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XPRS Example Websites

When it comes to creating functional but exquisite websites, XPRS seems to be one of the solutions you may use. The platform comes with a set of tools and options that distinguish it from standard drag-and-drop website builders. It offers a Polydom technology – a way of creating a site using dynamically interrelated blocks of content.

Here, we will have a closer look at some of the XPRS most vivid examples to understand why people use this website builder for their projects. The sample sections include different types of websites to give you a better understanding of the basic features you can avail using XPRS. So, let’s get started now!

#1 Example: 49Foodpreneurs is an appealing website created on the basis of XPRS website builder. The site represents the movement which aim is to transform the existing global food system.


The website creates a minimalistic impression, with simple and short texts and vivid photos on the white background. A closer look at the text gets the main message of the site across. What impressed me a lot is the Team section, where detailed information about each 49Foodpreneurs member is presented.

Areas for improvement: The website needs more informative content, which especially concerns the Appetizers section.

What you can learn from it: The design simplicity does not mean the lack of valuable information. Instead, the minimalistic design of the website helps focus users’ attention on the most essential parts and creates a tidy and neat impression of the website in general.

#2 Example: Feed by Design is a single-page XPRS-powered website, the owners of which, Tess Hadri and Marc Coët, wish to provide each self-starter with qualified marketing and design assistance.


By scrolling down the page, users get to know more about the owners of the website, their skills, and experience. The site is created in the minimalistic design and represents a harmonious combination of white and green background colors that create a positive and soothing impression.

Areas for improvement: The absence of portfolio to give the users the idea of the designers’ expertise and talent. It is also desirable to add contact info and social networking widgets for enhanced interaction between the users and the owners of the site.

What you can learn from it: A nice example of a single-page website, with all the information available on one page. Simple, creative, user-friendly, time-saving and exciting… What else is needed to encourage users to keep coming back here?

#3 Example: ES’TI is a XPRS-based website representing female collection of clothes, which was styled and crafted in Italy. The design of the website seems to be extremely simple, but when you start browsing further, you understand that there is everything a user would like to find out about the company.


Separate attention should be devoted to the Collections section abounding in high-definition slider photos published against the black background. This creates a striking effect, helping concentrate on each image in detail.

Areas for improvement: The models and photos in the Collections section could come with descriptions and characteristics to provide users with detailed information. More content concerning the company and its news is desirable as well.

What you can learn from it: The site is an ideal combination of design simplicity and vivid representation of the information that owners wish to share with their clients.

#4 Example: Magic Lanterns is a XPRS-powered website that belongs to the video production company, which was created in 2016 by Alexander Mitchell. The very first thing that catches the attention when you visit the website is the examples of videos that range from short documentary movies, video films and up to large-scale impressive premium promos and music videos. Specializing in the creation of impressive web video content, they also cooperate with smaller groups to create unsurpassed videos that deserve viewers’ attention.

Magic Lanterns

All the movies are subdivided into several main menu sections, including Documentaries, Music Videos, Films, About Us, and Contact sections. Each web page offers an opportunity to watch the full-range videos and information about them.

Areas for improvement: The site is just perfect and does not require any serious improvements!

What you can learn from it: One of the best examples of movie making websites for those who wish to promote their business!

#5 Example: Hancock is one of the best realizations of business websites, which was launched on the basis of the XPRS website building platform. Hancock is a British fashion brand, the inventor of which is Thomas Hancock.


The website creates a professional impression from the very first glance. There is everything you would like to know about the Hancock articles, the technology, the inventor, and the history of the brand. This info comes with high definition photos and brief, but detailed descriptions. A large slider on the main page is bound to attract visitors’ attention.

Areas for improvement: The visitors would certainly like to use the online shop, which should come soon as the developers promise, but is not currently available yet.

What you can learn from it: The abundance of bright HD photos, the availability of the social networking widget, and the integrated online shop are only a few features that make the website stand out from the crowd! What else is needed for a business website, I wonder?


A single look at the example websites created with XPRS shows that users resort to it to create different types of websites – from a landing page to a small online store.

Lots of features and tools, HD images, user-friendly interface, attention-grabbing elements, convenient social networking widgets, and a mailing form – all of these give a user a possibility to make a website he wants.

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