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Which Hosting is The Best for Website

Have an interesting website project in mind? Or is it ready-made, waiting for the final launch? There’s a tiny little problem left – you need to find a host. That is, you need a reliable server to ‘house’ your website on it and supply it with enough space and other capacities so that it ‘lives’ happily and helps your business grow. This is easier said than done.

Visit any hosting provider’s site, and you’ll see several types of hosting, like shared, cloud, or VPS (dedicated). For each type, there surely will be several plans with different sets of tools. You cannot play a lottery with them – your project needs an adequate hosting scheme that will let it function in a proper way and continue to grow.

What is the Best Hosting, and How to Choose it?

The thing is that there’s no clear-cut answer to the question of which hosting is the best. There can be the best hosting for this or that separate case. Some website owners search for the cheapest solution since they are pressed with a budget constraint. Others regard security as of paramount importance because they need to protect their own and/or clients’ data. For many, their website’s productivity is the main thing. Finally, the pickiest of us would rather try to find a universal solution with all parameters like these included.

The sad truth is that there isn’t any universal hosting solution. The cheapest package won’t ensure 100% productivity and security for your website. Inversely, the most secure servers powered by highly reliable data centers would be scarcely offered within a hot free or ultra-cheap promotion.

So, what is the best hosting for a website? This is an optimal hosting variant for your specific website. It may be an online store, an agency, a newspaper, a restaurant dispatch, or whatever. You may plan to supply your site with a shopping cart, payment options, social media buttons, multi-item galleries, and so on. Your site may contain 50, 500, or 1,000+ pages. It can be addressed to local or global customers. Plus, you should remember to stay within your budget!

The good news is that – whatever website is on your mind – you really can find a hosting type and a hosting plan that will perfectly suit your project. The only condition is that you clearly realize what your website should be able to do. One more important thing is to be reasonable in your seeking the cheapest package possible. In this blog, we are going to show you the optimal hosting solutions for different types of websites. So, stay in touch to pick the best hosting for you.

Best Hosting for a Business Website

The best hosting for a business site is such a subjective notion because there are numerous domains in which small and large businesses specialize. An excellent solution for one company may be disastrous for another. Here, much depends on your business’s size. Thus, a small firm can easily do with an uncostly shared hosting plan, at least at the starting stage.

For a large-scale company, the shared hosting’s capacity might be insufficient, and it might be reasonable to subscribe to at least a VPS hosting plan with enough features to ensure fast performance. Bear also in mind the fact that today’s startup site may grow into a big platform. So, the best host for a business site is the one that offers several hosting types with scalable plans.

It’s great when your chosen host can offer you shared (good for a small business), VPS, and dedicated hosting packages. This will let you timely upgrade your business website without switching to another host. The most important features for all business sites include:

  • an uptime close to 100%;
  • reliable, climate-proof data centers;
  • the ability to add side plugins and extensions (for easy payments, etc.);
  • various marketing tools;
  • statistics;
  • SEO.

That said, we are ready to give you examples of hosting providers that meet all the above-mentioned criteria and offer all-equipped solutions for businesses.

Websites Powered:185,072
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$5.95/month
Refund:30 days

Searching for a business-oriented hosting company with a solid reputation? Then opt for – a US host with an experience of 20+ years. will offer you various types of hosting supplied with the exact eCommerce features your website needs. The company specializes in working out ready-made solutions for specific businesses.

99.99% uptime;
WordPress solutions;
unmetered bandwidth in all plans;
speed optimization;
strong SEO tools;
a website builder;
a 30d money-back guarantee.

no free plan;
no free trial;
high after-promo prices.

As for prices, the cheapest package for shared hosting will cost you $2.75 p.m. When planning a more performant website with a bigger set of options, be ready to invest more. Thus, the Premium shared-hosting plan is $5.95 per month.


Product Name:GoDaddy
Websites Powered:40,740,208
Test Plan:Site builder
Cheapest Plan:$5.99/month
Refund:30 days

GoDaddy has been registering domains since 1997. Its hosting packages include many worthy solutions for businesses, especially those of a smaller size.

99.9% uptime;
free domain, one SSL certificate, and email for
1-3 years;
unmetered bandwidth;
a free website builder;
a 30d money-back guarantee.

many important plugins are not included in prepaid packages.

The Economy plan for web hosting from GoDaddy is $5.99, but chances are that you’ll need to choose a more expensive offer for your business when you wish it to be fast-running and well-equipped.


Product Name:Hostinger
Websites Powered:3,375,963
Test Plan:Free hosting available
Cheapest Plan:$1.99/month
Refund:30 days

Hostinger has distinguished itself as one of the most large-scale companies that hosts millions of websites worldwide. They currently offer several types of packages for shared, cloud and VPS hosting as well as WordPress and Titan Email Hosting.

Free domain and site migration
Built-in website builder
Multi-language support
Enhanced security features
eCommerce functionality
Integrated AI tools
Free domain for the 1st year

The cost of plans increases after renewal
Automatic data backups may not be available on all plans
No dedicated servers offer

The most affordable plan included in the Shared Hosting package currently costs $1.99 per month (promo offer). Upon the end of the promo term, the price will increase up to $3.99 per month.


Product Name:1&1 IONOS
Websites Powered:1,051,933
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$1/month
Refund:30 days

One more market giant operating since 1988 is IONOS 1&1. The host is unique since it offers truly cheap and truly workable solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Windows-based servers;
1-year free domains, email, and SSL;
unlimited storage;
speed optimization;
ASP.NET hosting;
valuable extensions for businesses;
a 30d money-back guarantee.

no free plans/trials.

You may subscribe to the Business plan at IONOS for – attention – only $1 per month. Of course, this plan will suit a small company or a startup. When launching a more ambitious project, you’ll need to choose at least between the Essential and Expert shared hosting packages that will cost you $4 and $8 p.m., respectively.

Best Hosting for Blogs

Running a blog may seem an easy task, but this is true only to a certain extent. Blog websites may contain loads of data and unite a huge community of authors. A successful blog site should be characterized by at least fast loading, a customizable outlook, a good structure, easy restoration, and backup options. Most of these parameters can be ensured by basic or rather premium shared hosting solutions. So, the best hosting provider for such a site should offer at least:

  • enough storage;
  • fast loading;
  • WordPress-friendly options;
  • automatic updates;
  • CDN protection;
  • anti-bot / anti-spammer / anti-hacker equipment;
  • SEO tools;
  • monetization instruments;
  • analytical tools.

Want to know the top providers we recommend for blogging? Here are our Top 3 blog hosting companies.


Product Name:Bluehost
Websites Powered:4,580,097
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$2.95/month
Refund:30 days

The easiest way to host a blog is via Bluehost, a provider with a range of hosting types and plans. The platform is easy to manage. By the way, this is the #1 hosting provider for WordPress websites, according to WordPress itself.

free domain, email, and SSL certificate for
1 year;
free CDN;
10Gb+ storage;
the abundance of features;
daily backups;
a 30d money-back guarantee.

no free plans/ free trials.

The prices start with the Basic plan for shared hosting at $2.95. Even this package includes most essentials necessary for a standard blogging site. However, Bluehost also offers a variety of more advanced solutions (e.g., Choice Plus for $5.45, Pro for $13.95) that can cover the needs of more sophisticated projects.


Product Name:SiteGround
Websites Powered:206,157
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:3.99€/mo
Refund:30 days

One more solid hosting company based in Bulgaria, SiteGround, can give a home to your blog website and provide it with enough capacity. Its main difference from Bluehost is a bit higher prices.

unlimited traffic;
free SSL;
free CDN;
free email;
10Gb+ storage;
unlimited databases;
a 30d money-back guarantee.

no free plans/trials;
much higher prices and promo periods.

The less expensive package from SiteGround will cost you €3.99 – not a bad start for a blogger, with the only drawback being that there’s no free domain included. One more drawback is that there’ll be a significant price upsurge after a one-year subscription, no matter which plan you choose.


Product Name:Dreamhost
Websites Powered:620,777
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$4.5/month
Refund:30 days

WordPress bloggers prefer Dreamhost to other hosting companies because the Dreamhost platform ideally integrates with this popular resource. Besides web hosting and WordPress solutions, it offers quite affordable VPS and dedicated server plans.

1-year free domain;
free SSL certificate;
unlimited traffic;
great integration with WordPress.

no free email;
one will need to buy many features at an extra cost.

A blogger may start their site by subscribing to the Dreamhost cheapest plan at $2.59 p.m. At least you’ll need to pay $1.67 p.m. for an email. So, it’s more reasonable to opt for the Unlimited package, which costs $3.95 p.m. and has more features, including unlimited email.

Best Hosting for Online Stores

An online store website is a kind of business site, but it should not only be comfortable for your team – it should please your customers. That is, it should look good, and every element present on it should load lightning-fast and work absolutely smoothly. Will any shared hosting plan be able to meet such requirements? In most cases, no, since online stores are planned to serve crowds of customers.

A more sensible solution is to host your e-store on a VPS or even a dedicated server. When you do not wish your customers to make your server ‘busy with too many connections,’ be sure to choose a hosting plan with the following must-haves:

  • a 99.99% uptime;
  • an SSL certificate;
  • enough storage;
  • automated backups;
  • the staging option;
  • CDN protection;
  • fill-in forms, a shopping cart, and other indispensable features.

We recommend dealing with providers that offer special solutions for eCommerce and online stores. It’s a big plus when they offer a quality site builder with a good supply of marketing, SEO, analytical, and other tools, too.

Liquid Web

Product Name:Liquid Web
Websites Powered:4,472,906
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$15/month
Refund:30 days

The best company specializing in managed hosting solutions is, surely, Liquid Web. It is ready to offer you the very plan you need, no matter if you use WordPress or WooCommerce. You can choose from Dedicated, VPS, Cloud, Magenta-Cloud, Cloud Dedicated, VMware Private Cloud, and other hosting types.

a 99.99% uptime;
excellent scalability;
15GB+ storage;
2TB+ bandwidth;
unlimited email accounts;
a good choice of add-ons.
short promo periods.

The lowest-priced packages at Liquid Web are Managed WordPress and WooCommerce Starter plans. For three months, you can make use of any of them for $15 a month – then, you’ll pay $19 p.m.


Product Name:HostPapa
Websites Powered:184,826
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$2.95/month
Refund:30 days

Not a bad choice for a small-scale online store is Canadian HostPapa. The company offers a huge set of shared, dedicated, VPS, and WordPress solutions. Besides optimized WordPress hosting, you can try exclusive PapaCare+. While you create your online store site, the HostPapa team will expertly work out the right hosting plan for you.

a free domain;
a free standard SSL certificate;
a website builder;
100Gb+ SSD storage;
great eCommerce features.
high renewal prices;
no automated backups in cheaper plans.

The cheapest package at HostPapa is $2.95 p.m. Interestingly, the Business plan will cost you the same $3.95 now. However, for a fast-loading online store, the most reasonable solution might be Business Pro, available at $12.95.


Product Name:iPage
Websites Managed:Over 1 million
Test Plan:No
Cheapest Plan:$1.99/month
Refund:30 days

The popularity of iPage is understood: the provider offers easy-to-use services for very low prices. Surely, most plans’ feature sets will suit simple, small–size eCommerce websites. Moreover, most renewal prices at iPage are much higher than the promotional ones.

cheap services;
a free domain;
an SSL certificate;
essential eCommerce features;
unlimited bandwidth.
no VPS/dedicated solutions;
lower speed;
too high renewal prices;
extra purchases are inescapable.

iPage allows you to host your online store for just $1.99 p.m. However, you’ll have to subscribe to this plan for 36 months. The problem is that your site may outgrow this hosting capacity, and you will need to buy piles of extras for additional cost anyway.

How to Choose The Best Productivity Hosting

Do you want to ensure maximum productivity for your website? Then, pay attention to such parameters as RAM and processor capacities of the server on which your website will be hosted.

If you are going to deal with a shared server, be ready to limit your website’s performance with RAM of 256Mb – 1,500Mb. For reference use, a simple WordPress site needs at least 512Mb for more or less stable functioning. Since shared hosting websites employ one server, the total processor power is shared as well. So, you can expect to get only 3%-5% of it.

In this respect, VPS hosting and dedicated servers are much more performant. When hosted on a virtual server, your website can have 2-16Gb RAM and use a ±3.2GHz processor with 2-8 cores. The highest level of performance can be reached with the help of a dedicated server. It can supply your website with up to 128Gb RAM. As for a processor, dedicated servers are powered by processors that tend to have 4-8 cores, and their clock speed does not usually exceed 5GHz.

Surely, a responsive, high-traffic website does not always require the maximum possible server capacities. However, you should be reasonable with your choice of hosting in terms of its productivity. It makes sense to ask an expert to size up the optimal RAM and processor requirements for your project.

How to Choose the Best Uptime Hosting

The work of servers is ensured by powerful physical data centers placed in secure locations, protected against natural disasters, and maintained by skilled staff around the clock. However, they go down sometimes anyway. So, you won’t find servers with 100% uptime. But the higher percentage of it your hosting provider may offer, the better. A good index here is 99.95% and higher. When your website is hosted on a server with such an uptime, you may be sure that it will work most of the time seamlessly.

Of course, a small site with low traffic may be hosted on a server with less impressive uptime percentages and still run perfectly. But in case you plan to launch a highly-productive website accessible from anywhere at any time, you should stick to hosting providers with the best uptime indices. These are companies like Bluehost,, and several others.

The main problem with hosting providers is that they claim to have 99.99% uptime servers, although they don’t. However, there are multiple tools to check their actual uptime. Some of these online instruments can be used for free. For instance, you can use such a tool as the Website Uptime Status Checker. It is enough to paste your URL into the checker, and you’ll get loads of information about your website’s uptime, its availability for users, and many more.

How to Choose The Best Price Hosting

From a price perspective, the best hosting is not always the cheapest. In many cases, the cheapest plan for your hosting turns out to be the worst solution for your project. The main rule here is that you should find an optimal ratio between the price and the value of your hosting plan. This means you should pay as much as necessary to supply your website with all the necessary instruments and plugins.

The main disadvantage of any ‘starter’ plan is that it is usually too limited in terms of available features. Some companies may offer you an attractive package with a free domain and a couple of other freebies for a price lower than one dollar per month. It may be quite enough for your site. Still, you need to check the offer from A to Z to know this for sure. No matter how small and low-traffic your website is, chances you will need to buy extras anyway. This is the main principle of cheap packages offered by hosting providers.

You should also factor in that your website is created for growth – not for endless stagnation. So, sooner or later, your site’s capacity requirements are sure to grow. The best hosting plan for your website will then incorporate the spare capacity to let it develop freely. It is also important to be able to migrate to another type of hosting. So, choose a host that supports at least the most common shared, WordPress, VPS, and dedicated hosting services.


Let’s sum up, and our main tip for any website owner searching for ‘the best hosting’ is to carefully size up their website’s needs before comparing piles of hosting companies. Make up a list of features essential for your business site, blog, online store, or whatever. Be sure to consult a specialist to know the optimal ratio of RAM, storage, processor capacity, and other parameters necessary for the fast and trouble-proof working of your website.

When you are ready with the list, proceed with comparing various hosting providers. You are free to use expert reviews. There, you can find compact reviews with key info about the best (or the worst) hosts with clear descriptions of their main advantages and which websites may benefit the most from their services.

Be careful with your pricing policy. Although you may be pressed with the budget, take free and the cheapest hosting plans with a pinch of salt. In most cases, you will need to pay even more since such packages tend to miss the most important features and tools. You will need to buy them anyway. Also, check the renewal price – it may skyrocket.

Finally, pay attention to your targeted hosting provider support. Not all plans include it to the extent required. Sometimes, free or low-price offers do not presuppose any support at all. So, the best hosting for you is the one with enough tools and features, which has the option of 24/7 support and is available at a reasonable price.

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