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Wix vs SITE123

Wix vs Site123

Wix and SITE123 are full-featured website builders, each of which deserves a special place in the web design niche.

The systems are used to launch and effectively manage different types of projects, ranging from one-page websites and up to portfolios, business projects and even online stores. These website builders are also known for the exceptional ease of use and convenience for all user categories.

A Quick Snapshot:

WixWix – is one of the top all-in-one website builders, which occupies a notable place in the web design industry. The system stands out from the crowd due to its advanced functionality, responsive nature, integrated AI technology, intuitive web design approach and abundance of high end design customization tools. Wix

Site123SITE123 – is a simple and convenient cloud website builder, which works great for all user categories and comes with a feature set required to start different types of projects. However, the system is mostly oriented on the development of business projects, offering easy website editor, quality design customization parameters, multilingual support and other undeniable advantages. Site123

Wix and SITE123 grant access to the rich feature set, responsive niche templates and professional web design approach. Which of them, though, has more to offer? Which service will prevail over its competitor and which of them will be the leader of the comparison in the long run? Read on to find out answers to these and other questions now.

1. Ease of Use

  • Wix. This is one of the simplest, most convenient and intuitive website builders available in the modern web design niche. The system offers easy and quick sign up process, providing the unsurpassed WYSIWYG web editing experience. This is what makes it a perfect choice for beginners, who are just making their first steps in website creation as well as for proficient web developers, who aim at the creation of professional and feature-laden web projects.

    WIX Editor

    Wix offers intuitive website navigation, understandable dashboard with lots of sections and elements, advanced functionality and logically-structured control panel that makes web design process hassle-free, quick and convenient. By using the feature set of the platform, you can launch portfolios, personal/business websites, landing pages, forums and small/medium online stores.

    It should also be mentioned that Wix follows the “absolute positioning” approach, regardless of the WYSIWYG experience it ensures. As a result, it is impossible to change the template during the web design process itself, which requires deliberate and smart choice of the most suitable design from the very beginning.

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  • SITE123. The website builder is fairly considered one of the simplest website builders. The process of website development is completed in the convenient, fast and hassle-free way, which is implied by the very name of the system. SITE123 does not require coding awareness of web design background. Instead, it ensures logical and intuitive website development process, offering lots of tips and guidelines that help complete it with ease.

    SITE123 Editor

    The website builder provides easy sign up process that can be completed either through Facebook or be means of providing your login details. The entire procedure does not take it longer than a couple of minutes so that you could proceed to further website creation the sooner – the better.

    SITE123 dashboard is simple and intuitive, while the control panel is understandable and logically-structured enough to eliminate the web design hassle, no matter what experience you have. The system offers a handy preview feature, which lets you control each step of the website creation process in the real-time mode before publishing the project. This allows avoiding serious mistakes and time loss in the long run.

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Wix vs SITE123. Ease of use is what both website builders are good at. The platforms stand out from the crowd due to their exceptional simplicity, intuitive web design approach and convenience. SITE123 guarantees hassle-free web development process, while Wix ensures stunning WYSIWYG web editing environment understandable to everyone.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

  • Wix. The website builder seems to be beyond any competition, when it comes to the functionality aspect. This is because its feature set and abundance of design customization tools are really impressive.

    One of the features that make the system stand out from the crowd is its integrated WIX ADI tool. It makes it possible to create personalized websites in the automated mode, which eliminates the necessity to learn or use coding basics. The result you avail, when using WIX ADI will mostly depend upon the informative value of answers you will provide upon the system request. The more detailed they are, the more impressive project the Artificial Intelligence tool will create for you.

    WIX Mobile

    Those users, who don’t intend to use the power of WIX ADI, are offered an opportunity to work in the standard website editor. This option lets them individually adjust the required website settings and develop personalized website design to fit their needs. There is also a possibility to create and update desktop and mobile website versions here.

    Wix also comes with powerful blogging and eCommerce engines. The platform allows creating full-fledged blogs and small-to-mid-sized online stores, modifying their settings with regard to your project needs. There are multiple parameters you may set up to give your blog or web store personalized design and high end performance.

    Wix eCommerce

    Wix App Market is another notable feature the website builder is proud of. This is the top destination for users, looking for free or paid applications/widgets to be integrated into their websites. Whatever type of project you work on, you will surely find the best add-ons or extensions to boost its performance. All in all, there are over 300 applications to pick and integrate into your project to get the expected result.

  • SITE123. The system also ranks high in terms of flexibility and functionality. It comes with a drag and drop feature that lets you independently created the preferred website layout and structure, controlling the edits you make in the real-time mode.

    SITE123 also comes with eCommerce and blogging engines that make it possible to launch and manage feature-laden blogs and online stores. It’s up to you to modify and adjust website settings with regard to your web design needs. The system grants access to versatile eCommerce and blogging features and settings. These include shopping cart, payment, shipping, show window, product and promotion settings for online stores and article publication and management settings for blogs. You can pick high end eCommerce and blog templates in the system dashboard based on your actual preferences.

    Wix eCommerce Dashboard

    One of the most distinctive features of the website builder is multilingual support. SITE123 allows creating and managing multilingual websites, providing the possibility to add the required languages to the basic website version. This eliminates the necessity to create separate websites in different languages of your choice. The website builder grants access to the integrated Language manager to edit the default website translation in a separate window, while the result is correspondingly displayed in another window. Mind, however, that the number of languages to choose for your website may reach 5.


    SITE123 is also known for its social media integration options, making it possible to link to over 25 well-known social media platforms. To popularize your website. Some of the systems to be integrated into your projects include Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Tumblr, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Behance, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vimeo, SoundCloud, GitHub and more. Just like Wix, SITE123 also has the App Market, where you can choose from multiple plugins to be added to your project.

Wix vs SITE123. When it tackles the functionality aspect, Wix is definitely the service to give preference to. Its powerful ADI tool, App Market, blogging, eCommerce and website promotion features make it a perfect choice for all websites. SITE123 also has much to offer, but its feature set somewhat lags behind Wix.

3. Designs

Design Comparison Chart

Number of Themes:500+120+
Theme Import: NO NO
Theme Customizing: YES YES
Mobile Optimized: YES YES
Responsive Design: YES YES
  • Wix. Template collection of the website builder seems to have no rivals at all. With its high end themes, the number of which exceeds 550 samples and multiple design customization tools, Wix now remains one of the most impressive and stunning website builders. Template quality is on the top level as well. All the themes are free, responsive by default and 100% customizable. You can pick a theme and adjust its mobile and desktop look with regard to your project specialization and web design needs.

    Wix templates are divided into dozens of niche categories. This is a positive feature, considering the amount of designs users should choose from. There are separate categories for new and popular templates to cut down the overall search time.

    WIX Design

    Additionally, Wix grants an opportunity to start a completely new website from scratch, if a user is not satisfied with any other template available in the collection. The only issue you shouldn’t forget about is the fact that Wix does not allow for template switch. This is explained by the absolute positioning principle it follows. If you still decide to pick another theme on any stage of the website creation process, get ready to resubmit the content once again. To avoid this, make sure to select the right design from the start.

  • SITE123. The website builder cannot boast a rich template collection yet the quality of themes is on a pretty good level here. All the themes are provided in niche categories, each of which offers around 10 themes to choose from.

    SITE123 Themes

    SITE123 design customization tools are quite simple and flexible, which simplifies their use. It is possible to apply around 13 tools for each template you may pick for your project. What you can modify here is block positioning, color styles and types, menu and social media button styles, fonts etc.

    Just like Wix, SITE123 doesn’t allow changing the designs on the go. This is explained by the fact that each theme is initially provided with demo-content specific for a certain niche. So, if you don’t like the theme you’ve chosen from the start, you will have to start a new project with another theme.

    All SITE123 designs look pretty similar, which makes it somewhat difficult to create truly unique websites. The only thing that differs them from each other is the demo content provided by default for each theme. To manage it, you can change homepage design and structure, upload your own photos and media files, change color palette and fonts, enable parallax effect etc. Due to the integrated mobile editor, you will be able to optimize your project for mobile viewing, seeing the way it will look on different screens in the separate preview window. This lets you make the required website edits before publishing the final version of your website.

Wix vs SITE123. As to the design aspect, Wix has much more to offer as compared to SITE123. Its template collection is really impressive and rich. There are hundreds of responsive and free designs to choose from, while the amount and quality of customization tools lets you give the selected theme truly unique look. SITE123 cannot offer such a stunning versatility of template choice.

4. Customer Support

  • Wix.Professional customer support is another advantage of the website builder. Wix offers extensive Help Center with lots of informative articles, video and text tutorials, how-to guides and other guidelines on how to use the system. It is also possible to browse the system forum, where you can come across multiple topics and branches with all the system-related information. The platform also offers an opportunity to look for the required data in the Knowledge Base of the service or get in touch with the support team via the integrated ticketing system or email.

    WIX Help Center

  • SITE123. Customer support service of the website builder is on a pretty high level. The Help Center includes multiple tutorials and guidelines available in over 18 categories to simplify the search. Among the categories you can browse, it’s possible to enlist Editor, Simple Store, App Market, Domains, Mailboxes, Account, Blog, Schedule Booking, Restaurants, Events, Multilingual Website, Email Marketing, SEO, Pages, Website Settings, Premium and Billing, Updates, eCommerce. To speed up the search time, users are offered to work with a filter option that lets them sort out their inquiries. If you look for individual support, SITE123 lets you get in touch with the system experts via their live chat, which is available 24/7. The answers will be provided within several minutes, which is a truly undeniable advantage.

    SITE123 Support Center

Wix vs SITE123. Website builders offer informative and trusted customer support options. They provide reliable and valuable Help Centers with multiple articles, prompts, guidelines and tips on how to use the systems. Wix additionally offers quality ticketing system and email support, while SITE123 allows reaching the customer support team via live chat any time of the day.

5. Pricing Policy

  • Wix. The website builder has quite a versatile and affordable pricing policy to match any needs. There is a free plan that never comes to an end and lets you test the entire feature set of the website builder before upgrading to one of its paid subscriptions. The latter, in their turn, are subdivided into Standard and Business/eCommerce plans. Standard plans include Combo ($13/mo), Unlimited ($17/mo), Pro ($22/mo) and VIP ($39/mo), while business plans encompass Business Basic ($23/mo), Business Unlimited ($27/mo), Business VIP ($49/mo) and Enterprise ($500/mo).

    Whatever pan you will go for, you will be offered a free domain name, increased storage space amount, several payment options and other crucial advantages that let you launch and promote your project. What’s important, Wix frequently implements coupons codes, special offers and discounts that let you get the desired subscription at reduced cost.

  • SITE123. The website builder is also good, when it comes to the pricing aspect. There is a free plan that comes with certain restrictions and four paid subscription here. They mostly differ in the amount of disk storage space, bandwidth and terms included. What;s interesting, the pricing policy is based on the location aspect, which means that the cost of plans may vary with regard to the region you reside in. Paid plans include Basic ($10.80/mo), Advanced ($16.80/mo), Professional ($22.80/mo) and Gold ($28.80/mo).

Pricing Options:Standard Plans:
✔ Combo ($13/mo);
✔ Unlimited ($17/mo);
✔ Pro ($22/mo);
✔ VIP ($39/mo);
Business/eCommerce Plans:
✔ Business Basic ($23/mo);
✔ Business Unlimited ($27/mo);
✔ Business VIP ($49/mo);
✔ Enterprise ($500/mo);
✔ Basic ($10.80/mo);
✔ Advanced ($16.80/mo);
✔ Professional ($22.80/mo);
✔ Gold ($28.80/mo);
Features:✔ Free plan;
✔ Much Storage Space;
✔ Domain Name Connection;
✔ Regular Discounts;
✔ SEO Tools;
✔ Several Plans to Choose From.
✔ 30-days money-back guarantee;
✔ Differences in Disk Storage Space;
✔ Domain Name Connection;
✔ Diverse Product Range;
✔ Bandwidth Amount;
✔ Several Subscriptions to Choose From.

Wix vs SITE123. Wix and SITE123 are both affordable and feature-laden. The website builders offer several plans to choose from, each of which comes with specific terms, tools and services included. Wix, however, has more versatile range of prices as well as twice more subscriptions to pick from. It also regularly introduce discounts that let the potential system subscribers save big.

Bottom Line

Wix and SITE123 are included into the list of top website builders, which stand out from the crowd due to their ease of use, convenience, versatility of features and design customization options as well as affordable pricing. Wix can be used to start all types of projects, while SITE123 is mostly focus on business website development.

WixWix – is the world-known DIY website builder, which has distinguished itself due to its advanced set of features. The list of its benefits includes WIX ADI tool, App Market, blogging and eCommerce platforms and hundreds of responsive customizable templates. The website builder does not imply coding awareness yet allows creating high end projects with advanced performance. Wix

Site123SITE123 – is a cloud website builder, which works great for all user categories. The system is known for its multilingual support, reasonable pricing, blog and web store creation tools, availability of plugins and templates. This is a cost-effective solution that is definitely worth user attention. Site123

When choosing a platform to launch a website, you should initially consider your skills, inclinations and web design focus. SITE123 is a pretty nice functional website builder, which can be applied to develop quality appealing projects. If you intend to start a professional project with advanced performance and abundance of elements, Wix is definitely the best solution to opt for.

SITE123 vs WIX: Comparison Chart

Site123 Wix
1. Easiness9 of 1010 of 10
2. Features9 of 1010 of 10
3. Design9 of 1010 of 10
4. Support10 of 1010 of 10
5. Pricing9 of 1010 of 10
Overall:9.2 of 1010 of 10

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