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Wix eCommerce Examples

Wix has its own eCommerce system that lets you add a beautiful, customizable online store to your Wix website. Wix eCommerce is quite flexible: it supports multiple payment methods like PayPal and Webmoney, lets you import your entire online store to Facebook and enable various eCommerce-related applications, such as Gift Cards, Sellfy (an app allowing to sell downloads) and more.

Wix online shop comes as part of the Wix’ ‘eCommerce’ and ‘VIP’ Packages ($16.50mo – $24.50/mo; billed annually).

Besides reviews, there’s another great method to see and feel how Wix eCommerce really works – view Wix eCommerce examples. Thankfully, the builder showcases its clients’ works on their official site so that you can easily browse through them.

We have carefully handpicked some of the best examples:

Example 1: Piece of History

Established in 2009, is a Tel-Aviv-based design studio focused on creating history-related toys, prints and T-shirts. The main goal of the studio is to create cool, modern gifts that take Israeli and Jewish folklore to a new era.

Piece of History - screenshot

Although the website accommodates a lot of content, it looks clean and nice. In terms of design, the timeless black-and-white color scheme is used giving an impression of minimalism and elegance. The slider on the main screen is certainly eye-catching – I watched it three times. It is accompanied by the promo code below, which is a good marketing trick aimed to engage website visitors into selling process right from the start.

Example 2: Zattaro is a footwear company with a strong philosophy. The company adopted a social model focused on empowering craftswomen through a job, capacity training, and education. Every shoe they sell is handcrafted by Bolivian hands.

Zattaro - screenshot

The first screen features the slider which stretches to the full width. Considering that there is no responsive design, it may cause some difficulties for mobile users. Another disadvantage of Zattaro is that it lacks a custom domain name and is built upon the Wix’s subdomain. In terms of search rankings this is certainly a drawback. It seems like the website could be a little bit more visually attractive and informative as well.

Example 3: HollyAnna is an online interiors and gifts shop founded and operated by Holly Stott. Along with gifts and furniture made by herself, she showcases pieces she handpicked from around the world.

HollyAnna - screenshot

The shop’s pages wisely utilize a lot of white spaces, allowing the visitors to concentrate on the goods and items on sale instead of paying attention to the decoration elements. The overall aesthetic here is clean, structured, and minimalist. The tile layout keeps the user scrolling down scanning for items of interest.

Example 4: HabiCat produces and sells unique wall mounted shelving units for cats. HabiCat is an environmentally conscious product: the founders of the company use biodegradable plastic bags, recyclable packing material, and water-based stains.

HabiCat - screenshot

HabiCat’s color scheme is based on 3 main colors: white, grey, and green. This creates an impression of freshness and unity. The consistency of all your elements, including typography and spacing across the whole site also adds up to the general concept of coherence and structure. Although the selling point is great, there are only three products available on display at this shop. Given this, a layout of a simple one-page website would seem more appropriate.

Example 5: Warspec Golf Co. is a brand that brings functional style to the game of golf. We know it’s hard to make your store look interesting when you’re selling just one product (the company mainly produces alignment chips), but Warspec Golf Co. is doing it brilliantly. Their secret?

Warspec Golf Co - screenshot

They keep things simple – they use white background, high-quality visuals, and simple navigation.The catalog features only 14 items so there is no need to divide them into categories. Even though the whole concept of the website is minimalist, there’s a nice touch of adding animation effects to the main screen. Animations are no longer a surprise in web design, but this one is definitely a successful implementation of this trend.

Example 6: The Original Tea Towel Co. is a family-run business that produces and sells a wide range of tea towels, including the ones with personolized prints. With a story behind the brand, the tea towel becomes more than just a piece of cloth. I must say that the owners of the website are doing a great job at highlighting the original idea behind their products and here’s why.

The Original Tea Towel Co. - screenshot

This website can be a perfect example of how you can build your eCommerce website using Wix. The first thing that catches attention is the creativity of the top menu, which is visualized in the form of tea towels that have been washed and hung along the line to dry. Each tea towel (menu entry) represents a manufacturer and takes the user to the corresponding catalog. The bottom menu finishes the composition as the menu blocks use the same font and style.

Example 7: Bensimon Boutique is a Wix-powered eCommerce website that is founded and owned by Tanya Hamersfeld, who comes from a family of jewelers. The design of the site reflects iеs essence and mission – selling contemporary jewellery with a playful twist.

Bensimon Boutique - screenshot

Just as each piece of jewellery displayed in the E-Boutique section is luxurious and exclusive, each page of the website features trendy and stylish design. Its black and white general color scheme is masterfully created to point out the beauty of colorful images of jewellery items from the Bensimon collection.

A detailed pop-up menu found at the top of the home page, informative Contact section, integrated online boutique, social networking widget and availability to browse the site choosing one of the languages offered, make the resource stand out of the crowd!

Example 8: Amoodz is an eCommerce website, which was professionally developed by Wix website builder. The site is created with regard to the contemporary web design ideas and trends. It has everything a visitor needs to get excited to keep browsing through the site and choose one of the most exclusive and luxurious pieces of jewellery a visitor needs.

Amoodz - screenshot

The design of the website looks quite simple, but elegant and stylish at the same time. The site is created in French, so, it’s not really convenient for an English-speaking visitor to browse through it. This, however, does not prevent the users from evaluating the jewelry collection of the website, which comes with high-quality photos and videos that demonstrate its exquisiteness. A nice example of an eCommerce website!

Example 9: Small Change Finery is an online shop, which is located in New Orleans and was created on the basis of Wix website builder. The website offers exclusive earrings, necklaces and bracelets for sale.

Small Change Finery - screenshot

The design of this eCommerce website corresponds to the ideas and messages of the online shop and features somewhat aggressive but attention-grabbing look. The light brown home page comes with high quality photos that demonstrate the beauty and authenticity of the items offered for sale here and has the Shop Now button, which encourages a visitor to keep browsing through the website. The integrated social networking widget allows the owners of the site to stay connected with their clients round the clock.

Example 10: Andrea Miranda Salas is a website of the product designer of adornment and architectural objects based in Brooklyn, New York. She is passionate about materials, techniques and craftsmanship, which you can see from the very first look at her website.

Andrea Miranda Salas - screenshot

The signature feature of this website is the use of white spaces and high-quality images, allowing the content and the users’ eyes room to breathe. Another interesting element is a fixed navigation bar that scrolls down a page with you and allows for interaction when clicked. The only thing moving are the items that you can buy. Stylish and clean, this is one of the best example websites on the list.

Example 11: Beacha Swimwear is an online shop where you can buy that perfect swimsuit you’ve been looking for for years. Only for women and only one-piece ones. Nowadays those are highly popular and there are lots of different models presented.

Beacha Swimwear - screenshot

What captivates the audience and pulls them into the Beacha’s brand story in truly amazing ways are the parallax technique with really beautiful beach pictures, elegant animation effects, and the floating bar with social buttons. In combination, these make it look like images and texts are floating on top of the background, adding an element of interactivity to the user experience. Thumbs up, Beacha girls!

Example 12: Lefaye Products

Founded by the mother and daughter, Jennifer and Morgan Keitt, is a company dedicated to providing women with top quality products that simplify and enrich their daily routine.

Lefaye Products - screenshot

Although a black-and-white color pallet may seem overused, it appears to be a perfect fit for LeFaye Products. On one hand, it shows a certain amount of high class sense about their cosmetics and on the other, it also has a soothing effect on the visitors eyes. The sophisticated minimalist appearance helps to draw attention to the products on display and prompts to explore them in detail. The only thing I would improve is the assortment. I wish there were more items for the complete look of the catalog.


If you’ve had a chance to follow the links and have a closer look at the example websites featured above, you should have a good idea of an extensive range of possibilities that Wix offers. The design options are really endless and each template can be changed beyond recognition. Everything will depend only on your preferences and aesthetic taste.

Do you know other eCommerce websites built with Wix that are worth featuring? If you have one in mind, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments!

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