you to select the required elements to form your website layout, edit the settings for each block you have added, configure language/SEO settings.

Xsolla add block

The good news about template editing is that you get enough design features to make the website look unique. The available settings make it easy to change the theme style, modify roundness, change main colors and fonts, and upload new background videos/images for each particular block.

On the other hand, some users might require a bit more design and customization. However, Xsolla layouts are mobile responsive and run great on all types of devices. There is a mobile preview mode right in the dashboard, while the templates make a good first impression in terms of design and style.

To go live, you also need to make some finishing touches. First of all, a preview mode provides a clear vision of how the page will look on desktop, smartphones or tablets. Simply click the relevant icon and watch how responsive templates work. Don’t forget to visit general settings where you need to connect a domain or use the Xsolla custom domain provided by default.

Now, you are ready to go live. Go back to the site builder, press the “publish” button, and welcome your first visitors. Mind that prior to publishing you need to sign a contract with Xsolla. To be able to track website performance afterwards, go ahead to enable promotion/analytics services and features. You can go to the Apps section to pick and connect the required services there.

Customer Support

Xsolla provides comprehensive support to its users. Website owners have different ways to resolve various issues. There is a Live Chat window here, where you can create a new discussion with a support manager with a click. To get explicit answers to your questions and to connect with the right specialist, you need to specify, whether you are a gamer or a developer.

Another way to get in touch with the support team is to use social media channels and popular messengers, namely Telegram, Facebook, What’sApp etc. You can scan the QR code to get access to your account and to ask the questions you are interested in. Additionally, it is possible to browse the FAQ and Documentation sections here to find information that will come in handy to you.

Xsolla Pricing

Xsolla site builder is free to use. You may start building and promoting your project at zero cost with access to all features including hosting. It is free until you start making your first cash. The system charges 5% from every transaction or purchase users make through your website. That looks like a good offer instead of paying monthly fees even at minimum income.

Xsolla pricing


Xsolla is a specialized platform created for game developers and publishers. Focused on the video game industry only, the software comes with transaction and business engines that seamlessly work together to deliver exceptional game development experience. The website builder the platform involves is an effective tool to help users create landing pages and benefit from a wider option of sales and promotion channels.

You do not have to pay for a seperate website building platform or hire developers as the software allows everyone to create and monetize projects from scratch. It’s only up to you to create websites at zero cost and with no special technical skills. Go ahead to select different business models and sell game keys, subscriptions or virtual items via several sales channels. Multiple ways to boost sales and grow your gaming community come as additional reasons to try the software.

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