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Best Wix Blog Examples

Wix Blogs Examples

There are two main reasons people use the Internet: to share things and to be informed. Thankfully, with modern code-free site builders, you don’t need a programming degree to design your own website and start sharing with others. You just need an interest and passion.

Today, we want to showcase some of the wonderful DIY websites created using Wix website builder. Today’s compilation shows websites with built-in Wix blogs.

Please notice that the screenshots we’ve taken may give you a wrong impression about the whole design of these websites. We recommend that you take a closer look at each website to see their structure, headers, footers and other elements.

1. New Media Institute

New Media Institute

New Media Institute is a website of the NMI (New Media Institute) – a research and fact finding organization, which sees its mission in the improvement of public understanding of issues that tackle the major means of digital communication. The institute extensively cooperates with local and international researches, news media groups, government representatives and industry experts.

The website grants access to multiple stats, facts, analytical data and other info from around the world. This info is conveniently divided into several sections – Research, download Awards, Press, About etc., which are updated on a regular basis, providing the unbiased yet valuable data. There is also an opportunity to request an interview with one of the NMI experts by filling out the Contact Us field. The overall website design is thoroughly thought over to provide convenient web browsing experience. The Search Site feature helps cut down the amount of time needed to find the required info and there is also an opportunity to browse social network account feeds to discover recent news and updates. It goes without saying that this Wix-based website is certainly worth user attention.

2. Mind Heart Space

Mind Heart Space

The only look at Mindheart Space homepage creates soothing and calm impression due to the relaxing seaside video background it contains. The website belongs to Adrienne Lopez, who sees her mission in helping people feel relaxed and supporting their individuality.

The community blog comes with useful articles related to the website topic. It notifies users about the events happening in Adrienne’s life, her vision of the surrounding world, her ideas and special offers for current and potential subscribers. There are the Recent Post and Featured Post Sections with the most interesting articles. The Search by Tags category makes it possible to look for thematic articles by tags, while the extensive Archive offers a list of posts categorized by date. Readers can follow the blog updates in the social networks by joining the groups.

3. Ethel Loves Me

Ethel Loves Me

Ethel Loves Me pesents a range of unique works of art and rarities, many of which are offered in limited editions. The website comes with the eCommerce feature, which offers a variety of original pieces created by Ethel. The blog design is appealing, gentle and a little bit childish, but this creates simple and trusted atmosphere.

The blog section encompasses lots of articles about Ethel, her most popular works and creative ideas. For those readers, who are interested in the author’s creativity, there is the Featured Posts, the Recent Posts and the Archives sections, where they can review the previously published posts. Social network access is also available here to grant an opportunity to follow the news of the blog and the updates as soon as they are published.

4. Riboudin Retreats

Riboudin Retreats

Riboudin Retreats is a France-based residential retreats place, where you can relax and forget about your everyday troubles, practicing yoga, relaxation, meditation and wellbeing.

The blog as well as the website in general looks refreshing and bright, with colorful welcoming photos of the place and the services you can avail there. There are also many informative posts on healthy living, recipes, meditation and other relaxation recommendations. The Archives section, the Featured Posts as well as the Search By Tags features make it possible to find the posts you are interested in with no special effort at all. Do you wish to receive the blog updates? Then subscribe to the website newsletter to stay informed about them. The contacts of the place are available in the footer for quick and convenient access.

5. MikoDesign

Wix Blogs Examples - MikoDesign

MikoDesign is a website of the Rotterdam-based design studio owned and operated by Erika Harberts. Erika really wants to spread creativity amongst her readers. Her blog has a clean look, lets you search by tags and also has Recent posts and Featured posts blocks.

The website features clean, neat and eye-pleasing design. There is nothing that distracts the attention of users here. On the contrary, all the elements are in their places, adding to the ease of search and convenience. This is what makes the site user-friendly and simple to browse through.

The home page does not contain much info about the blog, its owner or the messages she would like to convey. Instead, this information is available in 9 sections of the main menu, which do not include detailed information about the blog only, but also provide video and photo tutorials, articles and contact data. The blog comes with the incorporated online shop, where the best original author’s works are offered for sale. Each of them is available with the high-resolution photo and the description, which adds to the ease of choice. Simple but efficient blog sample created on the basis of the Wix platform!

6. The Scran Line

Wix Blogs Examples - The Scran Line

Anyone on diet, beware of the The Scran Line website; it contains imagery that’s going to make you really hungry! The mouthwatering blog is owned by Nick Makrides, an Australian pastry chef and amateur food photographer. The Scran Line reflects Nick’s passion for food and design and his outstanding capabilities as a photographer.

Nick’s website impresses with attention to details and creative approach. His blog uses an almost ‘classic’, well-known Wix’s blog design, but it’s still incredibly beautiful. What’s the secret? Nick makes use of a white background that winningly emphasizes the delicious imagery. The result is impressive – the blog looks fresh, clean and professional; the position of site elements is well thought-out.

Nick surely knows how to make the most out of Wix. Besides Wix’s blogging capabilities, he uses the gallery feature to showcase his design-related works, a newsletter sign-up form, a contact form and social media integration. The website is branded from the favicon to the footer. Congrats on a beautiful website, Nick!

7. NoraMinno

Wix Blogs Examples - NoraMinno

NoraMinno is a website of a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer based in New York, NY. Her minimalistic blog has clean typography and fresh color palette. It helps her share her passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle.

The first thing that catches that attention of users, who visit this Wix-based blog, is the large slider that features clear high-resolution photos and the texts that encourage visitors to keep browsing through the blog. It seems like all information you may be interested in is found here. The slider may redirect you to any section you need based on the headlines you will see on the photos.

Apart from that, the home page involves the widgets of social networks you can visit to share your ideas and thoughts related to healthy nutrition and way of life with like-minded users. This is very convenient and helps save your time!

8. BezlDesign

Wix Blogs Examples - BezlDesign

What caught our attention about BezlDesign was the generous use of whitespace. They understand that they’re not just giving out info, but looking to turn readers into customers. BezlDesign’s blog has a solid visual structure that provides lots of info without overwhelming the reader.

The blog is created by means of using the benefits provided by the Wix website builder. This is correspondingly reflected in the design of the site. The white background we’ve already talked about effectively points out the merits of Bezl Products. The color palette of the site helps emphasize the effect, thus attracting new customers.

Among the other convenient features, it makes sense to mention the availability of detailed information about the product the blog is devoted to. You don’t have to browse through the site looking for the info you need in other sections. Just scroll down the home page to see the characteristics of the products and the advantages they offer you. If you still have any doubts regarding the purchase, the Customer Review section found in the lower part of the page may help you make the right choice.

9. Black Hound Design Company

Black Hound Design Company

Black Hound Design Company is a website of the US-based company, which manufactures different kinds of furnishings, including custom restaurant furniture, brewery furniture, contract hotel furnishings as well as retail fixtures and display items. The overall website design is simple yet elegant and refined. Each user gets access to the most important and valuable company-related info, including the story of their development, portfolio of commercial and residential projects, product catalogue, warranty issues and other must-have aspects.

Website blog available on a separate page delivers versatile and valuable info about all the nuances that tackle the furniture manufacturing industry. The posts are conveniently subdivided here into categories based on some important criteria. These include Restaurant Furniture, Restaurant Design, Residential Furniture, Meet the Maker etc. The search filter field allows choosing the posts you might be interested in based on specific parameters or search words. User commenting option is also enabled here making it possible for readers to leave their comments, opinions, ideas and suggestions based on the topics of articles they read. This contributes to user communication and helps boost website traffic.

10. Soup Studios

Wix Blogs Examples - Soup Studios

Soup Studios is a professional Wix-powered website that belongs to Derek Edward Pfohl, the experienced restaurant photographer, who has decided to create the site to bring his creativity, logic and soul in one place.

The site looks professional from the very first page, which prohibits the reprint, redistribution or reproduction of the available materials. When you visit the homepage, you are amazed with its design, which looks attention grabbing and comes with a juicy color palette. The prevailing part of the homepage represents a large photo that focuses the attention of users on the topic of the blog and reveals the professionalism of the author right from the start.

The site navigation is easy and understandable, with only 6 main menu sections. This, however, is enough, to get the maximum information about the author and his works. The gallery is represented by two categories depending upon the type of project a user is interested in. All in all, the blog caters to the needs of visitors looking for a qualified photographer! Nice job!

11. Angelina Darrisaw

Wix Blogs Examples - Angelina Darrisaw

AngelinaDarrisaw is a personal website that belongs to Angelina Darrisaw, an international business and career coach, brand ambassador and digital media strategist. She is the founder of C-Suite Coach, a career coaching and content platform providing career and coaching content to people, who need this info.

The site is designed on the basis of the Wix platform and is one of the best samples of blogs available on the web. The design of the homepage adheres to the topic of the site. The elements it involves merge into one single project that represents the author of the site and her professional activity in the most favorable way. The light gray background of the homepage helps focus the attention of users on the photo of the author and information about her.

The homepage includes 7 main menu points listed in the upper part of the page. These are “Home”, “About”, “C-Suite Coach”, “Press”, “Blog”, “Appearances” and “Contact”. Each category abounds in high quality photos, videos, articles and other information a visitor may be interested in. This is quite a successful personal blog sample that will certainly be a success!

12. Jan Avellana

Wix Blogs Examples - Jan Avellana

JanAvellana belongs to the talented artist and writer. The site is named after the author and represents her creativity in the most favorable light.

The blog has distinctive, clear and neat design, with lots of appealing elements that highlight the messages of the author revealed in each post. The white background of the homepage contributes to better visibility of the content. The blog abounds in interesting articles written by Jan Avellana to describe her life and events she has lived through. One of the highlights of the blog is the images and quotes that come with each post and reflect the thoughts of the author in a precise and understandable way.

The author of the blog pays special attention to the timely content updates. The only disadvantage of the blog is small fonts that are barely visible even on the light background of the home page. This complicates the process of reading and may be a serious hinder for some users.

13. Run Culture

Run Culture

Run Culture is a website owned and run by Dane Verwey, who has been a confident and self-confessed running enthusiast for over 20 years. Dane believes that running helps people live full and healthy life and, thus, he encourages others to join his hobby. That’s the reason that made him launch the website that centers around running issues and helps running fans stay connected, supporting and learning from each other.

The website delivers the exhaustive information about running that might be useful and interesting for the enthusiasts. With this purpose, the website author has created several website sections, each of which focus on a certain issue. Thus, you can browse the following pages:About Us, Blog, The Owls, Run Therapy, Members and even Shop. Website design is appealing, intuitive yet quite simple. This contributes to the ease of browsing and ensures maximum user convenience. The predominant background colour is white, which creates soothing impression highlighted by the high-res coloured photos that are somewhat related to running. Website members also have an opportunity to subscribe to the blog updates via email to receive notifications about new articles on time.

14. Talk and Thrive

Talk and Thrive

Talk and Thrive is a website committed to helping parents raise sexual awareness of their children in a correct, healthy and smart way. The owner, the author and the main contributor of the blog is Emi Canahuati – the professional AASECT-certified sexual educator, who has also been a trainer for over 17 years. Apart from providing general information about kids’ sexual education, the website also enlists the services each member can avail/order at the website. There is also an opportunity to sign up for the newsletter to get all the related info on time and watch educational videos that are specially created for children and their parents.

Talk and Thrive Blog, in its turn, is also dedicated to supporting parents in their attempts to provide their kids with proper sex and sexuality – related information. The blog section is regularly updated with new posts that do not only provide high informational value, but are also interesting for kids and adults. There is an opportunity to become a registered website member to be able to leave your comments after you read the articles you are interested in. Another thing that captivates user attention is the fact that each article comes with colored and entertaining photos that add value to the posts they come with.

15. Creative Channel

Creative Channel

Creative Channel is a website of the Strategic Retail Marketing Agency that has over 20 years of expertise in inspiring purchase passion that eventually helps improve people’s lives. They employ their shopper-centric approach, providing the unrivaled insights and data needed to drive their clients’ campaigns and shopping strategies. The website does not only cover the major shopping-related aspects, but also grants access to several important categories, namely Retail Xpert Toolbox, Careers, Client Page as well as Contact Us section.

Apart from availing general info, users get an opportunity to browse the Insights website section, where they can read recent industry-related news, collections of stories, data and Retail Labs Marketplace Reports, which make it possible to create flexible and in-depth understanding of shopping behaviors of users as well as general user retail experience. There is access to multiple posts here, which are updated on a regular basis to provide only recent, up-to-date and truly unbiased information. Creative Channel is a great sample of the Wix-based website that comes with a quality full-featured blog.

Bottom Line

While it can be hard to create a truly unique blog that will be different from the many found online, it’s incredibly easy to start a clean, well-structured blog where all content is presented smartly so reading comes easy for your audience. Colorful headers and custom drawn backgrounds don’t make a good blog. The blog needs a smart visual structure and a profound hierarchy of site elements.

To create an outstanding blog you need fresh ideas and creative approach, however, you don’t need to go to far experimenting with design. Never overcomplicate your site just to make it ‘unique’. Don’t go overboard, keep it simple.


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