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Wix Launches ADI

Wix is eager to announce the launch of a new feature aimed at simplifying the web design process.

From now on, there will no longer be the need to undergo the complicated and challenging web development procedure that will take much time and effort. With an innovation offered by Wix, website creation becomes simple and fast.


The feature we are talking about is known as Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, or Wix ADI! What does it imply?

Artificial Design Intelligence is a new approach to website creation that is aimed at developing unique and stunning websites that never look the same. Users, who register with the platform, just need to choose the type of a website they are going to create and answer a few simple questions the system needs to choose and offer the most suitable website design solutions.


Having learned special preferences and business or personal needs of a user, the system will further choose between billions of possibilities, options and combinations to match the best design and content elements. Lots of combinations, images, color schemes, layouts, texts etc. are at users’ disposal here.

The result won’t be slow to arrive – in just a few minutes the system will offer the sample of a website design and the most relevant content users can further customize to their liking.

Wix ADI is now available for some website templates, like Business, Blog, Portfolio&CV and some others. If you want to see what are websites built with Wix, you may check for our handpicked collection.

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