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Wix vs Magento

Once you have proved the concept that your idea may have a success, you can start selling products on the web. The only thing left is building an ecommerce store that will stand out from thousands of other online shops. With so many website builders choosing the best-matching one can be a daunting process. Not only design and extensions are to consider but also building costs, maintenance, adding new features and ease of use.

Ease of Use
Feature Set and Flexibility
Customer Support
Pricing Comparison
Pros and Cons of Wix and Magento

This time we will highlight two web building platforms, which can boast a good reputation among website owners. Although Magento hardly needs introduction while being one of the most popular ecommerce-oriented builders, it has more cons if compared with Wix that appeared to be a cheaper and simpler option for small and medium web shops.

Wix lets users build a functional web store without having the slightest coding or designing skills. On the other hand, managing Magento-powered web shop will be a challenge as well as adding new features or extensions.

Let’s get ready for rumble! Magento vs Wix: what is the best website builder for online shops?

1. Ease of Use

  • Wix. Wix was designed for users who do not have the slightest idea of what a development process is. It lets them create websites from scratch without technical, coding or designing experience. The platform delivers dozens of useful add-ons, applications and customized templates out of the box in addition to its award-winning “drag and drop” feature. It turns the editing process into a piece of cake.

    Wix Editor

    Users can easily customize specific sections or hide certain blocks. Theme editor comes with a set of tools to create a personalized web page and establish your brand’s original style.

  • Magento. Unlike Wix, Magento can hardly boast the same level of user-friendliness. The platform has always seemed to be an obscure solution for users who do not have special editing or coding skills. The release of Magento 2.0 version has hardly put an ease on the building process. Once you need to add any new feature or edit a certain section, you will have to deal with HTML well as learn the basics of the Magento platform.
  • Magento Editor

Wix vs Magento. Wix looks like a better option for non-developers. It comes with simpler editing features and does not require technical skills. On the other hand, managing Magento will be a tough challenge even for users who have at least basic technical and designing experience.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

  • Wix. Wix boasts its own huge app store. The marketplace is packed with award-winning applications in addition to cool integrations. Some of those apps are catered towards ecommerce websites. The website builder supports 17 payment options that include globally popular PayPal, Braintree, Stripe and many others. It offers a free live chat feature with 20 free sessions per month. Unlimited sessions are included in the premium package.

    Wix Multilingual

    Wix lets website owners easily handle promotions, ad campaigns and special events for potential customers. Web shop owners can enable coupon codes, sales and discounts to attract as many clients as possible. Wix templates for online shops feature multilingual support thanks to a powerful Wix multilingual app. All of the above-mentioned are available without extra charges.

  • Magento. When it comes to Magento, adding extra features may be a challenge. As an open-source platform, the platform requires a deeper technical involvement. Once you choose this particular building tool, you can only count on your personal maintaining capabilities or hire a professional developer in order to add new features.

    Magento Features

    Some may opt for Magento Connect and get necessary apps from there. However, each extension will drive you to higher costs. Once again, you need to have good coding skills to add new extensions. Every time you want to launch a new loyalty program or integrate and email marketing system, you will need to hire a professional developer.

Wix vs Magento. Wix appears to be a simpler path when it comes to establishing a web shop from scratch at no efforts at all. Users get a template fully packed with extensions and features a small web-based store needs. Magento looks more complicated from the perspective of adding new applications and add-ons.

3. Designs

  • Wix. Wix delivers a selection of themes for online stores. If you are selling furniture or jewelry, you will appreciate some prize-winning custom template designs related to those niches. Users, who deal with other types of products, can benefit from a set of Wix design features to create a stunning website.

    Wix Design

    The platform delivers a collection of stock images in addition to 40+ photo galleries to make your pages catchier. Parallax scrolling will make your web resource more captivating. Add high-resolution videos and use them as backgrounds, opt for professionally designed fonts from a huge Wix collection. All features are free.

  • Magento. Magento templates boast a professional look featuring a list of properly-organized categories. Simply go to Magento Marketplace and choose a theme you like. The platform currently offers 13 ecommerce related themes. The platform also has responsive templates featuring animated design, scrolling effects, etc. Most of them look great but they are available as paid versions only.
  • Magento Design

Wix vs Magento. Apart from brining a full pack of design tools to boost the users’ engagement with your website, Wix platform delivers them free as a part of your plan. On the other hand, free Magento templates come with a limited number of features. Moreover, users will still have to modify some sections like social link buttons, which drives to extra costs. Once you need a more attractive website featuring animations, scrolling effects and professionals fonts, prepare to pay a fortune.

4. Customer Support

  • Wix. Wix provides a full-scale free customer support to handle any issue. Users are welcome to contact the support team where they have questions related to Billing, Domains, Wix Store Settings, etc. Feel free to ask any question when getting started as well as apply for help when managing an already existing website. Wix guarantees immediate technical and other types of assistance.

  • Magento. Magento looks more challenging when it comes to customer support. Although the platform has its own help center, it looks less helpful with only some baseline sections like How To or FAQ. Tough it still has a developers’ forum where you can search for necessary information or ask for advice, it will make the building process more time-consuming. Customer support is available only for Enterprise Edition subscribers, which is hardly a good news for small business owners.

Wix vs Magento. Wix really seems to be extremely helpful for rookies who only get started with building their first online web shop. The platform boasts a rich help center with all fundamental issues highlighted. At the same time, you can contact Wix support team in case you cannot find the answer to the question or require urgent technical assistance. Magento support team looks less informative. Its help center includes some general statements, while live support is available for privileged customers only.

5. Pricing Policy

  • Wix. Wix appears to be a cost-effective solution if compared with other website builders. The platform offers an annual plan for a decreased price ($16/mo). If you are not a huge fan of such options, feel free to select cost-effective monthly plans. Pay attention that free Customer Support, Hosting and Domain are already included in your fee! You just pay for the plan and get everything necessary for building a website in a pack. At the end of every month, users can additionally benefit from huge 50% discounts and sales as well.

  • Magento. Magento looks less beneficiary from cost-effective perspectives. It still offers a free plan. However, it comes with a limited set of functions that are not enough for building a debt online store. Users will still face the necessity to pay more for additional features and add-ons available on paid basis only. For example, a single Private Chat System will cost you $39 just to keep your clients aware. Is it worth that money? Surely bnot.

Wix vs Magento. Although Magento CE is free, you will hardly be able to cope without extra costs. Every new plugin or extension you need to install requires extra bucks. Also, consider a monthly fee established by your hosting provider. Wix offers free hosting facilities in addition to dozens of free applications for your shop.

6. Advantages & Disadvantages

Wix has proved to be an easy-to-use full-cycle website builder for online shops. It delivers free editing tools, hosting, customer support, domains and access to its app store. All those features come as a part of a chosen plan in addition to a selection of e-commerce-oriented templates.

Wix Advantages:

  • Drag-and-Drop Feature to edit your website with just several clicks away:
  • Free applications available at Wix App Store;
  • E-commerce-based templates with award-winning designs;
  • Free customer support service to handle any issue;
  • Cost-effective plans;
  • Free hosting and domain.

Wix Disadvantages:

  • No data exporting methods – once you want to move to a new website, you will need to copy paste the content. On the other hand, why one would ever want to leave Wix platform;
  • No way to add more marketing tools – although Wix offers a selection of apps related to SEO, eCommerce and marketing, it limits users once they want to add a new tool that is not originally related to Wix. However, the platform brings all necessary features to run a small or medium online shop without extra technical facilities.

Although Magento is the #1 choice for many recognizable online marketing platforms like Amazon, it appears to be actually of no use for small and medium shops, unless you have an unlimited budget on an addition to a lack of saving skills.

Magento Advantages:

  • One of the most popular e-commerce website builders;
  • Well-designed platforms for web shops;
  • A selection of marketing and SEO tools.

Magento Disadvantages:

  • No FREE Customer Support;
  • Paid Extensions and Add-Ons;
  • Paid responsive templates;
  • No FREE hosting;
  • Inability to build a web shop without technical or coding skills.


Although Magento is still one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world, it is far from being flawless. Magento is very unlikely to be the right choice for small and medium shops. On the other hand, Wix can be an ultimate solution to kick-start your sales online. It is easy-to-use, it is more cost-effective and it offers more great features to customize your store and introduce it to a global audience.

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