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Wix vs Weebly

If you want something done right, do it yourself. Thanks to Weebly and Wix, this also applies to websites.

Ease of Use:5/55/5
Overall Score:4.8/54.8/5

Both website builders are incredibly easy-to-use and feature-rich publishing platforms that have become synonyms for DIY website creation.

Because the two builders are extremely popular and seem very similar in their offerings (at first glance), many potential users face the dilemma of choosing the right one. To help them make an informed decision, I have tested the two platforms, analyzed user feedback and looked through dozens of Wix- and Weebly powered websites.

As a result I’ve tested the ease of use Weebly and Wix from the newbie’s point of view, looked at their features and flexibility, compared their pricing policy and support service.

I was trying to make this comparison as practical and unbiased as possible. If your opinion differs from mine, please leave your valuable remarks in the comments. And now let’s go to the comparison!

1. Ease of Use

  • Wix. Wix has always been one of the easiest website builders. It looks cool and gives you the power to completely rebuild your site without writing a single HTML tag. Nearly every button is accompanied with helpful tips and prompts. If you have a rudimentary knowledge of web applications, you’re more than capable of building a website with Wix.

    After the release of a new dashboard and Wix ADI launch Wix has become even more convenient. The editor’s dashboard lets you easily access and manage such important aspects of your site as SEO, newsletters, contacts and other apps.

    Wix editor

  • Weebly. Weebly is also very intuitive. Its interface is less flashy, yet highly effective. The editor is well organized. Similar to Wix, Weebly has a very well structured dashboard. From changing your account password to sending invitations* to your friends, everything can be done with just a few clicks.

    Weeby editor

    *For each friend who signs up and publishes a website on Weebly, they’ll give you both $10.

Wix vs Weebly. Both website builders are a joy to behold. Their control panels are divided into two logical areas: Dashboard and Editor. This makes it easy to effectively manage multiple websites from one account.

It’s important to note that Wix supports full drag-and-drop, meaning you can drop the chosen object anywhere on the canvas. Weebly also offers drag-and-drop, yet it is somewhat restricted – all elements fall to specific containers (that make up your Weebly template), and you can’t move draggable objects around the page with pixel accuracy, like in Wix.

Wix’s approach is called ‘absolute positioning’ and what seems to be a benefit at first glance, in the long run can cause many inconveniences. For instance, Wix users can’t switch templates. Weebly’s approach is known as a ‘box model’. It’s more restrictive, yet it allows users to change templates in the future.

Weebly Drag-and-Drop

On one hand, Wix seems to give more creative freedom, on the other hand – Weebly tries to keep everything (including the generated code) cleaner. By restricting the drag-and-drop areas they prevent user errors.

So which one is more convenient: Wix or Weebly? It depends on what you expect to get: the full visual control over the site’s layout or the ability to switch templates in the future.

Note: What can’t be done via Weebly’s visual interface, can be implemented through its advanced HTML/CSS editor (for experienced users only).

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

  • Wix. Wix has a decent set of in-house features and a collection of third-party applications that you can integrate into your website to extend your site functionality. The built-in features include a blogging platform, an eCommerce system, several business-specific solutions like Wix Hotels, Wix Restaurants and various widgets such as gift card, event calendar, countdown clock, contact form and more.

    For more widgets, browse the official Wix App Market. The Market offers both free and paid applications, developed either by Wix or third-party providers, like Ecwid, MailChimp, or 123FormBuilder.

    Wix AppMarket

    But even if you can’t find the desired extension in the library of approved apps, nothing stops you from injecting your own code snippet, luckily this feature (custom HTML) is present in the Wix editor. Simply copy the required piece of code and paste it into the appropriate field.

    Wix eCommerce features: multiple payment options, the ability to generate promotional coupons, customizable tax and shipping rules, mobile commerce and more. Check out real Wix-based stores.

    Wix Blog features: the ability to schedule posts and add authors, multiple commenting systems, password-protected blog posts, the blog archive and more. See what real Wix blogs look like.

    Mobile optimization. Wix offers a built-in mobile editor that allows users to fine tune the mobile look of their sites using the same drag-and-drop tools. You can resize, relocate, hide and show any elements. You can re-show hidden elements anytime. Editing your mobile view does not affect your desktop site. Additionally, you can configure the Mobile Action Bar.

    Wix vs Weebly

  • Weebly. Similar to Wix, Weebly also has an eCommerce platform and a blogging engine. Most Weebly features are native tools that don’t require creating new accounts with third-party web services. Weebly has its own solution for creating forums and surveys, while for bookings and polls they partner with third-party developers.

    Weebly eCommerce features: mobile checkout, filtered product search, the ability to sell digital downloads and physical goods, inventory management, and coupon codes, among other features. Take a look at functioning Weebly stores.

    Weebly Blog features: scheduled posts, multiple commenting systems, the ability to add custom header and footer code for individual posts. Here are some Weebly-powered blogs.

    Mobile optimization. Weebly also provides a mobile optimization solution. However, it only works with old, non-responsive templates that require manual mobile optimization. For my test website I chose a new, responsive template, and when I entered the Mobile Editor, I couldn’t change the mobile view. For responsive themes, Weebly provides ready mobile solutions.

    Weebly Mobile View

With Weebly you can add multiple contributors to your website (Account admin, Author, Dashboard only). The latter two types are available for Pro users only. Wix doesn’t support this feature. In other words, if you decide to provide access to your Wix site’s control panel, the only way to do that is to share your own credentials.

Weebly partners with IFTTT to help you automate many actions related to your website. You can choose a ready ‘recipe’ or create your own to automate a custom action. Example: uploading a new video to your YouTube account will automatically create and publish a blog post on your Weebly site.

Weebly vs. Wix. Both website builders offer impressive feature sets, and it’s really difficult to compare them, because it seems both offer more than enough to build a decent website. My advice is to focus on the native features of the builders.

For example, if my site’s core functionality can only be implemented with a third-party application in Wix, I will choose Weebly, if it offers this feature within its native platform. Why? Because third-party providers can stop updating their apps one day. If something goes wrong with the app, you’ll have to contact the app’s developer, not your site builder’s support.

Both Wix and Weebly offer user management systems and member areas.

3. Designs

Design Comparison Chart

Number of Themes:Hundreds55
Theme Import: NO YES
Visual Editor: YES YES
Theme Change: NO YES
Mobile Optimized: YES YES
  • Wix. Wix has a richer collection. Their templates are all modern and memorable. However, you can’t change them.

    Once you have selected a theme, it’s forever. You can fully rebuild it, but there’s no way back to the template library. Another drawback is the inability to import your own theme or tweak the site’s source code.

    One of the Wix’s key benefits is Wix ADI interface. This instrument allows to make a website creation process fully-automatized. You just need to answer for several questions about your proflie or business and then system will do the rest of work.

    As a result you’ll receive a simple one-page website with draft content. Then you can change it to yours original, and customize the site’s design. But the most part of web page has already done.

  • Weebly. Weebly templates appear to be more flexible in terms of design customization. First, users can switch them. Second, users can use third-party templates for Weebly (there are many designers who create themes for this particular site builder). Third, there’s an advanced HTML/CSS editor that lets you tweak the site’s code.

Wix vs. Weebly. Wix has a better choice of templates and it has Artificial Design Intelligence tool. However, they offer no value to those who want to get under the hood.

4. Customer Support

  • Wix. Wix support center is comprised of training videos, how-to articles and Wix Forum. You may also submit a ticket. Their Knowledge Center is huge. I had so many questions about the platform and it was very easy to find the answers there.

  • Weebly. Weebly has a Support Center, Inspiration Center, free phone and live chat support. You can also contact one of their experts via email.

Weebly vs Wix. Both offer enough support resources. Weebly gets higher scores for its livechat and phone support.

5. Pricing Policy

  • Wix. For $0 you get a website with a pretty noticeable ad and a long URL like The lowest price version of Wix is $4.50/month. For that price you can connect a custom domain. The most expensive plan is VIP – $24.50 with yearly subscription.

  • Weebly. Weebly’s pricing is simpler. There’s a free and four paid plans: Starter, Pro, Business and Performance. For $8 you can remove the ad and connect your own domain. The priciest plan is $49/mo.

Pricing Options:✔ Connect Domain ($4.50/mo);
✔ Combo ($8.50/mo);
✔ Unlimited ($12.50/mo);
✔ eCommerce ($16.50/mo);
✔ VIP ($24.50/mo).
✔ Starter ($8/mo);
✔ Pro ($12/mo);
✔ Business ($25/mo);
✔ Performance ($49/mo).
Features:✔ Free of Use;
✔ Hundreds of Professional Themes;
✔ Online Store;
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth.
✔ SSL Security;
✔ Built-in Shopping Cart;
✔ SEO Tools;
✔ Live Support;
✔ Responsive Themes.

Wix vs Weebly. Personally, I prefer web services that offer simple price tags. Weebly is more clear with pricing plans. Besides, its advert is located in the footer and is very elegant (you don’t see it until you scroll down to the bottom of the page), while Wix places a huge screen-wide ad on your free website and what’s more, duplicates it in the right corner of the page. I don’t blame Wix for that – they’re free to place their ads anywhere. But compared to Weebly, that’s a bummer.


As there are dog and cat people, there are Wix and Weebly fans. Those who want an eye-catching website, full creative freedom and aren’t concerned about the inability to switch templates in the future are likely to choose Wix. Those who expect a robust, reliable system will certainly benefit from the Weebly editor. You know what, take them both for a test drive.

As for me, Wix looks more confidently. It suits for wider range of tasks, from landing page or portfolio to large e-store or business site. But this doesn’t mean that Weebly is bad, simply I like Wix more.

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  • What about creating a Forum or a Marketplace for freelancers in multiple fields, where buyers and sellers can meet? Please guide. Thanks.

    • Hi,
      I highly recommed uCoz for creating forums – this website builder offers unique user management solutions (even within their free plan). Good luck!

  • Jack Johnson

    I built my website with the help of Wix Website Builder .. Now I wanted to add forum to my site.. Can you please tell me how can i do this??

    • Hi Jack,
      Open your Wix account, go the App Market and select the Forum app you like the most (there are both free and paid extensions).

  • Peej

    How secure are these sight for my customers. Any concerns with any of them?

  • Nicoletta

    how about SEO ? I’m having big problem with wix, especially in the mobile version… which is incredibly slow, it takes about 13 seconds to upload….which means = no mobile phone users ….

  • mori

    WIX is a very cool site. but there is a serious downside about them.
    they follow and even exceed the herd when it comes to politics. for example Iranian viewers, a number of more than 30 million users, are banned to see your site. As a business owner I don’t want to lose a chance to get more attention across the world.

    and you know what is very funny here? Iranians can review and log on into but if you host your domain on wix, your site can not be seen from iranian IP. that’s ridiculous.

    they even have stricter rules that international sanctions that is pretty understandable when you see who owns this website. So i cancelled the package that i had bought.

    • Hi Mori,

      Thanks for your comment. That’s a disaster for many people who have built their websites on Wix to target Middle East users. The problem is that Wix uses many third party services that are still banning Iran.

      What platform have you moved to?

      • mori

        My target is north america, where i live and work.
        But i think before selling a product the seller must inform the buyer from all liabilities and limitations. but doesn’t care about our damages here.
        we don’t plan to make business with Iran, but Iranian viewers are valuable to us. As a result our business is suffering.
        we spend a lot of time and effect to design our site on and now we see it is crippled.
        I have no idea what platform to choose. i would appreciate your suggestion.
        and will we have to again design everything from the beginning on the new platform? doubt if i can take all the wix designed site to new platform. God, that’s frustrating.

      • mori

        I moved to

    • Alfar

      Hi Mori , Thank you for your comment, please share what website you end up using for visibility in Iran,
      Thank you

  • Wix lost hes battle to weebly long time ago 🙂

  • I’ve read several Wix versus Weebly comparisons on the web, and they all made me think that Weebly is more reliable than Wix. Wix looks like a great pick for those who want to make a visual impression, and Weebly is for those who take their sites seriously. I know many people who use Weebly.

  • Thelastwarriorsc72

    Weeblys slogan should be forever removing originality and freedom from site making. I swear to god wixFTW 10/10. Weebly is just ruined because the you can’t edit anything on the templates at all unless you are a computer genius and know how to edit source code, in which case why the heck are you even using a shortcut editor to be when you can make one yourself from scratch

  • I use weebly from about 2012 till now! And love it. There are some downsides, like for blog. I really want more options making my blog posts. But in all my rating would be 9 from 10. Wix I used only for one year and it was in the beginning of 2012 or 2011. Of course, then there wasn’t so much features, but I understand very quickly, that wix platform isn’t for me.
    My weebly Wedding Photography website ( in german) with Aroma Template – And Photostudio weebly based website with Template Clean Lines (also in german) –

    How someone switched from weebly to self-hosted Time to time I think about it, but still keep doing with weebly.

    Best wishes, Arita

  • Antonio Marques

    For me, there are 2 things that are crucial in Weebly and that I think makes all the difference, especially because I make some websites to customers: the ability to easily change templates; and the possibility to have a ZIP file with the backup of the website.

    • Hi, Antonio,

      You’re right about mentioned Weebly advantages, but impossibility to change website design in Wix causes more flexibility in site’s design customization. If you’re sure that you will not want to change chosen design, Wix is the winner here.

  • I have recently purchased a weebly starter plan and Iam loving it

    • Hi, Yash

      My congratulations! Keep going with your website!

  • Ray Green

    I am concerned now. After reading your blog and assessment of website providers, and after we have completed our business website on that we will not be able to move the content if we decide to try a different platform.

    • Hi Ray,
      Don’t be concerned, your website looks good enough and I you can use many Wix’ features to make it more attractive. But if you decide to try a different platform in a future, you can easily copy/paste all of your content (as I see there only text and images) to another platform.

  • Howard Milstein

    Hi Howard
    I just learned weebly does not post authors name on a blog??
    You can’t comment with disques??
    The commenting system seems a bit messed up… What’s your opinion?

    • Hi, Howard,

      You can add an author’s name at the right sidebar of your Weebly blog.
      Weebly supports three commenting systems: 1) Weebly default, 2) Disqus and 3) Facebook comments.
      You can switch between them here: go to Weebly Editor > Settings > Blogs > Comments > choose the commenting system you need.

      • Howard Milstein

        Well now… I am making the plunge! Thanks Howard !

        • You’re welcome, Howard, and good luck in website creating!

  • I don’t think there is a forum option on Weebly any longer. I am using Weebly for a project and just started it two days ago and I cannot get any of their forum options to work. They no longer have one “native” they have an add-on called MUUT but it isn’t working at all.

  • Mike

    Wix & Simply Symphony uses Adaptive Web Design & Weebly & all others use Responsive, Its not really that wix is incompatible its just a different system of design. With out the server picking the right page, It would have be a fixed width or it will not work correctly.

    Just a note to web developers, Adaptive Design will make a rapid appearance in the next few years, so better study up on how it works.

    Sites like Home Depot use it to better customize UX and IU
    Many new Progressive Enhancements have come of age that make this type of deign a real option, even a better one.then responsive. For instance Absolute position allows for XYZ axis to be used in the page anywhere, allowing for layers, just like photoshop.

    • Hello, Mike,
      Thanks for so expert comment!
      All the best, Howard.

  • Tamzen Greg

    I have been using Wix for almost a year and have been loving the sleek design but unfortunately I just discovered I can’t add Google Tag Manager and A/B testing tools like VWO, survey tools etc.This has been a huge knock because I now have to start over somewhere else to get that ability. I hope they look into that because more and more people are demanding that feature.

  • Sonya Osmond

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    A really useful read, thanks for posting.

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  • Tehilla

    Hi, thanks for all the great information. Does Weebly support Hebrew Text? they also have no Hebrew fonts…

    • Hi, Tehilla,
      Weebly supports Hebrew text. It’s dashboard and website editor has no Hebrew localisation, but you can make a website with that language simply by switching your keyboard to Hebrew. As to the fonts change – I’ve checked that – you can change Hebrew text to some fonts (not for all). Just follow these steps: in Weebly Editor select Theme – Change Fonts and select the font you like for the section you need (header, text area etc.).
      All the best,

  • Sonadito Sifredi

    wix doesnt have a functional multi language option….for instance, if you want to have a drop down menu on the header, you can not have multilingual…if you dont mind have a drop-down menu, then you can use the multilingual options…but, the hotel app doesnt have multi lingual either….so in my personal experience it lack essential tool to build a SIMPLE web….gonna try weebly now..

    • Hi, Sonadito,
      Thanks for the sharing of your experience!