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Wix Alternatives

‘Can you recommend a website builder like Wix?’ is one of the most popular questions I get through your comments and Feedback form.

The answer depends on what you mean by ‘like Wix’. Like any other website builder, Wix is a multi-faceted web service that has many aspects: a feature set, tech support, templates, ease-of-use etc. Hence, when saying ‘websites like Wix’, different users may mean different characteristics: while some expect to get hundreds of modern templates, others are looking for a site builder with a library of applications like Wix App Market, or an intuitive drag-and-drop editing environment.

Best Wix Competitors

1uKit$4 to $12/mo
2WeeblyFree to $38/mo
3XPRSFree to $8/mo

Whether you’ve tried Wix and didn’t like it, or want something cheaper, or you just want to compare Wix to the competition, you may take a note of another similar by cost and functionality platforms. Fortunately, the choice is quite extensive and there are several powerful website builders that can be highly competitive to Wix. These services are user-friendly and come with a rich set of features that contribute to the efficacy of the web building process.

If you are right about to start your search, but cannot decide what system exactly you need, it makes sense to explore and test several services at a time to compare their major characteristics. Prior to doing that, however, you might have a desire to check out the comparisons of the most renowned services. Let’s get started then!

The best 3 alternatives to Wix are:

Wix Alternative #1 – uKit


If you’re looking for a Wix alternative that is intended for small businesses and offers fully responsive templates, then uKit is just what you need. The system works well for designing landing pages, promo websites and small business sites, but it is initially created with the needs of entrepreneurs in mind. It has all the required functionality to help users reach this goal. The system allows designing a quality business website, irrespective of the niche you specialize in.

uKit Features

  • Ease Of Use. uKit is the easiest website builder you can find, if you have an idea to launch a business website. The system comes with a drag-and-drop editor and makes it possible to control each step of the web design process in the WYSIWYG mode. There is no need to possess coding skills or web design knowledge to start building quality websites with the system. It has an intuitive dashboard, which is understandable even to newbies. The entire process of building a business website with uKit does not take it longer than a few hours. This is very convenient and simple.

  • uKit Editor

  • Business Focus. uKit is initially meant for small businesses and, thus, offers a rich collection of niche-specific templates. These themes fall into dozens of categories to simplify users’ search. They are responsive by default, which is a benefit in itself. What’s more, the system offers powerful web customization tools required to give a website great look and excellent performance.

  • uKit Templates

  • eCommerce Functionality. uKit offers advanced eCommerce functionality, due to which it is possible to create and manage a small online store in quite a short period of time here. To do that, you can either activate the eCommerce module the system offers or integrate the Ecwid plugin. There is also a possibility to connect PayPal or Wallet One to your uKit web store.

  • External Integration Features. Apart from the built-in functionality, you can additionally integrate external services to your website. This contributes to better website performance and encourages people to use the system. Some of the services you can integrate are CRM, LiveChat, Mailchimp widgets etrc.

uKit Cost

As of today, uKit offers 4 plans. Even though, there is no free plan here, the system still allows testing its features by using a free trial period. The paid plans available today include:

  • Premium ($4/month);
  • Premium+ ($8/month);
  • eCommerce ($9.6/month);
  • Pro ($12/month).

The cost of the paid plans is quite affordable for everyone. They can come up to any expectations, while the feature set provided at this cost is definitely worth that.


If you are looking for a convenient, user-friendly and affordable website builder to create a small business website, then you won’t find a better solution than uKit. The service is easy-to-use and functional. It offers an extensive feature set and flexibility required to gain decent result. Due to the intuitive interface, easy navigation, availability of responsive niche templates and abundance of customization tools, the system is definitely worth the attention of entrepreneurs willing to establish reliable web presence for their businesses.

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Wix Alternative #2 – Weebly

Weebly Alternatives

In some cases, users mean the overall feel of the system: intuitive editor + fresh look + trendy templates + regular updates and releases etc. If that’s the case, the closest Wix alternative, in our opinion, is Weebly. This is a universal website builder, which allows building different types of websites, including promo pages, business websites, portfolios, blogs, landing pages and even online stores. It’s in-browser editor is also based on the WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop principles. It’s intuitive, fast and modern.

Weebly Features

  • Opportunity to Build a Unique Website from Scratch. Weebly makes it possible to create stunning unique websites, which feature advanced functionality. The system offers a set of ready-made templates and powerful customization tools to give a website individual look. The WYSIWYG editor of the service allows controlling each step of the web building process, watching the immediate result. This is convenient for users, who make their first steps in the website building process.

  • Powerful Blogging Options. With Weebly, you won’t face any difficulties when setting up your personal or business blog. The service allows publishing and scheduling posts, selecting social media sharing options even for scheduled articles, specifying meta tags, choosing the most suitable commenting system for your blog users, adding custom headers and footers for your posts etc.

  • Weebly Editor

  • Membership. Weebly offers an advanced Membership feature, which makes it possible to create new users and assign roles to them. This contributes to close cooperation with clients and, thus, ensures decent result. Weebly is, probably, one of those rare modern website builders, which offer such an opportunity.

  • Weebly Members Dashboard

  • eCommerce Functionality. If you are right about to launch an appealing online store, then Weebly is a nice solution to do that. The system makes it possible to create functional web stores almost in no time. It comes with a convenient integrated shopping cart, secure checkout recovery, inventory tracking, convenient product management, powerful filtered product search, modern eCommerce templates, free hosting, advanced search engine optimization, content and eCommerce integration, handy order management tools, versatile payment options and flexible shipping features. Creating eCommerce websites has never been simpler before!

  • Weebly eCommerce

  • Marketing Tools. Weebly offers powerful email marketing tools to help your business grow. These include professional niche templates and layouts, email list building feature, marketing statistics, effective support tools and robust user community. The system also comes with a drag and drop email builder that allows creating impressive emails to drive the attention of prospective clients.
  • Weebly Marketing Tools

Weebly Cost

Weebly has a free never-ending version, which doesn’t have any ad banners. Instead, there is a small Weebly link in the footer, which is not attention-grabbing at all. Additionally, the system has four paid plans. A free plan allows testing the features of the system to find out, whether it meets your needs or not. These are:

  • Starter ($8/month);
  • Pro ($12/month);
  • Business ($25/month);
  • Performance ($38/month).

Each plan comes with a distinct feature set and should be chosen with regard to your needs. The choice should be based upon the number of products you plan to sell, the amount of bandwidth and disk space required, domain connection and email marketing needs.


Weebly is a universal website builder, which makes it possible to create various website types with no hassle at all. The system has an intuitive interface, convenient WYSIWYG editor, drag-and-drop functionality, lots of responsive templates and powerful customization tools to give your website unique look and advanced performance. It is a decent choice for newbies willing to launch decent websites with no coding skills at all as well as for web design pros working on the development of client websites.

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Wix Alternative #3 – IM XPRS


In case your major criteria is ease of use, we would recommend XPRS – its builder at the first blush is very similar to that of Wix. This website builder works great for students and creatives. It comes with a full set of features required to create stunning and visually appealing websites like portfolios, landing pages, promo websites, small eCommerce websites etc. This cloud website builder is very convenient and understandable for everyone and you don’t have to possess specific coding skills to work with it.

XPRS Features

  • Ease of Use. IM XPRS is very easy to use. Absence of coding skills and web design expertise is not a problem here. What you need is to follow the tips and recommendations the system offers and develop a website that meets your needs and requirements. The system provides extensive blogging options, eCommerce functionality, drag-and-drop support, intuitive interface and other features that ensure quick and effective web building process.

  • XPRS Elements Editor

  • Awesome Templates for Creatives. Another feature that makes the system stand out from the crowd is its collection of responsive templates. Whatever mobile devices you and your clients will use to browse a website, it will look stunning by adjusting to different screen sizes and resolutions. The templates are designed by professionals with the needs of creatives in mind.

  • XPRS Templates

  • White Label Feature. IM XPRS is one of those website builders, which provides white labeling options for everyone, who wants to use the system under another brand. There is even a special plan for clients willing to make use of the white label option. This helps build customer trust and boost your business popularity.


One of the major IM Creator (XPRS) advantages is that the system is absolutely free for students, non-commercial projects and creatives. It offers individual domain name connection, unlimited hosting, no system ad banners and other advantages. If you are interested in the eCommerce option, though, mind that this functionality needs a bit of improvement. The money customers pay when shopping at your website get to the XPRS deposit account first and can be transferred to your personal account through PayPal or Wired payment system only once a month. This is a feature that should be obligatory taken into account when choosing the system. All in all IM Creator (XPRS) offers three plans. These are:

  • Free ($0/month);
  • Premium ($8/month);
  • White Label ($350/year).

The White Label Plan works great for resellers and entrepreneurs. It makes it possible for users to get control over the system under their own brand names. Additionally, the plan offers unlimited hosting and an opportunity to launch premium websites.


IM Creator (XPRS) is a simple, convenient and affordable drag-and-drop website builder, which is an ideal solution for creatives, entrepreneurs, students and non-commercial projects. Offering an intuitive interface, a collection of responsive thematic templates, powerful web design customization tools, eCommerce and blogging functionality, white labeling option and other beneficial features, the system is super easy for any user, irrespective of the web building experience and coding skills.

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In order to save your time in looking for the best alternative to Wix, we have grouped main Wix competitors’ advantages and features into this chart. See on it and make choose the website builder that suits you the best.

Alternatives to Wix – Comparison Chart

#NameBest for:Ease of UseFeaturesDesignPrice
1uKitSmall Business Smart blocks – widgets;
Intuitive dashboard;
WYSIWYG editor
Free SSL;
Business Widgets;
SEO Tools
300+ Designs;
Template change;
Parallax scrolling
$4 to $12/mo
Cheaper than Wix
2WeeblyBloggers Drag&Drop Editor;
Block-based system;
Clear dashboard
App store;
Blogging engine;
Responsive themes;
CSS change;
Template change
Free to $38/mo
Expensive than Wix
3XPRSCreative People Polydom technology
Block-based system;
Smart eCommerce;
Scalable website;
White label
Free themes;
Mouse-over effects;
Free icons and fonts
Free to $8/mo
Cheaper than Wix

If you know any other platform that looks and feels like Wix, feel free to share it in comments!

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