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Best Wix Website Examples

Wix Example Websites

Wix has won worldwide popularity as the top all-in-one website builder that boasts an extensive set of high end tools and options. The platform allows creating different types of projects, utilizing the power of its integrated features. Drag-and-drop editor, hundreds of stunning customizable and free templates, tons of powerful apps, mobile editor, secure hosting, advanced Wix ADI tool – this is an incomplete set of highlights the website builder has in stock!.

Users who are uncertain about choosing Wix to create their sites are often interested in seeing some real sites designed with this site builder before making their decisions, so today we take a look at different Wix-powered websites – from portfolios to companies, communities and stores.

1. Chase Dekker Wild-Life Images

Chase Dekker Wild-Life Images

Chase Dekker is a project of Chase Dekker, who calls himself a “wildlife and conservationist” photographer. Chase is a real nature enthusiast, who tries his best effort to reveal the beauty of the surrounding world in his pics. Just have a look at the best works of the photographer in the interactive home page slideshow to understand that he has a real calling for his occupation.

When browsing the website, you can view the gallery of the best works of the author, sign up for his workshops, see new releases, shop for the most impressive digital downloads, custom prints, posters and even a calendar with his best nature pics! It’s also possible to check out Chase’s Instagram feed. Wish to stay informed about the latest events and updates? Then sign up for the newsletter to be aware of everything Chase Dekker would like his fans to know!

2. Mario Moreno Photography

Mario Moreno Photography

Mario Moreno Photography is an amazingly beautiful and attention-grabbing resource created with Wix. It belongs to Mario Moreno – a photographer, who is proficient in a variety of photographic genres and can travel the world to complete the orders.

The professionalism and talent of the photographer are vividly manifested in his bright and vibrant photos represented in the full-screen slider at the home page. This is also the place, where you can find out the contacts of the photographer, his social network accounts and online form to get in touch with him. The menu is hidden in the top right corner of the website, giving access to Mario’s collection of works, client testimonials, Buy Prints section and workshops info. This is a decent and informative sample of a Wix-powered website!

3. Liran Vardiel

Best Wix Website Examples

Liran Vardiel is a portfolio of Liran Vardiel, a talented artist, who creates stunning paintings on various topics. The amazing artworks of the author are presented in the home page slideshow to draw user attention from the very first sight.

There are also personal photos of the artist from his exhibitions and videos of the creative process. You can subscribe to Liran’s Instagram feed to be aware of his updates and upcoming art shows. The photos are presented against the black-and-white background image of the photographer to create a unified impression. It’s possible to subscribe to the website newsletter to stay informed of the recent news and events without the need to visit the website over and over again.

4. LA Shorts International Film Festival

LA Shorts International Film Festival

LA Shorts International Film Festival currently ranks among the globally recognized and the most prestigious short film festivals accredited by the renowned leaders of the movie industry. The website provides the utmost information about the event, its history, achievements, participants etc. It will definitely be interesting for all the movie fans around the globe.

One of the highlights of the website is the opportunity to submit a short film online to apply for the participation in the festival. Additionally, it is possible to view the gallery of works here that features the best films and to reach social network accounts of the project to stay informed of all the news and updates. Special attention should be given to the web store available on the website, where everyone can buy souvenirs and accessories with festival logos. All in all, the project is accomplished in the best traditions of Wix website builder and it is definitely worth browsing!

5. She Builds Brands

She Builds Brands is a well-organized personal project that’s chock full of social proof and customer-centric content. There are links to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and even SoundCloud! Kubi Springer, the owner of the website has an impressive list of brands in her resumé, including Nike, Blackberry, L’Oreal Professionnel, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and MOBO Awards, among others.

There’s a lot to explore on She Builds Brands’ – the author offers lots of detailed info about what her Team does. There’s a frequently updated blog, a newsletter sign-up form, lots of videos, and even a shop. Through the website, visitors can purchase audio mp3s, books and video DVDs that will assist them to build their brand.

The website is beautifully designed, but what really stands out to us is the focus on the customer and valuable content. Congratulations to Kubi on an attractive, effective website!

6. Gruvi Juices

Gruvi Juices

Gruvi Juices creates a truly unique vibe. White space is the keyword here. The product positioning creates a well organized layout for the homepage. What’s especially interesting here is that the product display appears in a natural, non-pushy way.

The website shows us the smart use of white space leads a reader from one element to another. It also gives emphasis to the content area. The first screen clearly gives us an understanding of what we can find here.

7. French Knot Studios

French Knot Studios

French Knot Studios is a nice sample of how a well-structured and functional resource should look like. The project belongs to the event planning and photo styling studio located in Savannah, Georgia.

From the very first look at the website, it impresses users with its design. The site was created in a soothing, inspiring and cheerful atmosphere and this is what attracts the attention of users, encouraging them to keep exploring the resource. Smart use of sliders and portfolio images that stand out from the crowd due to their high quality, gives the design of the site romantic and touching look.

Apart from the outstanding design, the site also features functionality, which is manifested in the availability of social media buttons, online contact forms and detailed information that is always at hand.

8. Unimetro


Unimetro is the official website of the Metropolitan University of Honduras, which delivers the exhaustive and detailed info about the educational establishment. This is the top destination for everyone, who wants to apply for a course here. Whether you need the data about the faculties available here, the staff, facilities, cost and terms of studying etc., you will surely find it here.

To start browsing the resource, you just need to access the homepage – this is where the virtual tour starts. This is very convenient in terms of the COVID-19 pandemy as everyone can get the idea of what the university has to offer and how it looks. Having explored the guide, you may proceed to browsing website pages – there are many of them here. Do you need more info? Then go ahead to reach the account of the educational establishment in social networks. the buttons are available on the website, so, you don’t have to look for them any further!

9. Niagara On The Lake

Niagara On The Lake

Niagara On The Lake captivates user attention from the very first seconds you visit it – so bright, entertaining and cheerful its design is! This is the site of Niagara-on-the-Lake community that focuses on encouraging the development of tourism in the location. The project designers claim that “ Niagara on the Lake has a unique and very special Affect on people” and that’s felt right from the start.

The website contains plenty of information that delivers the exhaustive facts about all the life spheres tourists might be interested in. This info is available in the following sections: About, Dining, Stay, Shaw Festival, Attractions, Wineries, Parks Canada, Experiences, Events, Culture, Shopping, Magazine and even Live Cam. All the info is presented in the appalign and natural way, while the website itself abounds in bright juicy images, slide shows, photo galleries and media elements that just cannot but encourage further website browsing.

To make the impact upon potential tourists stronger, the developers of the website have integrated impressive videos about the location and its special advantages. There is also access to social media buttons that will redirect you to the accounts of the place in the social networks, where you can follow the updates. A real highlight of the project is the availability of live cams, due to which you can watch the location in the real time mode – that’s definitely an engaging experience!

10. Cuts And Bruises Barbershop

Cuts And Bruises Barbershop

With its genuinely manish style design, Cuts And Bruises Barbershop proves to be a perfect example of a barbershop. Featuring the Wild West motives, a strong catchy name and contrasting black-and-white colour scheme, the website cannot but attracts the attention of users from the very first glance.

There is no need to browse the website looking for the required info here, although, this option is available at the website as well. The About Us info, the Contacts with a convenient Google Map app and even the YouTube video contribute to the ease of perception and provide maximum info about the barbershop a user might be interested in.

What’s important, the list of services and their cost is provided at the homepage as well. This is a decisive factor for many customers choosing between several barbershops. The online booking option as well as the drop down menu allowing to choose the preferred barber are also available at the website to make customers sure that they will be provided with the required services on time.

11. Work for a Credit Union

Work for a Credit Union

In addition to hi-res imagery and a modern ‘card style’ layout, the Work for a Credit Union succeeds in one of the most important things in their industry – establishing trust. Let’s take a look at three attributes that help build trust:

  • High quality design. We are all visual by nature, so the first thing we notice is imagery and the overall look and feel of a website. Work for a Credit Union has a modern look with it ghost buttons, lots of whitespace and high quality photos.
  • Plenty of information. It’s an art to present plenty of information in an organized and easy-to-navigate fashion, and this website succeeds in doing that. There’s an extensive About Us page, plenty of info on credit unions, and what’s more important – contact information. There’s a Google Maps embed with the physical address of the company, telephone number and a feedback form.
  • Updated information. This is one of the common things site owners overlook. From your website’s copyright date in the footer to your blog, your website should look updated. The owners of the Work for a Credit Union website know this rule and regularly update their blog.

12. Karoline O.F. Pettersen

Karoline O.F. Pettersen

Karoline O. F. Pettersen is a visual-centered project, which features simple, clean and inspiring design. Karoline uses a high-res, full screen background image that immediately captivates the viewers. The overall minimal style helps focus the attention on the author’s photographs that the site is promoting.

But be careful – HD photos and videos, embedded on your website, could slow down website loading. Not every user can wait for a long time. And one more note – the menu fonts should be more bold or contrast – when the first image scrolls on them, it’s almost impossible to read the menu properly.

13. Koh Management

Koh Management

Koh Management accounting services offers a broad range of financial solutions to everyone, who values professionalism and quality above all. The website belongs to Koh Swee Hock, who founded the company over 30 years ago, and who is an expert in the bookkeeping niche. This is the place, where you can avail accounting, corporate secretarial, unaudited financial reporting services as well as tax advisory & computation and payroll services. The list is more than impressive.

For user convenience, the website contains several pages, namely About Us, Corporate Services, Young Entrepreneurs and Contacts. Additionally, there is a separate Blog page here, which is regularly updated with new industry-related posts to keep visitors engaged in further website browsing. If there is anything you would like to clear out, just fill out the contact form available on the bottom of the homepage and wait for the feedback. This Wix-powered website encompasses convenience, intuitive nature and informational value – exactly what users need!

14. Inheriting the Nations School

Inheriting the Nations School

Inheriting the Nations is a Christian school with religious orientation that provides deep knowledge of the Bible among its followers. It teaches main principles of religion, theology, and the events and doings of that Nations School is presented with about a several dozens of awesome images and videos in the INS Experience page of their website.

It’s an example of classic website building – with homepage, contacts and some information between those two pages. A perfect decision of organisation – everything is clear.

15. Monica Pack Pilates

Monica Pack Pilates

Monica Pack Pilates is owned by Monica Pack – a professional and certified trainer, who specializes in freestyle pilates. She is the author and the developer of the Nova Method approach that combines alternative and traditional Pilates styles along with the knowledge of biomechanics, human anatomy, rehabilitation basics etc.

The overall style of the website completely corresponds to the area of Monica’s specialization. There is much info you can find out about the trainer and pilates in general. A special offer for newbies available in the header of the homepage adds popularity to the project and drives client attraction. As you scroll down the page, you can book a lesson online, find out more about the services Monica offers and watch real images that demonstrate her work approach. Additionally, the website contains several pages that focus on a certain topic. These include Home, About Me, About Pilates, Classes, Rates and Contact. The website itself is bright and creates positive impression from the very first moment you visit it!

16. Corso’s Cookies

Corso’s Cookies

Corso’s Cookies offers the most delicious and America’s favorite decorated cookies that are not only tasty, but also attractive, bright and safe for kids and adults. They are baked and decorated personally by Tina Corso, who is the author of the idea and the owner of the business. Everyone, who visits the website, is really captivated by the assortment of cookies and overall atmosphere of the cooking process. It just cannot leave anyone indifferent and urges the instant desire to place an order.

The website provides all the required information about the business and the cook. While browsing the resource, you will come across the story of the bakery foundation, the assortment of cookies offered for sale and contact info. What’s important and convenient for customers, the products are divided into categories to simplify the ease of search. Each cookie comes with a detailed description and bright “juicy” photos that immediately drive user attention.

Tina also considers it crucial to provide the list of ingredients each cookie contains to ensure the “safety first” approach. This is valued a lot by her regular and new customers. The website looks cheerful, bright and pleasant to browse. It undoubtedly evokes the desire to buy and taste these perfect cookies! Great job!

17. Bzz Agent

Bzz Agent

Bzz Agent is the international online community of users, who eagerly share their voluntary reviews and personal experiences about the most popular services and products they have tested. This is a useful source of info for those customers, who are just going to purchase certain products and would like to find out the opinions of other customers about them.

The website looks pretty simple and convenient at first glance. When you get to the home page, you are offered a short yet detailed instruction of how to join the community. There is a “Join” button here you can activate to proceed to the process of product review. There are also the comments of users, who have already left their reviews and now share their intentions and goals pursued. If there is anything you don’t understand about the process of interacting with the community, the FAQ is at your disposal here as well. Additionally, it’s possible to use the contacts provided in the corresponding section to get in touch with the website team and follow their guidelines and recommendations. A nice example of the Wix-based website for everyday use!

18. OCD Online

OCD Online

OCD Online is a resource that is completely focused on the OCD causes and effective treatment options. Everyone interested in the topic will come across plenty of useful info here. Likewise, everyone, who hopes to get rid of the disorder, has a great chance to personally contact Dr. Steven Phillipson, the owner of the website and the licensed clinical psychologist. He will provide the most efficient treatment options that help his patients forget about the disorder and keep living a healthy and happy life.

The website looks quite convenient and easy-to-browse for everyone. It ensures simple and intuitive navigation – just get to the home page to reach those sections and info you are currently interested in. These include OCD 101 page, Education, Success Stories and Treatment options (individual, group, couples therapy as well as intensive therapy and Skype/telephone calls). All the contacts are available in the website header and footer to be within reach for everyone looking for professional psychological help.

The overall website design is completed in pleasant and appealing light blue and white colours and their combinations. This creates soothing and relaxing effect, helping users stay focused on their actual needs and information they are looking for.

19. Beach Bum Games

Beach Bum Games

For all the mobile games enthusiasts, Beach Bum Games will be the top destination to reach! And it’s no wonder as this is the innovative mobile app games company, which knows everything (and even more) about the mobile gaming industry. Founded in 2015, they are now regarded as real veterans of the mobile entertainment niche. Just visit the website to understand what makes them so popular these days.

When you first get to the website, you will be intrigued by the video presentation of the company, featuring their working environment – it is more than impressive, indeed! As you scroll down the page, you will see the reviews of their best games, contacts and hot vacancies. There are also social network buttons and a contact form below you can fill out to get in touch with the company experts anytime.

Another thing that impresses each and every visitor is website design – it completely adheres to the company specialization. Bright colours prevail here, being highlighted by interactive elements. That’s a superb sample of a user-oriented website powered by Wix!

20. Quilt AI

Quilt AI

Quilt AI is a high end scalable technology platform, which develops innovative AI products to make a great impact upon business promotion and effective brand optimization.The website has elegant and up-to-date design, which harmoniously encompasses high informational value.

The highlight of the project is its full-screen video background that drives user attention to the main message of the resource. There are also multiple interactive elements here that contribute to the appealing project presentation. As you scroll down the page, you come across company info, questions they deal with and list of partners. To stay aware of the company updates, there is an opportunity to sign up for its social network accounts and to subscribe for a newsletter these options are available on the bottom of the page for instant access.

For everyone, who intends to find out the details about the innovative products or company history as well as to watch videos or read the online magazine, the website offers separate pages that are updated on a regular basis. A great sample of a website, where all the elements are in their places!

21. EditorX


EditorX represents a brand new approach to website design, enabling users to create truly impressive and innovative web projects. They make it possible to avail truly unique and outstanding web design experience, using multiple tools that will guide you from the concept and up to the production stage with no coding required.

For first-time users, the system provides detailed guidelines, tips and specifications that are available in its drop-down menu. This is where you can find out more about the main features of the product, its advanced solutions, template choice, upcoming releases & updates, pricing options and other related nuances. The entire website design is accomplished in the industry-specific style, which highlights its initial implication. It evokes trust, urging users to opt for a product. This is one of the most remarkable websites built with Wix.

22. Agexa


Agexa is another impressive website launched with Wix. This is a project that represents the goals and mission of the Agexa company that specializes in digital marketing. They cooperate with the most popular performance-driven brands only, which absolutely defines their reputation.

The very first look at the website design encourages you to keep browsing it. The project looks simple, elegant and stylish at a time. You won’t find any complex elements and integrations here – everything is concise and struct. Black and pink fonts/images vividly stand out against the snow white background. This focuses user attention on the info the company intends to convey.

When browsing the resource, you will get the understanding of what the company works with, what tools and approaches it uses, what ideas affect its development, what services it offers etc. To get in touch with the team, you can access their accounts in the social networks or fill out the contact form available on the website. Live Chat feature is available here as well for quick and convenient access.

Bottom Line

Launching a website with Wix is much simpler than you may think. The website builder initially sees its mission is helping non-techies with no coding background start and then easily manage quality projects for personal or business use. The platform offers multiple design customization tools and features that contribute to hassle-free and smooth website development.

Due to the integrated Wix ADI tool, advanced blogging and eCommerce engines as well as hundreds of mobile-ready templates, even a beginner can run a professional website without investing a dollar into it. Wish to try right now? Then go ahead to sign up with the website builder and start working on your first project!


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