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Wix Portfolio Examples

When it comes to online portfolios, it’s not just the examples of work that need to impress your potential clients, but it’s also the way they’re presented. The good news is you don’t have to be a coding champion to show your creativity and innovative thinking. With so many code-free tools like Wix, Weebly or uKit, you can create a beautiful portfolio without any coding knowledge.

We handpicked some Wix-based portfolio examples for you to see how real DIY websites look like. Be inspired and inspire others!

Example 1: Lexi Corn

Inbetween managing creative teams, concepting various campaigns and writing scripts, Lexi Corn found the time to create this beautiful portfolio website A great example of a well-designed portfolio that shows a number of projects she’s worked on. Simple, but effective.

Lexi Corn

The website initially catches the attention of users by the bright and a bit unexpected combination of colors. The site looks quite simple at first sight, but it involves a number of design elements that focus the attention of a visitor on the author’s messages. The portfolio itself also stands out in the crowd due to the captivating video presentations, images and detailed description of each work.

For those, who are interested in the portfolio and wish to get in touch with the owners of the website, the “Contact” section is available at the home page. There is also a chance to download the author’s resume in case of necessity. This is undoubtedly a notable benefit for the employers looking for skillful and creative people.

Example 2: Patrick Thomas Parnell is an illustrators website. Patrick Thomas Parnell based in Sarasota, FL. Patrick’s inspiring portfolio reflects his passion for comics and illustration. This well-structured website will give you a sense of the author’s brilliant work.

Patrick Thomas Parnell

The website is a great portfolio sample created on the basis of the Wix platform. The major design element that attracts the attention of each user right from the start is the background, which involves the works of the author mixed in quite an unusual way.

If you are are interested in further information about the owner of the website and his works, there is an impressive main menu, consisting of 8 points. An extraordinary and remarkable example of the portfolio site that is definitely worth the attention!

Example 3: Stephen Peck – website, based on the same template as Patrick’s is. But it looks totally different. We love the high-quality fullscreen background image featuring an actual project completed in Miami, and the use of complementing colors.

Stephen Peck

The only look at the website gives the user an idea of its conception. More detailed info is available in the menu provided on the top of the home page. The menu consists of 7 sections, including “Home”, “About”, “Built”, “Landscape”, “Conceptual”, “Awards/Publications” and “Contact”.

Each section focuses on a particular aspect of the author’s creative work and provides the samples by means of using a convenient slider option. This makes the website browsing process entertaining and understandable. These characteristics are more than enough to conclude that the website is a successful portfolio sample created with Wix.

Example 4: Steven Weathers is a website of the American TV presenter in Shanghai who currently hosts two weekly shows. The portfolio shows just how important visuals are within the TV industry. Most sections are bilingual.

Steven Weathers

There is no need to browse through the website looking for the information about its owners. Everything you might need is at your disposal right at the home page. This is where you will find exhaustive information about the owner of the site, his detailed biography facts, personal photo gallery, contact form, charity work, links to Steven’s shows, interviews etc.

The design of the site looks quite complicated at first sight, but it is still developed with users’ convenience and ease of use in mind. Due to Wix website builder, the most important facts are gathered all in one place!

Example 5: Dustin Laurenzi

The high-quality fullscreen background on website not only immediately tells the nature of his talent, but also shows his capabilities as a web designer. Clean and minimalist, the website focuses attention on the most important things.

Dustin Laurenzi

The website is created on the basis of the Wix platform in the best traditions of contemporary website building. This is more than an ordinary portfolio, but the informative resource, which contains the exhaustive facts about the owner of the website, the photo gallery, the discography of the musician, his videos and contact info.

The availability of the personal blog of the author gives the site the finished look and contributes to its functionality. This website is a superb example of the well-implemented idea developed with Wix.

Example 6: Essentia Productions features a long-scrolling homepage that immediately catches your attention and guides you from one element to another making perceiving their content a pleasant experience. The homepage serves as a welcome page, an about us page and even a gallery.

What we love most about this website is the designer’s meticulous attention to detail. Check out how they formatted the feedback form:

Essentia Productions

What we love most about this website is the designer’s meticulous attention to detail. Check out how they formatted the feedback form. Special attention should be given to the way the photo and video galleries are organized.

Each user is given a chance to look through the samples of works of the owners of the site to see their merits and the level of professionalism that helps bring any story to life. This portfolio website developed at Wix platform deserves recognition and attention of the users looking for the top-notch video, photo and web solutions.

Example 7: HYBRIDa Architecture shows the typical way of displaying thumbnail galleries. Check out their Projects page where all photos are placed against a light background, what makes each piece pop out of the page. The website has a unified look thanks to the consistency of colors, fonts and other elements.

Hybrid Architecture

The only thing that, in my opinion, needs improvement, is their homepage. The homepage features a colorful fullscreen photo that makes other elements get lost in it. The rest of the design elements are quite okay. They help underline the major idea of the site and present the projects of the site’s owners in the most favorable and easy to understand way.

Every single project comes with the detailed description meant to reveal its essence and the slider photo gallery for the enhanced effect and better understanding of the design idea. All in all, this is a nice sample of the business portfolio website professionally created with Wix!

Example 8: Karlie Kloss is a website belonging to Karlie Kloss – a supermodel and an entrepreneur. This is a harmonious combination of a promo site and a portfolio, revealing all the required into about the author.


The design and the layout of the website is what catches the attention of users from the first seconds of visiting it. It’s easy to scroll down and browse a website to view the info about Karlie and some of her most successful works. Those, who are interested in viewing the entire portfolio, can get access to it directly from the home page.

The colourful photos effectively stand out against the white background of a website. The hidden menu does not distract a user from the website content, while the social network buttons are clearly visible in the right part of the homepage. The website is one of the most outstanding samples of portfolios created with Wix.

Example 9: Mystic Magic is a well-thought-out portfolio that reflects Ashley Pearce’s passion for exploring vibrant and colorful concepts, all of which pop against a bright background. The owner of the website is a U.K-based artist who designs and creates masquerade masks, headwear, wedding accessories and clothing.

Mystic Magic

Mystique Magic finds the harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality. The homepage features a slider, customer reviews and an impressive Featured in section that immediately lends credibility with its recognizable logos, including Vogue, Strictly Come Dancing and Schön!, among others.

Mystique Magic store

The website gives users multiple ways to follow the company: visitors can either sign up for Magic’s newsletter or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or YouTube.

We were surprised to see that Mystique Magic’s blog was published on Blogger. Presumably, the company first created this blog and then built a full-featured website. Wix has a decent in-house blogging system which is in our opinion isn’t inferior to what Blogger offers. You may want to check out our collection of Wix-based blogs.

Inbeetween creating his artworks and running the blog, Ashley found the time to add a store section to his website. In fact, there are two ways to buy from Mystique Magic: via the website using Wix’s commerce engine or by clicking on the Etsy banner on the homepage that will take you to the artist’s Etsy store.

Example 10: Clichey is a portfolio website of Jean Baptiste Soulliate – a photographer and artistic director, who focuses on fashion shootings. She has popularized herself as a fashion show photographer, who knows how to reveal all the backstage secrets.


Professionalism of a photographer is masterfully realized through the website design and structure. Everything you see at the homepage is a full-screen slider providing access to the portfolio. The “See Now” button will redirect you to the detail photo reportages of the author. The menu is short and precise here, but this is exactly what you need to have a look at the photos taken by Jean Baptiste Soulliate.

There is a “Contacts” section, where different ways to get in touch with the photographer (including social networks) are enlisted. The website ensures quick and easy navigation as well as pleasant interface, which is valued by the users to the advantage.

Example 11: Julia Kodl Art is a website of Julia Kodl – California-based artist who used Wix to create an online portfolio that reflects not only her skills and talents, but also her personality. Julia has a superpower to capture nature in her watercolor paintings.


The design of the website is minimalistic, simple and very elegant at the same time. The slider demonstrating the samples of Julia’s works contrasts with the white background of the home page and contributes to the better understanding of her job.

The site comes with a personal owner’s blog and the incorporated Etsy Shop, where you will not only have a chance to purchase one of the masterpieces painted by the owner of the site, but will also look through the author’s bio and customer reviews.

The Contact section offers several links to the social accounts of the artist to simplify the communication process. These are only a few features that make this portfolio website stand out in the crowd!


Creating a successful portfolio is easier than you think! All you need is to pick a code-free site builder that will let you focus on the visual side of things, rather than technicalities.

Keep it simple, easy-to-navigate, creative and remember to integrate some of the trending web design features; push your best content to the front and make it easy for you prospective clients to contact you. That’s it!

Are you a Wix user? Then share with us your experience!

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