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Wix vs Weebly: Which is Better?

Wix vs Weebly

Wix and Weebly are two renowned leaders of the contemporary web design niche. Both systems are great when it comes to the development of high end and feature-laden websites. They are also so easy-to-use and convenient both for beginners and web design pros that they have already become the synonyms for DIY website development.

Regardless of their niche popularity, the website builders still differ in terms of complexity, ease of exploration, convenience, integrated functionality, services provided and pricing policy. This is what frequently makes users think about the choice of the right web building tool. To define the platform that works best for your individual web design needs, it makes sense to review and analyse each system in details.

Website Builders Comparison Chart

Our score:          
Best for:Promo websites, blogs, business projects, landing pagesPortfolios, blogs, e-stores
Easiness:AverageEverything is intuitive
Templates:Hundreds of free, mobile-optimized, niche-specific templatesPre-designed templates sorted by website type
Technical Support:Extensive knowledge base, ticketing system, VIP supportEmail ticket support, community answers
Blogging:Integrated blogging platformBlog is on-board
SEO Options:Advance SEO optionsStandard SEO options
Pricing:Free to $49/moFree to $26/mo
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To help you make the unbiased choice of the best website builder, it is important to compare their special features, parameters, design customization options, integrated functionality, customer support alternatives as well as SEO and pricing aspects. Are you ready to figure out the only winner? Then let’s get started!

Wix vs Weebly: General Overview

Wix vs Weebly: General Overview

Wix currently holds the position of the best and the most popular website builder in the world. Founded in Israel in 2006, the company has gained immense popularity across the globe and it now has its offices in Germany, Brazil, India, Canada, the US, Ireland, Ukraine and Lithuania. The website builder follows the freemium business model, making it possible to upgrade from its free plan to one of the paid subscriptions to get access to advanced web design features.

The website builder works great for the development of all types of websites, but it mainly focuses on the creation of blogs, promo sites, landing pages and business projects. It is also possible to start small and mid-sized web stores with the system, which will also be feature-laden and functional.

Wix Real Estate Editor

Wix offers a variety of customizable templates along with the convenient drag-and-drop editor that allows everyone to give them personalized design without any coding skills required. This is what makes the website builder a worthy pick to beginners as well as for proficient users, willing to create appealing projects with high end performance.

All in all, Wix is a professional website builder that will be a perfect choice for creatives, musicians, actors, photographers, models and designers. The system will also be interesting to business owners because of its simplicity and convenience of website creation. Price lists, charts, forms, banners, website registration access – all these features make it possible to create an effective business website.

Weebly is also the all-in-one website builder, which lets its subscribers start quality and visually-attractive projects. Just like Wix, it was founded in 2006 to quickly gain worldwide recognition. The platform makes it possible to launch portfolios, blogs and business websites. However, its major niche specialization currently goes down to the development of eCommerce project. The system has gained strong web store design focus in 2018, after its acquisition by the world eCommerce giant – Square.

The website builder comes with a handy drag-and-drop editor, which contributes to the intuitive and simple web design process. The editor is well-organized, while the dashboard of the system is easy-to-browser and logically-structured.

Weebly Editor

From changing your account password to publishing the ready-made project, everything can be done with just a few clicks here. The system allows customizing pre-designed responsive templates to create personalized website design. Weebly works great for entrepreneurs, creatives and owners of web stores, who wish to popularize their businesses at the international level. The system does not require any coding proficiency yet it’s also possible to edit HTML/CSS code here, if required.

Thus, Wix and Weebly are quality web design platforms that meet the needs of first-timers and web design experts. Both systems have well-structured and intuitive control panels divided into two areas, namely the Dashboard and the Editor. This makes it easy to effectively manage multiple websites from one account.

It’s important to note that Wix supports full drag-and-drop, meaning you can drop the chosen object anywhere on the canvas. Weebly also offers drag-and-drop, yet it is somewhat restricted – all elements fall to specific containers (that make up your Weebly template), and you can’t move draggable objects around the page with pixel accuracy, like in Wix.

Which system is better in the long run – Wix or Weebly? This depends upon the goals you set and the result you expect to get. Wix, however, is the best all-in-one solution for all user categories and types of projects that provides ease-of-use, which does not compromise with functionality.

Wix vs Weebly: Which One Is Easier to Use?

Wix vs Weebly: Which One Is Easier to Use?

Wix comes with clear and user-friendly interface and abundance of design customization tools that make it possible to edit both standard and mobile website versions. The dashboard of the system is appealing, convenient and handy as well. What you should also know is that Wix follows the “absolute positioning” model, which implies the availability of specific block positions for each element on a web page. As a result, it becomes impossible to switch between the selected templates after you have started the customization process. This is what makes the choice of the design an important step.

Apart from setting up, adding and modifying web page elements, you can also edit each widget/block after you adjust its position. What you can do here is replacing the available blocks with widgets in any preferred order, changing their styles and backgrounds, sizes, content layout, frames and other required elements. Integration of images, videos and other media files is also allowed here.

If you wish, you can protect your website pages with a password or hide them at all, offering access to the user categories you have initially selected or providing a link to this web page. There is also a simple, but conveniently realized option of adding website co-authors: with just a few clicks, you can add website editors, who will be allowed to make secondary changes, but they won’t be able to spoil anything, even if they wish to.

It’s also very convenient to edit text in Wix. The system editor allows formatting articles in an appealing way, adding any elements to them, including animations, charts, diagrams, videos, photos, lists etc. The second website editing option is Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). This is the integrated system used for automatic website creation (structure, design, content) based on the initial data provided by a user. This is an alternative option for those, who don’t understand anything about website building and consider the choice of a template too complicated. To use the tool successfully, you need to provide your business name, its geographic location, niche and select the required functionality (online store, blog).


Another highlight of the system is Corvid by Wix. This is a powerful tool used to create different types of complicated web applications in a quick and easy way. Regardless of the obvious name implication, coding knowledge is not a must to use the feature. We don’t deal with text editors and compiler here, but with the interface that allows organizing logical connections leading to the completion of different actions and collecting them in one working application for your website. In other words, we talk about the constructor of web apps.

Almost any person can use the feature set of the website builder. No special skills are needed here, except for patience and a bit of taste. If you still need help with your website development process or any related questions, go ahead to use customer support assistance. Wix comes with an extensive and informative Knowledge Base, ticketing system and VIP support features that allow avail the best result.

Weebly can also boast powerful flexibility and lots of options. This is where you can find everything you might need when working at your website development. The dashboard structure is logical and simple. The design is appealing. All the options are grouped into five horizontal menu sections, namely “Create”, “Design”, “Pages”, “Online Store”, “Parameters”.

Weebly feature set is exhaustive. There is almost nothing you can add here. Everything is based on the drag-and-drop functionality. In this respect, the system works great as well – it is convenient, powerful and appealing. Unlike Wix with its “absolute positioning” approach, Weebly practices the “Box model”, which is more restrictive yet lets users change the templates on any stage of the website development process.

With Weebly you can add multiple contributors to your website (Account admin, Author, Dashboard only). The latter two types are available for Pro users only.

Wix vs Weebly: Which is Better?

The website builder partners with IFTTT to help you automate many actions related to your website. You can choose a ready ‘recipe’ or create your own to automate a custom action. To give your website outstanding and completely personalized design, Weebly lets you use its advanced features. These include HTML5-based Image Editor, integrated Form Builder, App Center, Video Hosting, high end Weebly for Education solutions and many more.

To guide you through the entire process of website development, Weebly provides several types of support options. Along with the self-explanatory control panel that contains helpful pop-ups and prompts, users can get access to the live charm phone and email support assistance as well as ticketing feature. Should you encounter any problems, first visit the Weebly Help Center. It contains answers to the most frequently asked questions and many helpful tuts. Weebly is also quite active on social media. In urgent cases, you can contact them via Twitter or Facebook.

To sum it up, Wix and Weebly offer impressive feature sets, and it’s really difficult to compare them, because it seems both offer more than enough to build a decent website. Wix, however, stands out from the crowd due to its initial focus on the needs and skills of users. The website builder is easier-to-use, while its functionality is far above the average. This concerns the choice of website editing features, rich selection of integrated apps/widgets, website management and promotion tools. The same is about customer support of the platform, which is realized in different ways here.

Wix vs Weebly: Design and Flexibility

Wix vs Weebly: Design and Flexibility

Wix is definitely worth the attention due to its amazing template collection. To some respect, the website builder doesn’t seem to have any competitors at all here. Wix designs impress everyone not only by their amount (their number has already exceeded 550 themes), but also by their quality and versatility. All of them are mobile-ready and absolutely customizable.

To ensure maximum ease of use, the system developers have divided them into categories based on the niches they refer to. Additionally, it’s possible to choose from popular and new templates, which are also singled out into separate categories. For those system subscribers, who cannot find a suitable design from those offered by the platform, there is an opportunity to choose a blank template and design a completely personalized website from scratch.

Wix eCommerce Templates

The only drawback we have already mentioned is the fact that the system doesn’t let you change the templates during the process of project customization. So, take your time to make a smart choice. Fortunately, the system has a preview option to let you see what theme exactly you are going to choose.

Apart from standard design editing options, Wix allows working on the mobile version of your project. Mind, however, that all the edits you make in the mobile version will not be displayed in the desktop mode. However, the edits you make in the desktop website version will be reflected in the mobile mode. This is very handy and convenient for first-timers and professionals.

Weebly templates also have professional look, although, their number is less than that offered by Wix. All the designs are responsive and 100% customizable. They are grouped based on their styles and colors. You can choose the color scheme to meet a certain template. There are 5-10 variants available here and their choice is displayed in the preview right from the start so that you could make the right choice.

Weebly Templates

Templates are really versatile and cause respect to web designers, who work on their development. You won’t meet such quality too often. Their structures and designs differ, all miniatures are filled with quality demo content. The work of the system web developers is really impressive. As opposed to Wix, the initial template choice is not final here. You can change it any time during the web design process. In this respect, Weebly ranks high. Likewise, it is possible to edit the website HTML/CSS code of your website to give it a completely personalized touch, if you possess programming skills.

When it comes to the design aspect, Wix and Weebly both offer quality, free and customizable templates suitable for mobile and desktop browsing. Wix, however, definitely stands out from the crowd. It has a better choice of themes along with the Artificial Design Intelligence tool that allows for easy and quick template customization.

Wix vs Weebly: General Pricing Comparison

Wix vs Weebly: General Pricing Comparison

Wix pricing policy is affordable to all users as the system has versatile plans to come up to any needs and budget. There is a completely free plan here that never ends and lets you experiment with your website development tasks for as long as you need that. Using a free plan is a great way to boost your web design and coding skills. As soon as you decide to start and publish a feature-laden website, you’ll be offered to choose one of the paid subscriptions. Have a look at the packages the system offers and the plans they encompass.

Standard Wix Plans

Standard Wix Plans

  • Combo ($13/mo) – free domain name connection, free hosting, absence of system ad banners;
  • Unlimited ($17/mo) – unlimited bandwidth, 10GB storage space;
  • Pro ($22/mo) – 2 hours of video storage space, integrated Google Analytics and statistics collection tools;
  • VIP ($39/mo) – first priority support, professional logo etc.

Business/eCommerce Plans

Business/eCommerce Plans

  • Business Basic ($23/mo) – acception of online payments;
  • Business Unlimited ($27/mo) – integrated eCommerce platform, special apps for entrepreneurs, business development tools;
  • Business VIP ($49/mo) – unlimited video storage space, unlimited bandwidth, complete Wix Suite;
  • Enterprise ($500/mo) – end-to-end business solution that provides the highest functionality and maximum amount of tools.

Wix also stands out from the crowd due to its special offers, discounts and bonuses the system offers on a regular basis. They help increase the loyalty of customers and withstand tough niche competition. Additionally, every new subscriber avails the opportunity to get back the money invested into the subscription during the 14-day term, if there is anything he/she is not satisfied with.

Weebly pricing is also quite versatile and transparent. Just like Wix, the website builder has a free plan, which is never expiring and suitable for deliberate testing of the platform. Have a look at the list and overview of plans you may choose from:

Weebly pricing

  • Personal ($6/mo) – unlimited disk space, absence of system ads, opportunity to connect your own domain, integrated drag-and-drop editor, SSL security and advanced website statistics;
  • Professional ($12/mo) – unlimited number of members, absence of transaction fees, registration feature, unlimited number of products, opportunity to accept payments on individual domains, possibility to sell digital products;
  • Performance ($26/mo) – meant for eCommerce projects, abandoned shopping cart notifications, gift certificates, real-time shipping prices etc.

Whatever subscription you will go for, Weebly will let you connect a domain name for $19 only. It will also provide access to Google Ads with a $100 bonus, live chat feature, email support and forum community membership.

Wix and Weebly pricing options are extensive, versatile and affordable. Both systems offer an opportunity to test their functionality with free plans. They also grant access to several groups of paid subscriptions meant for standard and eCommerce projects. They differ in terms, tools and services included. Wix plans, however, are still less expensive as compared to those offered by Weebly, while their functionality is above the average.

Wix vs Weebly: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

Wix vs Weebly: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

Wix is a SEO-friendly website builder that allows optimizing a ready-made website for the search engines in the best way possible. It uses an advanced SEO Wiz tool that lets you set up SEO parameters directly in the Management section. For this very purpose, the system offers step-by-step guidelines and instructions, which help control all the nuances of the process.

Wix SEO Wiz

Additionally, the website builder grants access to the App Market with multiple widgets and add-ons that make it possible to track website statistics and effectively promote the project on the web. These include pop-up windows, social networks and marketing tools, email distribution widgets, online consultant and callback order buttons etc. Users can also manually adjust special SEO parameters, including page meta tags (titles, descriptions etc.), heading tags, Alt tags, anchor links, redirecting tools, website verification and Google Analytics etc. This also contributes to effective SEO promotion of Wix websites.

Weebly is also good, when it comes to SEO. The website builder offers a set of standard tools for effective search engine optimization of projects launched with it. It is possible to assign a unique URL to each website page, set up titles, keywords and descriptions. This helps boost the positions of websites in the search engines for better indexing. Additionally, the system lets you set up and edit permalinks, embed header and footer codes into the required pages, hide the pages from the search engines, set up redirects etc. All these and other actions can be completed in the corresponding SEO section of the website.

Weebly SEO Settings

Both Wix and Weebly rank high, when it comes to SEO optimization of websites created with them. The system makes it possible to set up the major SEO parameters, make the edits, when required and control website statistics in general. Wix, however, grants access to its advanced SEO Wiz tool that simplifies the process of setting up search engine optimization parameters even to those users, who have little or no knowledge about it.

Wix vs Weebly: Which One Is Better for Small Business Website

Wix vs Weebly: Which One Is Better for Small Business Website

Wix is a great pick for entrepreneurs willing to start, manage and promote business websites, irrespective of their area of specialization. This especially concerns projects that require creative approach. The system mostly works great for the representatives of creative professions, who wish to go live with their projects and start making money selling their works (handmade items, audios and photos, videos, pictures etc.).

It also grants multiple web design opportunities to the owners of restaurants, cafes, hotels, tourist agencies and other suchlike businesses (see real Wix website examples). For these business categories, the website builder offers a rich choice of widgets and extensions that provide the required functionality level (order and booking of tickets, rooms tables, food along with convenient booking options etc.). Wix also stands out from the crowd due to its powerful integrated Ascend platform – the all-in-one business service that offers 20 tools for professional business management and promotion.

Weebly is also good for business websites, but its major area of specialization goes down to the development of blogging and eCommerce projects. However, it’s possible to start small business websites with the system, making use of its powerful integrated feature set (see the proofs). The platform allows using its Weebly Promote tool that contributes to the advanced email marketing options. The tool automatically generates messages and lets you send newsletters to registered website members to keep them aware of your business updates and news.

Alongside, Weebly makes it possible to integrate online forms into your business website, videos and images, track project statistics, integrate with IFTTT platform to create automated events and tasks etc. Finally, the website builder lets you pick and use some of the handy apps available in its App Center (PinPoll, LiveChat, Call-Out-Box) etc.

When choosing between Wix and Weebly for your business website creation, you may use any of these systems to complete the tasks. However, Wix has some prevalence over its competitor as it provides a better assortment of business tools, widgets and add-ons that can be used for the creation of this website type. It’s also known for its high end Ascend platform that helps manage and promote your project with ease and convenience, even if you are not a web design pro.

How to Create a Small Business Website

How to Create a Small Business Website

See how to make a website for your small business project with maximum efficiency and minimum effort.


Which One is The Best for eCommerce – Wix or Weebly?

Which One is The Best for eCommerce – Wix or Weebly?

Wix unveils multiple opportunities for web store development. It comes with the integrated eCommerce engine realized via Wix Store widget connection. It provides numerous options and tools for effective product show window presentation, compilation of product cards and galleries as well as setting up special web store parameters.

The website builder also offers stock widgets available in its rich App Market that contribute to better optimization of online sales. These include integrations with popular marketplaces, social networks etc. The system allows creating discount/gift certificates, bonuses and special offers to boost the loyalty of your customers. Apart from selling physical products, Wix also makes it possible to sell digital goods, such as photo, video and audio files and what not.

There is a powerful integrated CRM system, advanced analytic tools and services, customer interaction tools, email networking features and other means for effective web store management and promotion. Other Wix eCommerce highlights are as follows: CSV product import/export, multiple payment options, tax/shipping alternatives, professional web store management tools, mobile optimization, eCommerce templates optimized for mobile viewing and many more. These features make Wix a nice choice for the launch of small and medium web stores, but they are still not enough for large hypermarkets with advanced functionality.

When it tackles Weebly, the website builder proves to have a powerful eCommerce focus. Thus, it works great for the development of all types of web stores, ranging from small projects and up to large feature-laden international hypermarkets. Weebly used to have long-lasting partnership with Square, which finally resulted in the merge of two companies in 2018. Weebly & Square have one common goal: to help the world’s known entrepreneurs succeed in their endeavours via building professional websites and supporting powerful offline ventures.

The website builder now stands out from the crowd due to its powerful eCommerce engine, which is chock-full of multiple business-specific and eCommerce features/tools. These include integrated shopping cart, safe payment/shipping options, opportunity to upload, sell and manage thousands of products, convenient search filter options, social network integration, mobile optimization etc.

Speaking about eCommerce functionality, Wix and Weebly have much to offer. Both website builders grant access to multiple web store building tools and features and both of them have separate pricing options for eCommerce websites. Wix functionality, however, allows creating small and medium online stores, while Weebly also works great for the development of large eCommerce projects. Thus, the final choice should be based upon your eCommerce web design needs, requirements and budget.

How to Create an Online Store

How to Create an Online Store

Read on the detailded instruction how to make an online store for free.


Which One to Choose for Blogging – Weebly or Wix?

Which One to Choose for Blogging - Weebly or Wix?

Wix blogging potential is quite extensive due to the integrated and full-featured blogging platform the system comes with (see examples). The website builder encompasses a niche CMS that allows for convenient and simple article posting. Apart from that, it is possible to create the unlimited number of sections, enable Facebook comments, create a custom feed, assign blog categories, sort out and schedule publications, select from multiple blog templates, add a Featured posts section, import blogs from WordPress to further effectively customize them. Another undeniable highlight of the system is the opportunity to connect the AMP technology that allows for better optimization of Wix blog page loading on mobile devices. Whether you need a personal or a business blog, Wix will cope with its development and management on a high level.

Weebly is one of the best website builders to start a blog. This is because the platform was initially created for blogging purposes and, thus, it comes with a powerful set of eCommerce features/tools (take a look at blogs powered by Weebly). Setting up and configuring a blog with Weebly is easy, convenient and code-free. Generally, the process takes several minutes only as all the features are provided in stock. What you can do to set up a feature-laden blog here is writing, scheduling, editing and managing blog posts, selecting social media sharing options, picking from lots of free blog templates, assigning meta tags for separate posts, choosing various commenting systems, adding headers and footers etc.

Both Wix and Weebly prove to be a nice choice for blogging purposes. Although, Weebly has more advanced blogging options, Wix also does not lag behind it, when it comes to creating and managing blogs. The platforms make it possible to use multiple features, tools and parameters to start quality blogs for personal and business needs.

Best Website Builders to Create a Blog

Best Website Builders to Create a Blog

Wondering how to start your own blog? Take a look at the most featured blogging platforms.


Key Differences Between Wix and Weebly

Ease of Use:Wix is easy to use for beginners and web design pros, although, it may take time to master its editor. Newbies will appreciate the opportunity to use Wix ADI tool, while proficient users will be satisfied with the Standard Editor of the service. Wix works great for promo websites, blogs, landing pages, portfolios, forums and business projects.Weebly comes with an intuitive and convenient editor suitable for first-timers and web design pros. It follows the “box model” that lets you create website layout out of content blocks. The website builder is a nice pick for blogs, web stores and landing pages.
Functionality:Top notchEverything is intuitive
Templates:The website builder offers advanced functionality. Along with extensive design editing options, it comes with a rich App Market, professional Wix Ascend platform, Wix Corvid for app development etc.Weebly also excels at functionality. With its high ed Promote tool, multiple video and image editing options, email marketing, powerful eCommerce and website management tools, the system ranks high in the list of modern web design platforms.
Design:The system boasts over 550 free niche-specific templates, which are customizable and mobile-ready by default.Weebly template collection is not that rich, but its designs are responsive, customizable and industry-specific as well.
eCommerce:Wix Store makes it possible to start small and medium eCommerce websites, providing multiple features and tools to simplify the web store development/management process.Weebly boasts a professional and feature-laden eCommerce engine that grants access to flexible and versatile web store management tools and features.
Blogging:Wix blogging platform makes it possible to start and manage personal/business blogs, using the advanced feature set of the system.Weebly was initially created with blogging purposes in mind. The platform delivers an extensive integrated feature set used to create and edit professional blogs.
Small Business:The system lets you launch small business websites, using its multiple business-specific widgets, templates, Ascend tool etc.The platform provides a set of business features, integratable widgets and add-ons, Weebly Promote tool, integrated form builder etc.
Pricing:Wix has a free plan and two groups of subscriptions for Standard and Business/eCommerce websites. Their cost starts with $13/mo.Weebly has a free plan and several paid subscriptions for Personal and eCommerce projects. Their cost starts with $6/mo.
SEO:The platform offers an advanced SEO Wiz tool that simplifies the process of Wix SEO optimization.The system is SEO-friendly, making it possible to configure the major SEO parameters of its projects.
Customer Support:Powerful Knowledge Base, ticketing system, VIP supportEmail ticket support, community forum, informative knowledge base.

Comparison Conclusion: Which One Is Better?

When it comes to DIY website development, Wix and Weebly are those platforms users frequently choose from. The website builders ranks high in terms of design customization options, eCommerce and blogging features, pricing and customer support solutions. Each system, however, uses a unique approach to the process of website creation that gives it its specific allure.

Wix seems more interesting and beneficial than Weebly based on the following parameters: functionality, template quality, convenience, cost. Weebly is positioned as the website builder used to create blogs and small online stores. It really doesn’t work well for other website types, considering high cost and availability of the strong niche competitor, which is Wix. The final result, however, looks more interesting when developed with Wix. We talk about user projects, not about theoretical editor features.

Both systems come with attractive interface. They are almost similar in this parameter. As to the rest of features, Weebly doesn’t have anything to counterpose Wix, especially taking into account its higher cost. What’s more, you can pay for Wix plans around 50% less when using a discount. The difference is really striking. Weebly doesn’t have anything to offer in this respect – its prices are fixed and no discounts are expected. Generally, Weebly is more interesting for its fans, while Wix remains the market leader.

Note: if you choose Weebly first and then decided to migrate to Wix platform, it’s possible to organize, just follow this Weebly to Wix tranfer instruction.

Wix vs Weebly: Which is Better?
  • The Best Website Builder in the World
  • Wix ADI and Standard Editor
  • Over 550 free mobile-ready templates
  • Wix Ascend platform
Wix vs Weebly: Which is Better?
  • Powerful eCommerce platform
  • Weebly Promote tool
  • App Center
  • Standard/eCommerce subscriptions

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