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WordPress Alternatives

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely-used CMS that allows creating quality, professional and functional websites. However, the system is not as easy to use as it may seem at first glance. If you have ever tried to launch a website with this platform, then you have the firsthand knowledge of how challenging and time-taking the process is.

While experienced web developers have already learnt to cope with WordPress challenges pretty well, newbies face lots of unexpected problems. As a result, this affects the quality and performance of their websites. This is not to mention the waste of time and effort that may be spent on website development and promotion.

To avoid these difficulties, it makes sense to use simple platforms, which are easier to master and ensure decent result.

Wix, uKit and Shopify are perfect alternatives to WordPress for non-techies and web design professionals, who value their time and effort. Let’s have a look at the comparison chart of these website builders that can be used for this purpose.

Best Alternatives to WordPress:

Website BuilderWix (review)uKit (review)Shopify (review)
WordPress Alternative for:All types of websiteSmall BusinesseCommerce
Easy to UseA little time to cope withIdeal for newcomersTakes enough time to learn
Templates:Over 500 templates almost of any topic350+ responsive templates for small businessFree and paid store templates
Technical Support:Live chat, forum help24/7 Live chatOnline support, Help center
Major FeaturesBlog, forum, eCommerce, App MarketIntuitive management, CRM and analytic systems integrationOver 60 payment methods, app store, eCommerce CMS
SEO Options:Intuitive SEO WizPromotion widget – visual help in SEO setupCommon SEO options
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo$29 to $299/mo
Real Website Examples:Wix ExamplesuKit ExamplesShopify Examples

WordPress Alternatives – What Are They?

The use of quality WordPress alternatives may simplify the web development process, contributing to its efficacy and ensuring decent result. The number of web building tools that can be used for this purpose is quite extensive, but not all of them are worth testing and using. Website builders that deserve the attention, should come with the following features:

  • Ease of Use. As far as the major user goal is to avail decent result with minimum investment of effort and time, website builders should initially be easy to use. They should come with intuitive and understandable dashboards, simple interface and abundance of features that contribute to quick and effective web building process. Website builders don’t require any web coding skills. Instead, many of them have visual editors, which allow tracking all the stages of the web design process. This is very convenient and simple.
  • Reliable Hosting. WordPress doesn’t have its own hosting and users have to look for a reliable provider on their own. Newbies, who lack experience in this web building niche, face problems here, because they are not aware of the features a reliable hosting company should come with. They waste time choosing and managing website hosting on their own instead of enjoying the benefits of safe hosting offered by website builders. Most services, by the way, offer free and secure hosting, which is a notable benefit.
  • Safety. WordPress is an open-source system and each user potentially faces safety risks when working with it. Website builders, in their turn, offer multi-layer protection from hacking, DDoS attacks and other risks.
  • Affordability. WordPress is considered a free platform and it’s theoretically possible to create a website at no cost here. However, when you start working on the project, you often face the need to pay for extra themes, plugins and other features. Otherwise, your website will lack quality and functionality. Being the best alternatives to WordPress, website builders frequently offer the same features for free. In most cases, they are included into the subscription cost by default. A a result, website builders prove to be much more affordable than WordPress.

Wix – The Best WordPress Alternative


Wix is one of the most popular and reputable website builders in the world, which currently has language localizations for 17 countries. The website builder is dynamic, modern, convenient, affordable and easy to use for all people, irrespective of the web design expertise they have. The system allows building different types of websites, ensuring decent result with minimum investment of time, effort and money. This is a universal website builder that meets the needs of the majority of users.


Key Wix Features:
Blogging Engine;
Forum Builder;
eCommerce Module;
Application Market;
SEO Wizard.

Wix is packed with features, which make it possible to create functional and user-friendly websites. The system has many quality and visually appealing free templates, which are ideally structured into thematic categories to simplify the search. All the templates are responsive by default and their list is regularly updated.

The system has unique features, which can notably enhance web page appeal. These include graphic elements, cinemagraphs, slideshows, multiple design settings. There is also a functional and convenient visual editor, which allows controlling the web design process and seeing the result of all the changes you make.

Wix Templates

The dashboard of the system is intuitive and appealing. It’s easy and pleasant to work here. You can add any elements to your website, including texts, photos, galleries, social network buttons, content boxes, lines, videos, music, contact forms, menus, lists, blogs, online stores etc. What’s more, Wix can boast its own integrated App Market, which notably expands the functionality of the platform. This is where you can find over 150 free and paid widgets to meet your special web building needs.

Wix Editor


Wix Pricing Plans:
Connect Domain$4.50/mo;

Wix currently offers five paid plans, which differ in terms and features offered. There is also a free lifetime plan, which provides niche features, but has a number of functionality restrictions as well. The paid plans include Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, eCommerce and VIP. The prices range from $4.50 and up to $24.50 per month.

The larger and more functional website you need, the more advanced plan you should choose. This mostly depends upon the volume of media content you plan to add and the goal you wish to achieve. The system frequently conducts official promo actions, which come with impressive discounts and special offers for new and existing clients. By utilizing these offers, you can save big, while getting the most out of the system functionality!


Wix is a professional website builder, which enjoys utmost popularity in the whole world. Intuitive interface, original and useful functionality, a rich choice of quality thematic templates, flexible customization tools, unique design elements and availability of features make the system stand out in the crowd. The service can be effectively used both by newbies and web design pros. It is frequently updated, with new features, themes and features being added on a regular basis. The system has its own App Market with lots of stylish and useful widgets that can be integrated into any website to give it contemporary and advanced look. All in all, Wix looks quite appealing and it will certainly come up to your expectations. This is definitely the best WordPress alternative for everyone.

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uKit – A Perfect WordPress Alternative for Small Business


uKit is an intuitive website builder that offers all the features and tools required to build different types of business websites. This is a perfect choice for entrepreneurs willing to launch professional websites at affordable cost and with minimum time investment. The system works equally well for newbies and professional web designers. It is modern, functional, affordable and easy to work with.


Key uKit Features:
Responsive templates;
eCommerce widget;
Promotion wizard;
Online calculator;
CRM integration.

uKit doesn’t require any web design experience at all. You don’t have to possess coding skills to create a website that will come up to your business needs and will feature the required functionality. The system is flexible and simple. It is regularly updated to offer the utmost web building experience.

uKit comes with a convenient visual editor, which allows creating a business website from scratch, controlling all the stages of the web design process. The service supports drag-and-drop functionality, due to which everyone can achieve decent result, which will be not worse than that of professional web developers.

uKit Templates

uKit can boast a diversity of appealing templates, which are subdivided into dozens of themes based on the niche they are meant for. The most popular template categories include photography, law, tourism, finance, education, medicine etc. The themes are responsive and can be customized as needed by dragging and managing the required blocks, changing slider pictures, fonts, menu points, color schemes etc. Due to these features, it’s easy to gain excellent result in no time here. uKit comes with intuitive and convenient dashboard, a variety of widgets to be integrated into a website, WYSIWYG editor, Ecwid Shop plugin used to create eCommerce websites, powerful SEO optimization features etc.

uKit Site Editor


uKit Pricing Plans:

uKit offers affordable plans, each of which comes with a free 7-day trial period. This is more than enough to test the major features of the system and decide, whether you will keep working with it. There are four paid plans here, namely Premium, Premium+, eCommerce and Pro.

The prices range from $5 per month for the cheapest plan and up to $15 per month for the most expensive plan, which, however, offers advanced features required to build a professional website. The system regularly offers discounts and bonuses to existing and new users.


uKit is one of the top website builders, which is mostly used to build business websites. However, it is possible to create any website type with the system as well. It comes with all the required functionality, a nice collection of quality responsive templates and flexible web customization tools used to create top notch websites with no hassle and waste of time. The system offers affordable plans, the terms of which will appeal to users, who value their time and comfort. uKit is worth the attention of entrepreneurs, who lack web design experience, but need professional websites to establish reliable business online presence. This is a perfect WordPress alternative users will certainly appreciate.

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Shopify – The Best eCommerce Alternative for WordPress


Shopify is a world-known eCommerce website builder. The system attracts the attention of entrepreneurs looking for a quality, affordable and trusted web building tool that will help them solve their eCommerce tasks. The system can be used by experienced online sellers as well as by non-techies, who are just making their first steps in the eCommerce niche. This is one of the largest and the most powerful online store website builders in the world. It successfully cooperates with the world-known brands and trademarks, which is one of the major proofs of its credibility and professionalism.


Key Shopify Features:
Content management system;
60+ Payment methods;
Responsive storefront.

Shopify ensures excellent design customization flexibility. You can choose between three available options here, namely, 100+ paid and free templates created by professional web designers, HTML/CSS editor that allows designing your own theme by editing website code and readymade themes created by Shopify developers. The choice is really impressive – just like the abundance of web customization tools you can make use of to give your online store exclusive look and superior functionality.

Shopify Templates

Shopify dashboard is intuitive and easy to use for everyone. What’s more, the system offers awesome eCommerce features. These include automatic taxation, abandoned checkout recovery, over 70 available payment gateways, customizable gift certificates, free Facebook and Google credits, product reviews etc. There is also a convenient Shopify App Store, where you can get widgets and apps to bring your online store functionality to the top notch level.

Shopify Site Editor


Shopify Pricing Plans:

Shopify is quite an expensive website builder. It is much more costly than the majority of other web building tools, which also allow creating online stores. The system offers four plans, namely Lite, Basic Shopify, Shopify and Advanced Shopify. The cost of plans constitutes $9, $29, $79 and $299 per month correspondingly.

Whatever plan you will go for, you will be offered a 14-day free trial period to test the major system features. Shopify doesn’t charge any transaction fees, but it requires credit card transactions. Discounts are available, if you subscribe to the annual plan. In this case, you can save around 8-10%.


Shopify is undoubtedly a decent and powerful eCommerce website builder. Its worldwide popularity is quite understandable. The system has everything you might need to launch a full-fledged online store. It comes with an intuitive, rich and understandable dashboard. The templates are responsive and feature high quality. Web customization tools also rank high. These features make Shopify the best eCommerce alternative to WordPress.

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Bottom Line

WordPress has always been and remains one of the best CMS, which makes it possible to create quality websites with superior functionality. However, it is not the best solution for inexperienced web designers. The system may seem too complicated for them because of the necessity to master lots of features at a time. This often takes much time and effort, thus slowing down the web design process. In this situation, website builders prove to be a decent alternative to WordPress. These systems are specially created with the needs and skills of newbies in mind. They are easy to use, convenient and affordable.

Wix is a universal website builder that helps complete diverse web design tasks with almost no hassle and waste of time at all. uKit is a decent, reliable and functional small business website builder, while Shopify is the best eCommerce web building solution. Each system covers a particular range of tasks and comes with specific features and usage terms. Take your time to explore them with regard to your needs to make the right choice.

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