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Wix vs Google Sites

As you already know from our in-depth reviews, Wix and Google Sites are designed to do the same thing – help you create a website without coding. The question is, which platform does it best.

In this brief post we’re going to show you the key differences between these website builders for you to see that both are favorable solutions, but for different audiences.

Google Sites

Mission. For those unfamiliar, Google Sites is the reincarnation of Jotspot, a software company that offered structured wiki software to small-sized businesses. Google Sites is mainly used to create corporate websites and intranets where users can easily collaborate on various projects.

Google Sites - Editor

Advantages. The most obvious advantage is the ability to add multiple contributors to your site. The feature set of Google Sites is literally created around cooperation: users can subscribe to site changes, upload files and share them with others, post announcements and more. The builder lets you get behind the scenes and edit some of the HTML codes.

Disadvantages. Google Sites themes are mediocre. It’s difficult to modify them – the builder doesn’t support ‘front-end’ editing. It does support some inline editing, but they make it difficult to customize your site in more substantial ways.

Cost. The site builder is a free app that comes as part of the Google production suite. To get more storage, you must be a paid Google apps user.


Mission. Wix is an established drag-and-drop website builder that caters to a beginner audience. It’s suitable for creating simple business websites, portfolios and webstores.

Wix Editor

Advantages. Wix is a visual platform. You’ll be doing a lot of dragging and inline editing. The builder has its own blogging engine and shopping cart. Wix offers an impressive gallery of free modern templates covering dozens of industries.

Wix Templates

Disadvantages. Wix doesn’t offer any collaboration features. It’s more a static site builder, than an intranet.

Cost. Wix is a freemium web service. There’s a free, ad-supported version and four paid plans ranging from $4.50 to $24.50 a month.

Wix Pricing

With the basic ‘Connect Domain‘ plan you can change the name of your website from system’s ( to your own. But the ad-banner still be there. In order to remove it you should subscribe for the pricier plan – ‘Combo‘ for $8.50/mo.


In order to choose the right website builder you must first define your needs. If you’re looking to create a simple website to cooperate with your colleagues, organize events or share files with family and friends, then Google Sites could be the right choice. But if you plan to create a business website, a blog or a webstore, then Wix is the clear winner.

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  • Lee Hurst

    Well , ok , but this does not cover the new google sites format released to the public in November 2016. Much much more intuitive and responsive. Almost impossible to screw up, although they have taken away a lot of control. Would like to see this updated to cover the new version.

  • Rick Stoneking Sr

    I agree with Lee Hurst, This is an apples to oranges comparison because it doesn’t compare the updated Google Sites version. Can you please update this?