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Wix Events vs Eventbrite: Which Is Better?

Wix Events vs Eventbrite: Which Is Better?

Wix Events and Eventbrite are two web design solutions used for the same purpose: creation and management of event websites. Regardless of the common application objective, the systems have notable distinctions in their integrated functionality, design customization options, pricing policy and other aspects.

Wix Events is a full-featured Wix application available for connection in the App Market. The widget lets you start an event project to provide your guests/business partners with useful information about the upcoming occasion, sell tickets online and control your event organization with no hassle at all. Eventbrite is a specialized event website builder, the only purpose of which is event planning and management. The system lets you organize and control several events at a time, managing them with regard to your needs.

Website Builders Comparison Chart

Our score:          
Best for:Event website creationDevelopment and management of event projects
Easiness:Very easyStandard
Templates:Free, mobile-ready event templatesVersatile event themes
Technical Support:Rich knowledge base, ticketing system, VIP and phone supportHelp Center, phone and online support
Blogging:Powerful built-in blogging platformNo
SEO Options:Extensive SEO featuresStandard SEO parameters
Pricing:Free to $49/moFixed cost for tickets sold within each plan
More info:Wix Review →

Despite this common goal, the systems don’t have much in common as their parameters and integrated functionality differ a lot as well. Which of these platforms works best for the development and customization of your event project? Which of them has more to offer and which of them deserves user attention most? Read on the comparison to find that out right away.

Wix Events vs Eventbrite: General Overview

Wix Events vs Eventbrite: General Overview

Wix Events is a web application available for free download and integration in Wix App Market. The widget lets you plan your event with all the details and special nuances in mind. Whether you are an entrepreneur planning your company meetup or a pop/rock start willing to organize a stunning concert, the app will let you do that with ease.

This is a kind of a one-stop-shop for everyone, looking for an opportunity to plan and manage an exciting and attention-grabbing event. Currently, the app has been used to start over 759,774 web projects, which already speaks in favor of its credibility and reputability.

Eventbrite is a global platform, which stands out from the crowd due to its powerful event creation and management focus. This specialized website builder makes it possible to create, manage, customize and share all types of commercial and non-commercial events, tackling the most detailed aspects.

Thus, it is possible to create official event websites here (fundraising campaigns, marathons, community rallies, music festivals, business meetups etc.) as well as personal events (gaming projects, contests, competitions, parties, etc.) with the platform. According to statistics, Eventbrite has already been used to launch 40,569 projects and their number keeps increasing these days.

Wix Events and Evenbrite are both used to start and customize different types of event websites. The systems are worth user attention due to their strong focus and powerful integrated functionality. Wix Events, however, currently enjoys greater popularity with the target audience, which is clearly manifested in the number of projects started with the system by this time.

Wix Events vs Eventbrite: Which One Is Easier to Use?

Wix Events vs Eventbrite: Which One Is Easier to Use?

Wix Events is quite easy-to-use and convenient for everyone, irrespective of the web design skills and expertise you possess. To host your event with the website builder, you won’t require any coding proficiency as the system will guide you through all the steps with minimum time/effort investment. Just reach the App Market, find and activate the widget and access the dashboard to add your online event.

Wix Events

To do that, reach the Events tab, fill out the General Info section, provide the required data (event date, type, name, time etc.). Do not forget to make the timezone visible so that international users could understand when your event will take place. Then pick one of the provided locations (either physical or online) and enter the required info. That’s all about your event completion. What you need to do next is to add tickets (if you plan to sell them) and inform your invited guests about the event. Mind that you can make all the edits when required to provide users with updated info only. This is easy, quick and intuitive for everyone.

If there is anything you don’t understand about the process of event website creation, Wix customer support team is always at your disposal. You can browse the extensive Knowledge Base to find answers to your questions, use the ticketing system to connect with the system experts via the live chat. VIP subscribers can count on first-priority assistance, when required.

Eventbrite is a comprehensive event planning platform, which ensures an intuitive design customization process. The system grants access to multiple tools and features that are a must, when it comes to the project creation process. It takes some time to get used to the platform’s dashboard as it is oversaturated with niche settings and parameters.

eventbrite dashboard

What you need to get started here is to register with the system and answer a couple of questions the system needs to find out more about your web design proficiency level and the event you are going to run. As soon as you do that, the system will offer to fill out the fields regarding your event details (name, type, date, time, organizer etc.). Then you will need to customize your online event page, create and add tickets and go live with your project. That’s not quite difficult at all, although, inexperienced users may encounter problems throughout the process.

Eventbrite customer support is less powerful and versatile as compared to that offered by Wix. There is a Help Center you can reach to find answers to the most widespread questions. Phone and online support are available here as well. This should help you plan and manage your special event from the moment of registration and listing completion up to website promotion and fundraising. All the steps are completed in the single dashboard, which lets you control them and make the edits on time.

As to the ease of use, Wix Events is simpler and more understandable for all users, irrespective of their web design expertise level. The application ensures an intuitive approach to the web development process, making the process of project creation simple and hassle-free for everyone.

Wix Events vs Eventbrite: Flexibility and Functionality

Wix Events vs Eventbrite: Flexibility and Functionality

The fact that Wix Events and Eventbrite are created with the same objective in mind, means that both systems deliver exceptional event creation/management functionality. However, the platforms still have a number of distinctions that may affect users’ choice. So, which of them has more to offer in terms of design, functionality and flexibility? What features do they share and what parameters make them stand out from the crowd? To find answers to these and other questions, it makes sense to compare their parameters now.

Event Management

Wix Events makes it possible to create and manage your event (or several of them) directly from your website dashboard. This is the place, where you can access the integrated events manager to handle your events. It is possible to create separate pages for all events to tell more about them. You can pick from multiple impressive layouts, editing them with regard to your needs. What’s more, you can add tickets, control your guest-related information and other features here. That’s convenient and very simple.

wix events dashboard

What’s more, Wix Events allows boosting customer engagement rate by creating email campaigns with new templates available. Website visitors can also make use of Wix Shared Gallery feature to like and share photos/videos/tags available on the website. To make your event website accessible by international guests, you can use Wix Multilingual tool to translate it into the required language.

Eventbrite focuses exclusively on event website creation. The website builder lets you create any number of events you need, managing them from a single dashboard. The system delivers an extensive set of event-related features required to start, manage and promote your project. These include automated reminders, ticket creation, bar-code scanning, custom venue map generation, automated website promotion, fundraising and crowdfunding, online payment acceptance, integrated reporting and analytics, group registration, seating reservation options and many more.

When it comes to event management, both systems have much to offer as they are geared towards this very purpose. Wix still ensures more convenience, simplicity and functionality, making it possible even for a non-techie to launch a quality event website.

Booking Engine

Wix Events allows creating tickets for your special event. This is done by means of using the integrated Tickets API available in the dashboard. Just reach the corresponding section in the event manager, adjust the price and number of your tickets, the available cost limits if any, connect a payment method to manage your transaction in one place etc. It is also possible to add tax values to tickets and even sell them after the event starts to let more users attend it.

wix events tikets

When creating a ticket, you can personalize it online by entering individual ticket details for each guest during the registration process. This complex of measures ensures smooth and hassle-free process of ticket purchasing for your guests. As soon as the guests sign up, they will receive the printable version of the tickets they have bought online to be able to have them at hand.

Eventbrite comes with the integrated ticket booking engine as well. The system offers robust ticketing solutions required to set up and sell tickets to in-person and virtual events. It’s up to you to add and customize the tickets, embed the available checkout options, create email campaigns, set up the prices etc.

As to the ticketing solution, Wix Events and Eventbrite make it possible to create and sell tickets via your website. It’s up to you to offer as many tickets for sale as required and to manage/customize them with regard to your needs.


Wix Events comes with the integrated RSVP feature that lets you track your guests list information and their special preferences. What’s more, you will also be able to keep your event details organized without the need to search for this info elsewhere. Apart from that, it is possible to manually add guests to your list, when required, irrespective of the RSVP data provided. This helps keep track of your guests directly from your Wix dashboard.

Eventbrite also lets you track your guest attendance via integrated RSVP tool. This is a nice option to stay connected with your event members, getting the feedback from them.the feature will especially come in handy in situations, when the guest list is long and it may be difficult for you to keep everything under control.

When it tackles the RSVP option, it is a must for any event website. Fortunately, both Wix Events and Eventbrite make it possible to track guest-related information, granting access to the integrated RSVP tool.

Third-Party Integrations

Wix Events lets you get the most out of your event website performance by means of integrating with third-party services. Some of the most popular platforms the system integrates with include Constant Contact, Dropbox Business, Facebook, Google Analytics, MailChimp, PayPal, Twitter and more. Additionally, Wix Events allows tracking your website performance with a high end Analytics Alert feature that will send you email notifications each time a significant change is observed on your site. Finally, the app seamlessly integrates with YouTube and Zoom that lets you host and broadcast your event online when required to maximize the attendance.

Eventbrite is rich in third-party integrations as well. The website builder currently offers the following list of platforms the system can integrate with. These include: Facebook, MailChimp, Dropbox, Google Apps, Salesforce, Twitter, Zoho and Microsoft Dynamics to mention a few.

Speaking about integration options, Wix Events has prevalence over its competitor. The app makes it possible to integrate with more platforms. This eventually results in better performance of your project upon its publication.

Design Customization

Wix Events allows picking and customizing quality event templates available in the rich collection of Wix website builder. It’s up to you to create and customize dedicated event pages here, namely the Event Details page and the Registration Form page. The Event Details page is optional and it provides your guests with all the event-related data (event name, time, description, location, About Us info etc.).

wix events templates

The Registration Form page snakes it possible to register for the event, using the RSVP feature. To customize each of these pages, you should reach the website dashboard and use the tools available there.

Eventbrite has a set of integrated event templates provided by default. Thus, there is no need to choose a special theme for your website as the system pics the best option for you. What you need to do is to create and customize the event, assign the required parameters, add event details (name, description, images/videos, media files, text etc.), create/customize tickets etc.

Design customization options are quite standard in both systems. While Wix Events makes it possible to choose and customize two types of pages for your event website, Eventbrite provides niche templates and layouts by default. This somewhat restricts freedom of design customization.

Wix Events vs Eventbrite: General Pricing Comparison

Wix Events vs Eventbrite: General Pricing Comparison

Wix Events is a free widget. It is available for download and installation in Wix App Market. Connecting it takes a few minutes only and it does not require any coding proficiency to do that at all. However, the use of the app implies a 2.5% service fee on ticket sales. The final cost will depend upon the number of tickets sold. To start selling tickets, you will have to upgrade to a Business Premium Plan. Mind that when receiving the payments from customers, the payment provider you cooperate with will additionally charge a processing fee. This does not include the standard service fee.

Eventbrite has a free plan for users, who plan to create and offer free tickets. If you intend to start an event website to sell tickets, you’ll have to choose from three paid options. These include Essentials, Professional and Premium. The plans differ with regard to their integrated functionality and services provided. The major difference between them is in the cost of paid tickets, which is calculated per one item.

In terms of pricing, Wix Events is definitely more affordable. The widget is completely free as opposed to Eventribte, which charges fees depending upon the cost of each ticket.

Wix Events vs Eventbrite: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

Wix Events vs Eventbrite: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

Wix Events allows for quality search engine promotion of projects created with the website builder. This is because Wix is a SEO-friendly system, which lets you utilize the power and functionality of its integrated SEO Wiz tool. The feature guides you through all the steps of the website promotion process, providing helpful guidelines and tips. There is even a checklist of steps that are a must for quality optimization of your event website.

wix seo

With Wix, you can edit your web page URL, fill out meta tags (titles, descriptions), assign ALT tags to images etc. Wix Events also makes it possible to use the integrated SEO Patterns tool to optimize your project SEO titles, descriptions and other parameters across your events pages at a time.

Eventbrite makes it possible to optimize your website for the search engines. This can be done by sticking to guidelines available in the SEO Cheat Sheet for Events. To download the guide, the system will offer you to fill out the corresponding form. Apart from providing general info and tips on effective website optimization, the guide will help you fill out the required settings to make your own project rank high in the search engine results.

Speaking about SEO, Wix Events has more to offer due to the integrated SEO Wizard the system provides by default. By using it, you will be able to fill out your event website SEO settings to ensure its high search engine ranking. Eventbrite somewhat lags behind Wix Events in this respect.

Key Differences Between Wix Events and Eventbrite

Wix EventsEventbrite
Ease of Use:Wix Events is an application included into the system’s App Market. It is quite easy to work with as it is connected and managed with a few clicks only. It does not imply any coding awareness at all.This is a specialized event website builder, which is used for the only purpose – creation of personal/business event projects. The system is quite simple, yet it takes some time to get used to its niche features.
Functionality:The app works great for quality development and customization of event websites. It abounds in niche features, settings and tools, which contributes to professional creation of event projects (booking engine, event management options, RSVP etc.).The website builder comes with an impressive set of event-related features and tools. These include event management options, client-focused settings, ticketing/booking engine etc.
Design:Wix has a collection of free mobile-ready event templates, while the app itself allows creating and customizing two types of pages for any event project – Event Details and Registration Form pages.Eventbrite offers pre-designed responsive event templates by default. The choice of design customization tools is available here as well.
Pricing:Wix Events is a free application everyone can choose, download and install without any hidden fees at all. However, it charges an extra 2.5% fee for the tickets sold.Eventbrite has a free plan for users planning to offer free tickets. There are also 3 premium subscriptions, the cost of which differs with regard to the price of tickets offered.
SEO:Wix Events boasts an advanced SEO Wiz tool, which simplifies the process of website SEO optimization and generates useful guidelines on how to effectively complete the task.Eventbrite makes it possible to use its SEO Cheat Sheet for Events to find out general SEO info and optimize your project for the search engines.
Customer Support:Impressive Knowledge Base, VIP priority support, ticketing system.Help Center, phone and online support.

Comparison Conclusion: Which One Is Better?

When setting up a professional event website, it is a must to pick a quality web design platform. With such an extensive selection of systems, this may pose a problem not only to newbies, but also to experienced web developers. This is where the choice between Wix Events and Eventbrite will be useful.

Wix Events is a free full-featured widget, which is available in Wix App Market. Everyone can download and integrate it into a ready-made website to present and popularize the required event with maximum efficacy and no programming skills required. The application abounds in niche-specific features that lets you get the most out of your event website functionality.

Eventbrite is a specialized event website builder, which allows creating versatile feature-rich projects for personal and business use. The platform provides an exhaustive set of tools and features that make it possible to start and run small-to-large event websites.

When comparing the systems, it becomes obvious that both of them allow for event project development and customization. Wix Events, however, is a more preferable solution, especially for non-techies. Along with distinctive event-related functionality, the app ensures impressive ease-of-use, powerful project promotion features and high end customizability. This is exactly what a quality event website requires.

Wix Events vs Eventbrite: Which Is Better?
  • Wix Events application
  • Distinctive event-related functionality
  • No coding required
  • Absolutely free to use
Wix Events vs Eventbrite: Which Is Better?
  • Specialized event website builder
  • Powerful set of event-related features
  • Integrated booking engine
  • ree plan and paid subscriptions

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