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Wix Templates

When I first encountered Wix, I immediately fell in love with the diversity and creativity of the available website templates. Being a platform that puts visual impression and style first, Wix offers hundreds of templates in a long list of categories, ranging from Business & Services to Entertainment, Photography and Creative Arts. No matter what type of site you need – be it a one-page site, a portfolio or a store – they’ve got you covered!

Choosing a template is the first step to building your site with Wix. Hopefully, this article will give you a better understanding about Wix website templates and their pros and cons. So, let’s start with the disadvantages and leave the positive for last 😉 . 

Several things to note

You can’t combine different Wix templates. You can’t switch templates midway through the editing process, so make sure you choose the right theme from the start. If your first choice of template isn’t right, and modifying it isn’t enough, you can start a new website, using a new template.

If you already have a published premium website that needs a redesign, you can give it a new look through creating a new website and transferring your premium account to this site. Unfortunately, you’ll have to manually transfer your content. There’re no mechanisms to do that automatically.

The positive

Modern trends. New Wix templates are designed and added to the library on a monthly or so basis. Most recent templates feature some of the hottest web design trends and features, like:

  • long-scrolling homepages with anchor links;
  • vertical menus;
  • hamburger menus;
  • ghost buttons;
  • hero headers;
  • card style layout and more.

Wix templates

Customizability. All of the Wix templates are created as design guidelines, so the way they look when you get them from Wix is just the beginning. These can be completely customized to meet your personal needs. You can change anything – pictures, backgrounds, buttons, fonts and colors getting them to look exactly the way you want, using the builder’s drag-and-drop editor.

Wix editor

Unlike Yola and Weebly which follow the ‘box model’ editing principle, Wix relies on absolute positioning. This approach makes it possible for users to place site elements literally anywhere on the page. This model gives full creative freedom, yet makes it impossible to switch templates in the long run. Those site builders that use the box model let you switch templates any time.

Mobile look. Each Wix website is automatically converted to a mobile-friendly site – the system takes your site’s design and content and makes it bigger, easier to read and more user-friendly. Users can choose to enable or disable the mobile view.

Wix Mobile View

Important: the mobile and desktop versions of your site represent different viewing modes of the same site. In other words, these aren’t separate sites. However, while editing your mobile site doesn’t affect your desktop site, changes made to your desktop view will affect your mobile-friendly version.

You can see the automatically generated mobile view of your future website when choosing a template.

Blank templates. While beginners prefer to start with a ready template, Wix pro users and those who know exactly what they want to build, can choose to build a site from scratch or using a blank layout.

Blank templates

Inspire yourself

Whether you’re going to build a site from scratch or using a ready template, we recommend that you spend some good amount of time on research to see what’s trending and what’s not, and to see best practices.

Check out our collection of sites built using Wix blog templates, Wix-based portfolio sites and Wix webstores to see what makes these sites a success, and think about adopting their best features in your own website.

Another great place to get inspired is the official collection of Wix-based sites. It contains miscellaneous Wix samples, both free and premium, so that you can see what your site will look like when published. Each featured website has a link to the template it’s based on.

Wix get inspired

There’s no denying that I’m a Wix fan. I honestly feel their designs are gorgeous compared to the competition. Wix’s designers are doing a great job of attracting new users with their ultra modern themes.

Of course, the benefits are never the full story, and there are many inconveniences associated with Wix templates, with the inability to switch themes being the most common complaint. But if these aspects aren’t decisive for your site, Wix can be a great home for your web presence.

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