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Moving WordPress website from one server to another is a tedious job that requires much time and effort.. Most of the time required goes to moving the MySQL database because of the upload limits or timeouts of the PHPMyAdmin file.

If you are well aware of these hardships and seek another, much easier and safer way to transfer your WordPress site, Delicious Brains (a duo formed by Chris Aprea and Brad Touesnard) suggests considering their WP Migrate DB Pro plugin. The latter was designed to push and pull databases between different locations without any issues.

The developer claims their product enables smooth duplication of sites, replacing db on a live site. But is it so beneficial? This WP Migrate DB Pro plugin review aims at clarifying this straight away.

What Is WP Migrate DB Pro?

WP Migrate DB

The WP Migrate DB by Delicious Brains is a WordPress plugin that enables exporting the database via a MySQL data dump, as well as spotting and succeeding URLs and file paths. The whole process and the result are saved on the user’s computer in the end. You see, the plugin is appropriate for anyone who must either copy an already developed site to a production or staging server or update a local install with new data taken from the production website.

The plugin is available in two options – free and Pro with the latter having a series of additional features compared to the former option. Let’s see the main key points of the WP Migrate DB Pro over the free version:

  • Multisite support
  • Video tutorials
  • Database pull and replacement
  • Selectable tables to be migrated
  • Find and replaces are unlimited
  • Local database push and replacement of the database staging/production

WP Migrate DB Free

WP Migrate DB Free

The free plugin is simple in use and purpose. It enables exporting the database via MySQL data dump and is especially appropriate for website backups (mind the push and pull ability is not available in this option). Here are the main functions you can expect to get by obtaining the WP Migrate DB Free version:

  • Gzip compression for reducing backup file size, and store the data to a PC.
  • The search and replace fields allow restoring location information to the user’s backup.
  • You can save whatever you do in your account (available for creating in the free version, too).
  • Through the advanced options, you can expel spam comments, post revisions, and replace GUIDs.
  • You can alter the max request size according to your requirements.
  • The compatibility mode allows loading specific plugins to decrease potential issues with coding.

If you want to get satisfied with the free version, be aware that you won’t have access to customer support. The only platform to get assistance in case of facing any problems is the WordPress.org support forum.

Overall, the free option is not bad. And still, with the free option you have no push, pull, and import features. You can’t expel tables and post types, either.

WP Migrate DB Pro Option

WP Migrate DB Pro Option

Compared to the free variant of the WP Migrate DB, Pro has a number of additional functionalities, the most significant one being the replacement of a whole WordPress site remotely. If both plugin versions allow exporting site databases, the Pro edition enables uploading a backup file in order to download a direct website backup. Using the plugin, you get the chance to copy the same database to various sites. Furthermore, users may transfer the whole database or migrate only specific tables. If necessary, you can always exclude specific posts so that they don’t get migrated.

Accessing the Backup tab, you will find the archive of all the backups of sites that you have migrated before. The backups can be downloaded or deleted. The Backup tab gives you full control over the backups.

The Settings tab, meanwhile, holds the connection data on pull and push requests with permission buttons below them. At default, the permissions are off so that the user won’t face any problems by accidentally restoring data from a wrong site or pushing it to a live site.

The Settings section also holds the information on the licensure of the company.

Other perks of the WP Migrate DB Pro plugin are the possibility to set the max request size and a delay between requests in seconds. Following all the current migrations in this section, you can pause, cancel, resume, or import any migration at any time.

WP Migrate DB Pro Addons

WP Migrate DB Pro Addons

The Addons tab features some grandiose add-ons that are yet available only for plans above Personal. You can activate/deactivate every addon whenever you find it expedient. Depending on your pricing plan, you can add a certain number of add ons.

Media Files

This add-on allows pushing and pulling media files between various WordPress sites. Generally, problems arise when you move media files. But the Media Files addon helps you deal with them easier. Whether you want to migrate only several files or all of them uploaded for a specific period of time, this addon will assist you. With it, you won’t accidentally reproduce media files while moving them.

Plugin Files and Themes

The plugin add-on enables the user to push/pull WordPress plugin files and themes. Choose those files that you want to migrate. Be aware that you can exclude files right during the migration if you have changed your mind.


If you want to make use of this addon, you must install and activate the WP-CLI. Using this addon and connecting it with the WP-CLI, you will operate site transitions from the command file.

Multisite Tools

Activating this add-on, you’ll become able to push a subsite to a precise WordPress installation to and forth. Besides, the tool makes it possible to migrate a subsite between various multisites.


WP Migrate DB Pricing

If you have determined to obtain a WP Migrate DB Pro, get acquainted with the pricing plans at first. The developer demands renewing the license if the user wants to get further updates and make use of the customer support services. The renewal comes at an additional fee (renewing early, the fee comes at a discount) which lets the developer improve the plugin further. Here are all the pricing plans offered by the Delicious Brains in the scope of the WP Migrate DB Pro plugin:

  1. Personal$49/year. The plan includes 1 active website, 1 person support, 1-year software updates and email support.
  2. Side Hustle$99/year. The plan includes 2 active websites, 1 person support, 1-year software updates and email support, and the possibility to obtain a CLI addon.
  3. Developer$199/year. The plan includes 3 active websites, 1 person support, 1-year software updates and email support, and the possibility to obtain CLI, Media Files, Theme & Plugin Files, and Multisite Support addons.
  4. Full Stack$249/year. The plan includes unlimited active websites, 1 person support, 1-year software updates and email support, and the possibility to obtain CLI, Media Files, Theme & Plugin Files, Multisite Support, and Multisite Tools addons.


WP Migrate DB Support

The customer support for the plugin users is available via email. If you purchase plans above the Personal one, you will get priority support. The team will answer your email almost immediately and provide all the necessary instructions and information to handle any problem that arises. And still, the support isn’t available 24/7. The company is based in Canada, but it has headquarters in the UK and the US as well. The support team works round-the-clock Monday to Friday. They may work a couple of hours on weekends, too. But that’s on rare urgent cases.

For general inquiries, write to nom@deliciousbrains.com, while to get tech support, make use of the live chat system accessing your account.

Final Thoughts

Since the introduction of the WP Migrate DB Pro plugin in 2013, it has been steadily winning the approval of more and more customers from many countries. The plugin is one-of-a-kind, well built, well coded, user-friendly, and definitely efficient. It comes with an impressive array of constantly refining features, yet stands out particularly for the thorough replacement of a WP site remotely. Most other plugins won’t let a user synchronize 2 dbs when WP Migrate DB Pro is undoubtedly available for this.

What we would love to see changed in this plugin option by Delicious Brains is the incorporation of addons into the Personal plan (most addons are available only on higher plans, while the Side Hustle has only one and the Personal none).

So, WP Migrate DB Pro is definitely worth your choice as long as you have a WordPress site to migrate since the plugin can’t be used for migrating sites made with any other system, even Joomla. If you are OK with this, the WP Migrate DB Pro option will appeal to you.

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