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Wix Example Websites

Drag-and-drop, hundreds of stunning templates, tons of powerful apps, mobile editor, secure hosting! That sounds great and enticing, but what do all of these elements look like when published? Users who are uncertain about choosing Wix to create their sites are often interested in seeing some real sites designed with this site builder before making their decisions, so today we take a look at different Wix-powered websites – from portfolios to companies, communities and stores.

Example 1: Hili Ari was featured in the Wix of the Day section, so I decided to start off with this mix of portfolio and e-shop. This website is a very elegant and simple designers’ website. With a basic structure of pages and a beautiful layout for visuals, it’s a perfect website for fashion designers.

Hili Ari

This site’s design can show us how the dramatic splash screen and beautifully minimalist design will convey your vision without overwhelming the viewer with lots of information.

Example 2: She Builds Brands is a well-organized website that’s chock full of social proof and customer-centric content. There are links to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and even SoundCloud! Kubi Springer, the owner of the website has an impressive list of brands in her resumé, including Nike, Blackberry, L’Oreal Professionnel, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and MOBO Awards, among others.

She Builds Brands

There’s a lot to explore on She Builds Brands’ website – the author offers lots of detailed info about what her Team do. There’s a frequently updated blog, a newsletter sign-up form, lots of videos, and even a shop. Through the website, visitors can purchase audio mp3s, books and video DVDs that will assist them to build their brand.

The website is beautifully designed, but what really stands out to us is the focus on the customer and valuable content. Congratulations to Kubi on an attractive, effective website!

Example 3: Suo Shoes

Starting from their brand name – Suo.Shoes – the company already stands apart by using the more industry specific – .shoes domain name extension, rather than the common .com suffix. Literally everything on their website – from a beautiful video background to their high quality photo gallery – invites the visitors to virtually experience the thrill of creating their own handmade shoes.

Suo Shoes

The company does a great job at offering beautifully descriptive product pages for all their products: they show different views of each item, color options, materials used, size tables, and just about everything a shopper is looking for when making buying decision.

Example 4: Chicago Slackliners Association is an eye-catching website of the Chicago Slackliners Association. It’s very cheerful, colorful and engaging. Even if you don’t like slacklining, you will after visiting this website. The website has lots of stunning pictures, videos, funny and meaningful quotes, as well as tons of useful info on slacklining.

Chicago Slackliners Association

This site is an example of a well-thought-out structure that could help to present lots of content without information overload. The only disadvantage of website is its too long URL, it could be much shorter.

Example 5: Gruvi Juices

White space is the keyword here. creates a truly unique vibe. The product positioning creates a well organized layout for the homepage. What’s especially interesting here is that the product display appears in a natural, non-pushy way.

Gruvi Juices

The website shows us the smart use of white space leads a reader from one element to another. It also gives emphasis to the content area. The first screen clearly gives us an understanding of what can we find here.

Example 6: French Knots Studios is a nice sample of how a well-structured and functional website should look like. The site belongs to the event planning and photo styling studio located in Savannah, Georgia.


From the very first look at the website, it impresses users with its design. The site was created in a soothing, inspiring and cheerful atmosphere and this is what attracts the attention of users, encouraging them to keep exploring the resource. Smart use of sliders and portfolio images that stand out from the crowd due to their high quality, gives the design of the site romantic and touching look.

Apart from the outstanding design, the site also features functionality, which is manifested in the availability of social media buttons, online contact forms and detailed information that is always at hand.

Example 7: Celebratee is an excellent example of a Wix webstore. The well-branded, professional-looking website succeeds in three key areas that are very important for any shop: visual representation, user engagement and user experience. There’s a perfectly sized logotype and a homepage slider, and even some products down the page on the welcome page. But despite the volume of visual content, tasteful color choices, easy navigation and good layout keep it from feeling cluttered.


What is the most beautiful and catchy from this site – it’s scroller photos – they’re extremely alive! It seems that all those people are here with you. It’s a smart marketing decision calling to make an action.

Example 8: Sian Summerhayes is a website of the freelance illustrator and artist. I’m really impressed with how Sian has used Wix to organize, highlight and promote her artworks. The website itself has no shopping cart, but it contains links to the author’s shops on Etsy and Zazzle.

Sian Summerhayes

First look at this website gives us an understanding that it’s author is creative person. But I don’t really know why Sian shows a direct link to the Whistlefish and hides in ‘Shop’ menu her Etsy page.

Example 9: CS Marketing and Design is a truly engaging website. I found myself losing about 20 minutes browsing their site before I even realized it. That’s the mark of an interactive website! Nearly every page of the site features lots of engaging snippets of content that effectively guide visitors through the site, keeping them moving and learning more about the company and its services.

CS Marketing and Design

This site is another proof in busting myth that websites built with website builders can be made only for own entertainment. is a serious website of a serious design and marketing company. Keep going, guys!

Example 10: Work for a Credit Union

In addition to hi-res imagery and a modern ‘card style’ layout, the website succeeds in one of the most important things in their industry – establishing trust. Let’s take a look at three attributes that help build trust:

Work for a credit union

  1. High quality design. We are all visual by nature, so the first thing we notice is imagery and the overall look and feel of a website. Work for a Credit Union has a modern look with it ghost buttons, lots of whitespace and high quality photos.
  2. Plenty of information. It’s an art to present plenty of information in an organized and easy-to-navigate fashion, and this website succeeds in doing that. There’s an extensive About Us page, plenty of info on credit unions, and what’s more important – contact information. There’s a Google Maps embed with the physical address of the company, telephone number and a feedback form.
  3. Updated information. This is one of the common things site owners overlook. From your website’s copyright date in the footer to your blog, your website should look updated. The owners of the Work for a Credit Union website know this rule and regularly update their blog.

Example 11: Karolineoapettersen is also a visual-centered website. It’s simple, clean and inspiring. Karoline uses a high-res, full screen background image that immediately captivates the viewers. The overall minimal style helps focus the attention on the author’s photographs that the site is promoting.

Karoline Peterson

But be careful – HD photos and videos, embedded on your website, could slow down website loading. Not every user can wait a long. And one more note – the menu fonts should be more bold or contrast – when first image scrolls on them, it’s almost impossible to read menu properly.

Example 12: Flex R&D does a great job of telling potential customers what they do differently from others and how that would benefit their clients. Throughout the website they showcase samples of their work to support their claims. What’s great about Flex R&D’s site is that they manage to provide visitors with plenty of information while still maintaining a well-organized, user-friendly website. They do it by taking full advantage of the features available to them through the Wix HTML5 sitebuilder. Some of these include a blog, a homepage slider, video embeds and more.

Another trouble with the menu of this website – it’s submenu covers main text when opened. And the blog should be updated more frequently but not once a year.

Example 13: Inheriting the Nations School is a Christian school with religious orientation that provides deep knowledge of Bible among its followers. It teaches main principles of religion, theology, and the events and doings of that Nations School is presented with about a several dozens of awesome images and videos in the INS Experience page of their website.

Inheriting the Nations School

It’s an example of classic website building – with homepage, contacts and some information between those two pages. A perfect decision fo organisation – everything is clear.

Example 14: Eiger Gallery is an online shop that unites jewelry masters from different fields like interior, furniture and sculpting and graphics, to research unique custom elements. The numerous design ideas of these masters make for an exiting variety in the pieces of jewelry presented on the website, powered by Wix. The flat white background looks as an ideal layout to point and mention on unique pieces.

Eiger Gallery

If it wasn’t annoying pop-up message, that appears after few seconds of website loading, I give this project the first place. But it seems to be not today.

Let’s see on the technical side of Wix websites. There’s a myth that websites built with website builders are slow and non-optimized. I’ve decided to bust that thought and measured Wix example websites load speed and their Google PageSpeed Scores for mobile and desktop view. Look, what I’ve got:

#Website NamePing Time,
Mobile Page
Speed Score
Desktop Page
Speed Score
1Hili Ari3.8883/10093/100
2She Builds Brands2.4359/10080/100
3Suo Shoes2.3277/10090/100
4Chicago Slackliners Association3.4183/10091/100
5Gruvi Juices3.3684/10094/100
6French Knots Studios3.0167/10064/100
8Sian Summerhayes3.1784/10094/100
9CS Marketing and Design2.6284/10094/100
10Work for a Credit Union2.0181/10081/100
11Karoline O.A. Pettersen2.7583/10093/100
12Flex R&D1.8783/10091/100
13Inheriting the Nations School3.5981/10090/100
14Eiger Gallery4.7680/10090/100
Average Speed and Score2.9579/10088/100

As you can see, most part of tested websites have perfect page speed scores for desktop users and below average – for mobile. The average speed of Wix websites load is between 2 and 3 seconds, that’s also a good result (it’s faster than 50% of websites over the Web).


Luckily for us, Wix displays sites published by their users on the official webpage, so you can easily find more samples. There’s also ‘Wix of The Day’ block showcasing some of the most successful projects. By the way, if you’re an owner of a website created with this particular site builder, you can also submit your creation to be able to expose it to the audience of millions.

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