WYSIWYG Web Builder Review

WYSIWYG Web Builder Review

WYSIWYG Web Builder (current version 15.2) – is a desktop website builder that helps to create HTML and jQuery-based websites without deep technical skills. When we say a desktop version, we mean that the software requires downloading and installation. It was designed for small business needs. The platform makes it easy to build small and medium-sized projects, portfolios for freelancers, blogs, news portals, etc.

Unlike most SaaS platforms, WYSIWYG Web Builder is not an all-in-one solution to create, deploy, and host your future website. It is just a website building tool to create different types of projects. The good news is that users get access to over 200 instruments that make it easy to create and customize new projects with no technical skills. You will be able to choose whether to benefit from an intuitive drag-and-drop feature for total newbies or do a bit of coding.

In this review, we are to have a closer look under the software’s hood to figure out whether it worth paying that money.

  • Great website builder for Windows-powered PC.
  • HTML and jQuery-based websites.
  • Good for small and medium online projects.

1. Ease of Use

As it was stated earlier, the software was designed for both non-technicians and programmers in the need of accessing templates’ source code. The program uses special HTML modules for each of its layouts. Changing the theme structure is very easy thanks to the drag-and-drop editor. Use it to replace modules, add new ones or rearrange the page. The software comes with its custom Graphic User Interface (GUI) environment.

However, to access the control pane and actually start building a new site, you need to have the application installed. The system offers a free trial. All you need is to download ZIP files and complete a simple installation process. No emails, credit cards or registrations at this point, which is very convenient. The system offers several versions depending on the OS version you use. The bad news is that the tool is compatible with Windows-powered PCs only. If you’re Mac user, then browse through specialized Mac website builders rating.

WYSIWYG windows instalation

First problems may occur when you launch the free version for the first time, as each software copy requires Direct2D. Make sure you have it installed on your PC to avoid possible errors during the building session. Finally, here you are inside the editor. Let’s get to the website building process.

WYSIWYG Web Builder Layout Modules

We have already mentioned that the software comes with a collection of pre-installed HTML modules. WYSIWYG Web Builder should not count on ready-made layouts with already integrated widgets, blocks, or sections. Here you will have to build each page from the ground. The system does have a selection of templates. However, they should be uploaded separately. We will discuss this issue a bit further.

WYSIWYG Layout Modules

Getting a new model for the page is very easy. Simply choose the one from the list on your left. Double-click on it or drag to the workspace. The collection of modules includes different blocks and sections. To describe your company and services, share contact information, and customize the page with divider, headers and footers, social media buttons, countdowns, features, price tags, and more. Each module can be edited as well. Users are free to change texts, resize the block, change dimensions, typography, etc.

The overall impression is not as bad although the customization process is very limited. You may only change some baseline specs as well as enable slight modifications. On the other hand, users may benefit from a selection of custom modules while experienced programmers and web designers are free to download their own files from local folders. This fact adds some flexibility as well as the ability to add animation and other visual effects in case you possess necessary CSS techniques. Advanced programmers will also appreciate the ability to create forms that feature conditional options.

Going Live

The software makes it possible to preview the website before publishing it. All pages will be available right here in your browser at a click. The software comes with inline editing, which means all changes are saved automatically the same way as in SaaS platforms like Wix. Users will have several publishing options as well. First of all, you may download the layout and save it in the local folder. The second option is to have it downloaded to your FTP with an assigned URL.

No matter what you choose, you will still need to take care of hosting and domain separately. They are not provided even with the paid plan.

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor.
  • A rich collection of custom modules.
  • Block with conditional options.

2. Features & Flexibility

WYSIWYG Web Builder is a tool initially designed to create website layouts. For this reason, most of its features are focused on editing and customization functions. The key advantage here is that the platform comes with enough flexibility for both newbies with no technical skills and more experienced coders and web designers.

Ready-Made Modules

WYSIWYG Ready Made Modules

The core website builder feature that defines the ease of the creation process. It offers a selection of ready-made blocks that include over 150 different sections to highlight the company’s features, services, prices, contact info, etc. Each module is easy to customize, resize or change in accordance with the overall website concept.

Animation and Effects

The software comes with CSS techniques that make it possible to add animation and visual effects to some of the blocks. Users are free to choose from a list of 150 predesigned effects as well as design animation on their own and upload them to the website builder.

Media Files Management

The platform makes it easy to create different gallery styles and carousels. Moreover, users are able to add YouTube or Vimeo videos as well as implement rollover animation and create media file libraries featuring pictures, icons, video and audio files, etc.


If you opt for a paid license, you will additionally get over 200 extensions that make the tool a bit more flexible. Users will get additional customization instruments including slideshows, menus, baseline eCommerce functionality, etc.

  • CSS techniques to add animation.
  • Over 200 of extensions and customization tools.
  • Medial file libraries and management tools.

3. Design & Templates

WYSIWYG Web Builder helps to build responsive websites. It has support for CSS and layout grids, FlexBox as well as fixed themes with breakpoints. In addition, it offers a selection of its custom templates that are also mobile-friendly. Users may choose from hundreds of layouts that refer to small business sites, portfolios B&B services, small webshops, news portals, forums, and more.

WYSIWYG template

Each template has a preview mode to look it through before downloading. Oh, yes. All themes need to be downloaded before using then the editor. You may benefit from jQuery Mobile Theme editor to ensure your future website will look good on different mobile devices. The good news is that all of them are free even if you use a free-trial software version.

  • Flexbox CSS editor.
  • Responsive layouts.
  • Hundreds of downloadable themes.

4. Customer Support

The website builder delivers several ways to find answers to all questions. First of all, users may opt for an extended knowledge base that can be accessed right from the control panel. It covers all general issues from getting started to form validation, etc. Here we also have Keyboard shortcut prompts info about the website builder as well as latest update reviews.

WYSIWYG Customer Support

Online tutorials and FAQ questions can be found on the official WYSIWYG Web Builder website. It contains detailed guides and explanations on how to use various blocks as well as site and theme managers. The website builder has its own community of followers represented in the local forum. Newbies may create a new thread as well as discuss some issues with more experienced users.

  • Custom forum with local experts.
  • Expanded knowledge base.
  • Online tutorials and guides.

5. Plans & Pricing

As a downloadable software, WYSIWYG Web Builder is available as a lifetime licensed copy. You do not need to pay monthly subscription fees. The price tag starts at $49.95 for a fully-featured platform with no limits in terms of extension, updates, etc.

WYSIWYG Web Builder Cost

There is a 30-day free trial for those who want to check how the system works. A free version also comes with all instruments available in the paid license. The only downside is that users can buy a WYSIWYG Web Builder license only from resellers. First of all, you will need to send a request and wait until some of the resellers will contact you to complete the purchase. A pretty strange checkout procedure, isn’t it?

  • 30-day free trial.
  • Lifetime license ownership.
  • No monthly fees.

6. Pros and Cons

The WYSIWYG Web Builder is a good tool to create HTML and jQuery templates with little technical skills. It is very easy to use with hundreds of templates and endless modules to create a fully-functional website of different types. On the other hand, it certainly has some obvious misses.

Good for newbies and experienced coders.
Resistive websites for small business needs.
30-day free trial with unlimited features.
Great CCS techniques for advanced customization.
Simple drag-and-drop editor.
Not good for complicated projects.
Confusing checkout procedure.
Limited web design tools.
  • Compatible with all Windows versions.
  • Auto system updates.
  • Password-protected pages.


WYSIWYG Web Builder might be a good option for programmers and web designers eager to gain the necessary experience at minimum costs. The platform offers god enough functionality to work with modules and edit HTML and jQuery templates with several clicks. The software will ensure a decent technical background.

On the other hand, newbies might find the platform’s general settings a bit confusing. Moreover, it might be better to opt for fully-featured browser website building tools that are cheaper and offer more features in the pack with no need to download any software or look for a hosting provider.

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