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Wix vs Google Sites: Which is Better?

Wix vs Google Sites

Wix and Google Sites are two website builders, which allow creating different types of web projects, ranging from small business websites and up to web stores and portfolios. At the same time, the services differ a lot in terms of functionality, flexibility, design customization options and affordability. These distinctions make it complicated to compare the website builders, which occupy quite different positions in the list of contemporary web building tools.

Wix is the world-known all-in-one DIY website builder that covers a broad spectrum of users’ web design needs and boasts a powerful set of features and tools. Some of them include Artificial Design Intelligence, Ascend platform, hundreds of mobile-adapted templates, powerful design customization tools and versatile pricing plans to fit any budget and web design needs. Google Sites, in its turn, is a simple cloud website builder, which provides intuitive web design environment and encompasses plain features that can be applicable to the development of ordinary web projects for everyday use.

SPOILER: Wix is better – read the Conclusion.

Website Builders Comparison Chart

WixGoogle Sites
Our score:          
Best for:Business websites, blogs, landing pages, promo websites, small/medium web storesIntranets, school sites, online presentations, small portfolios, small business/event websites
Easiness:Very easyVery easy
Templates:Multiple free, mobile-ready, niche-specific designsLimited collection of responsive themes
Technical Support:Rich knowledge base, ticketing system, VIP support, phone supportHelp Center, built-in Help Section with a detailed editing guide, feedback forms with automated screenshot inclusion
Blogging:Built-in blogging platformNo
SEO Options:Extensive SEO featuresLimited SEO parameters
Pricing:Free to $49/moFree to $25/mo
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Even though both systems make it possible to create full-featured projects, it still seems quite strange to compare the world-renowned service like Wix with the less well-known Google Sites platform. It’s quite clear that Wix is more feature-rich, functional and intuitive.

The point is: what are the reasons that make it stand out from the crowd and are there any things it can cope with that are impossible to complete with Google Sites? Is the difference between the platforms really worth the money in the long run? Which service – Google Sites vs Wix – is more preferable for a certain target audience? It is high time to make that clear now. Let’s Go.

Wix vs Google Sites: General Overview

Wix vs Google Sites: Overview

Wix is the world-popular website builder, which provides powerful design customization features and tools out-of-the-box. The platform is quite easy to master and use both by newbies and professionals. It’s a perfect pick for the development of all types of web projects, be it a portfolio, a small business website, a web store, a blog, a landing page, a promo site or any other website.

The website builder was founded in 2006 and it has quickly won the attention of millions of web designers around the world. Currently, the number of paid Wix subscriptions has reached over 3.8 million, while the general number of the system sign ups has increased up to 147 million and it keeps growing with every passing month.


Wix is a freemium website builder. It allows using its free unlimited plan to explore and test the system for as long as you need that. As soon as you make sure that the website builder comes up to your needs and requirements, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions the system offers. This is a must, if you intend to start a feature-laden website and go live with it. Fortunately, the selection of Wix plans is quite versatile and you have several options to choose from.

Google Sites is a free DIY cloud website builder, which lets you create simple web projects for personal everyday use. The system can easily be mastered even by those users, who don’t have any web design background – so intuitive and understandable it is. With Google Sites, you can create ordinary projects like school sites, intranets, portfolios, event projects etc. If you need a more feature-laden website, then it’s better to give preference to another platform.

Google Sites Editor

When choosing between Wix and Google Sites, it’s obvious that Wix is not only a more popular website builder, but it’s also a more functional system that allows for deeper website customization. It takes more time to master all the features and options the platform offers, but the result is definitely worth that. Google Sites obviously lacks some of the tools and features that are a must-have for the development of any project type.

Wix vs Google Sites: Which One Is Easier to Use?

Wix vs Google Sites: Easy Of Use

Wix has distinguished itself not only as the most popular and feature-laden website builder, but also as a simple and intuitive system suitable for the development of all types of web projects. It does not imply any coding or web design proficiency and, thus, it can be mastered and used even by non-techies.

The website builder comes with a convenient and quite intuitive control panel, while its WYSIWYG editor makes it possible to watch and control the entire process of website creation. This especially matters a lot for those users, who have just started working with the system. To create a website layout, you just need to pick and drag the required elements and add-ons to the canvas and arrange them with regard to your needs.

Wix ADI Editor

The service structurally comprises the Dashboard (the place, where you adjust the major website settings) and the Editor (the area, where you actually work on your website development in the WYSIWYG mode). All in all, the entire system environment is designed in the same graphic style, including the apps. This creates the feeling of interface unity, which makes it simpler to get used to it. Regardless of the notable amount of options, even a user with zero web design experience can master this website builder. It will take around several hours to memorize the positions of elements and system sections as well as to learn how to make the edits, add new functions and design the pages, using the available widget collection.

One of the undeniable Wix highlights is its Artificial Design Intelligence(ADI) tool that also simplifies the process of web creation for beginners.The tool guides you through the web design procedure, offering detailed guidelines. It generates questions and uses the answers you provide to automatically create a website for you. You just need to submit the rest of the content manually and customize the required elements to get the ready-made project.

Wix Store Editor

Each time you need professional assistance, Wix support team is within reach. You can browse its vast Knowledge Base, get in touch with the specialists via the Live Chat or the ticketing system. VIP subscribers can additionally avail premium support here.

Google Sites has a stunningly simple text editor and easy interface understandable from the very first sight. It takes around several minutes to get used to it and to discover the main system elements. If you already have your Google account, you won’t even have to complete the registration process as the website builder will be available in the list of services within your account. Just pick one of the provided templates and proceed to its customization, enjoying the convenient WYSIWYG web editing environment. Can anything be simpler than that?

What you will see is the document you will work in and 3 sections of options to the right realized through the tabs. Web page management does not differ a lot from editing a report with formatted text and media elements. This is a one-page interface. Everything that is not included into it, further appears in pop-up windows without any transitions. You will be able to add, edit and remove some of the media elements/widgets here, but the prevailing amount of page content won’t be editable.

Google Sites: easy of use tabs

The entire website design process happens on the same screen. It is no wonder that this service is super easy. Elements and options you can use are visible at a time. It is even theoretically impossible to mix something up here. It takes from half an hour to one day to explore the service depending upon your interest and experience.

Google Sites is quite an understandable website builder, but if you still have any system-related questions, you are welcome to access its impressive Help Center to find useful tutorials or how-to articles there. The system also allows sending the feedback containing the screenshot of your current page to simplify the communication process.

Speaking about ease of use, Wix seems to be a simple solution. Even though, it is rich in powerful settings and features, the website builder still provides a more intuitive and simple web design environment along with quality and versatile customer support. Google Sites cannot boast such an easy approach and quality result.

Wix vs Google Sites: Design and Flexibility

Wix vs Google Sites: Design and Flexibility

Wix and Google Sites allow creating quality web projects, but the systems utilize diverse approaches to the web design process. They also come with versatile integrated functionality, including diverse features and tools that can be used on all the stages of website development. To define the platform that has more to offer in terms of design and flexibility, let’s have a look at their common and distinctive parameters now.


Wix comes with a powerful eCommerce engine. Thus, the website builder makes it possible to launch and manage online stores (both small and medium). It’s up to you to adjust the settings of these websites based on your needs and requirements. Among the parameters you can set up for your online store, it makes sense to mention the creation/management of product galleries, adjustment of show window display options, introduction of special offers/discounts, customization of eCommerce templates, order/web store management etc.

wix add a product

Google Sites does not have an eCommerce engine at all and, thus, it is impossible to start a web store with this website builder.

Speaking about eCommerce, there is nothing to discuss here. Google Sites does not have an eCommerce engine at all, while Wix makes it possible to run high quality, informative and feature-rich web stores. This is one of its undeniable advantages over the competitor.


Wix unveils the opportunity to connect a blog to your website due to its feature-rich integrated blogging engine. Among the features you can set up here, it makes sense to mention the possibility to write, add, edit and update blog posts. Future scheduling feature is available here as well. Additionally, you can integrate social media options, enable Facebook/user commenting feature, select and customizable blog templates, set up SEO parameters.

Wix Blog Editor

Google Sites does not have a blogging engine as well. This means that running a blog is also impossible here. The only thing you can do, if you have an intention to start a news portal or an informational project with the system, is to select a blank template and customize it from scratch, submitting the content you wish to be posted there. Another aspect to keep in mind is that Google Sites also works great for designing internal and intranet websites. This service ideally works for team work on project development.

As to blog creation opportunities, there is nothing to compare here as well. Absence of the blogging engine makes it impossible to connect a blog to your project with Google Sites. As opposed to this, Wix features quite a quality and feature-rich blogging platform that is enough to start a worthy blog.

Mobile Website Building

Wix grants access to its integrated mobile editor, which lets you set up and manage mobile websites viewable from various mobile and desktop devices. The Mobile View mode allows making edits on the go, while the drag-and-drop editor notably simplifies the process for newbies.

WIX Mobile

Mind, however, that edits made in the desktop website version will be displayed in the mobile mode. If you decide to make edits in the mobile version of your project only, they won’t be visible in the desktop mode.

Google Sites doesn’t have an integrated mobile editor. Thus, websites created with the website builder won’t be mobile optimized by default. However, the system makes it possible to manually activate the mobile mode in the control panel. This will make your project viewable on mobile devices, irrespective of their screens, sizes and resolutions.

Mobile optimization is another feature Wix excels at. The website builder allows creating and managing websites both in desktop and mobile modes due to its integrated mobile editor. When it comes to Google Sites, the system requires manual activation of the mobile mode for each website created with it. This is really inconvenient and impractical for the majority of users.

Third-Party Apps and Extensions

Wix allows adding extra performance to each project you work on without the need to write and insert codes. The system is known for its advanced App Market that abounds in versatile widgets, extensions and add-ons. You can pick and integrate any of them based on the type, specialization and characteristics of your project.

Wix app market

The widgets available here are free and paid. It’s up to you to select the required elements. The most popular Wix Applications currently include Site Search, Newsletter signup form, Customer reviews, Form Builder, Appointment booking, Get Subscribers, Wix Hotels, Wix Restaurants, Forum, 123 Form Builder, Event Calendar, Comments, Wix Bookings etc. As you see, the names of the widgets speak for their implication.

Wix has recently introduced Editor X – a brand new responsive platform for website creation, which exclusively targets web designers and studios. It unveils extensive opportunities that let you launch complex website layouts and designs for any mobile and desktop devices. The editor comes with an intuitive interface that supports drag-and-drop opportunity and such high end design-related features as docking, grid layouting, stack & scale media integration, Flex layouter, custom breakpoints, advanced sizing control and unique Wix design system.

Wix VELO is another distinctive highlight of the website builder worth user attention. This is an open full-scale website development platform, which helps accelerate the process of app creation. It allows working in Wix visual editor, adding custom functionality along with the opportunity of interaction with Velo APIs, code editing, site monitoring and database creation.Velo also adds a built-in IDE to your Wix website to let you code directly in its editor.

Google Sites has a large selection of web-based Google applications, including Documents, Sheets, Calendar, Gmail etc. This makes it possible to add documents to the pages, charts, presentations, images, diagrams, YouTube video forms, maps with specified location etc. from the cloud. In other words, Google cloud applications are used as widgets (content providers) for Google Sites. By adding an element to the page (video, document or presentation), you get a block, the dimensions of which can be regulated with regard to your needs. One block may contain several elements, like a title, video and description in the random order of their positioning regarding each other. Content formatting tools are standard and include a font, color, list, alignment, link. It is possible to create multiple pages, each of which will be found in the upper menu.

Wix offers more extensive integration options as compared to Google Sites. The website builder grants access to its rich App Market with lots of free and paid widgets available there. You can pick any of them based on your project specialization, web design objectives and special parameters.

Website Logo Creating

Wix has introduced a high end Logo Maker – an advanced tool, which allows designing and integrating a unique logo into your website. The tool is intuitive, while its use does not imply coding knowledge at all. What you are expected to do is to provide your business name to let the system automatically generate several logo variants for you to choose from. As soon as it is ready, you just have to customize it and add to your website. Additionally, you can download the existing logo, if you have the one, and then edit it as you need.

Google Sites doesn’t provide an opportunity to create your own website logo, but it allows uploading the one of your own to further add it to your global navigation bar. To do this, reach the settings section and pick the image to represent your brand. Then go to the Logo section and pick it there, setting up the required parameters. Finally, activate the “Publish” button and watch the result.

Both Wix and Google Sites provide an opportunity to add a logo to your website. Wix, however, offers more extensive logo design and integration options, while Google Sites only makes it possible to pick and upload the existing image.

Template Editing

Wix is a niche leader, when it comes to the quality of ready made templates. Actually, it offers the best designs in the contemporary web design market. The overall number of themes currently exceeds 550 templates, which are mobile-ready by default and fully customizable. If you expect better template quality, you can manually customize the selected design by using the system editor (see real Wix website examples).

One click only is enough to let the system automatically adjust the template to fit all types of mobile and desktop devices. The template gallery is regularly updated to offer users advanced designs. If you don’t manage to find a suitable theme among the samples Wix provides, there is a possibility to pick a blank template and customize it from scratch.

Wix ADI Editor

To edit the designs, you can add new blocks, integrate widgets and extensions, set up layer parameters, apply multiple effects, animated backgrounds and other elements depending upon the niche your website belongs and the result you wish to avail.

For those users, who lack coding expertise or just wish to save their time/effort, Wix makes it possible to work with the ADI tool. The Artificial Design Intelligence feature helps users create decent websites with a few clicks only. It provides step-by-step guidelines and sets of questions, which help users automatically create websites using the submitted answers and content.

Google Sites cannot boast an impressive collection of templates. Actually, the website builder offers only 8 templates belonging to the following categories: Personal, Work and Education. There is not much to edit here as design customization options are very limited. Google Sites pages may visually differ from each other due to the difference in the element combination and their positioning relative to each other. All websites created with the platform look very similar (see examples). The difference is in the content and its formatting.

When it comes to design editing, you should reach the right sidebar of the website control panel, where you will find three sections: Insert, Pages and Themes. The Insert Section provides the list of elements you can pick and integrate into your website to get the most out of its performance. These include Text Box, Images, Embed, Drive sections as well as layouts and popular add-ons (Calendar, Table of Contents, Image Carousel, YouTube, Map, Docs, Slides, Forms, Charts, Sheets etc.). The Pages Section lets you pick and add the required pages to your website, while the Themes Section allows picking the preferred theme for your project (they differ in color variations, fonts, backgrounds and some other parameters).

The website builder lets you edit some of the HTML codes to avail deeper design flexibility and there is a convenient Preview button that lets you see the results of the website editing process in action. It is also possible to add multiple contributors to the project and subscribe to recent website changes to stay aware of all the template updates.

When it tackles the design development and customization process, Wix also remains the obvious leader of the comparison. The website builder has hundreds of mobile-ready templates, which are 100% customizable, while Google Sites can offer several themes with oor customization options only.

Wix vs Google Sites: General Pricing Comparison

Wix vs Google Sites: Pricing Comparison

Wix has an affordable yet versatile pricing policy to come up to diverse budgets and web design needs. When exploring the system, you can pick a free plan that lets you test the functionality of the system during the unlimited time interval. As soon as you are ready to start working on your website to further go live with it, you will have to upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions. This is where you will be able to pick from Standard and Business/eCommerce plans.

Standard Wix Plans

Standard Wix Plans

  • Combo ($13/mo) – free domain name connection, free hosting, absence of system ad banners etc.;
  • Unlimited ($17/mo) – unlimited bandwidth, 10GB storage space etc.;
  • Pro ($22/mo) – 2 hours of video storage space, integrated Google Analytics and statistics collection tools etc.;
  • VIP ($39/mo) – first priority support, professional logo etc.

Business/eCommerce Plans

Business/eCommerce Plans

  • Business Basic ($23/mo) – online payments acception;
  • Business Unlimited ($27/mo) – business development tools, special apps for entrepreneurs, integrated eCommerce platform etc.;
  • Business VIP ($49/mo) – unlimited bandwidth and unlimited video storage space, availability of the complete Wix Suite;
  • Enterprise ($500/mo) – end-to-end business solution that provides the highest functionality and maximum amount of tools.

Whatever premium plan you will go for, it will come with the free domain connection option. The website builder also ensures 14-day money back guarantee, if you decide to refuse from using the selected plan for some reason.

Google Sites is a free website builder. Everyone, who has a Google account, can use the website builder to start a website. As soon as your website is ready, you will be able to connect your own domain for free to it or to get the new one from Google. It is also possible to make use of all the options the system offers at no cost at all. However, the feature set of the website builder is quite limited, which makes it close to impossible to start a functional website with the service.

Speaking about the pricing policy, Google Sites proves to be a cheaper solution. The website builder is free, but this is hardly a privilege considering poor functionality of the service. Wix, in its turn, makes it possible to pick the required plan and launch a professional website with it.

Wix vs Google Sites: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

Wix vs Google Sites: SEO

Wix websites are well-optimized for the search engines. The website builder positions itself as a SEO-friendly platform. It comes with a high end Wix SEO Wiz tool that provides useful guidelines on how to improve the SEO parameters of your project to make it indexed well by the search engines. By using the tool, you can fill out and edit meta tags for your website pages as well as for the website in general, headings, anchors, titles and descriptions, Alt tags for images and other crucial parameters. Additionally, there is a possibility to pick and integrate SEO widgets from the App Market, which also contributes to better result in the long run.

Google Sites offers poor SEO settings. What you can do here is specifying your web page title and URL only. The website builder also makes it possible to set up Google Analytics and connect it to your account to track website statistics. That’s it.

Speaking about SEO, there is almost nothing to compare here. With its SEO Wiz tool and powerful integration options, Wix proves to be much more SEO-friendly than Google Sites.

Wix vs Google Sites: Which One Is Better for a Small Business Website?

Wix vs Google Sites: Which One Is Better for a Small Business

Wix is great, when it comes to small business website development. With its extensive selection of templates to come up to various business niches (cafes, restaurants, agencies, hotels etc.), powerful design customization tools, availability of business apps that can be found in the integrated App Market of the system make Wix a worthy pick for entrepreneurs willing to go online. A notable Wix feature is its Ascend platform – an advanced all-in-one business solution that encompasses all the business tools you may need to build a professional project. All in all, there are over 20 products available here, which can be effectively used to start, manage and promote your project. All the tools are carefully subdivided into sections and groups based on their purpose and indication (you can browse customer interaction tools, website promotion tools, marketing options and more). Wix Turbo is also worth the attention. This is the set of technologies and tools applied to cut down the overall website load time, which can add to your business project performance.

Google Sites can be used to start a business website as well, although, the range of its options and niche-specific features is quite limited. The website builder lets you pick one of its templates tailored for business needs and customize it to your liking. The system comes with a logo upload opportunity and it also lets you integrate some of the most useful G Suite widgets (Google Maps, YouTube videos, media files, online forms, calendar and many more).

If you are looking for a website builder to start a business project, then Wix is definitely the solution to go for. The platform overcomes its competitor in multiple parameters, such as template choice/customization, widget integration, flexibility and pricing. There is even a separate group of plans meant for business websites here, which come with all the must-have business tools, services and features.

Which One Is the Best for eCommerce – Wix or Google Sites?

Wix vs Google Sites: Which One Is the Best for eCommerce

Wix allows starting and managing quality online stores. The integrated feature set and customization options of the service do not allow creating hypermarkets with it, but it’s possible to start small and medium eCommerce projects with the system. This can be done via the connection of Wix Stores widget that allows integrating a shopping cart and setting up other web store parameters. When browsing the App Market, you can also come across useful eCommerce-related widgets. They will come in handy to you, when you decide to set up and track your web store analytics, sell physical and digital products, implement special offers and discounts, create show windows, adjust order/web store management parameters etc (see examples of live Wix eCommerce websites).

Google Sites doesn’t have an integrated eCommerce engine. Thus, starting a web store with the website builder is not possible as the feature set of the system is not geared towards this purpose at all.

When it comes to the eCommerce aspect, the conclusion is obvious: if you need a web store, use Wix to get started and go live with it. The system has much to offer in this respect and you won’t be disappointed with the list of eCommerce features it has in stock.

Which One Is the Best for Portfolio – Wix or Google Sites?

Wix vs Google Sites: Which One Is the Best for Portfolio

Wix functionality and flexibility make it a nice solution for portfolio creation. The website builder lets you present your creative services/works to the target audience in the most favorable light. It can be effectively used by artists, photographers, models and other creatives, who intend to showcase their talents and build customer base. Wix grants access to the category of portfolio templates. They belong to various niches (themes for photographers, creatives, artists, graphic and web designers, models, stylists, beauty experts, musicians, art directors, journalists, resumes, business consultants etc.) and can be customized as you need. The templates are mobile-ready by default, which makes them viewable on mobile devices. Wix also allows connecting a blog to your portfolio to stay in touch with users. Additionally, there is an opportunity to design image galleries and create slideshows here. Wix comes with HD video hosting, user testimonials, integrated eCommerce engine and SEO Wiz tool for effective portfolio promotion.

Google Sites lags behind Wix in terms of portfolio development. However, it is still possible to start this type of website with the platform. When you get to the dashboard, you will find a portfolio template to be chosen for further customization. What you need to do is to customize it, filling out the required sections and fields. These include portfolio title/your name, contacts, description of your activity/work etc. What’s important, you will also need to upload your works or create a project (or several of them) to showcase your works to the target audience. Integrating extra widgets/extensions will also be a great bonus for your portfolio design and promotion.

Are you going to create a portfolio website? Then Wix will simplify the task for you. The website builder comes with a set of portfolio templates, extensive integration options and SEO promotion tools to help you win user attention. Google Sites has more limited portfolio creation features yet it can be chosen to create a simple project with the website builder as well.

Key Differences Between Wix and Google Sites

WixGoogle Sites
Ease of Use:Wix works well for newbies and proficient web designers, but it may take time to get used to it. The system is known for its high end Wix ADI tool that helps start a new website from scratch in the automated mode, using the data provided by a user. Standard Editor is also available here, letting people get access to deeper design customization features. Wix works well for business projects, portfolios, landing pages, forums, blogs, and small online stores.Google Sites is a simple website builder provided as a part of the G Suite pack. The platform is good for creating intranet projects, but it can also be used to start simple business websites, portfolios, event projects etc.
Functionality:The website builder ensures advanced integrated functionality. Along with powerful design customization features and tools, the system encompasses blogging/eCommerce engines and grants access to the rich App Market, Wix VELO and Ascend platforms.The website builder makes it possible to create simple websites, integrate unique logo and popular widgets available in the G Suite pack (YouTube, Google Maps, contact and online forms, slides, docs, charts, calendar etc.).
Design:Wix template collection currently includes over 550 free niche-specific themes, which are customizable and mobile-ready by default.Google Sites has a very limited choice of templates offered by default. The same is about design customization options. As a result, all the websites created with the system look similar, while the mobile view should be activated manually.
eCommerce:Wix Store widget makes it possible to create and manage small and medium online stores, making use of multiple eCommerce tools and features.Google Sites doesn’t have an integrated eCommerce engine and, thus, it is impossible to start a web store with the website builder.
Blogging:Wix comes with the built-in blogging platform, which lets you start, manage and update blogs for personal and business use.The website builder doesn’t have a blogging engine, which makes blog creation impossible.
Small Business:The website builder allows starting quality business projects – there are multiple business templates, industry-specific widgets, advanced Ascend platform and other features that contribute to the impressive result.With Google Sites, you can run a simple business website. The system has several business themes to choose from and it also allows integrating widgets for proper business website performance.
Pricing:Wix has a free unlimited subscription and two groups of plans for Standard and Business/eCommerce websites. Their cost starts with $13/mo.Google Sites is a free website builder, which allows connecting a domain at no cost at all.
SEO:The website builder comes with the high end SEO Wiz tool that simplifies the process of SEO optimization and provides useful guidelines on how to make the process even more effective.The website builder offers poor SEO optimization options. It lets you specify your website title and URL only. That’s it.
Customer Support:Impressive Knowledge Base, ticketing system, VIP priority supportBuilt-in Help Section with a detailed website editing guide, useful Help Center, feedback forms with automated screenshot inclusion

Comparison Conclusion: Which One Is Better?

Which option – Wix or Google Sites – is a more preferable web design solution and for whom? Both website builders make it possible to create and publish websites. However, the approaches they use, the feature sets and the major system parameters let us clearly realize that the systems differ a lot. Even the comparison of the options of free versions makes Wix a more preferable variant for all user categories. This is not to mention the advantages provided by the paid plans.

The comparison of these two platforms clearly indicates the winner – Wix. If you still have any hesitations, mind that Google Sites will mostly appeal to those people, who are actively using Google Apps in the team work mode. You can manage the projects and share the best practices in cooperation with your team members here. However, if you intend to create complex commercial websites with advanced performance and unrivaled visual impact, then Wix is undoubtedly the top choice.

Wix vs Google Sites: Which is Better?
  • World-known website builder
  • Wix Ascend platform
  • Wix ADI and standard editor
  • Over 550 free mobile-ready templates
Google Sites
  • Free website builder
  • Limited template choice
  • Integration options
  • Free domain connection

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