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Wix vs Google Sites

Sometimes we like to make the comparisons, which seem strange at first sight. What’s the sense to compare the top WYSIWYG website builder with a free Google service? The paid Wix is more functional, appealing and can solve a broad spectrum of your tasks. Who may be interested in this comparison?

Ease of Use
Feature Set and Flexibility
Customer Support
Pricing Comparison
Pros and Cons of Wix and Google Sites

Well, regardless of a notable difference in the classes and positioning of the systems, both of them make it possible to create websites. In both cases, you’ll be able to create and publish pages filled with content on the web and solve specific tasks with their help. This is in general. The reason to make the comparison is to get answers to two important questions.

The first one sounds like: “Which of the things Google Sites cannot cope with can be completed with Wix?”

And the second one is as follows: ”Is this difference worth your money in the long run? Is it possible to use a free tool instead of making the unneeded payments? Or, maybe, it still makes sense to pay more and get extra functionality?”

Which solution: Wix or Google Sites, is more preferable and for whom? It is high time to make that clear now. Let’s Go.

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1. Ease of Use

  • Wix is a comparatively easy-to-use and learn website builder with a visual editor. The service structurally comprises a set of interfaces of an editor, a dashboard and separate applications.

    Wix Editor

    The entire system environment is designed in the same graphic style, including the apps. This creates the feeling of interface unity, which makes it simpler to get used to it. Regardless of the notable amount of options, even a user with zero web design experience can master this website builder.

    It will take you around 2-5 days to memorize the positions of elements and system sections and learn how to make the edits, add new functions and design the pages, making use of the available set of widgets.

  • Google Sites is similar to the Pages text editor, when it comes to interface. What you will see is the document you will work in and 3 sections of options to the right realized through the tabs. Web page management does not differ a lot from editing a report with formatted text and media elements. This is a one-page interface. Everything that is not included into it, further appears in pop-up windows without any transitions.

    Google Sites Editor

    This happens on the same screen. It is no wonder that this service is super easy. Elements and options you can use are visible at a time. It is even theoretically impossible to mix something up here. It takes from half an hour to one day to explore the service depending upon your interest and experience.

Wix vs Google Sites. As far as we primarily focus on the ease of use in this section, then the leader is obvious – this is the service from Google. Regardless of the simplicity, functionality and smart nature of Wix interface, it is still a bit complicated: the working environment is wider, there is the subdivision into working areas, a rich set of options and an extensive selection of applications. The notable content amount should be mentioned here as well. Such set of features cannot compete with one-page Google Sites in terms of ease-of-use.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

  • Wix allows creating company business websites, portfolios, landing pages, forums, websites of restaurants, hotels, versatile organizations, events, online stores of physical and digital products (photos, music, video, files), gaming websites, blogs and other project types.

    Such versatility of functional features is achieved through a rich set of widgets, large choice of available applications (that is, modules), absolute positioning of web page elements (without the necessity to consider the network and neighboring elements) and flexible settings of each block (background, animation, fonts, layout).

    By using Wix Code, you can create databases of different formats and use them in various website blocks (documents, statistics, images, price lists etc.) or collect data via the interactive forms to make databases.

    Wix Code Editor

    Due to the applications and code integration options, it is possible to synchronize your website with external services (social networks, video hostings, music services, statistics collection systems, trading platforms, payment systems etc.). There is an opportunity to add website co-authors for cooperation.

  • Google Sites is not used to create public websites only. It is also used to design internal and intranet websites. This service ideally works for team work on project development.

    You have a large selection of web-based Google applications, including Documents, Sheets, Calendar, Gmail etc. This makes it possible to add documents to the pages, charts, presentations, images, diagrams, YouTube video forms, maps with specified location etc. from the cloud.

    In other words, Google cloud applications are used as widgets (content providers) for Google Sites. By adding an element to the page (video, document or presentation), you get a block, the dimensions of which can be regulated with regard to your needs.

    Google Sites Insert Source

    One block may contain several elements, like a title, video and description in the random order of their positioning regarding each other. Content formatting tools are standard and include a font, color, list, alignment, link. It is possible to create multiple pages, each of which will be found in the upper menu.

    There are no SEO settings here as well as an opportunity to connect a domain to your website. You can add any number of users for cooperation and visual data exchange, create online resume or publish documents with media elements for public access, for example. Google Sites is worth using for such tasks, not more.

Wix vs Google Sites. The services are meant to solve different types of tasks. Wix allows creating appealing commercial websites with complicated functionality, writer blogs, websites of game developers or musicians with online payment acception option.

Google Sites is a lightweight solution to support communication and data sharing within the team. This is one of the parts of an extensive Google cloud tool set along with applications for documentation management, maps etc.

When it comes to the feature set, Wix is definitely the leader, which is quite understandable. A specialized paid website builder is much more functional as compared to a free packaged application from Google.

3. Designs

  • Wix is a niche leader, when it comes to the quality of ready made templates (there are over 10 themes and 500+ variants here) and their customization options. The mobile version of a template can be customized manually for more accurate result. You can also make one click only and the system will automatically adjust the template to fit the mobile screen required.

    Templates can be randomly customized by adding new blocks and widgets to them, working with layers, using multiple effects, animated backgrounds, choosing layouts and designs for the majority of elements, fonts etc.

    Wix Templates

    The only thing you can’t do here is changing the template in the process of working on it, which is the result of absolute element positioning.

  • Google Sites doesn’t have a stock design gallery. Instead, you will be offered 6 simple themes, which change the fonts page scheme and make it possible to choose the main color of elements.

    As a result, web pages will look similarly from the designer point of view. They will have the same color and font style. An opportunity to color the blocks in the similar way or set your own background image adds diversity here.

    Google Sites Themes

    There are no other design customization tools. Google Sites pages may visually differ from each other due to the difference in the element combination and their positioning relative to each other. All websites created with the platform look very similar. The difference is in the content and its formatting.

Wix vs Google Sites. When it comes to design comparison, there is a clear distinction between a professional website builder and a simplified application for corporate intranet.

It goes without saying that Wix comes with all the advantages of a full-featured system – a perfect set of designer templates and opportunity to create your own themes from scratch.

Google Sites allows changing web page design style of web pages in the minimal way so that they could look better than a standard document created with Word or Pages. Obviously, Wix is much more advanced in terms of website design.

4. Customer Support

  • Wix offers a powerful support center, which includes the YouTube channel, a forum and an extensive FAQ section. Smart search option allows finding answers to almost any questions a user has. If you still do not manage to do that, you can try using a ticket system.

  • Google Sites comes with a reference section designed in the brand style, which is laconic, simple and understandable. You can also visit Google Sites help forum, if needed.

Wix or Google Sites. Tech support of the systems is realized differently because of the distinction between the platform types. Wix offers more reference materials and grants access to communication with the developers.

Google Sites customer support confines itself to a short tutorial and a standard forum in terms of its cloud products system. Basically, there is no big difference on practice – in both cases, the amount of reference materials will be enough to solve disputable issues.

5. Pricing Policy

There is nothing to compare, when analyzing this criteria as Google Sites is a free cloud application. You will be offered 10 GB of disk storage space for your files, but you won’t be allowed to connect your own domain, add favicon or set up SEO. These restrictions prove the only fact: the system was not created to design commercial websites. You can use it for free for the unlimited time interval.

Wix can also offer an everlasting free plan, which does not differ from that offered by Google Sites in its terms: you will get functionality and disk space, but you won’t be able to connect your own domain. However, you’ll be allowed to set up SEO, favicon and other features.

It turns out that free versions of both services are similar in their terms, but Google app notably lags behind Wix in terms of functionality.

Wix additionally offers several paid plans, which make it possible to create an online store, connect domain name to the website, extend the volume of disk space, get useful applications as a bonus etc.

Wix Pricing Plans Review – Read about Wix paid subscription options.

As far as Google Sites is a completely free service, it makes sense to compare it with a free Wix version. We have already defined that Wix is the leader in this comparison even under these circumstances: it has less restrictions and more opportunities under other equal conditions.

The functionality becomes more advanced, when using paid plans. That’s why, Google Sites doesn’t have any chances to win the comparison.

Note! It is possible to connect a domain to Google Sites and set up the email in G Suite, but this is a paid service from Google, where you will initially have to provide your credit card data and the monthly payments will range between $5 and $25 per month.

6. Advantages and Disadvantages

Wix is a powerful website builder, the use of which will ensure multiple advantages. Let’s enlist the most important of them:

  • Stunning app store, offering applications that look great, work consistently and are easy-to-integrate;
  • Visual editor, which is a bit mixed up because of the variety of options, but still quite flexible;
  • Wix Code and Wix ADI – the technologies that don’t have any analogues the competitors may offer. Such things like databases and Artificial Intelligence make up the future of website building;
  • Nice SEO wizard, generating useful tips for newbies;
  • Decent templates;
  • Impressive Support Center;
  • High frequency of promo campaigns, offering discounts for paid plans.

Obviously, it is easy to find disadvantages in such an extensive system functionality, such as:

  • Channel bandwidth limitations in two initial plans do not contribute to the system reputability;
  • Regardless of the high quality of interface, it is still a bit difficult to use it right from the start, so, you’ll, need to to get used to it;
  • It’s desirable to have an opportunity to import products from CSV or XML files, which is not available yet.

Wix is not an ideal website builder, but it certainly strives to be the best. High development rates allow it to be the leader in the niche, creating promising prospects for users. Small faults are invisible on this background.

Google Sites is initially worth the praise due to its intuitive nature. We haven’t come across a simpler web building service yet. This is the essence of its attractiveness.

  • Access to the full set of Google Apps allows creating web pages with diverse content, formatting them as standard documents in text editors. Can you design visually appealing documents? If so, then it will be easy for you to master Google Sites.

  • You can use files from the brand cloud storage, including images, videos, documents, charts etc. This is very convenient. Websites are responsive, which is also a benefit.

  • Just like any other cloud application from Google, you will grant the chosen access type to your colleagues or friends. The service doesn’t have any disadvantages in terms of the specified features – everything works great here.

However, Google Sites loses its attractiveness for businesses outside of its cozy environment. This is the major disadvantage of the system: you won’t be able to create a website, which will help you make profit (sell, attract clients, promote something etc.).

It is impossible to connect a domain name, manage a blog, create a forum or an online store, design an appealing gallery etc. in the system. There is much you cannot do here. This is a problem, which won’t let you take Google Sites seriously.


Wix and Google Sites are two systems, which differ a lot from each other. Even the comparison of the options of free versions makes Wix a more preferable variant. This is not to mention the advantages provided by the paid plans.

Google Sites will appeal to those, who are actively using Google Apps in the team work mode. You can manage the projects and share the best practices in cooperation with your team members. However, if you intend to create commercial websites, then Wix is undoubtedly the top choice.

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